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Unforsaken is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant. Several people have disappeared in the last few weeks in the small town you live in. The police haven’t any leads as to what is happening. Everyone is supposed to stay inside after dark to protect themselves from whatever or whoever is abducting people. You were on your way home from a friend’s house before dark. You heard what sounded like a gun shot in the field. You started running, you tripped on a stone sticking up out of the ground and bumped your head on the way to the ground. That is the last thing you remember before waking up in this strange dark unforsaken place. Good luck and have fun!

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sh...y weather here in Berlin, but what a nice day :-) A new Selfdefiant!

thanks Selfdefiant!

hey Rudi! I'm from Berlin as well!

Great way to start the week ... thanks SD

thank you SD

screwdriver on right tilted chair in first room to the right

searching for a map

hi Miller, where from? I'm sitting right at the Landwehrkanal!

thanks Selfdefiant - great start into the week

I am in the house - need mirror

silver key right of fireplace (use SD)

and there's the map!

Screwdriver gets you key for panel right of fireplace, key leads to staircase with map on bottom left

silver key next to fireplace - use SD

hello together from hannover.

Phew was nervous without map .... feel huge relief

lighter in room "P"

blue gem in room J

purple key in "B"

knife in K

mirror in O

I bet there are some "long pliers" to be found (at least thats what the crystal ball says ;-) )

gold key in F

Cool a crystal ball for fast travel!! SD is really going places!

purple key after lighting fire in B

crowbar in Q. btw, anyone here?

any idea for safe in G?

i realy love teleporting

crowbar in Q

purple gem in I (use crowbar)

hammer in X, green key in S

book in Q (use triangle clues from top to bottom)

Cant figure the triangle clues! Must be for room Q surely!!

thanks @Rudi! you have an idea about the purple number?

Duh me Prob only combo I didnt think of!!

nevermind, it's blue of course. green gem from G

book gives clue for safe in G

red key anyone?

I put the numbers from triangle clue in Q but it didn't work...

nope, trying to open the safe in T. that's probably where the red key is...

ok now it has worked... o.O

XI, VIII, and VII, not getting Q

stuck with the safe in T.
I tried the numbers according to the window colors in M (combined with book), but no luck with that. any ideas?

Now I'm really stucked!

blue gem from lighting fireplace in J

@Joe Comix: up = VIII, middle = XI, down = VII

stuck on T as well, we must have overlooked a cue.

and what about the safe in U?

the book clue is used in G

@ Miller, thanks. I swear I tried that three times. worked this time tho!

green purple and blue diamond so far

Miller - did you find both pages in the book? clue for safe is there.

@Giulia: safe in U? you mean T, right?

@SwissMiss: yes, I know, but I thought that the colors on the window in M might have also something to with that...

soory thinking G not T -

Need red key and clue for 4 digit code in T. Have 3 gems.

Miller,there's another safe in U,the one with moon,sun,star etc...It must be a nightmare

Tried crow bar and screw driver on everything ... stuck

Huh, kidnapped and wakes up, a dark house,
The nightmare for me (get goosebumps)

finally opend safe in T and got red key. look for a clue in H!

clues for star moon safe in U?

Use last 4 digits from phone number on phone.

found another shape clue safe in U but no idea where clue is !

clues for the star moon safe in room w after you get the red key from safe in T.

why does everyone thinks I didn't open the safe in G yet? thanks for the help, but I opened it a long time ago...

oh, I totally ignored the phone...I'm feeling blind

which phone

I dont enjoy this as much because it is so dark one doesn't see anything

Yeah,if only I could get that clue in W...

Rudi and Miller : also from Berlin :)

@miller: don't get clue in H for safe in T, hint please?

ok,got it!

where is phone?

trying to go back to find where I found the phone.

pop phone in H

yellow gem from safe in U

@miller, nevermind, POP, found phone :-)

old braclet from safe in W

totally missed that view, need coffee

Woohhoo Out

and out!!

and out.

opened the box in W for a bracelet - place gems there

yep, out as well, took me some time to realize I had to place the gems in the bracelet :-)

Thanxs SD enjoyed it ... loved that my crstal ball pretended to be pointy nose pliers ;)

got bracelet, placed stones on it

I have 4 gems in the bracelet - who do I give it to?

pop the door with the forces - and finally out

Need help with safe in U. Got the paper, but I can't read the paper.

there is one line which has all the shapes in the right order
fairly on top starting with the one looking like an 8

@randomuser: at the upper part of the page (under the crossed out "wave") are the symbols from left to right. It starts with something that looks like an eight...

@randomuser: I have already closed the game, was that the safe with the 5 symbols?

OK, SwissMiss, Miller, I have found out thanks to your help. Yes Rudi, it was that safe.

@swissmiss and all the others who are out: where is 'the door with the forces'? I've got the bracelet, but can't find the place where ot use it...

@escapism: in room C go down

@Miller: Tahnx a lot. Totally forgotten about that. Should have wrote it down.

By the way: I very much like the possibility to write down things on the map and to travel in between rooms in those games. Good invention, Selfdefiant. Thank you!!



- move the crate to the left
- take mob handle and use it on the chain on the left ceiling.
- attach the right chain on the bar at door
- pull the left chain & go once up and once right
- take screwdriver from right wheelchair
- go left again and open the panel right of fireplace with SD and take silver key
- go left, open the door with silver key and take the map from ground


- take lighter from the machine on the right


- use the lighter on the fireplace and take purple key
- notice the triangle with number on wall

ROOM K (use purple key before)

- click the bottom of the chair and take knife


- use knife on slot and take gold key

ROOM X (use gold key before)

- pick up the hammer from ground


- use hammer on wall crack and take green key


- pick up old mirror from ground
- notice the yellow triangle with number on wall


- click the fireplace and give the mirror to girl
- take crystal ball (now you can navigate just using the map)


- notice the triangle with number on wall



- arrange the clock hands according to the triangles (top = 8, middle = 11, bottom = 7)
- take book from open panel
- take crowbar from right side (leaning on a wall)


- look the phone on the right side of door
- notice the number on the bottom


- zoom on safe in the back right
- use number from phone to open the safe SP3O9I5L8ER
- take red key


- zoom on box in shelf & press the buttons from 1 to 7 according to the symbols in the book
- take old bracelet
- look at the paper on the right door & notice the symbols below the "crossed out wave" (it starts with an 8, an arrow that points right, diamond, rotated 8 and a star)


- zoom on the box and select the symbols according to the paper from room W
- take yellow gem


- use crowbar on ball of right balustrade and take purple gem


- use lighter on fireplace and take blue gem


- look in the book again, notice the symbols and a few pages farther the colored symbols
- use these hints on the safe in the back SP7O3I2L5ER
- take green gem


- go down & place the 4 gems on the bracelet
- click the door & you are out!

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Too dark for me, as well....I can only find anything because of all the very good clues!
Thanks @everyone....and @Miller, great WT!!!!!

Another GREAT game from SD!!!
Always something new and innovative.

What I especially liked this time was:
Scary spider in room K - not expecting that!
Moving chair in room V.
Ghost and moving shadows.
NOT having to cut something with the knife.
Placing gems into bracelet instead of the usual safe.
View of old rotary phone dial, just not seen much anymore.
Great game play as always. Thanks, SD

Anyone know the clue for the colors? rm G

no phone in H for me. where??

NVM found it myself. Out

phone in H on the left in a dark space.
colours in G are from the book in Q 2nd lot of pages

great game

Wow, Selfdefiant, that was a great game. I was sometomes even startled! Thank you so much! Greetings to everybody!

Nice game, Selfdefiant, thanks! It was easy to find out, without help... and I missed the orbs ;-)

Thank you Self Defiant, for another wonderful game. I really really appreciated the FX like the spider dropping down, the shadow that scurried away when I returned to the room, and the moving chair. All unexpected delights! And with a great game too.


Am I still LIVE?! Did I FINALLY catch a live one after this BUSY Easter holiday!? I've missed everyone so much and I come back to an AWESOME Self defiant!! How great is that?!

hi everybody

This comment has been removed by the author.

Holy crap that stool moving by itself scared me more than the surprise spider!!!!


I love these games, but my map was buggy. I reloaded the game a few times because the first time I couldn't write on the map. Then I accidentally hit menu because I'm used to the map button being over there instead. Then the last time I would try to write on the map and it would close and take me back to the game. I'll just try it without a map. I don't want to reload again.

Sincere thanks!!!

@Miller for the WT, that helped me to find (out) some missing clues (especially phone...)

@Selfdefiant for another great game with new surprises and innovations (already posted by Bumjelly above)!

A bit pitty that after getting the sphere, it's no more possible to make notes on the map... Anyway, pen & paper is always useful for taking notes ;-D

BTW, I love the intro music at the start screen very much, I'm getting always almost hypnotised listening on and on... 8-o
Please (@anyone), tell me, what/who it is. Many thanks.

Still Live??

Thanks selfdefiant, I really enjoyed that. :)

@SD - Do you have a place where you list the accompanying music for each of the games you have created? I have sifted around a bit, but cannot find anything. Thanks in advance :-)

can someone tell me just where is the hammer in rm x. I cant seem to find it. help please

@ Sherry12 - From memory, I am pretty sure the hammer in room X was two-tone brown in color and around the lower, center of the room, kind of...

Checked back and saw that pretty much everybody liked the "new stuff" in the game from SD.
If only some of the other gamemakers out there were as responsive, thoughtful and innovative in their game design...

@bumjelly, thanks but I still cant find it. No one is having the problem only me, maybe its bugged. Ive been clicking for 10 minutes, nothing. Im going to try again and then take a break, and come back laterl Thanks

Thanks everyone!
Writing on the map should still work after obtaining the crystal, just not on the map squares. Clicking them transports only.

@selfdefiant Great game, WT was great. The only trouble I had was finding the hammer, and it turned out I wasnt in room x, thanks for the game, it was great as always

Great game, SD, only. . . well, sorry, I'm a grammar cop, so I'm just going to say it; unforsaken sorta 1) isn't a word and 2) implies (i think) the exact opposite of what you meant. Forsaken = abandoned, etc, which would fit both the general environment and the name scheme for your games of this type. Unforsaken would be not abandoned, which the house/asylum clearly isn't.

Other than that minor detail, brilliant! :D

For the order of box with bracelet in room W

Box order in room U
8, arrow right, square upright, flat8, star

Welcome Everyone:D
I'm in and trying to catch you....just wait for me hihihi kidding:D

Forsaken: To be left behind, or to be forgotten about.

Unforsaken: Notice the squiggle that appears under the word, because it isn't real. However, if it were, it would mean the opposite of forsaken.

did i get to a live game?

Great game, shame about its name!
(if it were a word it would mean the opposite of abandoned).
Thanks SD!

Man oh man!!! I never got the memo that we could transport to the rooms we've been in simply by clicking them on the map. That makes it so much easier. ;)

I missed the orbs in this one, just a thought.

LOL, Unforsaken sounded good! And I probably mis-read the definition when I looked. That's the great thing about making a game, you can name it whatever you want. It would be better for it to make sense but sometimes the name doesn't. And the place in this game wasn't abandoned, it had a lurking spirit. Thanks for all of the nice comments and corrections!

Hey Selfdefiant,

This is the best so far. The special effects are really creepy!

I had a little wonder about the name also, but supposed Selfdefiant had invented the word [or at least used poetic license] for the game's atmosphere and because the place was most definitely NOT forsaken by other-worldly beings.
I realised then that it's a very fitting name.
Artists are not limited by grammar "laws" when naming their creations =)

Fantastic game @Selfdefiant. Would have made it out by myself except for missing the phone completely.
You can name a game anything you like - creative license!

I really like this series, but this one was pretty dark and there was no visual clue for the phone. I sat for a couple of minutes brute-clicking.

Oh and kudos on the effects. Got my adrenaline going several times. Bravo!

out with Miller's help on the hidden phone. And I thought I was so careful looking for hotspots this time lol

So glad I didn't play this on my laptop. The screen is darker than the desktop so I wouldn't have seen a thing.

Nice game with spooky atmosphere and not too many puzzles. Thanks, Self-Defiant!!!

i cant get thru the first door :( i pulled the bar off

what is the name of the music and the composer?

CREEPY!!!!! love it! :-D

Nice game, the atmosphere was perfect! I'd love to see effects like the ones in this game more often.

how do yooh open the panel on the firplace

my book doesnt have anything in it

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