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Alien Ship Escape 1 Walkthrough

Alien Ship Escape 1

Alien Ship Escape 1 is a new point and click type escape the room game from CafeCafeGames and JuegosDeEscape.Net. You are trapped in a space ship and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Alien Ship Escape 1 Walkthrough
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a live one going in .

Oh. Cool a new game :D!

Hello everyone, going in

very energetic song. COOL

SD behing green thingy

not very good at these cafe cafe games. got a fuse and now stuck

I'm in the same boat, got the fuse and stuck...

have SD used, Key used, color code from helmets used, yellow and green fuses

baterry on the floor behind a box, not sure where that goes

Made a live game!! Catching up...


i though the switches had something to do with the test tubes, but not the positions

Got a key from panel box using helmet colors

Hi all, a battery, a SD and a diskette from putting the levers right


opened the 5-lever-box for disk
got screwdrive and battery

stuck on all number codes

Two fuses and a battery.


Hello Zazie

use disk on pc for letter code - gives green fuse

Green key by using color clue where you use the SD.

@aban - would you please not use capital letters - only for "special occasions" thank you

I think we need 5 fuses.

Sorry SwissMiss.. forgot to uncap. btw did anybody manage to get code for red box

Two fuses and a battery.

the first binary on PC is a 7 and the second is a 3

Tried using test tube positions for levers but didn't work...

no problem Aban - thought I tell you before you get "told off" from higher up -lol-

open tv number code, got second battery

Gah..I counted the color lines on the machine with all the fuses... I tried using 3241 on just about every code... nothing works. Apparently, I'm not going to be much help...

Ah ha! If you use the levels of liquid in test tubes as a clue for the levers then you can get the disk

my mistake SwissMiss, maybe am to excited, well Akaiiryuu look at the test tube than put the level accordingly.

tadas any help with clue for TV?

and Akairyuu - tube position do work - dont mind the position look at the liquid

got third fuse

I used the line gradients of the curly wire in order on the red gas cylinder thing to get orange fuse

hint for tv number code is on the computer monitor. Count numbers. how many 0 and 1.

start from 00000 -5 and....

Thank you Tadas. stuck with 3 fuse now and don't know what to do.

ty Tadas -

4 fuses now

ty akai.. for red thing

Thx Tadas !

@Akairyuu What gradients on which wire ?

wow that was clever @Akairyuu

@Akairyuu - cool, now i have 4 fuse

POP got orange fuse !

Confused about the gradients of the curly wire?

Seawall - I think you turn the lever for 3wires 3 times - it was a bit trial and error for me

@Zazie the curly wire connecting the test tubes. Use the line gradients as the clue for the red gas cylinder :)

POP, nm, the gradient from the wire connecting the test tubes.

could the cb got anything to do with stars??

Have green fuse now.

Count the coloured lines on the big grey machine and enter the numbers according to the helmet colors in yellow cb panel.

I'm stuck on the TV on though... I don't really get the clue

That's what I thought, SM for the stars, I tried 3535; didn't work.

And out !!!

swissmiss i thought that too but i'm getting nowhere

well done zazie!!!

brilliant zazie

Akairu - count the 1 and 0
first 5, etc.

Thanks, Zazie, good find, but I'm trying 4244 and it doesn't work...

@Zazie, your method should give 3244, but the actual code is 3243 I think. It must be something else.

Seawall it is 3244

Thx SM and tracie :)

i don't get the cose is it 4255

Edgra, i don´t know...when i entered the last number it opened and i thought it was at 4, but not sure.

Thanks Zazie... Out

Thanks @Zazie! You have sharp eyes! :)

OK Zazie, I must be dumb today... I counted the lines at least 10 minutes ago...and I can't seem to get them to coordinate with the helmet colors... Could you give me another hint? I count 3r2g4b1r
How do they combine for a usable code?

*Edgar, sorry :)

I thought it is 3241???

Replayed and yes, the code is 3243.
Seawall is right, counting those lines should give 4 for red, not 3.
Can't see anything giving that anyway...

The helmet colours are RGBB, so it should be 3(for the first red lines),2 (for the 2 green lines) and two times 4 (4 for the blue lines)

you are so brilliant Zazie. Salute

Counting colors in grey machine give me 4244, but doesn´t work.

Hi Edgar - que tal!

Yes 4 for red but 3 reds are first and one red line at the end, so it must be 3, because they aren´t together.

3244 doesn´t work either.

Hola SM :)
Can you see the reason for that code?

There are 4 separated colour blocks, if you know what i mean...

I put in the 324, and started clicking for the last digit and pretty sure it opened on 3, but I could be wrong.... Usually am... lol

I went in again and it is definitely 3243!

Well, many thanks to you Zazie! I would still be in the space ship floating aimlessly through space if not for your clues! That extra red line made for a tricky code, so I appreciate your insight!

I replayed and Edgar you are right ...it opened at 3243, i am troubled now.

3243 works!

Maybe a bug LOL

I would have like it to be 3241 from counting those lines, but it isnt.

Oh well, we're out; enjoyed playing live with all of you.

I'm missing the last fuse (Placed the yellow, green, red and orange one) and I still have two batteries... any clues?

But it definitely has to do with these lines.

I think I'll go for Zazie's theory + an author's mistake.
That is, until someone else gives a better explanation.

Batteries go into the machine right of test tubes.

@Ayairyuu, place the batteries on the thing to the right of the test tubes.

Yes 3244 for me is the most logical.( line colours combined with helmets)

Thanks Zazie and I'm Out!

i put 324 than the last number i just click than the door open.

Right Zazie. That or simply a 3241, counting lines by colors, left to right.

I agree with Edgar; Zazie's clue is correct; has to be a bug.

Thx everybody for playing, this was fun.

Cool Zazie, salute u for solving the code and that was very smart

I fairly enjoyed our wee live session :) I'm internet surfing, see ya!

Clever! Thanks for the comments. Wouldn't have gotten out without that yellow cb code. :)

On my spaceship, I switched over to circuit breakers instead of fuses. I found that I had to pack too many fuses to be practical for intergalactic travel. Although, when I got to Earth (as you call it), I was surprised to find that Radio Shack did carry the kind of fuses I used previously.

I don't understand the gradient clue. I'm colorblind, can someone please help?

It's the wires between the tubes from left to right.
So put the switchse like this;



- The test tubes are two hints. The level of the fluid in the test tubes is the LEVERS HINT (middle-up-down-down-middle) and the wires between the test tubes is the DIALS HINT (the directions are like this \ - //).

- Here we're gonna use the dials hint on the red device on the left. So put the dials according to the hint. Like this;
And take the ORANGE FUSE.
- It seems the YELLOW CUPBOARD 4-DIGIT HINT is here. But if it is, it's probably wrong. What you do is count the colors on the two brown resistors on the gray machine. So it is the red ones, the green ones, the blue ones and the red one(s) and you get 3241, but somehow the code is 3243. Mistake from the maker or somewhere else is a devious hint hidden.
- Take BATTERY #1 from the bottom right side of the strange device with circles and rectangles (on the floor in front of the gray machine).

- Take SCREWDRIVER from the bottom left of the green machine.
- Use the levers hint here. So put the levers on the backwall according to the hint. So, middle-up-down-down-middle and take the FLOPPY DISK (called a desk !?).
- Put the floppy in the left computer and see the LETTER CODE HINT (ASBA).
- On the right computer you see the TV 4-DIGIT HINT (just count 0's and 1's and you get 5342).

- Use the 4-digit tv hint (5342) on the tv and take BATTERY #2.
- Use the 4-digit cupboard hint (3243) next to the yellow cupboard and take the RED FUSE.
- Also see the COLOUR HINT on the helmets (the antenna thingies on top of them are red-green-blue-blue).

- Use the letter code hint from the computer (ASBA) on the code box and take the GREEN FUSE.
- Use the screwdriver on the panel on the top right and you opened the colour code box. Put in (from top to bottom) the colour hint from the helmets and take the GREEN KEY.

- Use the key on the drawer and take the YELLOW FUSE.
- Put the two batteries in the device on the top right and take the BLUE FUSE.
- GO LEFT (2x).

- Put all the fuses on top of the green machine and see the END CODE (9835).
- GO LEFT (2x).

- Put the last code above the round door/teleporter ? and go out and you're out.

Am I too late :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

The hint for the cupboard is probably made by a really tricky mind.
You have 3 reds bars, 2 greens and 4 blues, but just one red at the end and this it's not the number, why.
The last one repeat the colors of the first segments and that it's the tricky part. You have to repeat the number for the color you had calculate before (In first time you cont 3 and you have the same to the end because of the color).
That's why you have two "3"
It's the only thing I found to explain the repetition of the "3" in the number "3243"

@ dan_sims3

That explanation is FAIL.

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