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Find the Escape Men 15: The Pic-Yaki Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 15: The Pic-Yaki

Find the Escape Men 15 : the Pic Yaki is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you must find 10 Escape-Men to escape there. Let's find all the Escape-Men, solve some puzzles, and escape from the room (1 ending). Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape Men 15: The Pic-Yaki Walkthrough
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Another live game today?

Good morning. Seems to bei a live on

seaweed powder in 1st scene
1 EM (escape man) under cushion near TV
1 EM on chopsticks -- are we supposed to cook?
sparkling water from Order Counter

Hello, Zebruss -- I will need help, as I often miss hot spots. Where are you?

Instruction book by 1st scene -complicated recipe!
Lets get cooking!

Step 3 from Order Counter.

Step 7 looks like my seaweed powder but not going on griddle.
Have # code on spatula (turned)
ane EM 3 under black plate.

Melon syrup to right of door.

I´m out. This one was not so hard. The hardest part was to find the code for the seaweed powder.

Oh, second recipe for a drink -- need to find a glass!

i´m here if you need any help.

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EM 4 after making drink in glass bottom right of griddle.

EM 5 after entering code on top of seaweed.

EM 6 putting opened seaweed on griddle.

I love those Japanese omelette/pancakes -- wish I could eat it!

EM7 to left of table (zoomed out)

EM 9 on melon poster to right of door

Can't count - that was 8.

EM 9 above Order Counter (upper right)

Can't find 10th man, can't take pancake off of griddle.
I know I'm missing something obvious, but what?

I didn't realise the meal was for the Esc. Men... LOL

Look UNDER ;)

Have you got the one from just underneath where you turn the griddle on?

10th EM under heater knob -- thanks, guruone!

Somebody ate too much!

That was easier than the last one!

(Thanks, Martin :D, as well!)

They must have been starving to have stepped on on the grill to eat, when the plate was just there.

Love these games!!
To prevend any confusion, please note this is not a game hint!

This game made me hungry and curious about the recipe, I think this is how it's made in real life (funny dog too):

Thanks Truus...yummo!! Im hungry now too.

@Truus, thank you so much for the recipe. At the end of this film there are many more recipes. I will sure try.
Back to the game: I threw 10 escape men over the food ....new ingredient LOL...and got a key.
Out too, thanks for posting.

Thanks @guruone and puzzledinCa for the hint about the tenth escape man- I needed that! That game made me hungry too...

That stuff they cooked looks terrible...

@Truus, thanks for the recipe (I'm not sure I'd like a dog that close to my food preparation, but then I'm not a dog-owner). I also found this link:

We first had this in Hiroshima sitting at a counter. You could choose your toppings/fillings and the chef cooked it right in front of you. Yummy!

We can get this in San Francisco in Japan town, but cooked in the kitchen.

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funny, nice and easy

Service Temporarily Unavailable :((

Lol..it is like a POP-moment: service is vailable!!!! :))

??..lost the popmoment...no game and:Service Temporarily Unavailable again =)

pop is back...I am in =)

It keeps going back and forth between Service Temporarily Unavailable and being able to run; anyone have an alternate link?

Server blew a fuse again !

I got in after 5 times refershing.
It's a fun little game and not really hard.
The end is funny with those 10 escape men eating the meal.

39 refreshes...and I'm in!!!I sure hope it stays connected!!!

DANG!!!! this is a game where you have to disable Adblock!...DANG! I have to refresh....again!

Okay...got it on refresh #7....and loading...
Hurray! Hurray! I have a game! LOLOLOL

Been through the comments...and round and round the room...I see NO clue anywhere to help me open the sea-weed powder...(I did try 346)
Hoping for a POP!!!

Okay...you only see the clues when you are ready for them....lol Hint: check cooking area!

And POP worked as usual!

I must be really thick, because I cant find the clue for the seaweed powder anywhere. It would have been nice for people to have left a tangible clue. Nokra says to check the cooking area, but so far no luck.

Oh finally, the code... it is on the spatula if you click it a few times.


- Zoom in on the plates in the corner. Take the CAN with SEA WEED POWDER (behind the book). Open the book and see the COOKING ORDER, turn the page and see the DRINK MIX ORDER.

- Take MAN #1 (top right on the screen).

- Zoom in on the door and GO RIGHT.

- Zoom in on the poster and take MAN #2 (top right on poster) and take the GREEN BOTTLE.

- Zoom in on and turn on the tv and watch the interlude. This will make a bottle appear in another scene.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Take the BOTTLE of WATER.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Take MAN #3 (bottom left on the screen).
- Zoom in on the right cushion/pillow and click it and take MAN #4.
- Zoom in on the table and click the plates on the right and take MAN #5. Click the chopsticks (on the bottom) to flip them over and take MAN #6. And now it's mixing time. Remember the mix hint. So put water in the glass (on the bottm left) and then put the green stuff in the glass and take MAN #7. And now it's cooking time. Remember the cooking hint. So zoom out again and zoom in on the knob. Click it to make the arrow go to the left (open). Don't zoom out yet, but go down (not with the arrow, but by clicking below the knob) and take MAN #8.
- Zoom in on the table again. We did step 1 (turning the knob) and step 2 is clicking the first item (in the inventory box above the table) and then clicking the cooking plate. For step 3 we need something we don't have yet, but by doing the first 2 steps it has appeared in another scene.
- GO LEFT (2x).

- Take the BOWL with Picyaki Material !?.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the table and do step 3; put the Picyaki Material on the cooking plate. For step 4 click the spatula (the one in the top inventory, second from the left) and then the cooking plate and - remember; step 4 was 2x - so do this again. For step 5 click the third item in the inventory above and then the cooking plate. For step 6 do the same method with the fourth item and then for step 7 we need sea weed. But the can is closed. But with doing all the steps something has changed. Click the spatula on the bottom right of the cooking plate to flip it over and see the CODE (915). In your real inventory look at the sea weed, click the bottom, put in the code and take MAN #9. And we can use the sea weed too now, so put it on the cooking plate and take MEN 10. And now the last step (step 8). Click the last item in the inventory on top and then the cooking plate again. The meal is ready so put your ten green men on it and they will eat it and leave a KEY, take it.

- Zoom in on the door and use the key on the grey keyhole on the right and you're out.

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