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Great Villa Escape Walkthrough

Great Villa Escape

Great Villa Escape is another new point and click room escape game from games2rule.com You are trapped inside in a room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful objects and hints. Find the right way to escape from the Great Villa. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

Easy out... The only problem was where to fing place to use keys=)

where did you use the key,spela?

out too. difficult to find place for last key.

have changed the color of the picture,made fire, hang a hanging lamp on the lamp, found a secret place, where my key dosnt fit... hmmm, stuck...

one key goes under sofa, another to drawer near door.

thanks, tadas, but it dosnt fit there... ? Maybe bug?
maybe i am blond?

ah, o.k. found the drawer... but stuck again...

Zoom to lowermost left drawer...

ja, got it, but where is the second key? Im clicking all over, but nope...

oh, found it, using the jar on repaired mirror:))

you must to find all mirror pieces and 3 hanging lamps. mirro pieces goes to miror on the table.

Thanks tadas! I am out... not much fun, this game...

opened drawer and the cupboard under sofa. Hung all pieces of lamp. Lit the fireplace.... what else?

I have replaced the mirror pieces, one hanging light... and thats it, how do you get the keys?? Or am I bring stupid lol

And light the fire, but it didn't do anythin (i don't think)

One key was under the puf stool to the rigt of the fire place.

Other key is in the mirror on the table. You take one of the jars. pour water over the mirror and you get the key

ohhhhh found a key.... getting somewhere!

places to open are underneath the sofa and one of the drawers on the drawer chest. bottom left.

there are three pieces of chandelier that you have to replace

thanks Deniz, going to have a look

ok opened the drawer, but sorry what jars are you talking about?

POP found it, thank you for your help Deniz!!

ANd then... could you get out_ I cannot Im stuck here

yes i am out, where are you stuck?


- Zoom in on and take the MATCH BOX on the bottom right.
- Zoom in on the wood in the fireplace and take HANGING LIGHT #1 and use the macth box on the wood to lit it.
- Zoom in on the JAR in front of the drawers left in the back and take it.
- Zoom in on every vase in the windows and take from all of them a mirror piece, so you have 3 MIRROR PIECES.
- Zoom in on the right ottoman/stool in front of the fireplace and lift the middle of the right curtain part and take KEY #1.
- Zoom in on the bottm left drawer and use that key to open it and take HANGING LIGHT #2.
- Zoom in on the mirror on the table and put all 3 mirror pieces in and then use the jar on it and take KEY #2.
- Zoom in on the couch, click the curtain part to open it and use that key and take HANGING LIGHT #3.
- Put all 3 hanging lights on the hanging lamp and the light goes on.
- Zoom in on the books (without glass in front) and take the book, look in the book and see the ARROW HINT UP.
- Zoom in on the bowl under the table and see ARROW HINT RIGHT.
- Zoom in on the dials above the fish tank and put the left one up and the right one right and the fish tank changes color.
- Zoom in on the mantle above the fireplace and now the panel is open and you can take KEY #3.
- Zoom in on the door and use that key on the keyhole and you're out.

Ive done everything. opened cupboard and drawer. hung the pieces. lit the fireplace, the light is lit as well... then what?

the red lights on the fireplace and the lights of the thing hanging from the ceiling are on

THenks s-t... I had just written the WT and trying to find the end:)

LOL...I zoomed that place on mantel with no result, so many times....that I forgot to look there one more time....finally it was open! TY @small-tool!!!

Ive been clicking there too.... bad luck;)

Panel on mantle only goes open when dials are set, when light is on and when fireplace wood is burning.

I made it out on my own, which I am proud of because I usually get so lost in g2r games! I find them terribly illogical.

Nice as always, it just this time i find it a bit hard to find the hot spot for the 2nd key.

games2rule games are becoming escape games and hidden object games combined. The hidden object part being how to locate the game in the first place amongst all the ads.

Ohhhh. The mantlepiece was VERY nasty.

You can see a fireplace, fine.
And you can see a fish tank above that.

But heck, one tiny ledge in-between... the mantlepiece!
I'll tell you what: on a portable device, this game would even be UNFAIR! Since you would probably not spot the mantlepiece in THAT resolution.

Ah yes, and: pouring water over a mirror to reveal a second compartment is ... in all honesty? Outrageous.

Well, I am not too fond of those games but I hate it when I have done all right by myself and find out that there seems to be a bug that prevents me from finishing it. The right dial won't stay in place when I zoom out, so of course, can't open the secret panel, etc.

So if someone has the same trouble, don't bother to finish the game (it's not like they have cool endings that would be missed ;) ).

Find 3 mirror pieces on the 3 vases near the window.
Pick up vase near the drawers. Complete mirror on the table by puting mirror pieces and then pick the vase and it will reveal 1st key through water.
This key go under the big sofa to reveal one piece of hanging light.
Second key under the poof on the right side of fire-place. This 2nd key goes to the down-left drawer revealing another piece of hanging light.

Pick up match-box on the right side down near the sofa. Go to fire place and find another piece of hanging light. Use the match-box to light the fire.

Hang the 3 pieces of hanging light on the major hanging light on the room.
The bowl under table and book on shelf will tell you code to use on Turning Switch near the Wall Picture looking like an aquarium. When you made the color change go back and click the picture you'll find door key.


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