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Motel Room Escape 2 Walkthrough

Motel Room Escape 2

Motel Room Escape-2 is another new point and click room escape game from games2rule.com. You are trapped inside in a Motel Room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the Motel Room. Good Luck and Have fun!

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Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

Found letters and box to place letters in drawer

key behind curtain on right hand side

11 Symbols and a key from red curtain(used)

Will give this one a try; running behind, as usual.. :)

Another key in wall panel left of bed.

missing 2 letters

letter in corner of right bed - need 2 and 4 clues for bottom row

Something clickable on the wall paper; right side.

any clue for symbols on wall?

Another key in brown table leg, have all symbols now, but missing 4 places (hints)

where to use the key? doesn't work on drawer?!

I clicked all the flowers and wall panel opened.

Casual there 3 drawers to open.

got all letters, but need clues for 4 on bottom row

thanks Zazie. opened the drawers on the left now. missing a key for the right drawer.

and what are we supposed to write in the 8 blank boxes?

Missing two symbols now..

Is this live? Time difference... If so HI!
First time I have commented

Zazie, thanks for the flowers clue.

Behind red curtain to the right
in brown table leg
in green wall panel

Missing 5 hints, all the bottom row and second in 2nd row.

OUT! Will help

for the blank boxes, I think it has something to do with the fruit bowl (since the fruit has 12 letters as well...)

2nd of 2nd row was on left flower vase.

Use the characteristics of the symbols you put in the box to help you decide which columns take the last four symbols...

Zazie - 2nd clue in 2nd row is on flower pot

I only found the hints from 1-8 and I'm missing one letter

Used 2 keys and have 1 left. Where to use it?

The blank boxes....There are eight. They must coordinate with the symbols somehow...Don't make it harder than it needs to be...

@Roberto...did you check ALL the drawers in the cabinets?

pop. Found it!
Found all symbols but 1-8 order.

@roberto: on the left side of bed are two drawers & right of bed is another one.

Anyone remember where the fifth clue was?

For boxes, just label the symbols from 1-8

@seawall...on chandelier was hint #5

I am out too...

@Seawall: check the chandelier

Seawall on the yellow ceiling lamp

Thanks calgal,


I still don't get it

missing the "H" letter (number 8)

@Graham: What part is confusing you? Will try to help...

Thought I had all the symbols, but missing one!

POP! just found it under right pillow.
but how do I know in which order to place the other 4 tiles?

Letter H under right red pillow.

@Casual: Find what the top two in each column have in common...ex: last column both have two curlies...so find the leftover that fits that column

Casual, i just looked for similarities of the letters above, it worked but maybe by chance.

I assume the 8 numbers are for letters A-H? I don't get how the remaining symbols match in the last 4 spots

I don´t know if there´s a correct order to place the last 4 letters. I got it in first try.

upside down A goes in 3rd column...swirly S looking thing goes in 2nd column...square looking thing goes in first column...

POP, found my last one under the lamp.

thanks calgal071, still not getting it, but I'm gonna try

Thx calgal, but now I must have the numbers wrong.

I'm not getting it either. Do put put the numbers 1 through 8 in the boxes?

could someone please take a look at my order and tell me if that is right or wrong?

That's what I have Casual, and mine isn't working either.

Guess I'll try the new game and come back to this one later.

       Anonymous  6/15/11, 9:00 AM  

@Casual - Yep, it's right, from memory. Bottom row is a Y shape, S shape, square with line shape and then a curly U shape.

thanks @nooms! out now too.

@Seawall: do it like nooms said, I din't know what he/she meant with "curly U", but trial and error shouldn't be too hard with 2 tiles remaining.
and don't forgot to click the top of box after doing that.

Thanks, @Casual, but I've already closed it out. These G2R games don't have a whole lot of logic, do they? LOL

agree with you. still not understanding why it were those exact tiles.
and I don't have anything against ads, but games2rule is just crowded with them. my pc runs much slower when I'm playing games2rule and refreshing EG24 takes much longer...

I do what nooms says but my box does not open!

guess I was just lucky becaue I put the bottom symbols in randomly and the box opened

i don't understand how put the letters

My letters were :
1 The Y like letter
2 The turned S letter
3 The letter with a square in it
4 The S with 2 small circles at the ends.

@ f_r_a91 put the first 8 symbols in order to their #
and then look which of the others have similarities

And in the white fields you must enter the numbers from 1 - 8 and put in the right symbols as the 8 hints show you.

mine where too zazie

       Anonymous  6/15/11, 10:34 AM  

Finished, i'm guessed last 4 where to put then get door key :-)

Can't find 9th symbol. Should look like a "D".

NVM. Found it bottom left of mattress. Didn't look much like a "D"

D is under the fruit bowl

Cannot find 3 symbol - A :( Clicking everywhere... Please help T_T

@Nat, it's under the blue book on the round table in lower left corner.

can someone please make a screenshot from the whole box with all symbols and numbers on the right place and what happens if you have that?
i have tried everything, but nothing works????

Oh that's incredible! that was in my inventory but was scrolled off the screen! XD

@Nat - here's what worked for me - http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/431/motelroom.jpg
click the lid to open the box and click again to get the key

Sorry that should be @Ikke

Either we're missing some important clue here or I start to believe the box is a bit buggy.
I tried the solution posted by Twin2, but it didn't work for me. Then I tried some other suggestions posted above which didn't work either, UNTIL I started erasing the numbers. When I got rid of 8,7,6, and 5 my box suddenly opened, without me clicking on the lid. Bug?
This is what my box looked like:
Click here to see the placement of the symbols on the box.

       Anonymous  6/15/11, 12:02 PM  

Can someone please tell me where to find the square shape?

@Apricot momma - it's under the left yellow pillow on the left bed :)

@Ellie - I think the box must be buggy !!!!

       Anonymous  6/15/11, 12:27 PM  

Thank you Twin2

Out. So....what was the point of the star things on the wall that you could click??

Not a good game...the last row is hit or miss and buggy at that...did not care enough to bruteforce!

       Anonymous  6/15/11, 9:11 PM  

where do you find the ninth piece!

       Anonymous  6/16/11, 3:14 AM  
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       Anonymous  6/16/11, 3:28 AM  

Got it now by using ellie's picture.
Also type the numbers in the empty space from 1 to 8 and now the box is open.

       Anonymous  6/16/11, 3:37 AM  

@John: I think it opened the wall in the back for the key.
@Jacinthia: If you mean the Y (forked) shape it's in the upper left drawer. The key is behind the red curtain.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Exactly, the game have a bug, put the number on the box only at the end, afther you have put the sings on it

helpppppp, the only thing is missing for me is the letter with the shape of a "v"

never mind, found it XD

game sucks! the symbols are so fd up. i even tried every possible combination with symbols at the last row, but the game is sooooo idiotic that none of them works, and i put the ones 1-8 in correct order. stupid game. waste of my time.

symbols are
pillow one on each bed
leg rest
flower pot
under rug
under lamp on table
and the rest in drawers
keys are located under curtain
on leg on brown table
in wall after clicking each flower on wall paper
find symbols all around matching each one u found and look at the number located near it

put together on box get key

your out..

It's easy Find all the symbols Find the keys get the box put each symbol is with a number put the symbols in the box in order of the numbers the box opens theres the door key...

       Anonymous  6/24/11, 7:11 AM  

what am i doing wrong? it doesn't want toopen :/


       Anonymous  6/24/11, 7:13 AM  

wrong link

...how do you know what letters and symbols go on the box. I've got all the hints and stuff, just need to sort them.

i found all 3 keys but none is working

@bill0: i found all 3 keys also and none of them work for any of the 3 drawers.. Somebody help me plzz! :/

Key from behind the red screen (right hand side of bed) opens the top drawer on the left bedside table.
Key from table leg opens the bottom drawer of the same left bedside table.
Key from the wall compartment opens the top drawer to the right of the bed.


can't get out

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