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Mystery Palace Escape Walkthrough

Mystery Palace Escape

Mystery Palace Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Games2rule. You are trapped inside in a Mystery Palace. The door of the palace is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the Mystery Palace. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

So far a bowl, towel and leaf

and 2 golden balls

hey! so far: 3 candles (from left candleholder), candlestand (right of left candleholder) and a gold bowl.

goldbowl, cloth, 3 candles and 2 signs from wiping mirror which wont work on clock

Mask gave 2 symbols, but the clock is not precise.

Joining you all

Where did you use towel before wipe mirror?

nothing works with clock!

another clock-sign at back of chair.

where did you find the two golden balls?

goldballs in mask give 2 more clock-codes!

Placed 1 candle in big chandellier.

or the leaf?

POP! found the golden balls on the ceiling

placed all 3

mmh what to do with candles, leave and bowl

placed three candles in big chandellier, but nothing happens?
also placed the candlestand on one of the chandelliers (nothing happened as well)

another sign on back of chair

another hint on mirror on the very left

@SwisMiss - How did you wipe the mirror?

@roberto: use the towel on 2nd mirror from right to left

seems quite hard this one!

one candleholder is now alight?!?

Did that, but nothing happens.

stuck with gold bowl, golden leaf and 7 different symbols. according to the clock the symbols I found are:

Hi,all! where's leaf, please?

@roberto: use it on the upper left corner

@marijo: above door

Burned leaf in right candles

Hmmm...Finding a lot of the symbols from the clock. Maybe we're eliminating the ones we DON'T use?? I have no idea!!

@roberto: nice find. thanks

I`m not sure if I used it already. You still have your towell after using it?

my right candles are not alight - only left ones

put burned leaf in mirror on the very right

How did you light the candles??

@roberto: no, it's gone after you used it.

       Anonymous  6/8/11, 8:46 AM  

The 12 symbol is above the magic mirrors. And all my candles are lit after using the three candles and the candlabra stem.

only my chandeleir is lit, and it wont burn leaf.

So, no way to use my towell in mirror.

put the bowl in a mirror... after burning the leaf (sorry for my englisch)

it must be buggy - took 3 candles and placed them on top and took bit of candelabra and fixed the right one but only one lot candles burning
si I give up on this one

good luck

Well, I have placed all my candles and the portion of the candelabra and nothing has happened.

I am adding games2rule to the list of games that I don't play anymore along with 123Bee and Gazzy

These games2rule games seem a bit pointless..click click click!

I agree swiss Miss - no candles burning at all, yet placed candles and candelabra piece - i hate to cry 'bug' but i think we have one.

Could someone please tell how you got your candles lit? I've placed the 3 candles in the center candelabra and placed the candlestick piece on the one on the right, but none of my candles are lit. :-(

I quit too.

after putting the bowl on the right mirror, take back leaf and pour whatever is inside the gold bowl in the right decor vase.

I don't know why my right candles are lid. maybe I played with the clock and that somehow lightened them up?!

       Anonymous  6/8/11, 8:52 AM  

@Intiek - After that, take the bowl and put in vase next to clock.

Gonna try once more before give up too.

Ahh....buggy. I'm starting to think I'll only play Selfdefiant games from now on!

@Edgar: I'm with you....got chandelier lit and one candelabra on left. Then nothing but clicking...gets boring with only one scene and only so many things to do. Not very logical either. I don't play 123B and Gazzy either...

Actually....I meant to respond to EnJoy...not Edgar...sorry.

Restarted the game but still cannot use my towell in mirror. Placed 3 candles in chandelier but don´t know how to get a bit from it.

@Zoe. Well, E is E.... who cares!

@Edgar...lol! People confuse me with zoz, so I can relate :-)

LOL...@zoe..I was looking all over for @edgar....

And... I almost called you @zoz ....more lolol

I look for @edgar cause he always leaves the best hints!!!!and YEA! there he is! LOL

LOL, and our dear zoz is a fan of switching names too!

@nokra - ditto on that for the best hints from Edgar!!

Oh @nokra... sorry, no hints from me this time. Aint playing this game now :(

Well, I've been playing the riddle game... finally getting out of there! :)

@Casual, many thanks!

@Edgar - don't bother with this one it's boring and frustrating.

there's a new pirate one - I'm going there

every set of symbols, will light one candle....

after you burnt the leaf, burn it again on another candle, use gold bowl, burn leaf again and so on...

out as well.
mask symbols lits the left candles
symbols on right mirror lits the 2nd candles from right
mirror & chair lits the candles on the ceiling.
I'm sorry, I don't know what lightend the right candles. going back in and try to find out...

sorry, it seems to change every time. giving up

hi all

i can't light any candles with the symbols. i must be doing something wrong.

i can't even put the bowl in the magic mirror :(

still going, gonna have to catch up

For me to lit the candles on the far right it was the small handle of the clock on the sign of the back of the chair. Did not know the tall one, put it on all the symbols before i get out of the view.

The small handle goes on the symbol on the back of the chair and the big handle goes on the "o" symbol at the top, or 12 position

Can't burn my leaf more then once.......

Anyone still here?? I have burnt my leaf and put the gold cup into the right mirror but I can't get anywhere else from there?? help pls :)

Brandy, put leaf into hole below green light on the mirror.

Got the powder from the gold cup poured into the far right vase on the mirror, but still can't burn my leaf again

Ahhh, thanks Yvon :)

After you put leaf below green light, put it below red light on the mirror (on second from the right. Sometimes you have to put leaf before it into the mirror before you can burn the leaf and sometime after you burned the leaf.

And finally out!! Just wanna say thanks to everyone on here for the hints. I hardly ever catch a live game but I play these all the time and without your hints I wouldn't make it through half of these. Thanks everybody!! :)

Zoom on the leftmost candle holder – take the 3 CANDLES on the right side
Zoom on the candle holder to the right of the gold bowl on the tables on the left wall (not the candle holder nearest the door) – take PART OF THE CANDLE HOLDER
Zoom on the candle holder in the back right corner – use the piece of the candle holder in your inventory to repair it
Zoom on the chandelier – place the 3 candles into the missing places on the right side of it
You now have repaired all the candle holders!

Don’t zoom on the chandelier, but instead on the place where it attaches to the ceiling – get the 2 GOLD BALLS
Zoom on the fireplace under the clock – place the 2 gold balls in the jester’s hat to see 2 shapes appear
Zoom on the chair in the back of the room – take the TOWEL
Zoom on the further magic mirror on the right wall – use the towel on the wall to make images appear
Zoom on the mirror on the left wall to see 2 more shapes
Now zoom on the back of the chair and see one more shape
Zoom on the clock and enter the shapes to light the candles

Zoom between the couch and the fireplace -- take the GOLD CUP
Get the GOLD LEAF from over the door (zoom in between the door and the mirror over the door)
Zoom on the rightmost candles
Use the leaf on the candles for a BROWN LEAF
Zoom on the magic mirror over those candles (nearest on the right wall)
Place the leaf in the slot below the red dot
Use the gold bowl in the mirror – get the BOWL OF SILVER SAND
Still zoomed in, take back the leaf
Zoom on the rightmost vase on the fireplace mantle
Dump the silver sand in the vase
Zoom on the candles in the back right corner
Burn the leaf again and get a RED LEAF
Zoom on the further magic mirror on the right wall
Use the leaf in the slot and then the bowl for the BOWL OF RED SAND
Take back the leaf
Place the sand in the right vase closest to the clock
Zoom on the leftmost candles (by the door)
Burn the leaf for a GREEN LEAF
Zoom on the rightmost mirror on the back wall
Use the leaf and the bowl for the BOWL OF GREEN SAND
Take back the leaf
Place the sand in the closest vase to the left of the clock
Zoom on the chandelier
Burn the leaf for the PURPLE LEAF
Use the leaf and bowl on the magic mirror closest to the fireplace for the BOWL OF PURPLE SAND
Use the sand in the leftmost vase on top of the fireplace mantle
Get the key, zoom on the door, use the key, and escape!

Solution to the Clock Puzzle:
The mask shows you shapes that look a bit like a feather and a number 3. Zoom on the clock and place the little hand on the 6 o’clock shape and large hand on the 3 o’clock shape. This lights the candles by the door.

Zoom on the clock again. Enter the shapes from the right wall over the further magic mirror. Set hour to 2 and minute to 10 (may actually be a bit below 10). The chandelier should be lit.

Zoom on the clock again. Enter the shape from the back of the chair. Since you don’t have the second shape, put the minute hand on 12. The hour hand is on 8. This should like the nearest candleholder on the right.

Zoom on the clock again. Enter the shapes from the left mirror. Set hour to 9 and minute to 1 (actually aim at the bottom “horn” of 9 and the left edge of 1). The back right candles should be lit.

Thank you for the walkthrough, kitkatfox!
I ALWAYS need a WT if I attempt one of these because pixel-hunts generate no fun, or sense of achievement, for me.
I still had to abandon though, because I couldn't get any candles to light with the left mirror shapes =(

I won't accuse ANY game of being buggy, because it could always be my very minimal system causing problems, or simply that the hotspots are microscopic, but I really appreciate it when developers actually tune in to comments to check everything works.

To be fair
[comment directed @ mostly Enjoy and Zoe],
I have a lot of time for the newer 123BEE games because the creators watch comments and sort out problems/bugs/glitches very quickly.
If you haven't played them for a while, you could be pleasantly surprised.
I play games late, usually, so I can happily say I can't remember ever finding a bug in a 123BEE game. =D

@Rookwings the clock is really annoying because the hands don't line up exactly with the symbols. It took trial and error to get it to work for me -- especially for the symbols on the left mirror.

I personally am not a fan of the "try everything everywhere" method of gameplay that seems to be especially prevalent in the magic games. Why of course you should try burning a leaf to use in a magic mirror!

I gave up on this one after not being able to light candles properly or re-burn leaf. Thank you for the w/t @kitkatfox. At least i now know it is possible but wont replay. 'Suspension of disbelief' - that I understand. But wanting to suspend myself with a rope out of frustration with a game? Thats when it's time to call it quits me thinks.

@kitkat...thank you thank you!!! Now I am going to run off to kidnap myself again...*screams and runs out of mystery palace*

@ kitkatfox:
Thank you for saving me some time. =)
I'm quite content to read the ending of this game, and not actually play it out now.

not nice but ok by rrr
we can play only with walkthrough and not by reading but only by video............

Thanks for the awesome WT @kkf. Would have been a great game if the clock wasn't such a nightmare. Even with your specific directions I can't get the back right one lit. Not worth it anymore.

       Anonymous  8/24/12, 9:01 AM  

yaayy..i've finished it...hehehe

the cloock signs you find..enter them in to clock. each set lights another set of candles

i m not able to lit the left candles........plz help n tell me the exact placmnet of clock hands

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