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Old Mystery Castle Escape Walkthrough

Old Mystery Castle Escape

Old Mystery Castle Escape is another point and click type room escape game by Flash512. You need find some hidden objects and solve some puzzles to escape this room. Good luck and have fun!

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Hope i can't escape.

hehehe hope i can escape from this Old Mystery Castle

hey! found a stone on the right of the barrel in the corner. use that on the "undefined" thing under pirate flag for red key

Found, rod stick, sword, candle and stone ( use to break box in the 1 scene

I can't escape because I can't even get in to play.....I can't find the play button!!!!! lol

now stuck with candle, rod & sword. (placed gear from box, used key, gear and stone)

@Bronte.cakes: just click one of the blue japanese links.

Hello from Malaysia, use red key to open chest

Found it!!

another rod above vase

bruteforced the picture arrangement, but this made it just harder...

habe ein schwert,eine Kerze,ein roten schlüssel(benutzt),ein Stein(benutzt) und ein Zahnrad (benutzt)
Finde kein Hinweise auf 4 stelligen code und auch kein Hinweis auf farbcode.Und es fehlt mir ein Stab oder so bei den Zahnrädern.
Ist da einer weiter?
Mauersteine an Wand bekomme ich auch nicht auf.
es fehlt auch ein Schraubenzieher

has (used) schwert, a candle, red schlüssel, has (used) a stone and has (used) a gearwheel
Find no tips on 4-figure code and also no tip on farbcode. And I lack a stick or thus with the gearwheels.
Is there next?
I also do not get open masonry units on wall.
there is also no screwdriver

combine the two rods and use it on the lock of big chest's frame.

@martia: stab über vase

you can click the balls under the windows, but no idea for the colour code

danke aber kiste geht nicht auf habe noch schwert und kerze ,was ich benutzen kann,aber geht nicht

I still can't open the chest after removing the screws of chest. and no idea about 4 digit code or colors. and I can't move the buttons after picture is removed...anyone got more luck?

HI all

is this still live?

yes SwissMiss! and I think a loooong way to go. really nice game!

Anybody know a colour for the bulbs in front of the pentagram ?

the writing is all wrong

under cb you can get a crowbar with the sword and it says you found a gear - but the gear was in the box

I have only found one rod above vase - where is the other please

with crowbar you can remove stone next to door with partial color hint

@Dirk: nope. and I really wonder why it's not possible to open the box after removing the lock.
stuck with candle & sword.

found a green part of rod in barrel using candle
is that half?

Same here SwissMiss. I open the chest and said I'd fed the dog. Lol

used green rod next to gears and got a fleur-de-lis typethingy

how did you open the screws on chest Miller?

hab farbcode raus,durch zufall
aber außer das stern leuchtet nichts passiert

@SwissMiss: no crowbar for me, hmmm...
other rod above pirate flag

POP! was not reading SwithMiss' comment properly

got second part of color code from tile behind candle with crowbar
color balls give star at wall

@SwissMiss: comebine the two rods

Marita: zweiter Teil vom Farbcode ist hinter dem Kerzenleuchte. Dort ist auch ein pergament das auf den leuchtenden Stern kommt.
Second part of colour-code is behind the candleholder on on top of the crate. also a paper for the pentagramm

finde kein brecheisen,wo soll ds sein?

mmh can play now with those levers behind painting after putting that thingy in - but have no clue

dirk danke aber ohne brecheisen,kann ich steine nicht wegbekommen,finde nirgens eins,trotz schwert

crowbar under big cb - use sword to get it
dont forget to drag items

color code pink beige blue orange brown green

and also scroll from panel behind candles (using candle on scroll doesn't seem to work)

miller how did you get the screws off the chest?

Marita unter dem grossen schrank - mit Schwert

put scroll on pentagon.
but somehow my pentagon is shinging although there colors were not right?!

Door is open. Now seaching for the last use of the crowbar. it^s still in inventory and all other things are gone.

empty parchment goes on star on wall - but need something else

have slot 4 and 5 and last two free - everything used up

marita: In der Ansicht zur Eingabe des 4-stelligen Codes einfach mit dem Schwert unter den Schrank greifen. Und ... voila ! ;o)

@SwissMiss: comebine the the rods. one rod is above vase and the other above pirate flag. (you have too zoom one of the rods)

dirk - hint please - how did you open the chest

danke smiss habe nun steine weg und farbcoe und pergament.aber sehe nichts auf blatt,habe es auf stern gelegt und auch mal kerze drangehalten aber kein hinweis auf 4 stelligen code oder so

also use crowbar on box, but there is just another mechanism...

Swissmiss: after removing the screws (see miller at 4am ) use the crowbar on top of crate.

Scroll goes on star on wall (after solving the lever puzzle) then blue bottle on scroll, gives code for cb. Have blue handle now.

opened the 4-digit box for handle

getting somewhere

I really wonder why the star suddenly became bright although it was defintely the wrong color order. maybe the right color order gives the 4 digit code for the cb?

danke habs alleine hinbekommen nun. bin raus danke euch

blue bottle?

And out !

Handle goes on green thing in box, gives key and out.

I'm still at the point where SwissMiss was at 6/18/11 3:59 AM

Miller i don´t remember exactly, did you solve the lever puzzle ? I guess the bottle was in wall panel behind it.

ty - missed that comment

and out now

nice game - thanks for the help - never looked on top of that cb

miller - open the blue bottle - and pour the contents on the parchment at wall - this gives you the 4-digit code

The fleur de liz sign goes below these levers to activate the arrows, then put levers all in the center under the arrow.

I can not move any of the levers behind the pic...do I have to insert something on the black spot under those levers?

ok, so I'm missing the fleur de liz sign, hmmmmmm

Use rod on gears to get this flower sign.

yes miller - that "fleur-de-lis" plastic thingy after opening the box with the gears

Rod was in a barrel or box i guess.

miller - the green rod (barrel look with candle) goes next to the gears - move the lever to open box

@Miller. Put the green handle at cogs back up again to get fleur.

I'm missing half the colour code

all my rods are already gone. only have a crowbar left...is there another rod besides two two that we used for opening the box?

Crowbar is used more than once...

It openes the wooden box and a barrel

Barrel right of door i think.

Sorry i have to leave now, GL Miller.

thanks Zazie! that did it! green rod now!

miller - see my comment 4.14 for green rod

melody - color code behind tiles next to door and behind 3 candles

Ooops...missed a loose brick. Moving on

Thanks SwissMiss. Had my first POP moment

finally out! thanks everyone! having a cigarette & coming back to see if anyone need help

miller - can you write a WT - because I have not time right now

......and out! Thanks all.

Very funny with the wrong descriptions. It's been telling me the door was unlocked and I'd escaped since the start

yep, I'll do that. I really enjoyed this game, although I was a bit slow :)

Okay, I'm confused. Anyone here?

what's the problem @mkganda?

Hi mkganda - why or where are you confused?

Is the think that looks like a propeller what everyone's calling the "fleur de lis"? I have that after placing the green lever and something in the crate. Scroll is on lit pentagram...???

and hi too. been a long time for a live game. :)

lolol mkganda - propeller is a MUCH better description

@mkganda: you have to allign all of the levers in the same line as the arrow is pointing (middle), then you'll get the blue bottle. open the bottle & use it on the scroll

lol...what do I do with it?

the propellor goes behind the picture (at the button). to remove the picture, both switches have to be down and the click the arrow on the top of frame

lol...That's precisely where I'm confused. :s

What levers? I can't move the 2 on the picture with the arrow or move the green rod anymore.

P.S. Still on my 1st cup of coffee so bear with me. :P

lol posted at exactly the same time.

forget about the green lever, you won't need it anymore.
you should be able to click the two switches left and right of picture to move them. when they are all the way down, click the arrow on top of the picture and it should slide to the left...

aha! I didn't think I could move those, but apparently I wasn't clicking them right? Whatever, just happy to be moving on. Thanks @Miller and @SM :D

finally out. Great game! :)

According to the game the door was open from the beginning. "the door is open, you escape successfully" lol. :P

Nice game! For anyone getting annoyed at the levers...
- Move the bottom lever 3 times to the right.
- Move the second lowest lever 3 times to the left.
This only works if you didn't already mess with them :)

For lighting the star on the wall:
Click here to see the colors of the balls below the star.

Yeah nice game! Thanks to all your hints I am now out!!

I am missing a gear (cog) on the wall where the green lever is. I can't move the green lever until I have it..any help?

I have a crowbar (that I've used twice) still in my inventory and a rock. I'm very stuck.

@Zoe, find the stone behind the barrel in the cupboard view, then use it on the small box-thing under the pirate flag. Get a red key from there.
Use the red key on the red small chest for the gear.

@Zoe: take rock from right side of barrel (cupboard view) and smash the thing right of barrel (in door view) to take a red key. use that on the little chest box (picture view)

POP...found the red key by smashing a little box. I think this was mentioned earlier, but I'm doing things in a different order than other players, I guess.

Thanks @Ellie and @Miller!!!

I'm out now!

The crowbar is only used twice, even though it stays "live" in the inventory....

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

last attempt, now it should be correct...



- take CANDLE from left shelf
- take ROD #1 above the pirate flag
- go left

- zoom on vase and go up to look at the top of cb
- take ROD #2
- take SWORD from red shield
- zoom on the lower part of cupboard and use the sword under the doors
- take ROCK from right side of barrel

- use rock on the stone casket and take RED KEY
- click the lamp and use crowbar on stone to see COLOR HINT #1
- use crowbar on the barrel, drag candle to the dark area and take GREEN LEVER THANKS @ZAZIE

- zoom on little chest, use key and take COG
- go left again

- place cog & green lever on mechanism behind pirate flag, pull the lever twice
- take propeller
- go right again

- click both switches left and right of picture until they are all down; then click the top arrow and the picture moves aside
- place the propeller on the bottom of mechanism and now allign them on all in the middle (very easy, just click the 4th button on left side 3-times and the 5th button on right side 3-times
- zoom on candles, move them and use crowbar on stone to see COLOR HINT #2, don't forget to take SCROLL
- go right

- change the colors of balls according to the color hints, you did right when the pentagon is shining.
(I had problems with seeing the colors correctly, so for those who also have this problem: http://picupload.org/i/f737792c0222.jpg)
- zoom on scroll in your inventory and click it. After that you can drag the scroll on the pentagon
- open the blue bottle in your inventory and then drag it on the scroll to reveal a code (changes every game)
- go right

- use the code on the doors and take LEVER #3
- go left twice


- zoom on the right box. In your inventory ZOOM ON ROD #1 AND DRAG ROD #2 ON THE TOP OF IT
- click the either side of chest and REMOVE THE SCREWS WITH THE COMBINED RODS, do that on the other side as well
- remove the lock and use crowbar on box to open it
- use lever #3 on the hole and take EXIT KEY

- ....

Great WT @Miller!! Thanks for writing! Lol... all cogs and rods seems to be correct now :D

I just finished this game and it was a great game like all the games from this maker.
But did you guys notice all the descriptions from the items or doing things, were wrong. Really funny.

And a walkthrough already, great Miller.
(and a long time no see, so Hi).

thanks! just saw your screenshot of the colors, much better thank mine!
but I still can not see why the last color is green. on the hint it looks more like orange to me, but that's maybe because of my bad eyesight...

hey small-tool! having some stuff to do and not mich time for playing...hope that changes soon!

Is someone still here? I don't know how to play the game,it seems all things i'm clicking lead to other pages in chinese...

Scroll down a bit and there are 3 bigger blue japanese links. Click one of them.

Just played again and I think the most funny misdescription is when you take the red key. Then it says; the dog food is in the bowl.

TY for the WT, @miller...I could not open your color jpg...but @Ellie's did it for me!!!
Fun game...especially all the mislabeled descriptions!!!
When you get the cog from the little locked box, it says "Do not come near the dog in the box!"...LOLOL

I read through all of the comments and still don't know where the "play" button is to get into the game. HELP....I've clicked on everything on the page.

Nevermind. I just refreshed and read a comment above and clicked the "American Line" in blue and it worked.

When you open the page...there is a place where you see writing in blue...three of them in a row.
click any one of them and a new window opens with the loading game.

If you are having trouble finding the link to play this game here is a direct link


its a pity that all the subtitles were wrong and the navigation with dragging was also annoying, but it looked very good

I sense bad feeling between a certain game developer and his translator friend ;)
I love these Flash512 games, and this one had lots of added giggles along the way. In case the developer ruins this by getting the PROPER descriptions in, I thought I might record the event for posterity and for anyone unable to load the game. =D
This goes beyond normal chinese whispers =)
P.S. As always with these games DRAG OBJECTS to use them!
[And why do we never get a direct link to the game? Crazy!!!]

TRANSLATION OF DESCRIPTIONS - THROUGH; a companion walkthrough to Miller's
Taking the candle = " a lozenge needle is found" [like I believed that!]
Miller's ROD #1, which is actually the cross-piece of a T-bar, = "a handle is found" [one of the few more realistic descriptions].
ROD #2, which is the spindle/shaft of the T-bar screwdriver = "something is miss".
The sword = "the eye is put on the doll". [sounds a bit cruel, in context]
Clicking under the cupboard = " a gear is found"
Using the sword there = "a tin of dog food is found" [Good, I was feeling peckish]
Clicking to collect the crowbar is boring = "a crowbar is found" [how very trite]
Taking the rock = "the tin is uncovered by the opener"
The stone box is called a stone box, but smashing it with the rock = "the tin is sealed", and taking the red key = "the dog food is put in the bowl". [Proof of parallel universes]
Removing the loose brick behind the wall lamp = "The door is open. You escape successfully" [don't rush at the door, you'll only smack your face' It's still firmly locked]
Crowbarring the lid of the barrel off = "the cross is installed"
Using the candle to light the inside of the barrel ="it's locked"
Grabbing the green lever = "I find a colour heptagon" [Where! I wanna see it!!!]
Unlocking the little chest with the red key = "The dog is eating, let it go." [without even a stray dog hair in sight!]
Taking the cog out = "Don't approach the dog in the box!" [ - miscroscopic dog, so no need to put the leather gloves on just yet, and don't panic looking for a poop scoop.]
Screwing the green lever into the device behind the Jolly Roger flag = "I get a small key" [lies!]
Placing the cog onto the empty green spindle = "The mirror is sprayed" [Eeew! It had to be that dog!]
Taking the small pink three-cornered decal = "The door is unlocked"
Placing the decal in the three-cornered hole behind the picture = "The door is open. You escape successfully" [Nice lot of doors open here, so far. Hm =)]

Taking the blue bottle = "The bigger button is installed" [That's a bit random]
Prising out the brick behind the candelabra mentions another open door, the scroll is called a key, and to anyone with good colour vision
the order is pink, cream, blue, orange, brown and yellow.

I had absolutely no problem seeing the correct colours here, and I know I'm not unique ;P
To anyone with bad colour vision, or a badly-tuned monitor, click each globe this amount of times - 4,6,2,3,5,1.

You need to uncork the bottle and unroll the scroll of paper before you use them on the lit-up star.
No funny comments given at these actions.

The object in the cupboard, which is a large T-bar-shaped key with a blue handle, is called a handle [a little misleading, but not far wrong] ;)
[Miller, you found your stuff in a completely different order to me, haha!]
As for Miller's "RODs" - clicking on the screwdriver shaft = "An oval stone object", and using the T-bar on it = "The needle is installed" [very misleading, I thought, and, being picky, that philips head would NEVER undo those cross-head screws! but who am I to argue - it worked!]
Doing just that = "something is miss" bizarrely enough.
Prising the lid off the crate with the crowbar = "A stone button is found"
Using the T-bar key on the cyan-coloured object [obviously heavy, so may BE stone?] = "The stone button is installed" [these aren't so funny any more]
Picking out the green key from inside it = "The door is locked" [we sort of suspected this, despite the frequent declarations to the contrary]
The big wooden door is disappointingly locked, so use the green key on it = "The door is open. You escape successfully"
Not sure whether it really IS this time, step outside with trepidation, blinking and shielding your poor eyes from the bright sunlight and find out "You're success"
I am? That's nice, thanks!

Seriously, though, thank you, Flash512 for a VERY entertaining game =D =D =D

Great WT by @Miller and hilarious translations of mis-descriptions by @Rookwings! Thanks! :)

Excellent game! Thanks for the tips on the second rod and crowbar - don't know if I would have found them.

lol, just read the rest of the comments - nice WT by @Miller and descriptions by @Rookwings!

Thank you @Rookwings for the humorous and very entertaining TOD-Through!!

The subtitles are the same as the game on http://www.flash512.com/esc-games/escape31/

Except there you actually put the eye on the doll and there is a dog in a box and there is a tin of dog food that you put into a bowl... There's even a lozenge needle that still doesn't make sense.

Did the maker start with the same frames but forget to change the subtitles?

@ Trig:
Thank you, I did suspect something like that may have happened, but I thought it sounded like several different games =)
I bet you'd do well in a game of Trivial Pursuit on questions about Flash512 games! =D

hmm ... I could never find the game.

Old game, but I'm just now playing it. Figured out that the commentary actually goes with "Sweet Dog House Escape." I think it's the Flash512 game that came out just before this one.

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