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Restaurant Kitchen Escape Walkthrough

Restaurant Kitchen Escape

Restaurant Kitchen Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Games2rule. You are trapped inside in a restaurant kitchen room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the Restaurant Kitchen room. Have a fun game play!

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Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

Hi all! Nice sunny saturday here!!

Hi roberto !! I am joining.

Now the apple pie is ready, time to have a breakfast!

2 red fry pans, pan, bread, glass of water, sauce, flourand chicken

Red pot on stove, vegetables in pot, ketchup also and i guess i burned everything because i did not add any water :(

oh .. games2rule games are on my "do not play" list... may give it a go anyway

Lol enjoy. Stay out, watching us playing!


Remade the mixture but i put not yet the fire on.
On the left stove i put grey pan and oil and flour.

Yea roberto.. I just have a burning pot!

I put water on bread ...???

Can´t place my pots anywhere, neither burn anything.

burned up pot.. a ton of things in inventory and can't do a damn thing!

Just what I thought.. games2rule games are garbage!

Good luck Zazie and Roberto!

Now i burned my chicken grrr.

Grey pots go on left oven, red pot on right one.

Thx EnJoy, i am not sure if i ever will escape from there ;)

Hi at all, I´m out, if you need any help....

I hope Fire Brigade come fast to rescue me!

there's also a red fry pan from the right cabinet. It goes on stove with the other red pot.

Where did you put the chicken?

Fire alarm is blinking now...i already say good bye to you *waves*

Placed my 2 red pots on right stove but cannot put anything inside them.

In the grill to the left roberto.

@roberto: vegetables, oil and sauce go into red pots

Thanks Zazie! Have tried that, but worked now!

Now i burned my toast in the micro between the two oven, arggg. What a game.

When the smoke is enough, the fire alarm goes on and then the door in the back (left) opens.
Just go out.

I have everything burning and broke the water pipe. What now?

Smoke is everywhere ...lalalala

Still have salad, sauce, flour and ladle in inventory.
Have all 4 pots burning, chicken and bread burning.
What now?

*Spoiler alert*

First turn on the taps on the sink before you start anything
Collet all items:
#Frypan from left of the curved table
#Vegetables on the center of the cured table
#Sauce from the top of the shelf on the left
#Bread from the center table
#Pan on the right side of the floor
A #Chicken from the shelf on the right
#FryPan from the CB behind the chicken shelf
#Oil from the top of the right shelf
#FlourPacket from the middle table
#Water from the left table
#Pan from the CB of the left table

Place chicken into the oven on the left, wait til chicken turn black then open the oven door

Click bread, put water onto it, click to the microwave at the back of the kitchen, place bread inside, wait til it turn black, then open the microwave door.

Go to the left stove, place the two pan on the two end stove, put oil and flour packet inside, turn on the stove.

Go to the right stove, place two fry pan on the two end stove, put sauce and vegetables into the pan, turn on the stove.

Wait til the water from the tap finish running.


By the way I never used my ladle!?

s-t neither me, it is a souvenir of the kitchen :)

Good WT, aL3xaNdRa.
But I think you can turn the tap on later as well, but all the water has to be gone to get out.

What about the ladle?

I used the spatula to break the water pipe. I guess I shouldn't have, because my door isn't open.

Lol Zazie,
Maybe you have to store it somewhere and use it in the next game.

My sink is empty now, but i still cannot go out by the door ?

yea. but turning them on first so u dun have to wait for it to run.


I`M still locked inside this damn kitchen.
Help me. I`m suffocating.

are you sure you have turned everything on and all the doors (from grill and microwave) open.
Then the temperature should get above 51 and the smoke alram goes on.

My door opened at last. Ufffff

Right aL3xaNdRa, I see your point.
It takes some time indeed, so turning the tap on in the beginning is better.

Now i am out !!
One switch at a stove was put OFF.

everything is smoking and my temperature is stuck at 44.4. Maybe I should have broken the water pipe before the water at the sink ran out?

annaby, i never broke the water pipe.
Be sure that on both stoves the switches are ON and micro and grill doors are open.

don't care enough to start over

@Zazie - yes, I had everything on and open

Well so let´s wait for another game to come lol.

I just played again and breaking the water pipe only makes the water go out faster, but you still can go out.
I really think you missed a thing, check the WT.

       Anonymous  6/11/11, 9:26 AM  

Shouldn't it be easier to throw the microwave through the glass door instead of burning the place down? LOL
Thx for the WT.

Just not fun when nothing has any connection to reality...that is what Minoto is for ...these are not funny, just stupid!

I am with @EnJoy on this one!

out, but confused. Why did running out of water so the sprinklers don't work cause the door to open?

They make you stay in as long as the sprinklers are running as punishment for you burning food?

What a waste (literally)! In a world where so many people are starving from hunger, you make a game about burning food and wasting water, to amuse us?!


In a world where so many people are locked up in prison, you make a game about escaping from a room?

Honestly, get off your high horse and go save the planet instead.

Anyway, the concept of the game is very original; unfortunately, the game is also very buggy. Once all the water has gone, there's no way to get the temperature over 51 degrees: it always remains at 50 point something.

And that constantly switching to 'pause' is SERIOUSLY annoying. If I want to pause a game, I'll do it myself. I can't even move my mouse away from the Flash object without the game pausing.

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