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Sneaky's Vacation Walkthrough

Sneaky's Vacation

Sneaky's Vacation is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com! Sneaky's Vacation was brought to an abrupt halt when he was locked in his room. Now he must break free and escape so he can enjoy his vacation on the beach! Find items and solve puzzles to help Sneaky find the hammock of relaxation! Good luck and have fun!

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White key from code box. Hint on phone.

Can't go left in the first room while map says so!?

Marble bottom left in room D.

oh, I so need this after a week of good games.

yeah sneaky on have half an hour

yes!! Been waiting for a decent game :) thanks Selfdefiant

Ahh..Thank you SD for the new gorgeous and not scarey game.

So happy to see Sneaky again!

liking the new map, i can never read my own writing when i try and write with the mouse lol

the map is not making sense to me. However, is 1am for me so, perhaps my sense of direction is off.

knife in room s

now this is how to start a great Friday!

Use knife in room K for second marble.

marbel in S as well

wont have time to play all this :( nearly time for me to leave work and go home! But computer not working there. boo hoo

I'm with you, zoz.

Color code from the paper doesn't work on the box!?

all these coins and nowhere to put them :(

Had a tough day so thnx for making up for it with a new SD live game! going in...

Fixed map for first room. Hope you all enjoy the new puzzles!

marbel in M

Old man trying to play live, cough...

Alphabetical location of 5 marbles: B,E,K,M,S.

Gear (not "cog", lol) in trash in mirror, room A

ty Selfdefiant - we were waiting all week for you!

@Edgar, you are not old!

How do you get in room E, can't find the blue key?

color order on paper not working on box

Hug @zoz :D

map shows room P-Q connection, but I don't find it in game so far...

Wrong notes s-t, lol. Sorry.

Yay, thanks Selfdefiant, going in, even though I'll never be able to catch up :)

List of marble location - reloaded:


red gem from doing black sheet puzzle

@hartzb65, The map was fixed, sorry about that.

Lol..you guys are all F1 players. I'm still in a pedal-car with training wheels; so will play in the morning when I can concentrate and not have to get in the extreme left lane to avoid being humiliated. Have gun and food luck.
Thanks SD, for a wondergul start to the weekend.

Thanks Edgar, got all marbles now.
But can't find that color code.

SD in R

Black sheet puzzle.
Is that the black paper SwissMiss?
How is that a puzzle?

BLUE KEY in O, use sd from R.

Lol you're way ahead SwissMiss, how do you get in room R.

blue key in O

BLUE GEM in E - solve wheels with hint in R.

what are we supposed to do with those wheels

Color code is wrong, should be P instead of G (I brute forced it)

How did you guys get a silver key?

small-tool with silver key from drawer but forgot to write where!

@SM, Draw a blue + in the middle.

@s-t, silver key in marbles box.

Totally missed the marble box in Room C.

where is marble in M?

Hello everybody! I can't find a marble in M.

hint Edgar pls for wheels

2nd Gear in G - use sd and wrench from F.

I cant find the marble in M

hoorah SD

Marble in M was not hidden. Hmmm... somewhere in top left maybe?

pop got it - blue gem as well

Fab, the marble is in the left dorn corner.

SD is color code Wrong or am i using wrong hint

color wheel - make the red on top and all blue in middle and yellow bottom like paper

wrench in F

gear in G

Thanks for the Blue gem, but still no red gem for me?

pop! yay

found color code for 1st box in N

TY Selfdefiant. I just had to reload. Auto-save is such a NICE feature :)

box gives black key

s-t red gem in J

Hi @everyone! Late to the party again....joining...

BLACK KEY in color box (L). Use hint from N.

selg-degiant, my g's and f's are not workinf properly...LOL ..Apolofies gor any insult. Aiyahh.
This is jsut not my day !! Nifht all.

Ah thanks SwissMIss, I'm missing everything today.

3 Gears location:

another gear in H and a funny wordgame in I

and I have to leave - I am so sorry

good luck and enjoy it

YELLOW GEM in P - use gears.

See you SwissMiss!

very tricky these new puzzles - color wheels, colored beads, thanks @SD!

I am stuck on the color/letter wheel in I

This comment has been removed by the author.

wrench (spanner) in F

thanx @friwi
wats the order for colours in J?

Look at the sign in Room N (next to the pool) and do alphabetical order.

@Fab, color order is in N.

Same place as you @Graham.

lol @clio_rose! foodnifht!

Catching up... Thx SD, been waiting all week for one of your games!

Graham - each line forms a word... hint... top is o
Wheel gives you the gold key

There is a briefcase under the bed in I as well

I can spell FOLLOW, hmm....

I LOVE the typeable hint box! Now if I can only stop clicking the clear button to close out the map ;-) Maybe we don't need the clear button now that we can delete individual comments?
And SD, thanks for the game, I was going into Sneaky withdrawal!

OH @miles!! great you're here. Will try now :)

That brieface is for the gems.

pouch in AB to collect coins

HA! Right word, wrong direction. TY miles. Got GREEN GEM now.

Hi Edgar! Follow is right

Got green Gem from word puzzle.

Hmmm, my map won't let me write...did I miss something? Do I need to look for a pencil???LOL

YELLOW KEY under bed in I - placed 4 gems with hint from ...Q?

@Fab, colors for abacus-like thing in J come from the black paper in, I think it was S (kitchen)

@nokra, did you try clicking first on the text box?

Gold key from wheels!?
I got a green gem from the wheels?

lol! Wasn't expecting to talk to a man! I could use a little rest in that hammock

got green gem and gold key - thx miles

@selfdefiant, useless left navigational bar in T.

s-t - sorry, it was the green gem. The gold key comes from putting the gems in the box under the bed.... I think

@ s-t and Edgar for J?
there r only four colours.
how come?

sneaky coin in Z (in tree)

guy tells me I need 30 coins for hammock! haha

Paid the man 30 coins to rest in the hammock. shortest rest I've ever had!

abcdefg...slammed keyboard down. Changed batteries. Sorry and good night all.

already I miss the magic transport orb!
further hint for color/letter wheel: top vertical word is where you go surfing

Where is there something to put coins in? and goggles?

yes zoz but how do u apply that on abacus?

pop - got goggles in AC

The sign in N has only four colors too. Use them.

For the abacus, you need a black paper.
It was somewhere in the middle rooms.

How do I take the empty basket in AC?

AHHHHHHH!!!! Leather pouch in AB!

how to solve/use black paper with all the colored x's?

Out with only 35 coins left... I hope that's enough to buy my margarita while I rest in the hammock!
Thx Selfdefiant for another great game! It's always disappointing when it's over and I know I have to wait another week...

and where do i use knife? im stuck :(

Lauren - use the knife on the couch in one of the first rooms.. I can't remember the room letter, sorry!

okay , got the typing part...got so used to drawing things...lol

Noooooo! I'm out with only 1 coin!! :(

Can't find the goggles in room AC

Use knife in room K.

Hi, looks like I'm late:)

s-t to the right you need to drag something...

and OUT!

Well that was a nice game to play.
Thanks @selfdefiant!!!

@miles1 thanks, it was k! also, wats the 4 color code for box? im using hint from pool party paper and doesnt work

Yay, I love text on map!

Lol Edgar! Guess you won't be having a margarita!

S-t - they're on the ground, rightish

That was weird - I had to pay him twice.

@Lauren, re-arrange the colors. Alphabetically and/or bottom to top.

Lauren start from the bottom and go up

lol @miles, THAT was the worst investment in escape games history!

Behind a rock S-T

Lol - yes it was! Luckily, I only had to pay the guy once

huh? alphabetically would be blue, green, red, yellow but didnt work

Lauren - pink yellow red blue

Thanks guys,
But I'm already out, without using the goggles!?
Are there more endings in this one or are the goggles just to collect more coins?

Hi all, just joining you. Not even een WT yet? LOL

@Lauren, alphabetically would be Alcohol, Diving...

It's alphabetical with the words behind it.

thanks miles1

@s-t, goggles are to get the 2 coins in X. Each coin equals 20 gold coins.

DON'T pay for or get in the hammock until you're ready to be out! I beat you @Edgar, I'm out with two coins, lol!

HAHAHA @zoz! We could share a drink with our 3 coins!

Ah I see Edgar, that would have taken less time.

@Fab, did you get the abacus? place different color balls according to the pattern on the black paper from S

zoz - I paid for the hammock, then went back to get more coins... I thought I had to pay him again, but he was gone when I came back. I suppose i could share my coins with you and edgar, depending on how much the cocktails are

Oh and about that, I'm out with 0 coins, stopped when I could buy the hammock.

My bad. Each coin in X is 10 gold coins worth. So, it's 20 gold coins after getting both of them. Sorry again.

where do u use black key? not finding any room for it

We have a treat miles! :)

Thank you for the nice game, Selfdefiant! Have a nice evening to all.

I still love your games, but I really missed the fact that I couldn't write/draw on the map.
Notes I make on a paper here on my desk (so no need for me to type), but I always marked wich door needed what color key on the map. And I really missed that this time.

Well - time to get out of the hammock, and get something done. Great playing with you guys - as always!!

@Lauren, my in-game notes are gone. But wasn't the black key for Room I?

Unfortunately I did not save my notes, before lying in the hammock, but I think black was somewhere to the right.

In room J when you go left.

Sorry, to the left.

oh, i dont know because i cant even get into room J without a silver key

so i guess i need the silver key first, anyone know where that is

Btw Edgar,
Congrats, the old man still rules. But the younger generation is knocking on the door. And of these days.....

nicely done selfdefiant

Well, I was out with 40 after paying the guy, so I guess the next round is on me...

Silver key is in marbles box in C.

GAH...what is order of colors for box in L. Can't make sense of clues. Found two possible clues in game. Also read commens and it's kind of unclear here as well. Please help!

Put the 5 marbles in the box in Room C.

oh, i still need one marble

Hey Holly !!!!!!,
In room N you see the sign next to the pool with the colors.
The order is alphabetical by using the words behind the colors.

i need 1 black marble

Lol, you got me there Edgar.
With your posts with Kiddo and Boy, I thought it was still a secret and I played along with that, but indeed, you're very right, exactly right indeed.


nevermind, found in m

Well, hmmm... at least I know what you/me are talking about...

And your 'younger generation' post is disappeared!?

Apparently it is s-t. Well, secret is kept a secret then...

Great game, Selfdefiant; love the new puzzles and different format.

How do you do the word wheel in room i?

Thanks SelfDefiant for another nice game. Until next time.

Thanks, Small Tool!!!

cant figure out the color wheel, tried putting "follow" on right but didnt do anything

Don't go!!! Need help. Stuck in room i.

I don't remember all the words anymore, but the top one was ocean and the left one was island.

Lauren...you just helped me figure it out!! Oceans follow (top to bottom) and Island Denote (left to right). Yeah!

I'm still playing and just found the gold key. Progress!

anybody help with the other wheel puzzle in E?

Lauren: Make the 4 in the middle light blue.
Make a big up-side-down V in red from wheel 1, 2 and 3.
Directly under the 4 light blue make a yellow V.

On the hint paper was a blue + in the centre.
So make all the centre colors blue on that wheel.

This comment has been removed by the author.


where is the gold key?

sry for all the questions but what do i use to be able to pick up coins?

I can finally collect these nice shiny coins. :)

In room B I can take something from the right of the TV. It isn't in my inv, but when I come back I can take it again.

You get the gold key when you place the 4 gems in the box under the bed in room I.

This comment has been removed by the author.

In room B you can take the video/book thingy off the shelf, but it doesn't go into your inventory. If you leave the room and come back, it's back on the shelf again? Am I missing something?

Lol Catqueen,
THat's where you got one of the marbles from, by taking away the video-tape, but you still can keep on taking away that tape afterwards..

Thanks small-tool. I have the red, blue and green gem. Missing one somewhere.

found the pouch for coins

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