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Sunny Island Escape

Sunny Island Escape is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. You woke up on Sunny Island, a lush tropical island in the middle of the ocean. You have no idea how you got here. Search for items, solve puzzles that will aid in your escape. Good luck and have fun playing!

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Im first.

Cool a new Selfdefiant ! Thank you !!

Found map, googles, shovel (used to get googles) and SD in C.

Black marble in E and hint on picture in D

Sneaky coin in F

Another marble in O

Hi! @zazie and @shaheen ...going in!

marble in F under sofa

Hi nokra :)

Use SD on vent in D for another marble.

LOL...guess I have pockets this time and don't need to look for something to put my coins in!!!

Hi everyone, trying to catch up :)

Marbel in E and F , lighter in D

Yea!!! I can draw on my map!!! TY @selfdefiant!

       Anonymous  6/15/11, 7:37 AM  

I did the picture puzzle but don't seem to have achieved anything!

Missing one marble...

marbel in S - got 4 now

Last marble in S

Marble box has black key.

found SD in C

which gives 5th marble in D

gonna try and catch up!

Joining in the search..

shovel in B

blue Gem from H - solving the latin

Morning all...or evening?

Word puzzle in I gave me blue diamond.

blue key in J

Blue key in drawer in J

numbers in I

green gem in M - solving color code from s

hey! just catching up, but where did you get a marble in room "S"? does it has to do something with the frutis?

Where is the SD please...

POP! got it behind plates

Color box in M opens by using the code from the fruits. Green gem.

gold key solving puzzle clue in D

Emma - SD in C - look closely below painting

Gold key in R

thanks swissmiss... it was very hidden :)

light candle in H for white key

white key in H after lightening the candle

green gem and color clue in pic in M

where is the marble in S? I can't find it anywhere

red gem in Q

yellow diamond from solving tube puzzle / hint on paper

Lit candle in H gives white key.

Puzzle in H is it connected to the 1=10 colour card???

marble in S is behind plates in the upper shelf

       Anonymous  6/15/11, 8:00 AM  

Lets get this clear. I do NOT want to escape. No way.
Not now, Not ever.
I like it here.

wonderful game again
thank you Selfdefiant

and out - only 46 coins :(

Out with 42 coins!

morgan - the paper is the clue for the tube puzzle

Where is #code clue for the drawer in J please?

out too, great game, I really liked that place

Marbles in D,E,F,O and S

Nokra - in room I - look at the painting !

Where is tube puzzle ?

That was a beautiful game Thanks Selfdefiant, the sounds were really nice and the picture quality is amazing, I loved the colour tanks.

Marble in S behind white plates!

Clue on picture frame in I...silly me!

@Zazie: in Room "H" on the left

zazie I am not sure anymore - could be in H

have you got the gold key

Out! Another good one - thx SD!

I have to leave and have not got time for a WT
would anyone do the honors??

I don´t get the hint for the tube puzzle...

Where do I put the black marbles

Oh POP got it.

       Anonymous  6/15/11, 8:16 AM  

I like this island, there is coffee. I say we all stay. Plenty of fruit for making smoothies,until we get the still made then we can have margaritas while resting by the pool.It has lots of bed rooms,all the luxuries needed, we could have a nice life here. I claim this island and name it DefiantLand!

Count colours each=1/10th

tube puzzle: count every red square( example 9 red square, 90 in the tube ecc.)count every blu square and so on

And out !
Wonderful game again !

@Denise: in room "N" under the big mirror

where the hell is the SD?

Pop got it.

@Shaheen: in room "C", finish the picture puzzle & after that click the left side of the bar under the picture

Great game, SD. Absolutely gorgeous!

where should i use the pic hint from D?

Where is the clue for the tube/chemistry puzzle?

Great games selfdefiant, my brain is fuddled, I will be back later

NVM - the tube/chem clue is in a drawer in M

I'm having trouble posting!!

In room I, when you click on the painting it says "3864 are written on the painting", but it actually has 3862 on it. If you don't click on it, and see that it's supposed to be a 4 you will not be able to do the puzzle in J.

Color code for gems?

Sorry, I played this game without taking any notes. A cold in my head makes it harder to remember what i did, nd makes writing really slow.
@saffron, there should be a sheet somwhere with lots of colored squares,, saying 1=10on top corner. That's the clue for the chemistry puzzle.

@Shahen, not totwally sure but pic hinbt from D could be used on left pic in room R (orQ)?


@todd, the code to place the gems are color stripes on a bed somewhere. I'm sorry, really need to start the game again to see.

Yes, I took my time and enjoyed it completely!!!

Where is yellow gem??

YAY!! Jumping in! Just saw the Facebook notification!!! Hi All!

Where is the marble box?

This comment has been removed by the author.

well i definitely had to "cheat" to find the tube puzzle, but I got out with 50 coins! Huzzah.
@Ellie, get some rest! zoz's orders.

       Anonymous  6/15/11, 9:28 AM  

Have key, could escape but why?

@SD, I would love to know where the locations for the games are. Even the Asylum ones. Is this Hawaii? Or the South Pacific? What ever it is paradise.

out with 49..cant find the last coin for the life of me.

but SD i don't wanna leave sunny island! waaah! :)

@zoz, I saw your order a little bit too late... I started writing, but still have lots to do. Are you almost finished with one?

50 coins

Thx @slartismum for the coin, so less work to do for me...

Ellie / Zoz,
I will make a WT (notes are ready), if it's ok, but first I have to bring my little daughter in bed...

*coin count

In this game you can collect coins from start, but you won’t need them to escape.

First pic is your escape jetski, but it needs a key.
Note a spot in the sand close to the grass “might be something buried here”.
3 coins.

Go down
3 coins, but nothing else.

Go down and finally find that MAP on the trail.
Now, you can use your inventory map and see you already visited P, K and are in A.
3 coins in A

ROOM B (go right)
A key in the pool.
2 coins
You can pick up a SHOVEL among the far left bushes.

ROOM P (start view) and use the shovel in the strange spot of sand (lower right corner of the sand) to dig up GOGGLES

Use the goggles in the pool to get a SILVER KEY
Go right and use the silver key to enter:

Click the tiles of the pic to make it look good.
Nothing happens – BUT, you can click the left end of the long “stick” under the pic to get a SCREVDRIVER.
Click here for a picture of how to get the screwdriver.
2 coins.
Turn right.

3 coins.
Take a LIGHTER among the fruit on the table.
Zoom on the left wall painting to note arrows in the corners as a clue for later.
The grey long vent above the left part of the window is screwed shut.
Use the screwdriver here to get a MARBLE #1.
Go right.

Move the four white flowers on the table to find MARBLE #2.
Turn right.
2 coins

Find MARBLE #3 under the right couch, by front leg.
Sneaky Coin is among the flowers in the vase on the table.
3 coins.
Turn right.

2 coins
Black key needed to go left, and blue key needed to go down.
Go up.

MARBLE #4 on the table right of the vase with white flowers.
3 coins
Go down, left three times and up to:

3 coins
A box for placing marbles on the left side of the desk under the big mirror on left wall.
You still miss one marble though.
Go up.

3 coins.
Click the white plates in the cupboard on the wall, left of the kitchen fan.
Remove the plates and find MARBLE #5 behind them.
Note the colors of the four fruit on the front table: yellow, red, green, yellow.
Go down.

Place the 5 marbles in the marble box to get a BLACK KEY
Go down and right four times.

2 coins.
Use the black key to enter.
Left part of the big table frame have some numbers.
Click the numbers and read the subtitles above the inventory to see they are: 3864.
Click the grey box on the white chair and move the tiles around to solve four latin words.
You’ll get a BLUE GEMSTONE
Click here for a solution of the slider puzzle.
Walk right.

3 coins.
The drawer between the beds needs a 4-digit code.
You’ve seen it before, but just in case: from painting room I
Get the BLUE KEY.
Go left 5 times, up and right to:

Use the blue key to enter.
3 coins.
Note the color stripes on the picture to the right.
Open top drawer in the desk right of the bed to find a COLOR CHART.
Click below the white “bench” on foot end of the bed to find a box.
This needs 4 colors to open. Where have you seen four colors before....?
In room S (fruits).
Get a GREEN GEM from the box.
Go up.

3 coins.
The painting above the left black table lamp has small arrows in the corners. Remember the other painting in room?
Click the small (not zoomable) arrows in the left painting in room R to make them look the same as in room D and you’ll be rewarded with a GOLD KEY.
spoiler (corners of painting numbered 1,2,3,4 from left to right, up to down)
1pointing down, 2pointing left
3pointing right, 4pointing down
Walk down, right, down, right three times, then down.

Use the gold key to enter.
2 coins.
On the right table under the lamp is a candle that isn’t lit.
Use the lighter on the candle to get a WHITE KEY.
In room H, click the tall cupboard hiding at the far left edge to zoom and see a chemical puzzle.
-You need to use the horizontal grey switch to choose which test tube should be filled.
-The red wheel lowers the amount and the green wheel raises the amount.
Fill each four tubes with the correct amounts and you’ll get a YELLOW GEMSTONE.

Your clue is the color chart from a drawer in room M.
The test tubes will be filled with: red, blue, green and yellow liquid.
Count the amount of sqares of those colors in the chart:
red: 6, blue: 8, green: 7, yellow: 9
In upper left corner of the color chart it tells each square equals 10.
So, your actual amounts to have in the test tubes are:
red: 60, blue: 80, green 70, yellow 90

You still have the white key unused.
Go to
and use the white key to enter.
2 coins.
Here is also a place for 4 gemstones... you’re missing one.
Go up.

3 coins.
Take the RED GEMSTONE among the flowers in top middle part of the screen.
Go down to L
Zoom on the gemstone safe and place the four gems in the correct order.
The clue is in room M, on the frame above the right black lamp.
Click the handle and get a KEY.

Go to the first view – ROOM P – and use the key on the jetski to escape.

I'm so sorry @Premiere, I went on writing and didn't see your latest post. Once again, we'll make "different wt's for different tasts!" I look forward to see yours as soon as your daughter is asleep!!

@slartismum thanks for the coin coint!! I think you placed room I on both 2 and 3 coins, but im guessing ROOM I have 2 coins and ROOM F have 3 coins.

@zoz, sorry for not following orders, but I will now for sure!

Thank you Selfdefiant for a wonderful game!

       Anonymous  6/15/11, 11:32 AM  

Thank you Self Defiant for another beautiful escape. Thank you Ellie for the walk through.

Have a blessed day!

the number actually say 3862, not 3864 as the text said.but the latter number works?

as often bringing my daughter to bed took more time as expected, before she was asleep (it's full moon tonight at my place!), and I always have to fight with the sleep then, so I'm really tired now and I have to get up tomorrow very early (05:15!)...

And first I have to finish the game, so I even didn't started yet bringing my chaotic notes into order...

So for this time I leave it well enough alone, as your WT is solid as a rock for those who need it - thx very much. But surely for another game.

3864 is the correct code (the one in the text).
The code on the pic (3862) doesn't work, for it's a little boob then...
Nobody is perfect!

Thank you so much for another joy- & playful time with your new game.
The coloured fluid puzzle I liked very much, but this time for me there was no music... but never mind, I sang myself, 'cause a long time ago I was on Hawaii Islands for a 2 months holiday & it was just divine! This game reminded me on my wunderful experiences there...

thanks @Selfdefiant. another great game!

Fab game again, many thanks. BTW, where on earth do you find the locations? They are all wonderful!

Third time is a charm:
thx also very much listening to us players & taking our ideas to make it real in the next game - this time f.e. we can now both write AND draw on the map WITH saving the writing - wonderful!

       Anonymous  6/15/11, 12:29 PM  

I bow for you SelfDefiant. )))))
For making truly wonderfull and mindmelting games.
For listening to players.
For all those nice and shiny coins ;)
You are the MASTER!

To all players: Thank you for the hints and tips.
Ellie: gr8 WT!

Out with no help, thanks. Ditto on the 3862/4 bug

       Anonymous  6/15/11, 4:17 PM  

I must have been a very good girl to wake up to all these wonderful games! Thank you SD, MY favourite. Too late for live, but great for a rainy day in Perth :o)

@ Selfdefiant:
Thank you for another beautiful setting for a very good game =)
I have noticed the theme is still holiday-ish. Hm.
I do hope you get to go on one yourself soon ;P

You've probably met your match on the defiance stakes now - so many of us have dug our heels in and refused to leave this lovely sunny island! I closed the window instead of finishing, just so I wouldn't have to escape, so there!
A lot of us would be found escaping the rest of the world to GET INTO that place =D

@ Ellie:
Now do as zoz says, you know she's right!
You wouldn't want to miss any games like this because you were too ill. ;)

missed this live :( But would just like to say 'I WOULD LOVE TO BE AT THIS PLACE RIGHT NOW' it is miserable weather here, and I can just picture myself on that beach. No need to escape lol

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I can't seem to get back to the starting view from the path where you find the map. There are no arrows and I can only move between rooms A & B. Is there a secret or is this a bug on my game?

Ah ha, restarted it in another browser and it worked. Yeah!

Ah ha, restarted it in another browser and it worked. Yeah!

Missed it live, again, but still have to say
@selfdefiant - thanks again for a GREAT game!!!

Great game as usual. Thanks @SelfDefiant!

I tried NOT TO escape this island but I failed... I'm joking :) Thank you, SD, for this relaxing brain massage!

Thank you thank you Self-Defiant!!!!! :) I LOVE the logic of your games; however, I am still trying to determine the logic of why I should escape these idyllic locaions. I REALLY need a fantastic vacation and I won't go....so there ;)

Wonderful scenery! Oh...and you should see my marble collection ;)

SD...you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're a good boy, SD, with 2 great new games in 1 day.

Yay, yay, yay! First time I solved it all by myself with 50 coins and the bonus Sneaky coin! Thanks for a great game!!

Great! A new one, thx SD. And a writable map, going in ... little bit late, but doesn't matter.

Wowww, my first game ever (from Selfdefiant) that I finished completely on my own without any help! Can't wait for the next one. I love these games!
Great that you can type notes on the map and that you can draw with colours on the map again. I always put a red cross through the room I'm done with and I mark the rooms that need a colourkey with that particular colour.

in I the picture says 3862 but when you click it says 3864. i think that needs to be fixed!

How Many Coins Are In What Rooms:
P- 3
K- 3
A- 3
B- 2
C- 2
D- 3
E- 2
F- 3 +bonus super sneaky coin
G- 2
H- 2
I- 2
J- 3
O- 3
N- 3
S- 3
R- 3
M- 3
Q- 2
L- 2

Add up all the number of coins from up there and you get 50 coins which is the number for perfect amount of coins. (not counting the extra super secret

To make it eayser in the game copy and past it into notes on map and make each one look like this
L- _/2
than when you get the coins make it 2/2 .
(for F make it look like this)
F- _/3 +bonus super sneaky coin
than when all are collected
F- 4/3 +bonus super sneaky coin

Hope it helped!!!!!!!!

Nice game, 47 coins.

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