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Garfield Crazy Rescue Walkthrough

Garfield Crazy Rescue

Garfield Crazy Rescue is another new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. Help Garfield rescue his girlfriend Arlene from the evil rats! Good luck and have fun!

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Garfield Crazy Rescue Walkthrough
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Anybody else here?

defeat the fungus with baking soda

combine all ingredients on the tray and put it in the oven. When its done take it out but do not forget the oven mitts

make lasanga with stuff in fridge
then what?

Eat the food then use the stick on the hole in the floor. The grab the tail thats sticking out of the garbage can

talk to teh mailman and get his earmuffs

then eat the lasanga then what? I cant get past that

what hole

use stick on the hole in the floor in the room where Jon is

mine froze need to start over now

its near the rug

Buggy AGAIN... Sheesh

Then get namal from the trashcan and go next door right from garfield's house p-lace namal infront of the door and ring the door bell

yw Tim

My Garfield keeps freezing up :(

OK i will come back to this game later and hopefully it will work for me then. Is anybody else haveing a problem with Garfield freezing up?

then tickle the lady's nose and take the pie

How do you get the ladder from the gang of cats?

had how to you get past binki?

give the pie to the cats and take the ladder and the shovel in the corner of the fence

go to the lady's house and go down and move the sewer cap then put the ladder there.

odie has something to do with the green weight spot for the gate and binki but i can't figure out what

go to the pink/purple house and click on the hole in the fence on the right
then put the earmuffs on the dog
then go left and use the shovel on the hole in the center to the grass
if you get the bone and go back to the dog, you will be dead...

grab stake from front of garfields house


Take the stake in front of garfield's house and put it by the dog's leash then click it twice

how to stop the ratflash

jump back on pole to beat ratflash cant beat jasonrat have to keep doing them both over and over

combine hulk fist and magnet to beat jason rat

and out finally

give bone to "odie reloaded"

use odie on bucket above clown.

and out.

how the hell do you beat Joker Rat?

It was easy and kinda short... Inkagames not trying anymore

       Anonymous  7/21/11, 2:39 AM  

Hmm strange. In the sewer you can put Garfield on the green spot, then the gate opens. When you click the red arrow Garfield passes trough the gate even when it's closed.

How do I use the glove with magnet?

You don't combine the glove with the magnet, but you combine the green hand with the magnet.

       Anonymous  7/21/11, 2:55 AM  

Hi ST!!!! Nice to see you :)
LOL I called it glove but it was the green hand from hulk.

       Anonymous  7/21/11, 2:59 AM  

Now I'm trying to beat the evil rat with the mallet, I'm so bad at these games.

Ah I see,
When you beat the first rat (by jumping back on the hanging pole again), the next rat with iron mask comes. Use the magnet/fist on his mask.

Hi everyone, has anyone used the rubber chicken yet?

Ah I see again,
You already did it.
To beat that last rat, just hit (use space) him with the hammer when you're close, but don't touch him or you lose points. Just keep running right and left (don't let him jump on you) and everytime he just jumped go close and hit and run.

       Anonymous  7/21/11, 3:02 AM  

Hi Jo.C!
No I don't think I ever used it.
The stick and tray stays in inventory too but you only use them once.

No Jo.C
You don't use Pooky and you don't use the chicken.
And you also don't give the earmuffs (like promised) back to the mailman.

       Anonymous  7/21/11, 3:04 AM  

ST I will try that. I get killed over and over again. I think I ate too much lasagne so I'm a bit slow ;)

lol @ small-tool thats true, I feel bad now saying I would give the earmuffs back!

Finally beat that nasty rat! :)

       Anonymous  7/21/11, 3:25 AM  

Didn't beat the rat yet, but I have to leave. Will be back later to finish.
Bye Jo.C and ST! (and thanks)

I didn't find the pie or the shovel.

where is the stake?
where is the garfields house?

As someone who watched the original Garfield cartoon, I can tell you that this "Joker Rat" is really Binky the Clown.

       Anonymous  7/21/11, 6:09 AM  

Buggy! Game froze, I will give it one more try then I am over it. Hate starting over. Wish there had been a save button.

       Anonymous  7/21/11, 6:26 AM  

WARNING.. Make sure you put earmuffs on dog before trying to use the stake or you wont be able to use the muffs after he has beat you up. This game is way to buggy to try to play again, What a waste of time...I rate it bad!:(

How to beat in the first rat?

take odie , rubber chicken ,pooky
go left to the kitchen
take the troy and the gloves
go left to the toilet
take the resident stick .. open the closet take the baking soda
go back to the kitchen
open the refrigerator and quickly put the baking soda in the mouse of the giant creature
take from refrigerator cheese ,tomato and steak
mix the steak , cheese and tomato in the tray and put them in the oven then when done use gloves to take them out
eat the lasagna
go right
use the stick on the hole near the carpet
take the stack near the box mail and also take nermal (a cat) from garbage
go forward to the 134 house
put nermal in front of the door and ring the doorbell
go up the first chair and take one leave
step down
go up the bench and put the leave in the lady's mouse
then step down and take the pie
go up the chair under the window then open the window and go out

part 2 :
go back
talk to the mailman and choose option 3
go forward to the pink house scene
click in the white hole and step in
use the earmuffs in the dog and the stake in the rope behind the dog and then click the rope
then go back
go forward to the 3 cats scene
put the pie in front of them
when they sleep take the ladder and the shovel in the left corner
go back then step in to the dog scene
go left use shovel in the hole ,take the bone
go back 3 times
give the bone to the odie

part 3 :
go forward and enter the circus
use odie in the bucket
go forward take the green hand ( hulk hand ) and the chipote , also take the magnet behind the door
go back ... go out ... go back
go forward twice to the sewer
place the ladder and enter
go forward and place odie in the green spot

part 4 :
combine magnet with hulk hand
to fight flash rat
jump to the pole when the rat run jump to it again
to fight jason rat use hulk hand with magnet
go forward apply the tips

and done :)

would have been great game if it wasn't practically impossible to beat the last rat.

glitch, i'm on joker rat without a chipicote and can't move at all

out with a bit of help. thanks, @haboush I didn't see the bucket.

part 3 :
go forward and enter the circus
use odie in the bucket
go forward take the green hand ( hulk hand ) and the chipote , also take the magnet behind the door
go back ... go out ... go back
go forward twice to the sewer
place the ladder and enter
go forward and place odie in the green spot

This makes no sense - when you go in the sewer there is no green spot to put Odie. You go forward and meet the first rat - Indiana. I have tried the Hulk glove and the chipotle and neither beat him.
Please revise walkthrough

Have to do this from memory, but I think there was a green spot on the floor you had to put Odie on so the gate opens.

Anyway for the first rat, you have to jump on the platform where the rat is and then jump up to hang on the pipe and then jump down again, when the rat ran in the water.
Hope I remembered correctly.

Game has updated in August!!!


Resident stick
- talk to mouse in bathroom, give pooky to him
- and do something

RATs to be defeated (total 5)

Ⅰ Indiana - use surprise present from circus
Ⅱ Flash - jump back to pole
Ⅲ Mask - hulk hand with magnet
Ⅳ Rambo - U-tube from previous scene
Ⅴ Joker - follow instructions


Bathroom Scene:

Speak to mouse and discover that he is depressed, give him Pooky and he will help.

Take the Brick, move right. Take boot & plank. Place brick to left of tube, place plank on brick, place shoe on plank and jump.

Take stick sticking out of the tube.

lol the new version is quite cool, took me some time to get through...

The bucket is ABOVE Binki

how do you get the stick for the hole in the floor?

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where is the hole in the dog scene


Scene 1 (Living Room)

1. Odie
2. Rubber Chicken
3. Teddy Bear

Move Left to Kithen, get:

1. Tray
2. Mittens

Move Left to Bathroom,
Open the Cupboard, get:

1. Baking Soda

Go to the Hole in the extreme left corner near the shower curtain, talk to the mouse, give him:

1. Teddy Bear (click near the cubes)

As the Mouse:

1. Pick the Red Brick
2. Move to the next Room
3. Pick the 2X4 Wood Block
4. Pick the Shoe
5. Put the Red Brick Left of the Pipe, Put the 2X4 Wood Block on it, Put the Shoe on it and then Jump
6. Pick up the Stick and Give to Tommy


After getting the stick and the soda move Right to the Kitchen:

1. Open the Fridge
2. Use the Baking Soda on the Fungus
3. Pick the Meat, Tomato and the Cheese
4. Put the above ingredients on the Tray
5. Open the Oven and Cook it for 5 seconds
6. Open the Oven and Use the Mittens to Grab the Tray
7. Eat the Lasagna
8. Move Right to the Living Room
9. Use the Stick on the Hole near the Carpet

Scene 2 (Outside the House)

Go the Trash Can Grab:
1. Grab the Cat (Arwen)
2. Grab the Stake from near the Garage Door
3. Ask the Mailman for his for his Earphones

Go to the top Left Arrow.

Scene 3 (House No. 134):

1. Put Arwen before the door
2. Push the Door Bell

As Arwen: (Inside House No. 134)

1. Get on the Right Chair grab a Leaf, get down
2. Get on the Bench (right of the Lady)
3. Use the Leaf on the Lady's Nose, get down
4. Get the Pie from the left of the Lady
5. Get on the Left Chair and get out of the Window

As Tommy

Go Back to the Left to Scene 2 (Outside the House)

Go to Upper Right Arrow (Scene 4)

Go Right Again (Scene 5)

1. Keep the Pie before the three dogs
2. Grab the Ladder from the Left of the Tree
3. Grab the Shovel from the Down Right of the Courtyard
4. Go the Back to the Left

Scene 4:

1. Push the 7th Wooden Plank Right of the Door
2. Get in
3. Put the Earmuffs on the Dog
4. Put the Stake at the end of the Dog's Leash
5. Bind the Leash with the stake
6. Go Left Behind the House
7. Dig near the Grass Near the House
8. Get the Bone and Go Back to the Right
9. Get out
10. Give the bone to the Weak Odie to Rejuvenate him.

Go Back Left to Scene 2 (Outside the House)

Go to the Down Right Arrow

Enter the Circus

Scene 6 (Circus)

1. Throw Rejuvenated Odie to the Rod above Bimbo the Clown's Head with a Bucket of Water
2. Move to the Right
3. Pick the Magnet from the side of the Door
4. Pick the Green Hand and the Red Chipote
5. Pick the Suspicious Gift Box
6. Get of the Circus
7. Go Back Left to the Scene 2 (Outside of the House)

Scene 2 (Outside of the House)

1. Go the Upper Left Arrow to the Scene 3 (House No. 134
2. Go Forward to Sewer
3. Remove the Sewer Cover
4. Put the Ladder in and Get Down

Scene 7 (Inside the Sewer)

1. Move to the Right
2. Present the Suspicious Gift to the Indiana Jones Rat
3. Move to the Right
4. Put the Magnet inside the Green Hulk Hand
5. Get Down with the Help of the Hanging Rod
6. Defeat the Flash Rat by Hanging on the (previous) Hanging Rod again
7. Defeat the Jason Rat by using the Green Hulk Hand on his face
8. Pick up the Blue 'U' Shaped Pipe from the Sewer
9. Go Right
10. Hold up the 'U' Shaped Pipe to the Rambo Rat
11. Go Right
12. Put Odie on the Green Square to Open the Gates

PS: 1. Try avoiding running into Rat Face
2. Avoid Running into Corners

caught this one from the random section

but couldn't play as link is broken & the game is no longer available on inkagame.com...

darn keyboard, always swallows last letter of a word *inkagames.com

       No Spam!  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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