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🖳 Tomatea Golden Heart Walkthrough

🖳 Tomatea Golden Heart

[REPLAY] Golden Heart Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Tomatea. In this room escape game, you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Golden Heart Walkthrough

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Spoiler:   Use This:


It's raining...it's pouring!!!!!

going to give this game a try

Oh, I love these games!!!

The TANGO!!!!! Whooo Hooo!!!! LOLOL

Oh, we're making a pretty necklace!!

got key and heart clue from 1st cabinet...use numbers and color of flowers on tables

another clue behind picture on shelf?

Opened top right cupboard with flower colours.

I'm so stuck, have a necklace with hearts on it, matches and a picture

got 2nd metal piece and pot after using picture clue of man in other room

Opened toilet door with picture clue.

filled pot with water, lit stove and put pot there

hi small-tool

gotta get key under coffee maker

Is anybody here? Stuck in the kitchen with the pot on the stove.

Opened 3 hearts door with clue from closet in second room.

And hi all.

I put a red disc on the clock on shelf...got numbers!

place 3 hearts over other 3 hearts for clue to open 2nd cabinet

opened down right with the clock and coffee machine help;)

put the round thing on clock, green dot on 10 (like coffee machine hint)

Clue behind picture gives position for chef puppet-thingy.

Uh-oh I'm late!

"Golden Heart" is written backwards on the window...don't know if it means anything

hello everyone! nice to catch up a live one with all the legends:-D

use SD on coffee machine to get key

Opened 4 digit cupboard (clue from clock and coffeemaker).

got SD from 3rd cabinet...use numbers smallest to largest

put the white-pink paper above the boiling water

Boiled the water and put te red/white paper in it.

so those are piano keys!

got key for bird cage and took golden heart

thought I was doing well until got stuck at the piano

This comment has been removed by the author.

got piano clue and 3rd key

Opened word code cupboard with boiled paper clue.

The piano has me beat!

gotta use piano clue somewhere

I'm missing a piano key?

hmm, missing 3rd piano key

click notes on clue - they change

oops, forgot to take it out the cupboard...

and out!!!!
Thanks to Truus commend for the paper!

Ah, found my third piano key under the couch.

I don't get the clock code...please help!

I don't know how to read it!

a pino key is under the couch of the 3rd (I thing) table

don't know how to play the piano...

Took me a while to figure out the green dot moved...lol then order is small to large ...

So which piano key code do we use?

Miss Pepy, make sure the green dot is on 10, then the number code is from the smallest dot to the largest

This comment has been removed by the author.

My piano doesn't open after playing.
The notes are

the piano notes change to two different scales depending on which key you press. I've no idea what to do

Nvm. missed a D

My notes for one key: CCDFEDGG

The other one is: CDEFGAB

Truus...that's what I tried, but the code I get doesn't work :(

(with green dot on 10, the other numbers are 2, 5, 7, 8 but they don't work)

and OUT! Good game!

The first only goes up, that's to show what the keys are. You need the second. See my previous post.

Oh gosh...I didn't notice that the 5 circle was smaller than the 2...

The first one is correct CCDFEDGG, or if you don't know the notes: 11243255

My necklace is in my pocket!!!

Yep out too, missed one little heart though.

Put the numbers from the smalest to larger according the circles

Thanks for the music hint VG but you left out a G. Play keys in this order...


still don't understand the piano clue, but it worked so thanks. great game

still don't get the piano...

It's just musical notes on a score.

ah, zoomed out and back in again and now it worked!

Truus: just number the white keys 1234567, and play 11243255

TY for help on the piano!!!! great game!

thanks @zoe, I just got it though.
btw why did we have to collect the little hearts?

Great game!! see ya later

If you zoom the hearts, you see a necklace - that's where the little hearts go that you pick all over the room...if you fill it up, you take it with you, I think

ok! I delete it for not confusing other players!

Great game. I love it when good simple logic is used, unlike wondering around aimlessly and clicking things that make no sense.

Jesus, I don't know why the notes code isn't working for me :( I tried reading the notes and nothing happens, I tried using your number code and nothing happens, then I tried your letter code and nothing

:( :( :(

lol, I never zoomed the hearts.
didn't want that necklace anyway.. :)

Inside the gold heart is the music. Click it to see the melody you play. The notes are:


with C being the leftmost note.

Miss Pepy, you mean for the piano?
If so, it worked for me after I zoomed out and back in again (on the piano that is), maybe that will work for you too?

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 1:54 PM  

On the piano, if you make a mistake you have to back out and go back in.

MisPepy, does the piano make a sound when you hit the keys?

Thank you guys, the piano didn't accept any mistake...

lol @MissPepy, these gamemakers just expect us to be perfect all-rounders :)

People, you are perfect! lol!
thanks for playing, if you have any suggestions, please, don't hesitate to contact us!
Have a great day, all! :)

without the little hearts you can collect

- Zoom in on the left table and see 3 and the flower is Yellow.
- Zoom in on the right table and see 4 and the flower is Red. Take PIANO KEY #1 from under the left part of the couch.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the left table and see 2 and the flower is Blue.
- Zoom in on the right table and see 1 and the flower is Purple. Take the MATCHES.
- Zoom in on the shelf on the left (in the back) and click the third (from the left) picture and take the PUPPET PAPER.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the cupboard doors on the top right and zoom further in on the top right door. With using the (flower) colours and numbers you can open it (Pu-B-Y-R). Take the SILVER KEY and the 3 HEARTS PAPER.
- Zoom in on the open doors left in the back and use the key to open them.
- GO IN.

- Zoom in on the coffee maker and see the CLOCK HINT part 1 (green is on 10).
- Zoom in on the brown closet door on the right and make the arms, legs and head of the puppet like the puppet on the paper, to open it. Take PIANO KEY #2 from the top left plates and take the PAN from the bottom left. Put your 3-hearts paper on the 3 coloured hearts to see the HEARTS HINT (Purple-Orange-Green).

- Zoom in on the cupboard doors and zoom further in on the bottom left one and use the 3 colors (Pu-O-G), to open it. Take the RED DISC.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in the right shelf in the back and zoom further in on the clock. Put the red disc on the clock and remember clock hint part 1, so put the green part on 10 and look at the other numbers (from small to big) to see the 4-DIGIT-HINT (5278).
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the cupboard doors and zoom further in on the bottom right one and use that number (5278) to open it. Take the SCREWDRIVER and the RED/WHITE PAPER.
- GO IN THE...

- Zoom in on the coffee maker and use the screwdriver to open the grate part and take the BRONZE KEY.
- Zoom in on the sink and fill the pot with water.
- Zoom in on the stove, turn the knob, lit it with the matches, put the pot with water on and put the red/white paper in. And now you have the LETTER HINT.

- Zoom in on the cupboard doors and zoom further in on the top left one. Look at the red/white paper, click the bottom part and see (PIXY). Put that in to open the door and take the GOLDEN KEY and PIANO KEY #3.
- Zoom in (2x) on the bird cage and open it with the golden key and take the GOLDEN HEART. Look at the golden heart and open it and take the PIANO HINT. Zoom out (1x) and zoom in on the box to the right of the bird case. Open it with the bronze key and put the 3 piano keys in to have a working piano. Look at the piano hint. It shows notes going from low to high. That's the hint to show you what note is what piano key. Click the piano hint to see the melody you have to play. It's CCDFEDGG. The piano key on the left is C. But if you don't know about music just click the piano keys in this order 11243255. Btw. if you click wrong, you have to zoom out to reset the piano. If done correctly the panel opens and you can take the EXIT KEY.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the door, use the key on the keyhole and you're out.

thanks for the WT, small-tool :)

small-tool, do you play the game with your right hand
and write the walkthrough with the left hand
and have a third eye to check for mistakes?
just wondering lol

You're welcome TomaTea and thanks back for another great game.
And you know from previous games; no suggestions at all. Your games are always great (graphics, logic and no pixelhunts).
Maybe one little thing; It's good to see on a code panel that you can't open it till you have seen the hint. But in that way you give a little hint away too, because when you can use the panel you know you have found the hint.

Tomatea team, your games are superb.

Lol Morgan, but no. My screen is not big enough to have the game next to the text program and besides that I'm not that fast with typing with two hands, so it would only go slower that way.
And I always post and then check for mistakes. And when there are too much typo's I delete and post again.

Lol @tomatea!
I wouldn't say perfect, but I suppose these great games do bring out the best in us..:)
Thank you so much for your games, I totally love them!

@small-tool - Yes, you're right, but we try to prevent brute forcing.
Like everything else, it has bad and good side. We listen comments and suggestions and we will work as the most people like.
Its great to hear what gamers think and, again, thanks all for your opinions nad compliments. It really means something to us.
We will try to be better for your and our pleasure.

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 3:37 PM  

Thanks small-tool for the walkthrough. I hated that I had to cheat, but since I know zilch about music, you saved me.

TomaTea: Yes...brute forcing doesn't give the "why" of the solution, and it's frustrating to those of us who are obsessed with knowing how to get to a solution logically. So, it's refreshing, imho, to not be able to solve something without seeing the hint first. Love that about your games!! Plus the fact that the logic makes sense, and is not foolish makes us feel like we know what we're doing! ;-)

@zoe - yes, that's the feedback we have from lot of players.
We really appreciate your opinion, and, as we said before, we are gamers too, so it is very important to us.
Sorry we took the place here (reserved for your pleasure, we don't want to abuse it), so if you have any other suggestion, please, feel free to mail us :)

       Anonymous  7/8/11, 1:52 AM  

I really like these games. Just like the other players have said, no brute force possible. You train yourself in solving problems. Glad there is no serious math cause I'm terrible in math. I always have to wait for a smart brain ;)
Also glad it's a language I understand although it's not my native language. The graphice are really good.
Well done en thank you.

lovely game =) thank you @TomaTea
i kept this for my break today and played it for dessert...

Thank you. These are the in the top 2 of my favourite games to play. I love that I cant solve till I see the clue. I makes me use my brain rather than my finger. Please @TomaTea, dont change anything. For me, they are perfect. I get so much pleasure from looking around the room/s, with the beeeeeeautiful graphics. What a wonderful end to a Friday evening..*happy sigh* And a big thanks to s/t and all the others without whom, I would have been playing piano forever.

Thanks @TomaTea - your games are one of my favorites. And I like knowing that I haven't yet seen the hint for a puzzle - I find the games challenging enough!

@TomaTea....thank you so much for another logical, fun game :D I love how the game leads you from one clue to another, then another ;) ....and before you realize it, you have just walked right out that front door ...lol!!!!!

@small-tool: although I did not need to peek this time ;), thank you for taking the time to write another excellent walkthrough :D However, may I respectfully suggest that you type with one hand instead of two, as this might lessen your typing load ...ergo, offering a more pleasant, enjoyable reminiscent experience >.< *bows before hastily exiting room* ;P

i had problems to find the
place for SD. thank you for
your comments.
I know Iam two years to late.

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