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Past Escape

[REPLAY] Yeahm - Past Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Yeahm. In this game, your goal is to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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anybody here? pen has secret compartment

helloooooo... echo...

Let's see if maybe, just maybe, I don't get stuck in this one...

Let's hope there's no math in this one! I'm never going to get anything done today!

Toy car missing battery... pen opens up but nothing there.

opened tape recorder with pic

Egg needing code in light & need SD to open socket on wall.

Joining in!

Round thing from recorder goes in triangel shape in brown wall panel, use magnifier also on the items...

heart, key, pen, car and egg so far

Pen goes right of paper on desk.

what is the pen missing though??

miles mee too plus a cutter and a wet book, which was dry before (use magnifier on it to see)

Put pen in spot next to notepad to open drawer.

the pen on the notebook open the drawer

And you can take the pen back, but what's the secret compartment for? It won't stay open.

need to make hairdryer work to dry off book

Use magnifier on green box for colour code.

Can someone please explain the picture code; how to use it on the recorder?

Use magnifier on the wall to open a place for the car, need a battery though

Opened secret compartment in wall with cutter, in the view with desk and bin, car must go there.

Seawall use magnifier on the pic.

Code for door panel over door.

Where do you us the color code? I see the colored buttons on the box, but don't know the order to press them

The pen is also a SD handle.

Found think for the pen in panel.

great find Zazie! Now have a screwdriver


Dry book with hairdryer.

Thanks, Zazie, I forgot I had a key to the chest for the magnifier.

Use heart in fish tank for egg code.

Now i opened green box with book hint and got triangle.

Now have triangle and circle....

Still need triangle for the brown safe.

Great s-t, now i have square from car.

LOL dont know where the car went!

Well, placed all 3 shapes and now what?

And out !!

AAAh found it and got square...

If you look at the circle with the magnifier, it's a triangle.. but that's not helping

Yeah! ouT! with no math...

So triangle went in the middle, square to the left and circle to the right.

How do you guys get out?
Nothing happened when I placed the 3 shapes!?

nevermind - use the magnifier on the shapes on the wall to see where they really go

Thanks Zazie, but was there a hint for that order?

LOL michjean - so glad there was no math!

This was a funny game, i liked the "past" idea :)

Shapes are shifted. Use magnifier to see things as they were originally.

s-t - look at the shapes on the wall with the magnifying glass

Use magnifier s-t.

Nice concept

I'm out too, but I never saw shapes on the wall. I think my magnifier was broken.

I liked the concept of hints being shown ... past vs. present, or even vs. future. Much much much better trying to keep track of that rather than MaTh :)

How to get the square from the car?

@s-t Did you use magnifier on the black shapes in the brown box? That's the clue to where the stick shapes needed to be placed.

Seawall, put 2nd battery in car and then car in wall panel right of chair. Use magnifier to see the panel, then use cutter there.

Ah thanks michjean, never looked there with the magnifier. Everybody said on the wall.

You have to put the battery in and then place it in the hole you made in the wall.

POP, realized I hadn't used the cutters; found the secret compartment and placed the car for the square.

2nd battery was in egg.

Loved the game, what a refreshing new concept!

This game needs a walkthrough... I can't even remember where the 2nd battery came from! Was it the egg?

HaHaHa @Zazie... pondering,posting & all I had to do was refresh.

Where is the magnifier ?

5 stars from me, new concept, not too hard, not too easy and without math !!!

@Pascale - I think in the desk drawer.

Wasn´t magnifier in the chest ?

The magnifier was definitely in the chest.

I hope s-t is doing a walkthrough... I must eat something before I fall over.

@Pascale - I am probably wrong about magnifier, sorry.

Ok Michjean, if that's what you want I will write.
Yep magnifier was in chest.

@s-t ... Thank You!! (({Hugs}))


In this game you'll find a past magnifier. In this WT I didn't use it on all items (like the book or the open hole in the wall), but in fact all those things are hints and are also fun to do, so use the magnifier a lot to see more then I wrote

- Zoom in on the bin and take the PEN.

- Zoom in on the fish tank and take the WET BOOK and the KNIFE.
- Zoom in on the desk and zoom further in on the notepad. Put the pen in the notepad (now you can open the drawer).
- Zoom in on the desk and open the drawer. Take the HEART and KEY #1.
- Zoom in on the notepad again and take the PEN back!.

- Zoom in on the chest and use key #1 to open it and take the PAST MAGNIFIER.
- Zoom in on the picture and use the magnifier on it to see the TAPE RECORDER HINT.

- Take the CAR from the floor.
- Zoom in on the tape recorder and use the hint. So click;
and take the CIRCLE SHAPE.
- Zoom in on the hanging pot and take the EGG.

- Use the magnifier on the wall above the door and see the WALL SAFE CODE (19476).
- Zoom in on the wall safe, put in that code in, open it and take the SCREWDIRVER BIT.

- Zoom in on the fish tank and put the heart in the water and see the EGG CODE (3537).
- Look at your egg and open it with that code and take the BATTERY.
- Use the magnifier on the right part of the backwall and see a hole. Make that hole with your knife.
- Look at your car, click it and put the battery in and now you have a WORKING CAR.
- Zoom in on the hole you just made and put the car in. It rides.
- GO LEFT (2x).

- And there's your car again and it brought you a SQUARE SHAPE, take it.
- Zoom in on the hairdryer. Look at your pen and click the top and put the screwdriver bit in and now you have a SCREWDRIVER. Use the screwdriver on the outlet and plug the hairdryer in. Use the book on the hairdryer and now you have a DRY BOOK.
- Look at the book, still fuzzy, but you can see the past (when it was still dry) with your magnifier. Do so and see the COLOUR ORDER HINT (R-Y-B-Pi-G-Y-grey).
- GO LEFT (2x).

- Zoom in (2x) on the green box on the table and use the magnifier on it to see what button used to have what colour. Click the buttons in that order (so from left to right click 3-5-1-2-4-5 and then the top button) and take the TRIANGLE SHAPE.
- GO LEFT (2x).

- Zoom in on the brown panel in the wall and use the magnifier on it to see the SHAPES ORDER (square-triangle-circle). Put the shapes in, in that order and take KEY #2.

- Use key #2 on the keyhole in the door, go out and you're out.

I got stuck in this game by a silly "mistake"... forgot that I had a key to open the chest, and didn't have the magnifier. Thanks @Seawall for making the same mistake as I and asking about it!
Thanks @st for the WT!

Thank you Seawall, Michjean, Zazie... (:

... I did exactly the same "silly mistake", Ellie !

Cool game! Great logic and puzzles!!! MORE, MORE!!! 5 stars, too!

Thx Pascale and s-t for the great WT. I am also happy when i can play such cool live games with you all ! Wonderful people here !

VERY well done, bravo Yeahm.

The SD bit (in double sense ;)) was the best of it all. Nice idea that you had to "assemble" a SD (cool), not just take a ready-to-use one (boring).

It's a very interesting game :D Good job!

nice game!!

grrr...I had tried dunking the heart before, but it wouldn't let me until after looking at it with the past magnifier.

I was struggling to figure out what the "teeth marks" were. Didn't dawn on me they were droplets. Thanks for the walkthrough @small-tool to tell me to try it again.

very enjoyable...! thanks

really great game! and extra vonus..no math!!!!

*bonus :D

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Fantastic! Definitely 5 stars from me. Loved the concept. Smooth with no bugs and original, a perfect escape. Thank you! :)

This was a great escape...couple of hesitations, but then I persevered and figured it out. No hints. I feel like smarty-pants. =)

very nice game!
(kkf - the marks on the heart looked fingernails to me!)

Great original thinking in this game, though the heart in the fish tank doesn't make sense to me. Never used the spilled paint on floor?

       Anonymous  6/5/18, 1:48 AM  

caught this one while searching for games worth a replay

thx for all your creations, Yeahm ☺
& thx ST for the WT
(these were the days... *sigh*)

Thank you for the replay @AlphaOmega! These were the days, indeed. I so miss these quality games and these wonderful players. Where have they gone?

@AlphaOmega: Do you remember the name of a game with a dragon at the bottom of a castle? Very difficult with amazing graphics. Also looking for a series of games, there was only a few. Extremely difficult, like Neutral, and I think created by a young man? Do you remember? Thank you.

@AlphaOmega: found the second. Loom series by Akariko. Worth replay for sure!


       Anonymous  6/6/18, 11:04 AM  

only now I saw your comments...
glad you found what you were searching for
thx for the suggestion, will have a look

Nice game, just wish there was an unlocking sound when you put the pen back.

Oh wow, that was so good! Loved the past-seeing magnifying glass. These kind of games made me a fan of escape games in the first place, unfortunately they are very rare nowadays. Thanks for giving this little gem to us for replaying!

Really enjoyed that, wish they still made games like this.

Good game!

Loved it, so imaginative.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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