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PH Room 9

[REPLAY] PH Room 9 is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Petithima. In this classical game, you are trapped in a room, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Woohoo! FIrst~

piece of wood off the table, opened box on bookshelf by counting number of books. Gained a crowbar

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 4:42 AM  

one wooden plank from table, the other from cat-eye-box in cabinet (hint under tv) so far

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 4:44 AM  

use crowbar behind woman pic for nail & a key

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 4:46 AM  

use key under book shelf for tv-remote, use remote on tv

and out.. wow that was lonely! But I love the Petithima games...

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 4:49 AM  

opened hatch above ladder with code from tv, in bedroom now

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 4:51 AM  

note in teddy on left bed, last wooden plank for making a stool

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 4:52 AM  

need to fix the stool with nails, but where's the hammer?

hello everybody ... hang on ... code from tv?
all I see is some japanese gibberish...

Hammer is in the box in the bedroom.

Keep on using the remote.

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 4:58 AM  

hi arbeitslooser,
just click more than one time with remote to change the channels (green numbers)
stuck with 3digit box above left bed & dice hint...

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:00 AM  

ah, what a wonderful feeling, united again, my beloved King!

Hmmmmm , don't get dice clue .

It's the opposite sides of the dice numbers.

premiere, think of what's on the other side of the dice, use those numbers on the 3-digit box

Annnnnnnnnd out, really nice logical game

No lang. barrier :)

(Yell at me for hints if needed)

ahhhh!! the code is in the channel numbers...now I know why the channel order is so weird, lol - thx

put the note in the teapot for another hint on the backside

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:03 AM  

if two dots on dice = 5, then my logic is telling me, that
one dot = 4
three dots = 6
five dots = 8
but it doesn't work... or my logic sence is playing tricks on me...

and out, nice game

Lol GuruOne,
No need for yelling.
I'm out too and to me they can just whisper for hints.

aannnnddd out . Thanks for the dice hint .

Dice opposites are together always 7.

premiere, they always add up to 7
1 is the opposite of 6
2 -5

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:08 AM  

well, my dices at home are kind of strange, they aren't looking the same at all on their opposite sides, lol

yay i'm out

The first number is on the screen with start and the last on the screen with end.

3 planks.

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:15 AM  

ah, finally have the hammer, seems I have my own kind of logic, lolol!
thx @Truus & @s-t!!!

@cammy, just use the numbers from where it says "start" on the screen to "end"

not sure @arbeitslooser, I think you need 3.
did you get the one from the clothes cabinet,
after changing the eyes on the box ?

btw, after changing the eyes on the box, click the paw-button and then click the box for it to open

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:21 AM  

yessss, out!
sometimes I'm getting stuck on the easiest puzzles - to be too smart isn't always advantageus...

I don´t get the water hint on the paper, which word should this be ?

yay, I overlooked that shapes puzzle...

now I'm stuck with that cutter and do not know what to do with it...

@Truus, I can't get the note inside the teapot, is it the little piggie that's blowing bubbles?

You see half the letters, put the other half next to it.

Zazie im with you i cant understand the word clue either.

Use knife on box in closet.

It's the same note as the dice note.

s-t i still don´t get it lol...N...

@Spocklap, no I think it was inside the box on the floor in the clothes cabinet.

@cammy, so i am not alone :)

The teapot is in the box in the closet. You have to use the knife there.

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:27 AM  

Spocklap & arbeitslooser,
teapot in cabinet in box, use cutter on it


Out at last.

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:28 AM  

zazie & cammy,
maybe a mirror would help...

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:29 AM  

btw Truus,
(reffering to a comment of yours in another game):
did you get it now concerning Queen & King?

Thx s-t and premiere ! The mirror hint did it, i always tried to add a vertical line to the half letters. I hope that this was my blonde moment for today :)

Thank you, @Truus, s-t and premiere, I forgot to use the knife and that box.

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:34 AM  

lol, Zazie,
are we not from time to time even more blond in life?

It was a good game. I needed help only for the dice clue (thank you small-tool !).

AWWW that final code thing really had me in its vice! Finally I cracked it.

That was fun, not least because I learned a new fact. I never knew that dice-opposite-sides equalled 7. Thanks Truus & s-t. Always like it when I learn something.

...creaky-knee double curtsy. Evening Your Majesties. ..lol

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:37 AM  

petithima games are one of my favourites - nice petit(=little) game - small is beautiful!

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:40 AM  

lol, clio,
we don't take the responsibility, if you'll suffer from articular gout after too many bows...!

..errm..i dont know what articular gout is @premiere, but if means I had too many beers last night, I certainly had it this morning..hehe

..what i meant was....if its CAUSED by too many beers last night...eeeeps.

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:47 AM  

lol, clio,
& another new fact to learn:
«Gout is a form of acute arthritis that causes severe pain and swelling in the joints...»

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:48 AM  

.. & it's nothing to smoke...

@premiere....thank goodness, I dont suffer from that! Thank-you for fact No. 2 learnt today.

.....you mean smoking?

Your Majesty, I plead guilty, but beg thy indulgence. Your subject does not partake all that frequently.

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 5:56 AM  

well, clio,
we never complete training, are we...
btw, my beloved King seems quite busy following the EGDAW rule, I suppose... (?)

EGDAW...in the Kingdom of Information Afterwards.

An onerous task, yet as K & Q, one which you both fulfill admirably!! LOL

No, no, not writing at all. Sorry.
Took a shower and now watching the Tour de France.

...same @s-t...and its looking all a bit ugly with that prang..

Yep it is, but Cadel Evans is doing great, isn't he?

New game is on!

yeah...but..sorry about Jurgen Van den Broek..

How do I get the cutter? :S

Sorry...yes I saw the new G/hood, but wont play yet. Mondays are very slow in games for me, because its Sunday evening for present-boy and past-girl. Future-girl is trying to save something for later.

Frau Pospischil - Der Häusl Sheriff,
I think it was in the bedroom upstairs.
You have to make a stool from the 3 planks, nails and hammer, to get it.

perfect - and out <3 lovely game

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 8:12 AM  

As the King of Information Afterwards is engaged with another royal duties...
...his beloved Queen has herewith the great honour to fulfill the EGDAW-decree in EG24-kingdom


- go right
- take PLANK#1 on table under green table-cloth
- go right

- open left sideboard door under tv for clue
- go right

- open box on bookshelf by counting each colour of books (RGB) for CROWBAR
- go right

- in armoire (brown part on wall right of plant tree), open box with 3 cat heads like this:
--> change eyes (clue under tv), click paw-button & click box
- take PLANK#2
- go right

- behind picture take NAILS with crowbar & remove board for KEY
- go to book shelf

- use key under book shelf for TV-REMOTE
- go to tv & use remote on it to see code like this:
- just click more than one time with remote to change the channels (green numbers from screen START to screen END)
- code goes right of ladder to open hatch
- go up in bedroom

- take TEDDY from left bed, turn it & open zip for NOTE
- open box above left bed with code from note like this:
--> hint on note: two=5 / one-three-five; use the opposite dice numbers, i.e. dice opposite sides always add up to 7 (1 is the opposite of 6 / 2<->5 / 3<->4)
- take HAMMER
- take last PLANK#3 from under cushion on right bed
- time to make a STOOL like this:
--> click the planks in inventory, add nails & beat them in with hammer
- put stool down between the beds (cursor changes in hand) to take the CUTTER

- go back to armoire, open it again & cut the strings from tied box with cutter to get TEAPOT
- open teapot's cap & put the dice-hint-note in
- take note back to see hint with half of letters
- mirror the letter halfs / put the other half next to it to get a 4-LETTER-CODE

- go back to table & use the 4-letter-code on cb-drawer left of table
- take the KEY
- go left & use key on front-door
- you're OUT!

Well, somebody has got to write a...



- Click the top green part of the table to take PLANK #1.

- Open the left door of the tv cabinet and zoom in to see the SHAPES HINT (cross-circle-heart).

- Count the books, it's the 3-DIGIT HINT. Zoom in on the box between the two plants and put in 625 (from the books hint) and click the box to open it and take the CROWBAR.

- Open the cupboard (left in the back) and zoom in on the box on the shelf and open it with the shapes hint. So from left to right make the eyes cross-circle-heart, then click the paw/knob and 'then click the front part of the box' to open it. Take PLANK #2.

- Click the painting in the back to move it and then use the crowbar to get the NAILS, click the panel that was behind the painting to remove it and take the ORANGE KEY.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Use the key to open the bottom left door and take the REMOTE.

- Use the remote on the tv and keep using it to change channels to see the 4-DIGIT HINT (it's the numbers from the screen with start till the screen with end, so it is 5763).
- Zoom in on the code panel next to the ladder and put that code in and click enter and now you can go up.
- GO UP the ladder.

- Click the right pillow to lift it and take PLANK #3.
- Take the TEDDY BEAR from the left bed. Look at the teddy, click his left ear to turn it, open the zipper and take the NOTE. On the note you see on top the hint to use the opposite sides of a dice and on the bottom the dice with 1, 3 and 5. The opposite sides are 6, 4 and 2 (opposite sides of a dice together always make 7 when added).
- Zoom in on the box in the window and open it with that code (click the box after putting in the code) and take the HAMMER.
- Look at the 3 planks, click them, put the nails on and use the hammer and now you have a STOOL.
- Put the stool on the floor and now you can take the hanging KNIFE.
- GO DOWN and LEFT (2x).

- Open the cupboard (left in the back) and use the knife to open the box on the bottom right and take the TEA POT.

- Look at the tea pot, open it and put the (dice) note in, take it back and see the LETTER HINT. You only see the left halfs of the letters. Mirror those halfs and add them and you see it is HMOW.
- Zoom in on the little cabinet, put that code in, zoom out and open that bottom drawer and take the SILVER KEY.

- Use the key on the door, open the door and you're out.

Wow. Two WT's posted in the same minute.
That's got to mean something special.

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 8:19 AM  

It just shows our true unity, my beloved King...!
Did you knight one or another rider?

yipeeee im out ... thanks for the hints everyone

Lol, that's it my dearest Queen.
No knighting here, back to watch the Tour.
See you later.


Posted at the same time?????

Holy, marriage-made-in-walkthrough, Batman !!!

very very great game !! great mind and graphic <3

@premiere, well, since you asked, No, I don't get it! I think both you and small-tool are very nice and very clever people, but I really don't understand all this King and Queen talk, sorry.
I just think there are many great WT-makers here on EG24 and calling yourself "King and Queen of Info" (or whatever) is IMHO not very nice to the others. But hey, as long as you have fun!
That's what EG24 is all about.

It's just for fun.
And it's king and queen of giving information (that other clever people found) afterwards when the game is not live anymore.
And it's certainly not king and queen of walkthroughs.

@small, sorry don't wanna be a pain and you know I like you, but...
the expression "Who died and made you King", springs to mind, sorry I can't help it.

Sorry Truus,
But it's just a fun term/title I made up in a game where more people posted, several times, almost the same answers to question comments and everytime I was the first to post that answer.
So at that time it was just joking around a bit (just like with me getting beaten by girls in games all the time) and I said the king word then.
And afterwards, in the chat-box, it became bigger, but like I said; it's all a big joke, just for fun and certainly not a serious title.

sorry, having lots of troubles posting here.

O.k. I like a good joke as much as the next person, but jokes have an ending you know.
And when they go on and on, the fun is gone.
I really don't want to make a big issue out of it, like I said before, as long as you have fun!
But I hope you don't mind if I don't play along with it! Just sharing my thoughts with you.
btw you think these comments will be deleted, now we're not being "all that nice" to each other?? lol

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 11:40 AM  

As for me I really don't want to tread on someone's toes here -
but since that marriage I feel even more related with the community here on EG24 & that's very important for me...
(beside the fun I have a lot here!)

& I'm certainly not the Queen of WTs. There are many others (female) master practitioners who deserve that title more than my humble self - I take my hat off to them!

For me it doesn't feel like 'not being all that nice to each other'. Just a conversation that's a bit more serious.
Anyway, I'm sure the joke will die out eventually and more important; In fact it's mostly kidding between Premiere and me. And some people play along, but I really don't expect people to do so.
Anyway, dear Truus, see you soon in some other game.

Premiere, I really don't have anything personal against you. I think it's great to have lots of people here, all playing together and having fun. But what actually bothers me is the fact that you call yourselves King and Queen, as where I like to think we're all equal, kinda like a family actually.

glad you feel that way @Small.
(darn, major posting problems here)

o.k. bye and see you!

       Anonymous  7/10/11, 12:12 PM  

I appreciate your sharing.

I really didn't think at all, that somebody could take these titels the wrong way. They were chosen or given in a playful mood & that's what EG24 is about - to be playful.
Thank you for your directness & CU in another game.

You're welcome, anytime :P

oh what a lovely game!!! Out with no help.

hmmm... I was going to tease @premiere about being as slow as small-tool since I always out-type him on the walkthroughs, but maybe the humor wouldn't be taken the right way.

well i'll put my 2-cents in!
if anyone feels or is made to feel out of place (for one second) by self-titleling or given titles for W-T's or for helping out afterwards(joking around or not) then i am not for it either and...
so i agree with Truus!!
~ thought it was suppose to be one big inclusive, caring and happy place~
everyone rocks here in my opinion!

Wow.. fun game and thanks Premiere and Small for the walkthroughts!

Bowing down in awe again your majesties! :D

it was great week, so much lovely games - petithima, robamimi, tomatea, 58works. waiting for tesshi-e and minoto, (neutralxe and mateusch of course, but..) and i ll be happy)

@Edgar, I just love these video WT-s both you and Ellie make. Very fun to watch, especially how you made the letters appear on the note, you both rock!

and you rock too @larue :))

All the games by this author are 5 star, just click on the name in the description at top of this page to see the list of them. Bravo!! Great music, colorful, logical, subtle hints for each puzzle, and no bugs. Bravo, again!!

this one looks easy, but need to get through by reading the hints

Wow. Truus is coming across as a jerk. the internet is all about free speech.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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