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King Arthur's Mystery Walkthrough

King Arthur's Mystery

Abroy - King Arthur's Mystery is another point and click adventure type room escape game developed by Abroy. This time you have to escape from historical castle where you can feel the history, good luck and have fun!

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Small Spear in weapons

The word puzzle

oh my some of the number puzzles look hard

I dont know how to do either of them...

cant find a place to use pincher

hello..just come home from work and find this :)i'll try to play it

ok got the maths one . got a hammer

found it. on the knight

don't see any number for the 5 digit code


where to use the sycle. got two shields and two daggers

i think i used sickle on knight next to door

so what was your answer for the 5 digit?

i haven't found answer for 5 digit code

ah ty crush got a small spear from the left of the weapons cabinet

i dont understand the math puzzles... and im pretty much stuck until i get thouse

texas girl bribi post the answer to one earlier

a dagger from kakuro for dagger puzzle (five needed)
greetings L&G!

I saw that Bigtank and im getting 331 & 326

planet signs hint behind red/black shield with blue dog(?)

there are 5 symbols and we need a 5 digit number maybe related

one golden shield from picture puzzle
another golden shield with green from dragon flag puzzle
both for shield puzzle

pincers from name/letter puzzle

need 1 shield and 1 dagger. stuck. havent got 5 digit code cant do anything with firewood or barrel

red dagger for puzzle from half knight bust
use pincers on face protection

sickle from armour cupboard

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premiere you're catching up to me. if you pass me drops some hints

sickle used on knight left of door for dagger with red for puzzle

firs row (9=) 2 + 7

lol, crush

feeling stupid right now

stuck for 20 mins

Im still stuck on the kauro

help with the kauro???

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 1:44 PM  

can't get 5 digit puzzle - planets and sun and moon have numbers but none work (?)


kakuro first column

dagger with green for puzzle on window left of puzzle cb - use hammer from calculation puzzle on crack

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 1:47 PM  

does anyone know what to do with the kinght and the moving shield in the corner?

Thank you crush!

math prob
x + x -

Symbols are Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon, Venus. What does it mean?

np jen. unfortunately i am stuck needing 1 shield and 1 dagger

Now missing one dagger (second from left).
Anyone found that missing one?

use small spear on wall brick behind big shield on wall left of table for gold shield with red

now to the 5 digits...
caught up, crush
still stuck?

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 1:54 PM  

tweasel - last one is mars, not venus - see curls on top

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 1:54 PM  

*twassel - sorry!!

How to get 5th dagger from knight?

missing dagger 2nd from left as well. yes premiere ur where i am now

DrLee: Thanks. Still don't know what it means.

same here arbeitslooser

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 1:57 PM  

me neither twassel

tried: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrology_and_numerology but can't make sense of anything there

firewood views barrel view ball and chain view zippo nada wtf

venus - mars - sun - moon - merkur

game for smart people unlike me right now

last one is actually Mercury. In order of size, it would be 2,3,1,5,4. But that doesn't work.

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 2:00 PM  

have 4 daggers and 3 shields - used all of my tools so i think i have to finish the 5 number thing to continue

Can't be distance from the Sun, b/c the Sun is included. Also, you don't usually see a distance for the moon from the Sun...

i did size order too but nothing

welcome to the club, crush
at least we are two actually...

missing 1 dagger, 1 shield, unsolved number puzzle...

where is the blue golden shield?

Premiere, how do you get 4th dagger from armor?

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 2:04 PM  

i think it has something to do with numbers of the celestial bodies - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrology_and_numerology but nothing i am trying works


or we are too smart & overthinking, not seing the obvious (whatever it is, lol)

not days of the week (527130)

oops, not 52713

I like the way you look at things @premiere - we're just too smart, lol!

DAGGERS so far from
- kakuro
- half knight bust (use pincers from name/letter puzzle on face protection)
- knight left of door (use sickle from armour cupboard)
- on window left of puzzle cb (use hammer from calculation puzzle on crack)
- ???

Abroy puzzles are usually pretty straightforward. I'm thinking this is a bug. I'm going to sign off now, which pretty much guarantees that you'll all get the answer as soon as I'm gone!

SHIELDS so far from
- picture puzzle
- dragon flag puzzle
- behind big shield on wall left of table (use small spear on wall brick)
- (blue) ???

TY & YW & lol, zoz

I'm brave & restart...

come on folks, let's brute-force the 5-digit code.

We're so many, everyone could try 1000 numbers in a certain interval =D


lol premiere i restarted and got to same spot. i think its a bug. gonna try brute force now

hope it will still be this winter that we get the solution from you rofl ;))

yes with a gazillion diff combos im gonna be here awhile

same here, crush

maybe we shall go the other way & eliminate all possibilities not going,
number puzzle is NOT from numbers of letters of each planet sign...

omg, gazillion diff combos, too!

I've tried way too many combinations to not solve it yet.

«And now to something completely different»
(Monthy Python)

How to solve Kakuro:
Fill each cell in the grid with a single digit such that each row or column has the indicated sum without repeating a digit.

Starting Kakuro:
Look for rows or columns that can only be made with one combination of digits.
& more

Hi !
Clicking randomly on the digit here.
Will maybe be lucky..... or not =)

i just dont see this as a typical abroy puzzle. they usually can be solved in under a week ;)

In a room full of weapons we still need a key to get pass a wooden door... Just saying lol.

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 2:53 PM  

agreed crush - i am thinking maybe a mistake on the creators part

Hey, L&G,
wanna know the 5-digit-number, even if it's cheated, lol?

Well, then,
OUT! Yeah!
To cheat in the right moment is also smart, lol

so what is the code? I know I'm sick of trying different codes.

«moochas grassias» (by holy cow)
@Matt from FreeGamesNews

The five-digit number:
Without getting into details, it’s the planet clue, combined with some angelfire page I found about some witch crap or something.


for last shield with blue

shield puzzle gives last dagger
dagger puzzle gives escape key

now the famous question:
HOW? ;-D

ok out now, but still wish I knew how to do it.

Thanks premiere !

This comment has been removed by the author.

yes, my sentiments exactly!!! how? where is the EASY clue for that? without you having to google every time!!!

me too (as always), jbg

what have
venus-mars-sun-moon-mercury to do with

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 3:16 PM  


seems we need some of the EG24 riddlers here...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hey everybody.
It seems this paticular assignment of numbers and planets comes from Phytagoras. I couldn't find an specific explanation yet. If I do so I will post it.
However a clue to Phytagoras would have been nice...

& what have the planets do with king arthur?

really a mystery, lol

Found it, it's really weird stuff, called planetary hours.


You get the identical code if you look for WEDNESDAY DAY or SATURDAY NIGHT.
So there must be a Wednesday day or Saturday night clue in the game that tells you to build the code from Wednesday's day hours resp. Saturday's night hours.

The article says that Wednesday is Wotan's day. Though King Arthur was British, not Norse ;)

looking forward reading your explanation,
but what have Pythagoras to do with King Arthur?

Thanks to premiere (and Matt).

Possibly the strange markings on the shield that covered the planetary symbols were a hint?



This comment has been removed by the author.

great find, arbeitslooser, thx!
I remember that in some last abroy games I had to google for some solutions, although for an abroy game it seems for me to be a bit far out...
& where is the clue for planetary HOURS in the game?

Where exactly can I use the sickle? Red knight doesn't work for me :-/

I found couples of links referring to witchcraft, spell and magic. It seem that each planet have a specific number.

SUN: 6

--> code = 75698

source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/8522204/Planet-Correspondences-for-AstrologySpells-and-Magic

IMHO, As King Arthur has always been surrounding by magic, the planet numbers in withcraft seems to be the most logical explanation. The author could have just seen this in a book about magic while doing his research while programming the game.

Ooops .. got it already. How do I get the hammer?

The planet's numbers in witchcraft are a straight forward code. As for the hours etc... they seem less obvious. I found that too in the beginning but I wasn't convince it could be the explanation. Their just so many different combination possible with this hours system...

Fuggatabout that one ...
Calculation SPOILER

78x3+97 = 5x99-164

hammer from the calculating puzzle
78 ? 3 ? 97 = 5 ? 99 ? 164
place for each ? one of those operation signs:
+ - x :


use hammer on window crack left of puzzle cupboard

thx tony,
for your research & explanation!
we never complete training, do we?

Go right
Click on the left end of the weapon display
Get the SICKLE from the left edge (second object from the top)
Back up
Click the right end of the same cabinet where it meets the right side of the screen
A new view!
Get the SMALL SPEAR from the upper right corner
Back up
Go left
Zoom on the shield on the wall
Click it to move it
Use the spear on the dark rock for the RED ROUND SHIELD
Go left
Zoom on the chest of drawers (drawer solutions below)
Solve the top left drawer for the HAMMER
Solve the second from the top drawer on the left for the PINCERS
Solve the third drawer on the left for the BLUE ROUND SHIELD
Solve the top right drawer for the ORANGE DAGGER
Solve the second from the top drawer on the right for the ORANGE ROUND SHIELD
Solve the third drawer on the right for the GREEN ROUND SHIELD
Place the round shields in the bottom right drawer for the GREEN DAGGER
Zoom on the left stained glass window
Use the hammer on the crack in the face for the BLUE DAGGER
Go left to the door scene
Zoom on the sword of the knight to the left of the door
Use the sickle to free the PURPLE DAGGER
Zoom on the half armor display in the corner
Use the pincers on the mouth part of the helmet for the RED DAGGER
Go right and put the daggers in the bottom left drawer
Get the KEY
Go left
Zoom on the door
Use the key to escape!

Top left drawer
You need to put in the math symbols to make the 2 sides of the equation correct. Trial and error shows that each side must equal HINT331HINT


Second from the top drawer on the left side
The game is King Arthur so it is the SPOILERROUNDSPOILER table.

Third drawer on the left side
There are 5 numbers that you need to enter. If you go to the door scene and zoom on the shield on the wall, you can move it to find astronomical symbols. They are for Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon, and Mercury. @Matt from FreeGamesNews via @Preimere:
@Tony reports that the planets, sun, and Earth's moon have numbers assigned to them in astrology and magic. For details, visit: http://www.scribd.com/doc/8522204/Planet-Correspondences-for-AstrologySpells-and-Magic.

How in the world were we supposed to know or find this????

Top right drawer
Solve the kakuro by figuring out what numbers are needed for each row and column to add to the given numbers at their heads. Each row and column cannot hold a repeated number (e.g., the column where 3 numbers are needed to equal 24 can't be 888)

Second drawer from the top on the right
Turn the pieces to make the colored lines complete

Third drawer on the right
Set the colors of the flag the same as the one over the fireplace (the flag of Wales).

Never, premiere ^^

I can go to sleep now !!!

(forgive my spelling mistakes in my previous posts, was writing while doing research and finally so happy to find a pretty straightforward explanation that i didn't check the spelling before posting...)

Very nice WT Kitkatfox !

I found exact the same alignment as Tony refering to Pythagoras. But as I can't find any further information on that, ithink my source ain't very trustworthy.
Furthermore I agree, that the witchcraft thing seems quite logical.
So, thanks a lot, Tony!
nevertheless a hint on that would have been nice.
I really enjoy riddles that take some thought and maybe investigation, but this one for me depended a bit too much on luck or guessing.

lol Tony,
no prob about typos here...
& me too can finally go to sleep, as King Arthur's planetar mystery is solved

& now kkf
brings order in posting chaos!
thx a lot!

@arbeitslooser ...
Standing outside The Norseman in Temple Bar, a Dubliner told me:
Everyone is Norse by inception...
I never forgot it! LOL

Cheers for the walkthrough - That number drawer had me pulling my hair out!

I never knew King Arthur used the Hylian Shield... :)

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