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Playroom Walkthrough


[REPLAY] Kayzerfish - Play Room Escape 1 is another point and click escape game developed by Kayzerfish. In this escape game, you try to escape the playroom by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Playroom Escape Walkthrough
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Hi I'm in.

This one seems very good!
Got battery, disk, key, robot and box

Me too. Found 2 snippets with colored dots. A box needing a 5 letter word. 1 battery (need another). A robot; SD (used), plank, pin. And the bears seem to have the letters SEONY. That doesn't work on box, neither does nosey. Maybe I need to figure out another anagram for it...

Pin and 2 snippets.

Oh yeah, disk too. Fits on lamp. You can also pull down blind and turn off lights.

GOt letter I from curtain

used 2 keys. think pin might go in map.

clues on desk. NEWS and a picture that might be a compass pointing west, but I don't know where to use the clues.

Letters (I got): HSEONAY

Aww I gtg! Good luck Prufrock and whoever joins in.

Now I have batteries in the robot, but I'm not sure what to do with it. Could it be related to the snippets? Do I need 2 more? Hmmm.

       Anonymous  8/8/11, 7:02 PM  

Hey all, going in.

board from door using sd

aha! found a bulb and another shade to pull down.

bottom from trash can goes on lamp, but I don't know why...

got a clue from blacklight.

Think I'm stuck.

       Anonymous  8/8/11, 7:11 PM  

Ok I am where everyone else is. STUCK!

       Anonymous  8/8/11, 7:12 PM  

looking at bears on right and bears on left I got HGECNA which probably doesnt mean squat.

There are too many letters from bear clue for the box. Also, the ceiling pattern can be letters if you look at the bear poster shapes/colors. But how to use any of these clues??

If you put the bears arms like the pics and then press coordinating get a number

you also get a variety of faces.

did you notice that the letters don't match?

opened box using letters from robot and bears. ShPoOnIeLyER

       Anonymous  8/8/11, 7:21 PM  

I keep loosing my connection, storm is blocking my wireless, going to give up and try later, good luck to all.

Now I can hide in the closet? Must have something to do with the lamp???

Oh had one of the arms wrong and had the wrong letter/number. Duh!

I met a ghost in the closet asking me for a 4 letter word....

Warning: This game is ridiculously simple and complex all at the same time!!!

ps. if you want a MUCH better time, go and play LIMBO, it's FREAKIN' AWESOME ;)

I don't know the word.

I have tried oslo, roma, going to try NEWS but there is no W....

just found another snippet in the tree even tho i clicked there a million times already. i think i need 1 more.

get get a thumbtack from teddy pics..use on trunk map...

NEWS clue and compass refer to wall directions. Can we figure out letters for the other walls? If so, that might be the 4 letter word in the order south, north, east west.

Reb395--did you get tack to stick? I couldn't find where to put it.

Oh, made a line between oslo and helsinki.

I've got to go. good luck! I'll probably have to read your walkthru tomorrow when I have a chance to finish.

So surprised that nobody is playing this!
LOL...I am stuck in the closet and don't know the 4 letter word!

Played with the map some more and got an E. T on the door...guessed at the 4th letter (x) entered the word in the closet and out without finding last snippet. Goodnight.

Drew a line from Oslo to Helsinki and then Vienna to Munich. Does Roma go with something?

The letter x comes from clicking the white boxes. I guess the right pattern to make is the shape of an x but I don't know where the hint for that was.

roma goes to oslo.

Roma Instanbul... then connect. Got big E. Put with door and ouT!

combine the four letters in the order of news/black light clue(south, north, east, west) and you get the word exit.

When I played with the robot and entered the arm positions of the bear, I got the other letters Q Z etc. and just guessed at the rest. Maybe that was the clue. (After the i on the blind and the T on the door, I was hoping for a quick way out)LOL - I really wanted to see an X so I was probably just lucky.

Can only make 2 lines on the map. Oslo Helsinki wont go.

Missing last bit of paper also.

can't find globe or where to use plank

Kevaus, plank you use for battery on top of grey cupboard next to door. I don't know how to make the T

Oh sorry, the T is there after you remove the middle plank.. just look at the light bit and you see the T

to make T use screw driver on door

what is the cardboard for the light for? I got the X on the box above bed

open notebook, placed disk, poked holes with tack...used disk on lamp facing pictures, get code for box.....also, snipet in notbook

where is a notebook please ? I don't have that?

out but never understood color clue from sniplets...probably to give letter on black/white board (x)....brute forced code in closet.

@turtlfryk where is the notebook?

I can't find it and that would be my last snippit lol this game has lots going on I hate to just leave

If you click the walkthrough in the game it brings you to a really great walkthrough. It explains everything...

sorry, notebook under rug. facing chest.

notebook is under the carpet when viewing the chest with a map in it.

oh I guess I posted too late.

THANKS got it now :)

I think you are right turtlfryk. Snippit code must be for the x but I still don't understand it.

the disk made the word honey lol on those bears

the snippets are used on the robot for the numbers to push the bed board I got lucky and tried the X before I knew what to do with it lol

but how do you do the circles with half one color and half another?

nevermind, you just have to push the buttons quickly.

I never found the letter T !

i loled at the exit. found it by accident

I never figured out what to do with the robot....

I got both batteries, put in robot, pushed button, pushed colors - nothing....

I liked this game a lot!

how to get another battery.. where to use the screwdriver

       Anonymous  8/9/11, 11:06 AM  

won't load

Comments here have reverted to "I got this, this and that, and I'm out".
No help finding the stuff, just a few surprises spoiled and puzzles ruined.
So, after coming here for help I don't need to play at all.

I do not need to know what I'll find.
Give me a chance by telling me where and I can see what they are for myself!

I have to agree with Rookwings. I'm sad with this one :(

After escaping happily, I read the walkthrough on jayisgames' official site, and my assumptions proved right:

The robot is only YOUR HELPING HAND.
You actually don't need it.

If you - hah, is that called cheating?? - do a screenshot of the placard with the flag codes (it's practically related to the official flag alphabet used by control tower operators), you do not need that robo-thingy at all.
(That is, if you can figure out the word from the letters NHSOEYA and are smart enough to figure out which 2 letters do not belong into the word)

ROBOT - when you push color dots there are numbers
1-Y, 2-R ...
and look at the bears near door, what letter they show
you have HONEY (last one is violet A, but don't take it, cause when ypu place circle from trash bin on lamp, light shows only 5 letter)

way late on this, but just a few notes..

if you look at the shapes on the ceiling it spells out which cities to connect on the map (missing the few letters hidden by the ceiling light)

also, the robot is backward as far as hand signals are concerned, i guess you are supposed to enter the signals with the robot turned backward? this threw me off for a good long while when i first played this game. i stumbled upon this game like four days ago, and was sad it hadn't hit EG24 yet. without help, it took me FOREVER.

that being said, i love this developer. i hope they make more like this (and the inmagia games as well) soon!

"cause when ypu place circle from trash bin on lamp, light shows only 5 letter"

HEH? Seems I missed yet another bit ;)
I thought the cardboard disc is ONLY for seeing the four numbers on the "NEWS", nothing else.

I think disc is only for letter code for bear box. Place it in notebook from under the carpet and make holes as the x are marked, then place on the lamp and turn the lamp on bears

I am finally OUT! The word for ghost in the closet is EXIT -.- and I got the key for door.

I cant get the other batterie on the cabinet... can someone help?

just guessed the word to get out & did lol

Ettaa its better if you spoil the word that's the whole idea if the game

Another replay game that's IMHO better than what the rating would suggest.

too long, too complicated

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