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Abandoned Castle Walkthrough

Abandoned Castle

Abandoned Castle is a new point and click adventure game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. Sneaky has been sent to the abandoned castle in search of hidden treasure. The late Earl Silverman was said to have hidden treasure all around the castle. Search around and find clues to find the treasure! Good luck and have fun playing!

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Oh, a new SD! Wish I had the time to stay and play. But later.

yeah - Selfdefiant - thank you !!!

Self Defiant = 8-)

Hi all! I feel so lucky to find Selfdefiant live! And I only have 30 minutes of free time, cause I got to go to work...
Thanks Selfdefiant!

Yay! Thanks Self Defiant!

Lots of places to go - this will be a good one

marble box gives silver key

Where's the map?
Found all marbles and inside the house now, but hard to tell where what is.

Such a nice place!

orange gem and lighter in T

s-t - map first scene mailbox

s-t, first scene. in the pillar r/h side

Where's the map?
Found a screwdriver inside, right(maybe 2x) and down I think it was.

I mean the garden. The interior is too classic for my tastes. I won't buy it...

Ah thanks guys.

all those panels - this is a nightmare

I'm here to!! Will try to help

colors in T gives orange gem. Have sd, lighter and mask

Oh Wonderful!!! A new one!! Thanks selfdefiant!!!!!!!

@SD please read message at kongregate :)

Black key and sneaky coin in AC

Hi, SD was in L

Light candle in Room U for BLUE GEM.

Light candle in AD for white key

Googles in J


Nope Jess, the paper you mean, no.

In U is also a paper on the table i cannot pick up nor read.


glad it's not just me then.

Has anyone used the screwdriver?

Hi everyone... joining you all! :)

Anagram in room O

wow BIG map

Any ideas for the 4-colour code to go to room W.
Or for the box in room AK and the box in room AI.

has anyone got the 4color code - hint probably the DLXC in room J

s-t, I'm thinking the color squares on the ceiling in one of the earlier rooms has to do with the color code?
On a second thought, I'd like to know how SD knew where I lived, and when did he come and take pictures of my house?!

In the room U, there's something on the glass table, but I can't take it or move it...

got it - think of letters as roman numerals... put them in order for colored door

Yep it was the four colours from Room J.
Think roman numerals for the order.

Oh, and blue gem in room U.

Haa the first time i am really stuck in a SSSG game, cute :)

Lol Miles1, there we go again with double posting.

Purple gem and clue for letter box in V

X = 10
L = 50
C = 100
D = 500
Using colours from ceiling.

Pink Gem in ROOM V, use goggles.

I have googles, sd, lighter, and white and black keys (used)

Lol s-t! Blue key in AI

Googles used in V for pink gem and there is also the letter box code.

Blue key in ROOM AI, use anagrammed letters from ROOM V.

Thanks guys! I hate roman numerals...

Blue key in box in AI

colors from projector aren't working on the box

So, for anyone else who hates them, they are X, L, C and D

Yep, same problem here Miles1.
It says GOBGY, but doesn't work.

nice phone next to the shower LOL

green gem in O

doesn't work from right to left either.

Colours backwards doesn't work either!?

blue key in room AI after solving anagram of the box

I turned on the projector in AF but code from AE doesn´t work on box

it's an anagram Miles1

lol s-t! Here we go again!

Anyone found where to use the screwdriver yet or seen the code for the box in room AK?

Ohh it is an anagram as well !

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thx Jess! Now for the box in AK....

Thanks Jess, totally missed that box in Room O.

This game is full of anagrams Stephanie May

any hints for the pw in room O?

Wow! Finally back online and there's a new SD? Sweet!

Yes, the color box is not working

and, I have to leave. Have fun all of you!

Zoe - think anagram. Thanks Jess, missed that box, too

hey zoz! you've had a lot going on!!! Earthquakes...hurricane....fallen tree! welcome back!!!!!

Btw. did we find anything in Room I. Can't remember I did.

@miles: anagram of what? Senator?

Yep Zoe,
It start with T.

What is the word for the box in O ?
SENATOR doesn´t work.

@Zoe Yes anagram of Senator

THX s-t got the box open.

got it - thanks @miles!!!!

have nothing from room I or a few others either

hi zoz - glad you are back :)

TR..... Can't find a clue for the box in AK

Any ideas where is the clue for the box in AK?

Missing red gem, SD unused and looking for gold key.
And i still have no clue for the box in AK.

thanks s-t and papas....also!

I think we find the clue for the box in room AK when we solved the 5-colour box in room AF, but it seems there's a bug with that box.

Zoe, use th SD in I.

Zazie, I'm missing red too, but no purple gem for me as well. Where did you find that one?

S-T GOGBY is an anagram

s-t the colour box is an anagram as well ! Of the word GOBGY

green diamond in O

S-t, where exactly did you see the clue in AF?

Using screwdriver in room I.
Where on what?

@S-t not Bug but BOG++

S-T - we solved that box. Its another anagram

@Antonia - thanks! got red gem!!

Use SD on a tile on the wall in I

Turn the projector on first in the room next to it.

Red gem in I !!
Thx Antonia for the SD hint !

I have 7 gems but not solved box in AK and have no gold key

use sd on tile near lower right cb...

Now where is gold key ?

Thanks guys for the colour anagram hint. Have purple now.

Thx Antonia! Use it on one of the tiles for red gem

I'm where you are SwissMiss....

S-t, I did it, but thought that you meant the clue for the box in AK.

where is the hint for box in AI???

And thanks for the red gem too.

SwissMiss, it is in V.

Anyone opened the box in AK? I can't find any clue.

Whats the betting the clue for the box in AI is stuck to the table in U lol

perhaps hint on paper in U which we cannot take??

Maybe the hint for that box in ROOM AK is on that paper in room U.

Swiss, in room V.

AK** not AI

Antonia - sorry I meant box in AK - got the one in AI thanks

I refreshed the game but still cannot pick up paper

My guess is there is a bug and hint for the box in AK is on that table next to the candle.

I hope it's not on the paper!

I bet in box AK is the gold key which we need to place the diamonds!

sorry about the note, you can pick it up now.

uuuhhhh Selfdefiant - is there a bug???????

Am I the only one too dumb to figure out the Anagram for Senator?

Thanks for always watching us and fixing things Selfdefiant.

I agree, since it's a hotspot...but we can't pick it up.

Capn_Jack, this will halp you http://wordsmith.org/anagram/



Selfdefiant, please give us a clue here, at least :)

Thx Selfdefiant, i am reloading now !

This comment has been removed by the author.

Miles1, does it help?

And out with 50 coins, thanks SD

Oops, no saved game for me.
But still have the old one open.
So if anyone would be so kind to give me the box code, then I can go on.

hmmm... clue on paper not working for me, will try to turn it around

Antonia - yes, you can pick up the paper now

I have the gold key now :)

That was an excellent hint small-tool, thank you lol. I dont know why i couldnt get that.

Thanks for fixing that clue Selfdefiant,
Out with 50 coins.

It is




I don't want to have to start over...does the game save?

mmh - have problems with that - do I turn it around?

Woohoo!! 1st place...sure it won't be for long though!

Yes you have to turn the paper around...

Zazie do you mean
1 on 9 and 12 oclock
2 on 6 and 12
3 on 3 and 12

not working

I love everything about this game! btw, @SD you went through the HurriQuake as well didn't you?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Finaly OUT after refressing and was able to take the paper. Thanks SD

pop got it - thank you

oops that came out wrong sorry

3 and 9
12 and 3
3 and 6

I went through the hurricane, and felt the earthquake too...

Thank you SD!!! Great game!

miles your explanation is way better than mine THANK YOU !

finally out - that was not easy

thank you Selfdefiant - great game again and thank you for staying and fixing the bug!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Excellent game as always, i think it was a bit harder than usual, i love this !

zoz - how are you - did you get through it alright??

@Zoe, we should start a club for Z HurriQuake survivors!

Oh, it doesn't work:

Is this it?
1 3:00 and 9:00

11 12:00 and 3:00

111 3:00 and 6:00

If so, that doesn't work for me.... arrrrgh

@Swiss, yes I'm very lucky. A huge tree fell right between my house and the one next door, bringing all the power lines down with it, but no damage to our houses!

Where is the blasted orange gem

lol! Hurriquake...love it!

Hmmm wasn´t it :

9 and 6
12 and 6
3 and 6 ???

wow - glad you're okay zoz!
Zoe - I don't know why its not working... did you pick up the paper?

Capn orange gem in T

try again, lol

Spoiler ...............


@zoz - how very lucky! So glad it didn't fall on the houses!!


I: 9+6
II: 12+6
III: 3+6

I Think...

:) Zoz - and hopefully all the creatures are OK too!

@miles - no I can't pick up the paper, and don't want to have to start all over. So...I guess I'm done. Oh well.

Zoe the game is selfsaving, just reload and click on start.

YAY!!! ZAZIE - that was it for me!!! Thanks so much - got the gold key!!!!!

Zoe - you have to refresh and then click on Start not new - you will be where you left!

Sorry Zoe!!!

SwissMiss - thanks! I didn't go out, but went back to U and did that, and it worked. I didn't know you could do that...and out.
Thanks to everyone!

@miles - not a problem. After all, it's just a game and it's fun to play it live. I like that more than getting to the end!

Completely agree!

I wasn't anywhere near the danger zone, thank goodness! I live in Missouri, in the middle of the US. We usually only get tornadoes! Which aren't fun. Glad you liked the game!

Oh, yeah, we had tornadoes here this summer too. I forgot about that. Raleigh was hit pretty hard then, too.

Great game as usual selfdefiant!!

Played another game in between, but out now.
Thanks for the box solution guys.

Thanks self-defiant! You've made my day! :-)

Hello!Where is the orange gem?


The orange gem is in T - match the colors..

Totally blind here... where is box for purple gem (boggy)? :{

I have found everything by myself until now, but I don't see the purple gem (it must be in a box with a colour code).

Anita - not too sure, but look in AF...

DOH! Thanks so much Zoe! Never saw that one!

You are right, Zoe, the box was in AF !

This comment has been removed by the author.

Try these colors: GOBBY

I think this has been my all time favorite SSSG! I'll admit, though, that I was wishing for a crystal ball to get around faster - but it was fun just to go through all the rooms and salivate.
Thanks @SD!

@Pascale, maybe BOGGY?

Or it might be BOGGY - yes I think that was it...sorry

It was another great SD's game !

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