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Checkmate Room Escape Walkthrough

Checkmate Room Escape

[REPLAY] MindAnalyze - Checkmate Room Escape Game is another point and click type room escape game developed by Ahmed El-Monofy for Mind Analyze. Somehow you are now in a locked room with no exit. Try to use the available tools and objects to get out of the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Checkmate Room Escape Walkthrough
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Wake up pelople!
New game is up!

Lighter, SD, cup of water, a red ball and something that looks like wad of gum. Oh, and a clue. Sh EO?

Hi, katchimo! where did u find red ball and a clue?

Hello. I think I clicked one of the plants from the first view and picked it up. Wipe the ashtray with the cloth to get the clue. Oh and put the rock into the water for an orange ball.

I'm stuck now though.


can´t find red ball but found a stick on sofa, upper right side

SD not used yet and a pin that can be inserted in ball.

Clue on top left book shelf. Click on Mind Analyze

Got a key from clock

Hi all, there is a key in the lighter.

How did you get the pin in the ball roberta?

And the red ball is on the stuffed animal. Click his nose. I forgot temporarily.

Got a notebook with a lot of numbers.

a pin? where?

Nice find MissBrasil.
Items should be described.
What´s that brown thing from drawer?

Don´t remember where the pin (needle) came from.

Lol, I kept clicking trying to turn on the lighter too. And wondering why there weren't any lanterns or candles.

Remember. Got it from the tricycle

Thought I could use the cane in chandelier but not.

Guess the notebook clue is for the phone but can´t pick up the headset

key used in desk gives sth like a handle that can be combined with stick and cane by using SD. That makes a long stick to be used on lamp from ceiling. Sth falls down onto the chair. Itis a paper with a white ball inside and a clue.

How to insert pin in ball, please?

Left painting over desktop is a safe. The clue in the notebook may be for that as well. Also Queen and Jacks are noted on the keyboard. Another clue.

You beat me to the same comment, marijo :)

Safe behind one of the paintings.

Hi Roberto, long time no see!

Ah, in white and black ball! I was trying to use it on the balls in inventory! But what does it do apart from noise??

Hi MissBrasil. Hope you´re fine.


Combine redbook #'s + phonepad

Safecode: 72156

Looks like we need a CD and a blue ball ...

which red book? I can't open any red book from bookshelf

Used the clue from mind analyze on the chess board for a word. But where to use it?

Btw, I mean the mind analyze in the cb below ashtray, not the one on the bookshelf.

The computer MissBrasil

use the word on computer after inserting CD from safe

How MissBrasil?
The word probably is the password for PC.

Thanks katchimo. I closed the window by mistake, will try to catch up...

How to make that word? Don´t understand.

It's okay I'm still trying to figure out the mindanalyze clue. Does it have to do with the ashtray?

The ashtray is for the clock. Turn the clue upside down.

How to get a word from chessboard? Any hint.

where are what is the clue for the clock? have been spinning the hands round and round to no avail

Clue for clock is in ashtray

@roberto, how did you get a key from clock, please?


headache (hehe.,... funny)

Enjoying this one.,... missing blue ball

Turn clue from ashtray upside down and you see the numbers.

Got it, thanks Roberto!

Any help on password for PC please?
Don´t understand the clue in Mind Analyze

Roberto, check the cover of the book in the cb under the clock.

ty for the clock hint

I did that, but don´t know how to see a word in chessboard

PW is headache. File one on computer shows a green light on the left wall of desk. File two is a clue to open the box on desk. Look at the positions left - right of J and Q on keyboard to open the box

the cover shows the coordinates (letters and numbers)on the board. If you follow the clue you will get the word. Beware though, you may end up getting a headache ;)

Password is 'headache' Roberto. Not sure about the logic but that's what it is.

Ah! Now I see the word. Thanks.

Roberto, look at the position of pieces on chessboard. On the left go the numbers 1 to 8, and at the bottom the letters A-H. The piece in number 1 correspond to letter H, number 2 to E and so on.

IN the paper clue with color I can read Istockphoto?

I don't like the box on the floor I don't see a clue for a number like that hehe

hmmmmm, all that's left is the larger cupboard (missing key) and the blue ball

Arrrrghhhhhhh.... I think it's hidden object crap

How to open the box on floor?

well guys, I'm going to bed, will finish tomorrow...YAAAAAAAWNNN!!!

Good luck and thanks for the hints!

Anybody used microscope yet?

the balls have numbers use the microscope

Nice rest MissBrasil

but no blue ball yet :-(

I still can't get the wad from the chandelier and I put the stick with the handle.

you need the screwdriver it pops out longer still

you have to use the stick and the cane on the handle.

You have to combine stick+handle+cane.

I tried to dip the white ball in ink bottle to make it blue but didn´t work.

without the blue number can't do the math on the paper I never did anything with the pin in the ball I think I need a pump ?

where is stick?

Blue ball has something to do with an air pump, according from the book.

stick is in couch.

Where is the cane???? I never found it all this time!

Yes, but where is this pump that supposedly exists.

Re look at safe.

Ahhhh right side of the cabinet has a secret panel on the floor. Probably for the balls. This game keeps getting bigger and bigger for some reason.

Ah! Found a blue key

hehe what kind of pump is that ?

@roberto where?

SPILL IT, Roberto.... LOL

And out!

In safe behind pic.

Look at top part.

out now too. I hate these pixel hunts.

it worksss! I'm out the number is 4296 for the box :-)

As I posted.... Kinda spoilt by hidden key....

O well, still rate it 4/5 I guess

i am not finding it, in the safe on the wall? in the cd case? have clicked a million times not finding anything

Robin the top of the inside of safe is the hidden key you need :)

got it, its above not behind thanx

Have you ever played the other game in this site?
Apartment escape?

would someone help with the balls....I see the ink, I have glass with water, trying to put water in ink and the balls in either...what am I missing?

Where you are nokra?

forget the ink. Nothing to do with it.

have the blue, white and red balls...is there another?...and where is it please?


don´t remember where but one is from cat´s noose, one from safe behind pic. Have you got those?

One from dipping the thing you get from flower pot in glass of water.

yes, yellow...and the second part of my question???? LOL
would you tell me where it is please? Thnaks!!!!

Well, thanks...I'll see what I can find.... I apparently missed the flower pot ball....looking now!

And...there it is, right side of sofa...looking like a clump of clay!

LOL luv this game and cant wait for the WT! Dont know what people are whinging about...
Have Cane, Lighter (empty?), SD and what looks like an empty cup from first time around the views. Also noted 3 carddecks and a Q of hearts (clue) and empty water dispenser...

katchimo: the "tool" you built from the cane and the handle must be extended on EITHER side ;)


- get lighter under cushion
- open lighter in inventory, get KEY #1 (black)
- zoom on flower and pick up rock (?) in flower pot right of couch

go left

- poke nose of bugs-bunny-like dude and pick up RED BALL from his head
- pick up PIN from left handle of tricycle
- zoom on CHAIR SEAT (nothing there for now); make a mental note of this spot!
- note that the CD TRAY can open, your task is to find a CD that suits it
- make a mental note of the keys "Q" and "J" marked on the keyboard
(the colors should remind you of ... huh? Are you a into rock music? Remembering that 1980 Motorhead album helps ;)
Not into rock? Well, "Alice in Wonderland" may do too instead ;))
- note "thing" inside ceiling lamp that you cannot get yet (too high up)
- note SAFE behind left picture

go left

- yeehaw! right drawer is not locked and contains your beloved SCREWDRIVER
- zoom on wastebasket and get CLOTH inside
- zoom on PHONE and note arrangements of numbers on keypad (as well as * and # keys)
- zoom out
- open left drawer of DESK with BLACK KEY and get HANDLE
- zoom on small flower and get EMPTY GLASS.
(Now you have three guesses what you have to fill this glass with :P)
- zoom out and on books
- the dark book in the middle of the left shelf denotes a LEVER you have to
pull up to initiate some sort of airflow. Mysterious...
- zoom into bottom of right shelf and note the PLAYING CARDS

zoom out twice, go left

- zoom on lower right cupboard, open right door with BLACK KEY and make a mental note
of the letters + numbers shown on the empty chessboard carton box cover
- zoom on ashtray onto the cupboard and clean the ashes with the CLOTH ...
You get a mysterious code: "Sh E O". Solution below.

zoom out twice, zoom on clock

- use the "correct rendition" of the code you found in the clock, setting the time accordingly.
- don't forget to press red button below :-)
- pick up the KEY #2 (shaped like a digital '8' on top), which will open the right upper
drawer in the cupboard with the ashtray on top
- zoom on cupboard (before get the CANE hidden behind the right side of the CB and the wall)
and unlock the drawer: inside is a RED BOOK. Pick it up, and open it in inventory:

You can see 5 lines of cryptic codes: (Solution below)


- zoom on WATER DISPENSER and fill the GLASS with water (using the red plastic tap)
- open GLASS in inventory and drop the ROCK into: abracadabra ... and you got an ORANGE BALL!
- the codes "built" by means of the phone will be the combination for the SAFE behind the picture
you already inspected before
-open the BIG CD BOX that is inside and get the COLORED CD

zoom out, go right

- now it might get a bit tricky: remember those letters + numbers you found on the box cover?
These will now make the PASSWORD for the PC! Look what is numbers (=letter order!) and
look what is letters, and you get the idea. Solution below.

go left, and zoom on PC

- enter password you've (hopefully) found out by now
- Open FILE 1: The map inside will inform you about a HIDDEN COMPARTMENT next to the cupboard.
- Now open FILE 2: A code displays that involves (J)acks (no, not Terry) and (Q)ueens (nor Queens N.Y., cut the BS will ya!)
- Leave that spot for now.

zoom out (4x)

- build yourself a LONG TOOL:
-- Open HANDLE in inventory, and use the SCREWDRIVER on the screws.
-- Make sure the small screw on the right is UP, and put in the CANE.
-- Fasten the small screw with the screwdriver.
-- Now click on the big screw on the left, and an EXTENSION should pop out!
-- Fasten the big screw with the SCREWDRIVER.
-- You hear a "success" sound, and your tool is now ready!

- zoom on the ceiling, and get the OBJECT out of the lamp with your new tool!
It fell down, but where?
Hah, remember that I told you to make a mental note of the CHAIR SEAT?
Whoomp! There it is!
It looks like a rock, but it opens and reveals:
- a CLUE NOTE for the balls (after 2 clicks)


So what you're now missing is a BLUE BALL!

--- END OF PART 2 ---

Any volunteers for part 3? :)
(Gotta run...)

--PART 3--

Cheers Arbeitsloser for the first part!

From where you took off go back into the safe behind the painting and click on the roof of the safe for a key.
Go right twice.

Open the left side of the cupboard for a blue ball in a bottle (say it ten times fast!). Go right.

Zoom in on the box on the desk and put in the directions according to the Queens and Jacks clue (if you're unsure you can re-check them on the bottom shelf of the right side of the bookcase - there's also the solution below). The most awesomest thing ever - you get a microscope (Okay, so I'm a nerd!). Go right.

Zoom in on the soccer ball and put the pin in the air socket. Attach the blue ball in a bottle to get the blue ball.

Now that we've got all of the balls take out your microscope and put the balls in to see numbers on them - so that's how we use the clue on the note. Do the math and go right twice.

Zoom in on the secret spot the computer told us about right of the cupboard. Turn the machine on and enter the solution from the clue paper for the door key (solution below).

Zoom in the door and get outta here!


Ashtray/clock code: Turn the letters upside down (figuratively - the game won't let you do it) to get: SPOILER0345SPOILER.

Phone/safe code: You get these numbers by using the numbers in the red notebook to trace numbers on the phone: SPOILER72156SPOILER.

Chessboard/computer code: According to the box in the cupboard the pieces on the chess board are on: A3, A5, C6, D4, E2, E8, H1, H7. Place these in numerical order for: SPOILERheadacheSPOILER.

Jacks and Queens code. The cards on the book shelf have the Queen on the left and the Jack on the right. Therefore JQJQQJQJ becomes SPOILERrlrllrlrSPOILER.

Maths/Floor safe code: The note has (red x yellow) + (white x blue) which under the microscope translates to : (48x67)+(24x45) which equals SPOILER4296SPOILER.

Just noticed that the chess problem is wrong, which had me scratching my head. On the box, A1 is a black square, not white!

Awl (or whatever that pointy thing is) stuck behind red ball in inventory. Restarting....

Tab key works, helps for pixel hunts that would otherwise have ruined the game. Ha ha, that awl I mentioned above was an air pump needle...

I don't understand the Sh E O. I know it's probably simple, but I don't. I just ended up randomly getting the clock.

Loading very slowly.

too long, too complicated, too many hotspots where you can´t do anything

caught this one from the random section

thx for creating this game, Ahmed ☺

& thx arby & em3 for the WT

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