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Cryptex 3

Cryptex 3 is another free online riddle game and the 3rd installment of the Cryptex riddle games. 30 Levels (at least) of great riddles to get through. Good luck and have fun! [Created and Subbed by Marchahead{Sukrit and Maverick}!]

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


well stuck on two already

Do you have to log in to play?

yes just put any old junk in i did , i know you hate registering anywhere s-t

@s-t - yes. i don't know if i like this one very much

got to level 3

register any old name.....just play and enjoy :)

ok i got to 4 seems i am on my own

Not alone Bigtank,
I'm a bit stuck on level 2.

oh good small tall i need the dreaded ms word on 4 lol

Lol, so it's good I'm stuck?

small tall lol tool

I'm afraid this riddle is too difficult for me. No idea at all for level 2.

ugh... stuck on #2

ok it is about wesites , if f...... is number one then what is number 7 .

Ha! Finally. Kept trying to put in one above.

Thanks Bigtank, but still can't find it. Different sites give different rankings.

s-t it is the one we are using now , let me know if i need to delete this

Thanks Bigtank, got it now, but it was called different in the ranking.

ok had i read the rules i would have been on 5 ages ago, no spaces

Ok. Have put in so much for level 3 and still nothing. Thought it was the first + last and no go. A hint please (other than what is already on the forum)

No idea for level 3 either.
Not my kind of riddle, I think I give up.

ok i need help on five

on the forum it says 1=spark 2= huddle, google that
with the last clue. remember the answer had no spaces

sorry 5 was easy onto 6

anyone still with me got to level 8

ah well got above mishu on the leader board that has to count for something

I tried using the symbol instead of spelling it on level 3. This little stuff is gonna kick my booty!

Can't find anything on level 4.
Converted the code, but Google doesn't help at all.

Ah finally found it, Wiki isn't up to date.

Level 4 was a good one. Creepy, but fun to figure out.

Level 5 is easy, just focus on the numbers.

Level 6 is not that hard too. Google the three guys.

oops! meant to say level 5 was the creepy one.

If the one is rod steiger, then I know them all and the relation, but the answer is not working.

Previous comment was about level 6.

I love POP!

No luck on level 7.

Level 7

The tagline is Kaccha aam ka ...(was ...xerox but changed to ...copy). Not getting anywhere on this level.

I think I'll pass on this one. Just don't want to register.

Throwing in the towel. Will wait for a riddle without so many restrictions.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

For 7:

Dont overthink!...It's what it was...
Just one word...

I'm back in! Thanks so much @lulu! Again overthinking.
Level 8 was an easy one. Onto 9.

well for level eight i have gone through all the religious festivals in september what am i missiing

@bigtank - last hint as I must get some sleep... first festival is in Aug. second is in Sept. soooo what do "hic" and the next month have to do with festivals? As in it is very big and known worldwide. Good Luck to all until tomorrow!

P.S. Has nothing to do with religion (well, unless you count drinking as a religious experience)heehee

has it got the word beer in it

nvm spent all this time looking at the wrong month
onto 9

Any hints on level 9?

hi @s-t,
Its simple...just google second pic

working on 10

Thanks Lulu,
But that's the problem. I know exactly what car it is, when it's made and who made it, but it's not the answer?

not a good idea to google the word in the source lol on 10

hi s-t took me ages just the one you think it is not just one word,

Hi Bigtank,
Can you please mail or chat? I think I tried every word and every combination.


did you get the image on image search?

for 10,
google one of the word
you need to find a SPOILER

Yep I got it now Lulu.
Didn't like this level.
The extra pic is confusing so I only tried the name of the first car made by them.

I know what level 10 is about and found the wiki-page, but what do they want as answer?

Nvm, got it. Just the name of what it is.

Cant get level 11...
I googled the characters together, but not give me an answer...

lulu google full name of the two character together

tks @faltu, but still searching, there is something in common but does't work...

gonna to lunch, back later...

lulu.. voice

yes, it was the first I tried, but i dont know why it didn't work, the same happens with level 7..
I think we cant copy/paste to put the answer in box...Now it works...grrrr...
thank you...

Stuck on 15

yes copy paste does not work, you have to type

on 15 trying googling an umpire remember, got the author but not any number

got 15, just follow my previous post.

Googled "an umpire remember" but can't even find an author, so no number for me.

st, it's a b***. what number can you assosiate with that? google under quotation

Lol Faltu,
Totally lost and confused.

Thanks for level 15 Faltu.
Looking at level 16 for quite a while now, but nothing at all.
Can't say I like this riddle very much. It's all very far-fetched, vague and illogical.

on 17, but just following the forum.

Level 12

Brain fart on what is probably the easiest level yet. Have tried google with 2nd and 3rd pics. Don't know what 4th is (can't tineye)

s-t or faltu - hint please (i know i'm putting more into google than i need too)

michjean try google image, you can get it from 2nd and third but that will be hard.

@faltu - thanks. was trying too logical (some of these are definitely NOT logical)LOL

Level 15

I know American Football - not this sport - and this level seems the most convoluted, twisted & who knows what else (as in not making any sense)level so far. I have gotten spoiler and haven't a clue now. Could someone tell me how wrong I am and please point me in the right direction?

POP! Found what looked to be a "way out there" lead and viola! It worked!

hi got to 15 now thanks to some good hints, got your spoiler michjean but can not find a number from there

Hi Bigtank and Michjean..

I am working on the other riddle from yesterday. I am stuck on level 4 - the zip code one.

Can you guys email me the answer. I am not sure I am even going in the right direction!

Level 16 has me stumped. I cannot even search for these images. Tineye doesn't work on this one and I don't know how to split them up and search each separately. This will be the last level I can do unless there is a hint out there :(

hi ellie it is the full name for the us codes , it took me ages to get that some hints somewhere

Thank bigtank. I must have looked at the wiki page for ever and after your hint, It finally sunk in!!

Thanks - and it is not Ellie, but Enjoy! :)

this time copy/paste works lol...
But I swear dont understand level 15 to get first word....
Hi@bigtank just google post 7:45 AM from @s-t
as @faltu said its a b***

stuck on 17, cant find the band

@bigtank - googled what I found and there's a # related to the book about him

@Enjoy - email on its way :)

@ michjean - THANKS

i got the book an u...... r...... but that does not work can not find a number

I'm using google search image, it's better!...
You'll find the right pic

reach me please

ok got it now onto 16

@bigtank - check mail

@lulu - how do I do that? The new google is not too friendly with me yet.

lol sorry enjoy. been in bed with i migraine all day should not even be doing this realy

just use google images michjean and drag the picture to that. i used to use tine eye but no more. to split a picture i have been doing that in paint and then saving to my comp, then dragging to google images, anyway i found the image for 16 but i am done for today

Save the image.
Go to google images and there (in the search bar) click the little camera and then you can upload your picture.
And with Paint or a program like that you can make parts of the picture.

@bigtank - maybe you should rest and not try 16. It has been a terrible terrible level so far.

On any google page, click image, then on image icon right of the keyboard icon, select the saved pic.
I prefer this because it gives us the web page too:)

Oooops too late...

Lol Lulu.
Btw I couldn't find anything for level 16.
And kind of gave up there.

@ s-t, Did you get the same pic?

Just google it then find out what is these image..
3 words, M L L
let me know if you understand, I'm so bad to give a hint...lol

All I found was this site Lulu;

Yes, right path..
Look at the end, the last paragraph, it should gives you the answer, but you need full name...
Wiki can help you

Thank you very much. Got it, on 17 now

you're welcome..@s-t

For 17 I have SPOILER
and stuck, cant figure out what is the two last pics

Yep, got the same.
But the first is probably two letters too (like the third).
And maybe the 1 is from the periodic table too or from the alphabet.
And no idea about the fourht.
And the fifth can be from sign language or maybe peace.

I mean no idea about the fifth.

I saw the hints in forum:
"1 is just one not hydrogen "
"take two at a time --
Radium + 1
G + pi
Found a hindi movie from the first two pics.
I can't stay here more, and will try tonight..
It seems relates with band/music..
Left me a good hint if you get it...See you!

Gonna call it a night soon too.
See you tomorrow.

Finally got 17.

It is one of the longest names I have ever seen. I love his voice, though. Hint: Just go to wiki page and look over everyone music and then look up the person with the SHORTEST name... you'll be surprised :)

Another hint.... name begins with A and is 4 letters long.

Level 18 is pretty straightforward. (just don't google with -ing .... sound out 1st pic - do not overthink)

Guess I'm the only one left...

Level 19. Cute. It just goes to show that I learn something new everyday!

Hi @michjean,
You aren't alone
I played on Saturday night and
I'm stuck on 25 and will try tonight..
see you!

Yeah! Not alone!

Hi! @lulu - struggled a bit with 21... boy are they a stickler for the rules :)

I have noticed that there are relatively easy riddles in between the "throw you in a dark room without a light" riddles.

Now on 25 .....

I'm glad you reach me...lol

On 25, I got the 3 people on pic, but google their names not giving any event, or book.
I've read the hints in the forum, but first I need to find what they have in common ...
Really dumb in this one...

@lulu - still haven't gotten the connection but did find alot of #s on sponsor source page..

there's something in all gazillion comments of forum that suggests using it on TIME page. Gonna try that.

yes I tried it, but dont see any numbers.
Now I read this clue from the author ""@allthose who have not got the url change..get a word from each of the individual's name..and try to get different persons sharing the some name and then relate them..""

I'm going to sleep now and back tomorrow to try it..
Have a good night! See u tomorrow!

for 25, expand spoiler and change the extension to txt, you get some numbers, I'm stuck there cannot find any book to apply those numbers.

@faltu - not book ... go spoiler and apply line..word...letter.

Have beginning and end correct, but middle does not make sense.

POP! I've gotten alot of them in this riddle. Was one letter off.

Onto 26 now.

Thanks got it, michjean.

Thanks @michjean and @faltu..got 25

27: I dont know even to start, what represents these colors pls..

Lulu, search for an arcade game with those colours, one hero four enemies.
The answer format is
name of the game level final level number on that game.
I am not using spoilers, because it is all from their forum.

@lulu - "golden age" arcade game where there is 1 hero and 4 villains (represented by the colors shown) Hint: think chomping sideways and one villain is named clyde :)

I cannot do 30. Hoping for a POP, but not expecting one. Cannot seem to do anything with image to figure out sitcom. :(

@michjean and @faltu
I found the game...thank you...
but HOW can I play it? Or do I need only the google informations?
Sorry, I cant understand what they say in the forum, its many mix language...lol
stuck on the third 'number of that game'???

@lulu - name of game +last level able to get points on + max points in perfect game (all info given in wiki page)

pls @michjean,
Sent you a email to check for
Nothing works..@#*&

NVM...Got it...

phew!!..The most non-sense answer...
thank you for help...
@michjean forget my mail...lol

@lulu - Way to Go!! Sorry, but took son to park for a bit... we're trying to enjoy what summer we have left before PA gets snowed in LOL!

@Michjean, I went to wiki page for Indian sitcom and tried one by one for that. It's spoiler

@faltu, help!...cant find the puzzle name on 29...

Is the answer for 29 a number?

Lulu it 's spoiler. Go to wiki page and find number of moves. it is a long number.

OMG...I've tried that number...
but,tried with comma, dots, spaces...
thank you very much, my dear!!....

@faltu, @michjean..
Now I'm stuck again on level 30-c
Couldn't understand the"subtract", please lead me to get these numbers...Tks.

@lulu - imdb site gives numbers to each movie ... subtract them and enter the new number - it's the name of a movie (sorry, can't give spoiler - laptop is acting up) - look at numbers directly under movie name when you google - then google imdb + new number (that gives answer)

Completely lost... how to use numbers to get words from sublevels? Then how to google them... I have spent over an hour putting together word from each one and nothing works. (and it the finale really the title to a play - or is it a play on the words) Confused by forum and getting nothing on my own.

Help would be greatly appreciated :)

@lulu - back at my laptop now. google spoiler

thank you @michjean...
What would I do without you both...lol
Tried a few things on finale level, but still didn't figure out what is sublevel...
I'll try later..
I have to work now..lol

maybe something to find with SPOILER

Finally finished! One question though .... what were the other #s for? I only used 3 of them.

@faltu - did you use all the #s for the finale?

@lulu - I thought so too, at ((first)). Read hint between the (( )). Good Luck! We leave no one behind at EG24 :)

Duh! I just answered my own question... it was right there in front of me the whole time. heehee
So simple.

yeah!!...came back to finish!...
thank youuu!!@michjean and @faltu! for all helps..
You are the bests!!...
See you on the next!!

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