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Evolution Escape Walkthrough

Evolution Escape

[REPLAY] 58Works - Evolution Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by 58 Works. In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to escape the room by finding and using items with clues. Good luck and have fun!

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Evolution Walkthrough
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Going in!

Finally live and new!! Im sick of riddles LOL

Hmm think I just got clue for that arrow door.. Going to try it now...

Leroy... please help with door.... tried everything but not getting it!

Nevermind.... just need to look better at the statue.

Im still working on it but I do see an arrow round the door....

Still trying LOL Grrr!!

I get a book.

hello.. can i join.:)

In the scene with the statue, get a beetle and use that to clear the vines. Look at the fingers and count the wrist bands for the order.

Groooaan TY Martin

Sorry Leroy.. to caught up in game.
Have gloves and boots now, beatle used, mushroom, berries, and 3 diamonds and a yellow block out of submarine... and.... STUCK.
(did find bananas and gave to professor after which I could get boots).

LOL.. professor eating banana

Got jar and put berries and mushroom in.... jar won't close so something else has to go in I guess.

I have a mushroom, a cherry? and a stick.
Where is a jar?

Trade you the stick for the jar LOL. Jar is in room where you can put diamonds behind left rock.

Found a jar!

And out!

got blue gem under the rock on the stairs.

@Crook where is stick?

where is the stick you'll talking about

The stick is a pestle, you need it to mix things in the jar...get it from the shaded squares puzzle.

Ok... think I'm missing a lot of steps in between. Should I have taken the glasses after giving bananas??

Can someone help with the puzzle in the room with the "Z". I can't seem to figure it out, though it looks like it should be one of the easier ones.

Im missing a lot too LOL Just realised 2 shades of grey on that puzzle..

I also can't find the Bananas?

You got the gloves yet Melsicle? Put em on and smash your way outside...

A little help would be appreciated....

I thought that's what I was supposed to do with the gloves, it just doesn't want to work for me. I'll just have to try rapid click.

I hate that Z puzzle LOL

i still can't find hint for that shade puzzle,

Melsicle ... you hitting the correct rock.. it's the one on the steps!

Put the gloves on the boy. Then you can smash the rock and also the yellow gem for a key. Turn the key cover over for the 2nd half of the squares puzzle.

Stuck with shades puzzle too!

You opened the right panel Dark and Mel did you open character in inventory to put the gloves on?

@Melsicle - u need to combine the boy with the glove first

I just got it, I was clicking all over the rocks, I needed to click the very corner.

Thanks for your help.

Click the left tile for the next hint.

Grooaaaan again TY Martin LOL

Ah, thnx Martin... but making the square doesnt work??

Thanks @Leroy - i mean i still couldn't find the answer for the Z puzzle and Shade puzzle. Been clicking everywhere

Got it now!

No probs Leroy, I've caught the kitty and flown off into the sunset but will stick around for a little while cuz the last gem clue I didn't get and just lucked out in getting it right.

Do the Z first (1 click each square) then do the cross

I just don't get it... made the Z and then the cross.. how do you mean.... 1 click each square?

Yippee just kicked a goal!!

I can't get that fire extinguisher

@Leroy, how did you manage that one? That's where I'm stuck now.

Yep so Z is light grey. The 1 click each square for the cross.

Guys... please help with the puzzle... how do you do it?? First make al tiles grey and then click the ones to make the Z and then????

Mel You used the (now red) frog outside on the pole yet?

Make the Z, it will be light grey. Then without reseting it back to white, make the cross sign.

No test only the Z squares Leave the rest white then click each square once for the cross.

Testsite, start with all white squares then do the z and then the cross.

Oh thnx Melsicle and Leroy.. finally got it!!

do we still need to make the sleeping drug?

My ball keeps bouncing off the wall into the ocean, no matter where I click on it.

And I got it.

cause i don't have the color order.

How to make the sleeping potion?

I just noticed the gems have lines on them. But you can only see that when you are outside.

from the book, says that we need to put mushroom and some seaweed and use the pestle

Now I'm just missing the 4th Gem

yes @Leroy - but i don't understand the order.

Got the other mushroom.. now looking for seaweed.

@Melsicle - is it the blue one, if yes than it under teh rock on the stairs

Thanks again

Used glasses on door and now see figures... but what to do with them????

@testsite - where is it?

Mushroom where? Blue gem well hidden on the steps.

Ok again stupid.. star on top door so look at position of start to know which doorknob to use....

Did you open the right door where you can use gems??

@ testsite - where did u get the color positioning for that gems, yes i can see line on the gem but on the wall i don't know which 1 is number 1.

By just trying... figured that it went from dark blue to light blue to green to yellow to red to purple to blue again and white in the middle!

Just got in the right door test LOL
The gem colours relate to RGB so R+B is Purple etc and white is a mix of all colours LOL

@testsite - thanks and now manage to open the door, Thanks - big help

Now hurry because I'm stuck with another "placing the gems" puzzle!!

Ok just found it out... man... don't see the logic but Spoiler below....

from left to right: white, light blue, yellow, purple

Is there a second set of gems? Cause it won't let me take the first ones back out without closing the door.

Test did you get the plant yet?

give mouse to that cheetah. LOL

@Melsicle, you first need to get the rope at the black cat... found a mouse somewhere sorry can't remember.... then you uses the rope in the hole so you can get the gems and have another route to the place.
@Leroy... yes got the plant and made the potion...

Finally... out!!! You need more help??? Because I really need to go to sleep.... it's 2 oçlock here...

going to take seaweed now.

My game just reset itself. I'm not starting again tonight, as it's 3'oclock here. Thanks for the help guys, have a good night.

I guess you will find your way out now.... thnx for the hints. It was fun playing live again!!

Use the rope for the seaweed.

kriege das rätsel nicht raus mit den pfeilen,habe alles ausprobiert was mann mit der figur vergleichen kann aber nichts passiert

Good nite guys... sweet dream

LOL finally got to that missing cat LOL

Where did u get the mouse and the cat?

Drehen Sie die Maus über Marita

LOL Im finally out and flying with the seagulls!

@Leroy, where did you find the cat and the mouse?

       Anonymous  9/25/11, 11:28 PM  

Where is a ball? I've got boots and the stick from the shade square puzzle, but now I am puzzled

bin weiter aber ich kapiere nicht mit den 3 safes da,einer ist auf mit hinweis für mitte aber es passiert nichts

Mouse somewhere on the higher level after opening the star door...

The mouse is behind a gas bottle. The cat is outside, up a tree towards the end of the game.

Cat is outside.

You need the glasses after finding more the 3rd bunch of bananas

You also have the cat to left after first gem door with the rope that you need to distract with the mouse LOL

       Anonymous  9/25/11, 11:32 PM  

OK, used hyperfrog for ball and kicked the ball right into the goal for white gem - now I ponder on gem order

Random. white in middle and purple to the left.. You can work out the rest LOL

mir fehlt stößel,weißer stein maus .kreige das rätsel mit schatten nicht hin.habe 2 hinweise aber nichts paßt,beides zusammen nicht und einzelnt auch nicht

It helps to look at a colour wheel for the gem order (to open the door).

Marita, mit den Plätzen ganz weiß zu starten. Sprechen Sie die erste Form (Z) und dann die 2. Form (+). Google-Übersetzung, ich hoffe, Sie verstehen können.

       Anonymous  9/25/11, 11:52 PM  

finally out. 5 stars, pretty cool but tough


The only slight trouble I had was with that bloody soccer Click myself to do things didn't make much sense

hmm als 1 das z in dunkelgrau und dann die fehlenden anklicken die ein kreuz bilden auch in dunkelgrau? habe ich doch,aber es passiert nichts

verstehe nicht als 1. ein z in dunkelgrau,ok,dann wieder alles weiß machen und dann in dunkel ein + ? oder beides zusammen in dunkel? egal wie ich kriege nichts die platte geht nicht auf

       Anonymous  9/26/11, 12:03 AM  

Arms??? upper right arm #1, middle left #2, bottom left #3, middle right #4, upper left #5 and bottom right #6.

What am I doing wrong? Maybe I should just go read my book!

where's the clue for the star door??

@Gayle HINT this medusa-like creature wears a lot of bling ;P

       Anonymous  9/26/11, 12:13 AM  

Geeze! got it! Had the top two switched.

Arbeit you need the cool glasses to look at the "eye" door below the star door for that clue...


W = White
G = Grey
B = Black (dark grey)

AAAH the glasses thanks! I have them but I did not know where to use them

ah danke habs krige aber den blöden ball nicht ins tor geschossen

On your head Arbeits LOL JK

       Anonymous  9/26/11, 12:25 AM  

TY arbet! I really do enjoy the games that have no text, but I do find that a little worded hint would be helpful sometimes. Or I could try to be a little more observant!

       Anonymous  9/26/11, 12:28 AM  


Is this still really live?

Rare for me to be here!

finde hier und im spiel kein hinweis für planetenkreise

alright, there we are.

Now where to use the rope exactly? There is more than 1 hole there...

LOL Arbeits tie it to a ladder...

       Anonymous  9/26/11, 12:47 AM  

Jar and stick are where??

I should give up and just go to sleep!

kriege die katze nicht,wie könnte ich den fisch bekommen,für die katze?

ok the z/+ puzzle is not working for me... where is the clue with the + ?? maybe i have to see it first

@m 1) Schwarze Panther sind auch Katzen, und die jagen gern Mäuse :)
2) Ball mit Jungen benutzen :)

POP got it =)

Still don't get the gem order the second time.

By the way: to see the other clue, hit the yellow brick (use the man) to get a key.

Finally, found the order.

I'm stuck on the Z puzzle. How do I know that I have to do a + shape ?
I put the gloves on the boy, now what ?

pascale have you got the key for the safe to the left of shape puzzle?? turn the door around...

Oh, these gloves are special, they give a lot of strength !

Great, to be continued. Looking forward for next episode!!

Thank you for your answer, FuZzEL. No, I didn't find this key.

how to catch the cat high up in the tree?
found scoop, but the little bastard does not really go in ;)

Try to catch some fish arbeitslooser.

where is the seaweed??

Where's the hint for the gem order?

the first one s-t?? there is no hint. just think a bit when you mix blue and red you get ... so what is between blue and red? and so on...

Ah thanks Fuzzel,
Didn't think of that, but it is of course.

And how does the hint work for using the gems the second time?

dont know... still need seaweed...

Didn't figure that one out. Just found it by trying.

(if you think of it as a square)
white yellow
blue purple


but don't know why...^^

I don't find the key and I miss one hexagonal gem.

you get the key by smashing the yellow brick whith the guy

Thanks, but already found out.
The seaweed you get when you put the oxygen bottles on the boy (from giving banana's for the third time) and then go down the water in the hole and then go dow and left.

Thanks a lot, FuZzEL, I wouldn't have found this myself !

ok now i'm out... greate game =)

I've put the fruit and the mushroom into the jar, but the frog doesn't want to enter the jar...

How do I get the fire extinguisher?

Pascale, you use the stick/mortar in the jar first and then use the potion on the frog.

You need to go for a swim ST

An hyper frog, now ! Great !

ST, you need a lever (is looking like a screwdriver). You find it in the water.

Aah missed that lever.
Thanks Martin and Yvon.

Thank you ST, I found this just after posting...
Now, how do I ask the rope to the big black kitty ?

Wow, finally out.
Great game.

You need the mechanical mouse (turn it around to switch it on) and then use it on the big black cat.
I think the mouse was behind the gas cylinders.

Thank you again, ST. But I don't find the mouse. I think that there was a mushroom behind the gas barrels, but I don't find anything else.

I really think it was somewhere there Pascale.
You already opened the star door, right?

Evolution WT

Part 1

Minisub room
take the toadstool
Go forward to the sub
Take the frog and yellow gem
Back out and turn left
Hmm a locked door so go left again.
Take hidden beetle from upper right.
Use the beetle on the tree roots.
Go forward and note hand directions and the numbers of bangles.
Take the yellow gem on the ground.
Back out and turn right to the locked door.
So now put hands according to what you noted following the door arrow.
Go thru the open door and enter the left door.

Mad scientist room.
Note the professor munching a banana and a misssing cat poster.
Click the bottles to the right and take the power gloves.
Hmmm nothing else to do so back out to the pointy door.
Go right twice and see big rock and a small drawing.
In inventory open the man and put the gloves on.
While still in inventory open square gem and use the man on it.
Cool! a key.
Now punch the big rock.
Take light blue gem fromk under rock on the steps and the purple one from the right (under a rock)

Go up to Gem room 1
Take the bananas and jar under the left rock.
Hmmm need one more gem so go left and take the berries from the bush.
Now go right, back, right, right, forward to the Mad Scientist.
Give him the bananas and get the power boots.
LOL Yeeehaaa is right!
Back out of the room once and go left to the...

Z room
Use key to open left panel, then click on left panel again then click the right panel...
Gives 2 clues as to the code.
Take the book out of the left side..
The trick to this puzzle is to only click squares once so do Z and then do the cross.
Goody solved and got pestle. So read the book LOL
A recipe for Hyper frog!
Now open jar in inventory. Put in toadstool and berries and use the pestle on it.
You should now have a red liquid.
Open the frog in inventory and use the liquid on it.
LOL Hyper frog!
Go right, back, left, left, up then left.
Use frog on the rope upper left then pull the handle.
Now dont forget to put the powerboots on then kick the ball!
Okay 4th gem so go right.

The Gem puzzle.

Place the gems white is the sum of all colour so put it in the middle, red + blue is... etc

solution below

@ST, no, I didn't open this door, it is still locked. Thank you Leroy, I think that this WT will help me a lot.


Part 2

Ok go right into the now unlocked door.
You can explore here a bit but just go straight up the ladder.
Click the drums on the right til you find a new bunch of bananas.
You should where the scientist is so go straight back to him.
Give him the bananas and now you you have scanning glasses.
Return to gem room and go right, right.
You should be in front of the eye door.
Higlight your little guy to put glasses on and scan the door.
LO and behold hidden symbols
Note only the star symbols in left right fashion.
Go back and up to the star door.
Click door handles left right as you just noted.
Ok go thru the doors.
A lift! Click the right danger bottle. Geeze a fire now!
Take the toy mouse from the left corner.
Nothing to do here at the moment so back down the ladder.
Go right then left ta the eye door.
Open the mouse in inventory and turn it over.
Switch it on and give to the black cat!
Take the rope and return the bottom of the ladder
Tie the rope to the ladder and go down.
Cool another way back to the mad scientist.
Now go to the gem puzzle, take the 4 gems back return to the lift and go left
Another gem puzzle. If you look at the gems now they have marks on them that only show when outside.
Not sure of the logic so solution below.
More bananas LOL
So go back to the scientist and get the breathing pack.
Put it on and note what a cool looking dude you are now.
Back out and go left.
Dive in the pool and take the handle lower right.
Then go left and take the plant.
Back up to the eye door and go left.
Take the toadstool (bottom screen) and make a sleeping potion as the book says.
Now pour it in the rhinos water LOL
Clunk Rhino snoring now so note circles on the cell wall.
Return to the fire scene and go left.
Set the circles as noted from the rhino cell.
Great lift is working again.
While here use the lever to the right side.
Cool a fire extinguisher!
So go use it on the fire.
Note the symbols above the lift then go up in it.
Set the levers here as you just noted.
A ladder comes down so up you go.
Go up twice and see that lost cat but you cant catch it yet.
So down once and click leaves on the right til you see a net.
Now back down the rope to the Z room and go diving.
Go left and see a bluish fish.
Catch it with the net and go back to the cat.
Give the fish to the cat and you caught it.
So back to the scientist and give him the cat.
Aaah a key so back one and unlock the right door.
Take the wings and put them on.
Now all the way back up again and you are out flying with the seagulls
Yeehaa going bananas


Pointy door

Ulurru (up left etc)

First gem puzzle

Purple White Light Blue

Star door


Second gem puzzle

white, blue, yellow, purple

Lever puzzle


Lol Leroy, I just started to write but I leave to you now.

       Anonymous  9/26/11, 2:22 AM  

Outside gem puzzle:

Colour is irrelevant. When outside, you can see lines on your four gems. Those represent numbers, 1, 2 (the + is comprised of two crossed lines), 3 and 5.

On the board on the wall, you'll see hexagons with the same kind of line numbering. The number of a certain hexagon represents the number of adjacent hexagons.

The end hexagons have the number 1, a hexagon with two neighbouring hexagons has the number two, etc.

Any mistakes? I'll keep an eye on you Pascale LOL

Oh the circle puzzle...
I forget so if someone can post but it was pretty simple afterr knocking out the rhino LOL

No worries LOL ST cos someone beat me to a WT last week

Thanks for explaining that puzzle K. P. Norlin.
Now it all makes sense.

Btw. I never noticed the bracelets on the statue. I just mirrored the hands and it works too.

Solution for the planets/cirle puzzle, from top to bottom (or from big to small);


It was a very nice game, especially with people who give hints and help a lot ! Thank you !

Oh my, its still live, I've been in there for hours,
thanks to the lead players for some well needed
hints. TY

Escapin put the whole puzzle back to white then make a light grey Z Then click all the squares once only making a + But have you opened the left locked panel?

Might need to do that first Escapin

It should work like that;
W=white (not clicking)
G=grey (clicking once)
B=black (clicking twice)
it should look like this;


Btw. two little mistakes in your WT Leroy;

To find the second mushroom it's not;
Back up to the eye door and go left, but go right.

To set the circles it's not;
Return to the fire scene and go left, but go right.

But that's all (and like I said a minor thing), so Great Walkthrough.

No worries ST LOL I didnt exactly edit too hard.

The other plant is when you go diving in the Z puzzle room. TBTabby

ST me a sucker for punishment LOL

Does this mean we have to wait 2 years for the next episode Leroy.....

LOL Yvon hope not!

In csse anyone of the "late players" is still struggling with the Z puzzle, here's the thing in a graphic "walkthrough" :)

In the spirit of EGDALTWT:
(this absolutely fabulous game deserves at least two 8-D)
(& different WTs for different tastes)


(To see SPOILER, leave your cursor on it, till you see the answer...)

- you allready have a boy in your inventory

- you already have a boy in your inventory
- take MUSHROOM#1

- take FROG

- PINK GEM under bigger stone
- note sign on wall

- BEETLE right of cave (you see just its nippers)
- cut branches with beetle & enter cave
- YELLOW GEM behind statue
- hint on statue for opening door with needle switches

- open door with needle switches according hint from statue
- go thru
- go thru left door

- click on white cylinder bottom right & take GLOVES
- go all the way back till

- put boy the gloves on & he will punch the rock awa blocking passage
- take CYAN GEM behind topmost stone on stairs
- according to the sign on wall punch yellow square gem for KEY
- go upstairs

- take BANANAS#1, remembering professor ate some ;-)
- take JAR behind stone left of gem triangle on wall
- go back to the two doors & then left

- click on right square in wall for puzzle hint#1
- use key on left square in wall for BOOK & study it for potion hints
- turn key panel for puzzle hint#2
- solve middle puzzle for PESTLE
- go back to professor

- give professor bananas (he will cheer, lol) in exchange for BOOTS
- go all the way back till

- take BERRIES
- remember hint#1 in book
- give POTION#1 to frog to make a (red) hyper frog :-D
- let the frog jump on line hanging top left to reach the HANDLE
- pull line with handle for SOCCER BALL
- put boy the boots on & he will kick the ball for WHITE GEM
- (just kicking without boy and/or without boots, you'll miss the goal.. then just pull again for another ball)
- go to WT PART II


- from outside go back to

- put gems in the correct slots
- go right & the ladder up

- note the star on door & the two handels
- take BANANAS#2 behind barrels
- go all the way back to professor

- give professor bananas (he will cheer again, lol) in exchange for GLASSES
- go all the way back to the ladder & then right

- put glasses on boy & he will see the green-sign-hint for door
- go back & ladder up

- open door with the handles according to the green-sign-hint
- go thru

- take MECHANICAL MOUSE behind gas tank (oops, watch out fire...!)
- go back to eye & left, where danger sign is

- prepare mouse: SPOILER
- give mouse to panther (being a -big- cat too, he/she rans after the toy, lol)
- take ROPE
- go back to ladder & tie rope to it
- go down the hole & back to

- take the four gems placed before back (oops, door closed again...)
- go back to gas tanks & then left

- note lines on the gems (only seen outside)
- put the gems in correct slots for BANANAS#3
- go back to professor

- give professor bananas (& again, he will cheer, heheh!) in exchange for BREATHING APPARATUS
- go back to

- put boy the breathing apparatus on & he will dive in

- take HANDLE bottom right behind rock
- go left & take blue SEAWEED left on the rock
- (you can also play with the white fish, lol)
- go all the way back to the eye & then right

- take MUSHROOM#2 bottom left behind stone
- remember hint#2 in book
- pour POTION#2 in rhino's water to make the animal sleep :-D
- note hint behind sleeping rhino on wall
- go back to gas tanks & then right

- solve the planet-circle-puzzle to make function the lift/elevator behind gas tanks
- put handle in slot of in round thing in front of skull bottom right & pull it
- skull opens mouth & you can take FIRE EXTINGUISHER
- go left

- extinguish fire with the according tool ;-)
- note the signs above lift/elevator
- click on green button right of lift/elevator door to open it
- enter & go up

- set the levers according the sign hint above lift/elevator for LADDER
- go up ladder

- take hidden NET behind leaves to the right (click on them till you can take the net)
- go up

- although you have a net, you can't catch the cat (yet)...
- go all the way back to

- boy dives again
- go left & catch the white FISH (you may played before) with net

- back to cat to catch him/her with the fish
- back to professor & give him the cat for KEY
- go back to the two doors & the right one with key
- take WINGS
- back to roof & let the boy fly!!!

To Be Continued...

Many thanks to posters above: Without you, this WT wouldn't exist


It seems this game will get more than 200 posts...!
So to see the newest comments, look on the next page (click blue word «newest» above or under comments)

This game was excellent, but I would NEVER have made it through without all the hints and BOTH WT's!

Great Fun - 5 stars!!!1

Thankyou both sooooooo much for the walkthroughs!! And arbeitslooser, I was hoping someone would post a picture of that puzzle, it really helped! (I forgot to turn that other stone over, so had no idea how everyone knew to make a cross) LOL

Beautiful game as always from 58Works!!!!!
Thanks for all the great hints...especially to tie the rope to the ladder...TY @leroy!!!

And both Walkthroughs are terrific!!!!

       Anonymous  9/26/11, 10:42 AM  

What a beautiful game! And logical! And no codes for once! Just needed help for gems...
Many thanks!!!

       Anonymous  9/26/11, 12:00 PM  


IMO the clues for Z puzzle are incorrect. Each clue should be light gray on white. Then when you lay the tiles on top of each other it makes white, light gray, and dark gray. Also, would like to see clue for color prism, have never seen that color diagram before. Two pretty big flaws in an otherwise 5 star escape game.

Jo.C, of course, as sometiems even as much as 1000 words can't replace a graphical representation. Happy to hear it helped.

Gem puzzle in cave:

Gem puzzle outside:

And even with clickable links - lucky me!
(use right mouse button to open links in new tab):

click here for picture: gem puzzle in cave

click here for picture: gems outside

Wow, premiere, you're going to town!

Check out the toilet game again -- I made it out!

wonderful game, great WTs - thanks all

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