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Homer Simpson Saw Game Walkthrough

Homer Simpson Saw Game

Homer Simpson Saw Game is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. Homer's family has been kidnapped by the evil puppet, who's keeping it captive somewhere in Springfield. Help Homer rescue Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie! Good luck and have fun!

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Homer Simpson Saw Game Walkthrough
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Wow a new game! First?

Oh no! Gotta run! Will be back later to try again (NOT live :-< )

How do we get rid of Krusty?

What to do with the monkey in the church?

What to do with Selma and Patty at Homer's house?

Just starting..

I am seriously stuck and cheesed off!! One of my MANY problems? How do I get the monkey? Also the old lady won't take the cat. Oh and how do I NOT get squashed by the giant donut? :)

For that monkey, you need to open a pot and put a rope in, then play the flute. Now, can somebody tell me how do we get rid of Krusty?

Game wont load!

My game won't load - disabled adblock

@ Mark

Santas little helper needs some teeth

finally!! Thanks Mark!

its loading now...but sloooowwwlly

No adblock and no game here. Trying to load it in IE.

same here Miles1. Just at 34% now.

The smoking sister, you need to put on a mask and use the beer container. But for the giant doughnut, the old lady, the cat and the gym, I guess it have something to do with getting rid of Krusty. But Santa's little helper is the key, I just don't know what we need to do before that!!!

Roberto - I'm on FF. Only at 40%


So where can we get this teeth?

Doesn´t load for me...

zazie - keep refreshing. It takes forever to load. 85% now

Now it is loading, but slowly...

My game neither shows the progress bar. Just a blank screen.

oh no! Stuck at 81% - not 85.....

You don't need to get past krusty to solve the doughnut, old lady cat and gym. For me it took some time to find out there's more to do in (and around) the simpsons residence then I initially thought.

Took me a long time to finish this game, will give some pointers on request.

stops at 84%........ no progress anymore. Refreshing....

It seems is loading now!!! Praying!

42% now, i will come back later, i have to eat now.
GL to you all.

@ mark

Grandpa, but I'm not sure if you're already able to get there

Still stuck at 81%...

56% and going on!!!

10 minutes and still loading --95%


So can you tell me how to get past the doughnut, old lady, the cat and the gym?

3/4 of biscuit eaten!

setting up game please wait. Geeze, I hope it's worth it

How do you get teeth for Santa's little helper?

Got it! I`m in!

refreshed - now at 58%...

For the gym you need to get the duffman entree card , cap and glasses. Once finished in the gym, you'll get past the doughnut and after that the old lady

aahhh! stopped at 70%! Maybe I'm not supposed to play this game


So how do we get duffman's cat? I know it's that black cat with the lipstick, but where can we get the paint?

stuck in the beginning. Have bowling ball, pig and santa's little helper. What to do now?

throw the bowling in the window where you found that pig

It's another cat, the one in the statue. You do need the lipsticked cat to get it though

Thanks Mark!!

Okay, I can't even get out of the house. I have the pig, the dog and a bowling ball. Death gets me when I leave and the sisters get me on the kitchen. Can't find anything else in the three rooms

Philomena, throw the bowlingball out of the window to kill grymm reaper

Demora para carregar, estou quase desistindo.

@Jaap how do you beat krusty


I tried to put the lipsticked cat on duffman's cat already, but it didn't work. Do we need to color it? If yes, where can we get the paint?

Morziz, put grandpa's teeth in santas little helper

@Mark you need to get the hair thing from moe's bar second girl and wear it to cat aswell

Where to find the lipstick and where is the flute?

yes but how do you get to the retirement home,i have been trieing for hours

what gift do you give to Igor Smithers?




Not sure, I guess you need to finish some other things first. I'm in again and trying to figure out

@Jaap ok thanks

You need to get past (eat) the giant donut to get to the retirement centre

finalmente carregou.

anyone? where to get the lipstick?


Moe's tavern.

i just need to eat the donut but i dont know how

@Jaap thx. A hint on what to do there? talked to every one... no result


You need to use the reaper's cloak on moe

@Jaap how do you eat the donut


Once you're strong after visiting the gym, you can stop de doughnut and eat it afterwards

@Jaap thanks

How do we open the radioactive tank thing?


You can enter the left building of the reactor site as well

how do you get in the retirement home and wake Wiggum up without him shooting you? :/

Thanks again! Jaap!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Then how do we get rid of the dog in front of the castle? I know we need the bone, but what do we need to combine it with? And how do we get it?

Stuck. Don't know where to find the fluut, how to get rid of Moe or how to distract the cat in the statue.

i am sick of this game,it is getting on my nerves and i cant figure it out.its like its all linked together,i mean you have to get to the retirement home to get the teeth but you cant,you cant give the crazy lady the cat and you cant beat krusty

Okay I got the dog now, then how do we get rid of Igor?

Flute: Give Maradona football and water from moe's bar after you handed moe the cloak.

I have change cat for hat and shades. Now how to get to the Gym? It is still grayed out on my map

But how to get Moe out of the way?

@Napaku get the mask and put it on then use beer pump on patty and selma

@Yvon give him grim reapers cloak

Yvon do you have the cloak from the death outside simpson casa? Give it to Moe (after talking maybe)

Morziz, tried that, but it says why would i do that.

Hey, how do you get Selma and Patty out of the kitchen?

@Yvon talk to him first then

So... how do we get rid of Igor in the castle?

@Morziz: thx

Yes, talking did it.

@Napaku your welcome

jumping in!

@Yvon good

@ Mark

Which one was Igor? The guy behind the front door?

i got to go. probably be back in about 20 mins

This comment has been removed by the author.

how to open the lead container in Planta Nuclear? HELP

Oh I got him now, Jaap, now how do we beat the final boss? (the vampire)and how do we take the shield out off the knight?


Mask you can buy from Apu

Napaku: use that in homer's house

Iaaan: press the green button in the left building

IM at the last bit and what do you need to load the slingshot

@ Mark

left torch gives shield. You need the slingshot to beat the vampire

how do you get into krusty studio? please help!!

can someone please tell me where the flute is and how to get it :( im really stuck..


I tried that, but didn't work

Then don't aim at the vampire

i think someone said a soccer ball to the soccer guy ...where is the ball?? i can't do anything else..i have a whole bunch of stuff that i can't use yet :(

Anyone how to get money to buy the mask. I have snake knocked out...

@ Nepaku

Did you visit Flanders next to the simpsons house?

@jaap: Yes but he sends me to hell. I see i can do smth quickly before that. not sure what yet...

Try the holy water from the church and put it in a balloon

@Napaku: Use holy water from the crucrh with the ballon and throw it at flanders.

Napaku, I tried the holy water from the church but it did not help.

@Jaap: Great worked!

When I try to throw the balloon, he starts his conversation.

This game is extremely frustrating. Unless you do everything in order it seems you cannot progress. Unless they offer a save game option it's impossible to play these games as they take hours to complete on your own.

Have been playing for an hour but only unlocked half the locations. I have a fair idea of what items to use in those unlocked locations but don't know how to unlock them.

How do you throw the balloon? The guy immediately starts talking to me.

friwi - throw it at flander's head - quickly.

Can't get past the guy in the retirement home

@friwi: you have a few seconds. select the balloon filled with holy water and click on the guy behind the tree. his head or so. that should work

Thank you Miles1! Finnaly it worked.

steal his bat through the window

@miles1: Use the window to take away the old guy's paddlin.

aahh - thanks guys! This game is taking me forever!

Does anyone know how to get into the plant or krusty's studio?

how do i load slingshot to open window and kill burns?

@Odin: How to get into the nuclear plant?

Rokas - give the guy the rabbit's foot at the plant. No idea about the studo

Where to get the rabbit's foot? :D

does anyone know once off the boat what you do with the tree and the big gap

Rokas - I can't remember, sorry! Odin - where is burns?

to open container push the button on the second building and go up then push the green button in the lower left is key grab it ,container is opened take it with tweezers and give it to smithers behind doors go inside click on the odd flame and take shield then use key on door then idk how to use shield or load slingshot

In the retirement home go to the window and grab the paddle.

burns is behind the door where i wrote you must use key there is also family i know i must break window with slingshot but i cant load it

bj456 - use spiderpig on tree

Odin - I have the green thing and key... but can't find smithers - behind what door?

Found the rabbit's foot. It is at the sighn next to retirement home.

smithers is behind the first door you will use the plutonium on door where you made dog asleep

Great Rokas! How do we find a comfy place to catch the fish?

hi guys, can someone help me? after the talk with saw, there is a lot of places with homer in the centre but I can't click anywhere...is this a bug??

need help after you get off boat, when theres a big gap and a tree

@bj 456

Use spiderpig

@ ODin

Just put rock that was next to the dog in the slingshot

thanks i made it

How exactly do I get the monkey down, like where to click, I know I use the flute but how exactly, I don't know why I can't do it, please help

thanks for the help

I'm with pre.vale... I talk with jigsaw and then end up in the center of town and can't move. I'm clicking everywhere and even tried the arrow keys. How do you get this thing going???

first you must get rid of grim reaper to unlock some of them

Where I made the dog sleep?? I'm never getting out of here!

@jaap what else do u need, he doesnt work on its own just wearing the costume

How do I get the monkey down exactly, do I click the flute on the monkey :S

wurrrd - put the rope in the basket and put that on the floor under the monkey. then use the flute

@wurrrrd1717: Put a rope inside the pot. Put it in the church and use flute on it.


Did you let the spider bite spiderpig in the cartoon shop?


In that same bathroom in the comic store there's a bottle of sleeping stuff

How to get the fish. Have net but no comfy place?

How do I get past the police officer?

And how to get the spider pig? Have pig but no clue what to do...


Can't pass Krusty.
Can't pass Wiggum.
Can't find the xomfy place.

Any hints please..

thank you and sorry to seem a bit slow but where exactly am I putting the basket, it wont seem to work

@ Nepaku

in the kitchen of homers house, there's a statue of yoda, give it to the cartoon shop owner

I hope someone is writing a walkthrough!

I'd really just like to know how to start the game. I've talked to jigsaw, now what? I've done this 5 times now, what am I missing? Is this a bug??

Where´s tweezers to get the green bar?

thanks judi I'm not alone...please guys help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Judy click skip intro and 3 red arrows should appear to navigate.

Finally done it thank you

roberto - the old lady has the tweezers. you need to give her a cat after you've put lipstick, a hair bow and painted it white

help..game loads and i get the intro with the clown in the TV and after that there's just a black screen with springfields houses and nothing to click!! what do i do?

To get the spider pig use spider costume from the comics guy on the pig, then use the pig on the spider in the bathroom inside comic store.

Thanks miles1

Jaap - thanks for sticking around so long to help us!!

@judy do you have a skip intro??

so now how do i stop Ned

Rokas - have you caught the fish? I can't find a comfy place. Still haven't found the doors where I'm supposed to use the key

wurrd - fill the balloon with holy water, then throw it at Ned's head

Where do I use the green bar in tweezers?
Behind what door?

thanks roberto, but I just reloaded to try again and didn't see an option to "skip intro" anywhere!!

Mimi- you're stuck in the same place as pre.vale and me! Welcome to our nightmare.

@mimi me too, don't know how to start, judy how about you?

pre.vale... nope, no "skip intro"... mimi?

comfy place is the fish tank on policeman desk, but can´t get it.

I still could not pass the police officer.

@Miles1: No, i haven't passed officer Wizzun and can't get in the krusty studio yet.

Have you used the sickle yet? Where?

no skip intro here

@popset: Same here

Can't pass Krusty.
Can't pass Wiggum.
Can't find the comfy place.


oh come on...there must be something wrong wih us...I don't get it...

@roberto, where is the "skip intro" button? after the talk with the jigsaw?

As clever and funny as these games are, there are just too many objects, too many illogical steps, too many countdown timers in various scenes, and too much following steps in order it takes away the fun.

Have not used yet:
tweezers with green bar, somniferous, teeth, paddlin, snake knocked out, slingshot, sickle, spider pig and Santa´s helper.

I tried it in Chrome and IE, and got nowhere fast

I think we first have to do the police officer to get the fish tank, then get the fish and then go to Krusty, but there is nothinh I can do at the police station. I have not used the sickle either. For me the game started with an intro, which I skipped and then Homer slept on the sofa.

Napaku, use the dog with teeth to get past Krusty

I haven't used the sickle yet, and haven't passed the policeman

Roberto, teeth are for Santa's helper.

skip intro is to skip the conversation while talking to jigsaw.

roberto - give santa's helper the teeth

Oh, I did not notice we could take Snake with us. So maybe use him at the police station?

Use somniferous outside window at police station! progress!

Where to get a sickle?

OK Yvon, used the teeth, thanks, but still stuck after that,

Use monkey on the bee outside by the gate.

Ok, I reloaded the game, and my only option is to click "Start", then it goes right into the jigsaw thing and I have no choice but to go through the whole conversation, there's no "Skip intro"... and after that I end up in the center of town and can do nothing. Maybe I'll just give up on this one.

Oh, use the flute you get from Sideshow Mel outside Wiggums window to wake him up.

mmm...I on't have it, so I leave...enjoy!

Miles1, how to use the somniferous at the window? I am trying this all the time.

@pre.vale definately something wrong. I had no problems loading it the first game, but on loading it now it just brings up an advertisement for the game being released, as opposed to the actual game. Problem with inkagames without a doubt.

ok... I'm at the same place after talking with saw... no skip intro... tried several browsers... boring... no help anywhere?

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