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Hoshi Saga 7 - Ringohime Walkthrough

Hoshi Saga 7 - Ringohime

Hoshi Saga 7 - Ringo Hime is the seventh part of Hoshi Saga Japanese point and click puzzle game created by Yoshio Ishii from NekoGames. "Hoshi Saga" means "Search a Star" in Japanese. Point and click every places in every stage to find stars. Good luck and have fun!

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oooh i love these

ahh can not get it to load

be patient, game is loading a while

or try this link


thanks megi got it now

Amazing game! I love it!
thx megi!
struggling at the moment with stage 80, 90 & 95 (others are done)...
btw, where can I find stages 1 - 75?

premiere use search function and type hoshi saga - we've posted all parts of it ;)

in 90 we need only 3 parts of the star

Got stage 90 & found some links on EG24 & other games on NEKOGAMES...

ehm, (talking to myself) how about refreshing first?
Thx Megi!

open four corners and click all glass parts

ah, didn't drag in 95...
I suppose, that in stg. 80, I have to «draw» a star with this caterpillar thingy... (but I'm not SO good in drawing, booo!)

Stage 80, 85, 90 to go...
But to make it just 80 and 85 please tell Megi or premier,
what 3 pieces in 90 do I use (first cheat) ah well.


2,5,7 from left

85 click dots on the right side quick

Make that 80 and 90 left now.

Thanks MegiPoland There is always one that bites,

Now just stage 80

stuck with 80 (can't get that thing to draw a star to save my life!), 88, 90, 95, 98, and 100

any hints for 88?

click snake's last part (round)

click balls then click pink dot on the right side

don't have to make a star for 80!

@megi! thank you!!! never thought to try that with 80, just kept trying to draw a star!

@megi thanks again! missed that hot spot

4 left

95, 98 and 100 left

I would have never thought of that,
Megi, I bow in wonder at your foot. LOL

Rats! In 80, I clicked the tail before, but NOT several times...!
Thx again!

click grey part (top right side)

Stage 100 was easy for a 70's arcade kid.

Thanks MegiPoland for a late night treat.

going sleep now, good night :)

Dobra noc, Megi!

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I liked this game a lot. Finding the star is pretty simple in all of the levels. The hard part is trying to think simple.

92 is not loading.

Stage 79 won't load for me....

Actually, only stages 76, 77 and 78 loaded. I can't play any other stages - bummer!!

For me only 76 and 77 work. What a pity!

try refreshing the page and trying again..it helps me atleast.if you get 503 error then keep on refreshing for a few times till it loads

stuck with 80 and 95 =[

(to see spoiler, hold your cursor on it till you see the answer)

Ah, now they work. Pretty easy this time. How does 97 work? Very nice spoilers, premiere!

Aha, I drew a star with the arrow and the star appeared.

@premiere: Thanks a lot for the hints=]

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SOmeone help with 95, it doesnt wanna move

95: Hover cursor here for SPOILER

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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