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Jogos Escape: Small Room Walkthrough

Jogos Escape: Small Room

Jogos Escape: Small Roome is another Spanish point and click type room escape game. Find clues, solve puzzles and escape that room! Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Small-Tool]

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Key in Bed, number next to bed

Correction, letter next to bed, another key on wall art, another letter in shelves

another letter next to flower vase on right of bed

Keys get paper clues from computer desk

I thought I had the right password, but i guess not.

Two keys lying around

O, U, T, cards

U = 0, T = 2 clues

I think I need Third Key, but where is it hiding...Hmmmmm

2 keys, 2 letters and two paper clues

third key under tile on left side of bed gives another paper clue

Hey Small-tool, thanks for posting the game. Is it your room? :)

The last key is in a tile near the tall white vase next to the bed. Thought I knew the password but it isn't working.

what does the 123=321 clue mean?

I'm out after playing twice, clicked a banner ad.

Never saw number code for zero, but guessed it.

Thanks Jo-Ann, and Out.

dont forget the 'v'

got it. I missed the v in the clue. Out now.

I kept converting the V to a 5, over thinking that one


I got it already, but thanks for trying to help me Morgan.

Hey small-tool, any Tesshi out there, or TomaTea,
something nice before bed. LOL

easy peasy

easy out!
notice the correlation note!

Stroll Through

-Click pillows on bed, get key
-click right side of bed, pick up letter
-click between side table and flower pot, pick up letter
-click floor to left of bed, notice odd colored tile, get second key
-turn to the right, click wall art above computer, get third key
-turn right twice, get letter off of shelf
-turn back left twice
-click back of computer chair, notice number clue
-drag first key to top desk drawer, get password clue
-drag second key to bottom desk drawer, get number clue
-drag third key to middle desk drawer, get number clue
convert letters to numbers and follow password hint for password
-type password on computer
-turn right, click door, woohoo!

sorry, I know it's a short/easy game, just practicing a walkthrough, thanks for humoring me :)

you get O clue "legally" by unlocking bottom drawer

That's one of the fastest loading games ever !! Love that !!

I can't get the password. That bold SPOILER thing does not work with my IMAC at all. Could someone pls help?

short and sweet, thanks! :)


OUT=702, clue says, change to v207

nice and easy out

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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