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Griselda's Escape Walkthrough

Griselda's Escape

Griselda's Escape is another point and click type room escape game created by Rachel from Rogue Joker. Griselda the witch went to town to buy supplies for Halloween. When suddenly she was set upon by a group of irate townsfolk who didn't like witches. Terrified Griselda ran for her life with the irate mob hot on her heels. Without her broom she will need to find another way across the lake to her house. Help Griselda get home to her house on the lake before the angry mob catches up with her. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Rachel]

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So who's with me?
so far: 3 bats, 3 spiders, 3 toadstools, 1 basket and a stick. Oh, and a recipe to repair broken wood

matches, dry grass, made a fire...

impossible to remember where i found items, just a lot of clicking..
found worm with shovel-thing, and one by using knife

need one more spider, bat and worm

What do the worms look like?

I'm missing one worm

just need 2 worms

where did you find matches?

found last spider near the boat

KNife ??

knife is stuck in one of the trees

Matches - first scene - left hand side trees

matches, please? I've filled my cauldron with water and set up the wood and dried grass, just need the matches...

just 2 worms to go - have paddle - knife and broken wood

Oh, THANK YOU! I clicked all over those trees.

lol- your welcome

oh, crap, now I'm up the creek without a paddle!

last worm - have pumpkin and swamp worm !!

Yessss! Company! hi you all. I need 1 more worm, found all bats, spiders and toadstools. Worms are white crinkling lines, one you have to dig up - the other is in pumpkin (use knife)

Paddle - second scene (i think) there is a branch you can remove on its own to join with the spade head - if not its the first scene (my brain is not working)

Where did you find the last worm??

Has anyone found a paddle or a stick we can combine with shovel head for a paddle?

POP! same place the matches were found

Read my post Philomena - I have a paddle - just need 1 worm

you can remove a branch from a tree, i believe first view in trees on the left

last worm in the apple first scene in basket

looking for spare key now

haha, found the last worm! use the knife on the apple in the basket with the recipe

made potion, put the broken woods in, now off to repair the boat

oohhh got a hammer and numbers on windows

Time to do some math and break some things!!!!!


x - + ok - must be a clue

found a green cloth by the house

and out. The rest is easy, but I'll hang out for a bit.

cut open green apple in basket for last worm

wipe the windows with the cloth for the numbers

use it on the three windows on the left, a clue comes on, no idea where to use it yet

found a hammer in the bin

Smash the jar - you have a chest - cant figure the clues on it yet - sums dont add/minus/times

hammer to left of house, use it to break pot on right side of house

smased the vase with it, and a number box comes out

smashed i mean :)

oh, you have to wipe the upper part of the windows too

is everyone out?

Nope - cant figure the window clues to the chest ?

What a pixel hunt LOL

Totally stuck with the box and the numbers. Cant figure out for the life of me.

got it, use each number with the sign and the upper number. So for the first window: first number is 1x3, second number is 3x3, etc

and i'm out. Great game!!

sorry dont get it - too many numbers

and beautiful graphics. thanks to the makers!

I think most people gave up....

@ heidi: you want another hint?

Im being dumb - ignore me

Thank you so so much Ludje. I have been looking at the screen for the last 10 mins trying to figure that out.

each window gives two of the numbers for the box.
use each number with the x / - / + sign and than with the number of the upper window.

Next game please - that was actually pleasing - if i could do games like this -- id do loads - Well done !!

so for the first 2 numbers of the box use the first window. it has a 1 on the left, 3 on the right, an x sign and on the upper window a 3.
so you do:
1 x 3 = 3 this is the first number of the box
3 x 3 = 9 this is the second number of the box

on the second window you have to subtract, on the 3rd window you have to add

@crashandburn; you're welcome!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I sure could use a Where And How....from someone like Premiere....
A very nice game that I cannot finish without major guidance...missing 1 of each item...lol
I'll check here again tomorrow....(she says with a hopeful look in her eyes!!) LOL

I can't find the last spider!!!

The last bat, sorry.

I can't combine shovel head with long stick....help please!

@pierpor,first use shovel head to find a worm, then when the boat is repaired, put it in front of water,then you can clic on shovel head and combine the stick

argh - cant find the last spider :S

meh i give up : (

Is there a clue as to where to dig for the worm? I'm still short of spiders and bats too... random clicking is beginning to bore me.

I think I'm giving up too. It's pretty graphics but too much of a hidden object hunt for me.

For anyone who isn't giving up - the dig-for-worm hotspot is just left of lamp-post in view of lake with house - about half way up. I'm still short of bats and spiders though and have lost the will to click.

Could have been a good game if it wasn't for the pixel hunt. This was more a hidden object gaem as opposed to a point and click. Frustrating.

Can anyone please tell me where to dig up the last worm?
Think I tries everywhere, but no luck.

First view spiders:
- on pumpkin (on the barrel)
- top of left tree
- middle of right tree
- click on wood behind the cauldron, one on the right
- one on the lamp (clic 2X)
second view spiders
- middle left tree
- clic middle/up on second left tree, new view and one onthe rigt
- clic on boat, one on left tree, one IN the boat

first view bats:
- one up left tree
- one on right branch left tree
- up right tree
- clic on lamp, one on the left in the sky
second view bats
- up right tree
- in the sky on the left of castle
- up left tree

POP got it :)

I had to restart.
I could not put the broken wood in the potion.

I don't understand numbers on windows, can you help me, please?

Same here, can´t them them right.

for the numbers
1x3=3 (x3 is the upper number on window)

9-2=7 (-2 is " ")

4+4=8 (+4 is " ")

Thanks Bats!

@Bats: TY!!!!!!

Must be early or something cause that number thing fried my brains.

After having gone through all the pixelhunting trouble to make the potion, the broken wood won't go into the cauldron @#$!

Won't restart 'coz my fingers hurt :-/

In a veeery bad mood now...

how do you combine shovel to stick tried everything thanks

@Sue, read my post 01.17 for help

made the potion, cant put the broken wood in the pot. help

Hey Ginger, your not along, not only my fingers hurt, Im cross eye too from all that clicking, and still not done

I liked this game a lot! Thank's Rachel !! Would love lots more of these!

sherry - did you find all the bats, spiders, worms and toadstools? The numbers turn green when you do. I think I remember reading a post above where someone else couldn't put their wood into the cauldron, and had to re-start. It might be a bug.

Zoe Yes I found all and the #s turn green, got the fire under the cauldron. Tried everything. I dont think I want to restart, its too much pixing.

what about the hammer,help me please!!!

Pete B, hammer is just to the left of the house, low down between the house and the tree trunk. Then look in the trash can

I collected too many bats! Starting over!!!!

STILL!!!!!!!I cannot find that stinking last spider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
Thank you for the locations, @bats...but somehow I keep missing one! I think it is in the middle left zoom on second page...but, clicked every freaking pixel!!! no 9th spider!!!!!

one more time did it....moving on...lolol

Hugely annoying pixel hunt!

Am I too late....anyone here? I have all things to make potion but cannot put anything in cauldron or light a fire, did I miss something?

Oh got it, didn't realize I needed dry grass!

Tried to come back and played but got bored by the pixel hunting.

I am just so curious as to HOW david collected too many bats....just makes me laugh!!!!!

But, I am happy to say I did make it out...ages ago...lol I am also glad to know I am not the only one who was annoyed at the pixel hunting...LOLOL
Because I am usually alone in missing just one thing!!!!LOLOL

no probs finding the creatures (only missed the worm in apple - again the most obvious one, lol) & I already wanted to shout OUT, but nope...
& being tired at the moment of doing math again, I dared to cheat.. (plz, great spirit of EG24, forgive me again, lol)
Therefore: thx, Bats,
for the hint!
(only had to figure out first, what the "" in the brackets mean, haha!)

Solution correct figures are 875793

unde fac portiunea??

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