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Kaitai Dismantlement 14: Chapter Lunch Box Walkthrough

Kaitai Dismantlement 14: Chapter Lunch Box

[REPLAY] Kaitai Dismantlement 14: Chapter Lunch Box is another episode of this Japanese point & click puzzle game series developed by Gam.eBB. In this game, your aim is to dismantle a lunch box only with your screwdriver. It's the only tool you have anyway. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Annnnnnnnnnd Out.... Very logical, should be easy for most ;)

Cant get past even the ducks..........

Love these, even if they have been a bit too easy lately.

6 ducks to use 4 ducks in the clue, but 2 of them have a 2 on them...

LRLRLRLR isnt working. So much for 'logic'

Have no idea what I did but now the lid is off....


I have no idea what to do with the orange.

This has to be the most frustrating one of these yet - where on earth are the clues?

Right, got rid of the four 'octopus'

The orange has 2 screws...

Easy one this time. But fun and cute as ever :)

for the orange you need to align the 3 symbols to position #1 for 1st screw and to position #2 for second screw.

Four octopus
Nine bears
but not eight ducks??????

Escapeartist, feet number:)

Help! The chicks are driving me nuts. 1221?

Escapeartist (if you are still around)


number of legs of each animal.

Sorry for posting late, slow connection here.



try to think of 2 alternate sequences, the order should be 1212. Hope it makes sense.

LOL Antonia, you come faster to rescue, I will leave them in your most capable hands :)

Much obliged~

I was stuck with the orange quite awhile, thinking I had to find 3 SETS of 2 screws each. Not finding a 3rd screw, I backed out to look at diagram again, and BAM! the orange was gone! lol

MUCH easier than the others in this series I've played.

OK, screwing down food is just plain wrong.

Is anyone still working on this? Comments saying it's easy without offering any hints aren't very helpful. I got the lid off the box and that's it. What do you do with the octopi? Where are the clues?

Wow, that has to be the weirdest lunch box ever,
I wonder, can you buy mini-octopus and mini-bears
in a Japanese Spar. Probably.

Okay, so hearts indicate that those two should point towards each other.

Lunch Box Screw-Through
1.) Note the directions of chicks on fork - #1 left, #2 and #3 to the right, #4 and #5 to the left, # 6 to the right. Set the chicks on top of lunch-box. Return and open box.

2.) Open middle puzzle. Set pins to hearts. Remove screws, close, return and remove paper.

3.) Open Salmo-Puzzle. Note the directions of fishes. Click the bears in order – 123654789. Remove screws. Return and remove fish. Remove screw.

4.) Now the last puzzle – salad is healthy… Open salad and note the hints. Put figure #1 and #2 together to get a letter – HMQW. Remove screw, close and remove screw.

5.) Remove top from box. The right side (green dots) is not important, but the orange.

6.) Note positions of triangle, circle and star. Lets begin with the #1. Open orange and set the three arrows like the positions showed on orange-skin. Remove screw. Do the same with positions #2. Close and remove orange and paper. Remove screw.

7.) Open cheese. Set chicks like arrows – small side of arrows are the back of chicks. Remove screws, return, remove cheese and screw.

8.) Click green stripe, remove screw, return and click right side of box twice to remove green dots.

9.) Now for the bomb – count legs of animals and set timer to 8-4-2. Stop timer with screw, click green box, remove screw.

10.) Bon appétit!

How to open box,
1L 2R 2L 1R.

Point noses of octopus at hearts, unscrew.

Starting from top left follow the fish directions, unscrew.
Close, unscrew, return.

Unscrew. close/return. Unscrew.

Using circle knob, go to where the No1 segment is
Select inner dot with Star and find screw with Triangle
Using circle knob, go to where the No2 segment is
Select outer dot with star and find screw with Triangle

Four Chicks, Turn so heads to match feet, unscrew

Octopus = 8 legs
Bear = 4 legs
Chick = 2 legs
Unscrew timer....

Have Lunch.

*New EG24 policy*

Every game has to have TWO walkthroughs!


How to play if you've never seen this series before

You have a device that looks like a common household item (in this case, a Japanese lunchbox).
You have to remove layer after layer of pieces.
At the very end you have a timed sequence to dismantle a bomb.

Click the orange box.
Click the screw a couple of times to unscrew it.

Before you is an ordinary-looking lunch box with a fork (not chopsticks!)
Chick Puzzle
When you look at the fork, you see a clue of 4 chicks:
Left facing chick with a 1, right facing chick with a 2, left facing chick with a 2, right facing chick with a 1
On the top of the the box are 6 chicks. You can click them to get them to turn left or right.
How do you set 6 chicks from a 4-chick clue?
Note that 1+2+2+1=6
So try, 1 left, 2 right, 2 left, 1 right
Nothing seems to happen.
Hit the "return" button upper left.
Now click the top of the box and it disappears.
(As you solve the puzzles, you have to back out and click to get to the next stage.)
The top layer of the box has 3 active sections.
Click in the middle to see 4 pastries.

Octopus Puzzle
Click somewhere, and the round lids pop up to reveal the octopus puzzle
You have 4 little octopi (since they have 8 "legs").
The heads turn, 8 positions each. Where's the clue?
How about the hearts.
Try facing the octopi across the hearts
Suddenly, the tops of their heads pop off, revealing 4 screws.
Remove the 4 screws, then hit "close".
Click the octopi to remove the piece.
Remove the paper.
Now back out again.
You can now tackle either side.

Zoom on left side.
Click the Sashimi to reveal the Bear Puzzle
When you click a bear, a circle appears. After clicking all 9, the puzzle resets.
Look at the moving fish pattern above.
This tells you the correct order to click the bears.
Think of the fish as little arrows leading from one to the other.
Notice that the bottom right position never has a fish.
The top right square never has a fish pointing to it.
So, start at top left. The fish in top left tells you to go right, and then right again and then down. etc.
When you've done this correctly, 2 screws appear.
Unscrew the screws, hit "close", click the sashimi to remove it.
Unscrew the screw.

Zoom on right side.
Remove green lid to reveal 4-Letter Puzzle
You see 2 sets of symbols changing on the "eggs" with a plus sign between.
Each time they change, the number in the middle circle also changes.
You are being shown clues on how to build letters.
Imagine the sets of symbols on top of each other.
#1 is | | + - = |-| or H
#2 is | | + \/ = |\/| or M
When you've entered all 4 letters, you have another screw to remove.

Second layer
If you zoom on the apple slice, you can see how the pieces are interlocked.
Now zoom on the orange.
Orange Puzzle
There are 10 segments, 2 are marked with circles, 2 with triangles, and 2 with stars.
Click on the orange to reveal the mechanism. See three knobs (circle, triangle, star)
(Note also that the white layer has a circular hole.
So, back out and note where the circle segment positions are.)
The circle knob rotates the top "orange" slice.
The star knob rotates the white layer.
The orange knob rates the underlying orange layer.
Use the circle knob to view one of the circle segments.
Use the star knob to get a gray circle (there are 3 -- outer, middle, inner)
in the segment.
Use the triangle knob to rotate the bottom layer.
If you get an orange dot, use the star knob, then the triangle knob.
When you get a screw, remove it.
Repeat for the the other circle segment.
Back out, remove the orange and the "paper", and the underlying screw.

Zoom on the apple.
Open it for Chick Puzzle #2
See 4 chicks than can rotate, and 4 arrow marks that are chicken feet.
Turn the chicks in the direction that their feet would be to reveal 2 screws.
Back out, remove apple and screw.
Click the green plastic.
Back out and click the rice.
It still won't budge.
Go back to the "orange" section of the box -- 1 more screw!
NOW zoom on rice.
Here's the Bomb Puzzle.
You have 5 minutes.
Set the code (note the animals are wagging their legs)
Turn the screw by the "STOP BOMB" label
The light below the time turns green.
Click the time to find another screw.
Remove it to remove the last puzzle.

And you're out!


Now thats just showing off. LOL

@Dabbeljuh and @KatesKat -- thanks for your walkthroughs. The styles are different enough, that I hope anyone who needs it can find one to their taste and needs!

If anyone needs fuller solutions (mine is more a how to), you can find them above.

@KatesKat -- the wordiness or the highlights? Some one who is new to the games can get easily stuck (for the first) and the highlights were necessary because of the length. LOL

To anyone who was intrigued and hadn't played these before, search for "DISMANTLEMENT" and find some wonderful old ones. I think the Toaster was my first. The Temple was the most difficult that I've tried.


Your WT makes me smile :-)

Looks like the World-Championship of writing WT´s


Anyone hungry for a OctiBear Salad ?

PuzzledinCA, you are right,
for first timers these games can be tricky.

wow... first time I dismantled smth all by myself...
wish you all a great day =D

That was the first time I didn't need help too. Those are fun. I wish they made them more often.

oh man, that orange is driving me crazy!

hi there! :)

aaah haha POP. and out.

yeah! first time I ever solved one of these without hints! very cute too!

easier than usual. Only thing that tripped me up for a while was the orange, where I essentially brute forced it lol

       Anonymous  9/30/18, 11:46 AM  

caught this one from the random section & decided to post it as a replay (although not a classical escape game) - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Gam.eBB ☺
& thx Dabbeljuh, KK & Puzzled for the WTs

8:29 O bomb

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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