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Klueless 7

Klueless 7 is another free online riddle game and the 7th game in the Klueless series. All instructions for playing are given on the home page. The aim of the game: Go to the next level by hook or by crook. Good luck and have fun!

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ok any one playing here, i think my days of 7 tongues of god have some to an end

Hi bigtank. I am looking at it, but those 7's are meaning too much

well, I got to level 2!

Hey guys!
Lvl 2 currently xD

For 2: I can see a question mark near color red.
Hm.... rainbow does not work

It's not light, spectrum, prism..

ok have a look in the s.....
the other end
not got it yet though, hi nini and enjoy lets have a fun riddle

Hey bigtank and Enjoy.
After checking the s***** I thought of bl*** h*** but no

i got similar but it must be a url change i think

Hmm... the other side of spectrum.... That must be light (or white light idk) but can't find a valid answer

for level 2 look at the url and now think what the other end of spectrum is

Other side of the spectrum is a expression but as I'm not a native english speaker I have no idea what that means.

well i get b.... l.... do i change the asp at the end of the url

lol lvl 3!

I am on level 3 now! sally, are you on 2 or 3?

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still on 2

For level two think of the light spectrum. Also look at the url.

Ok.... lvl 3: Got a page w/ names and numbers related to rubix cube: God's Number.

on 3 Thistlewaite is an algorithm for solving the rubiks cube???

I am looking here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optimal_solutions_for_Rubik%27s_Cube

EnJoy, Thistlewaite proved that 52 moves is enough to solve the cube... And the other 2, that 20 is enough

arrgg what am i not getting here,
still on 2

I'm here: http://cube20.org/

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Bigtank ..

Do you want a spoiler?

bigtank - Opposite of ultra-violet

stuck on 3! tried all numbers..reversed them and tried too..

google the opposite end of ultraviolet

Sonal me too! Tried 18,52,34,81,25,43.. nada!

lol ty nini that did it onto 3 with you , are we being careful about posts , ruff
got a good telling off for posting too much on the last riddle we played

I got 3. It is right in front of you. No need to google.. just spell it backwards

Level 3 you don't change the URL. There is a answer box

OMG really? lvl 4! Thx Enjoy

well, not sure where to go for 4 yet

OK... on 4 all I can think about is: Surfin Bird By The Trashmen lol!

It's not the name of the episode :(

ok sorry but which bit is b......s c.....r

level 5!!! lol!

look at the clue in the URL. it says griffindor? not familiar with Harry Potter do they have a password?

Hint the song Surfin' Bird: ****,**** is the word! xD

nvm got it now

Obviously I am on the wrong track on 4. More hints Nini?

Enjoy u need to write the answer in the image not in the answer box above it

Is it b***, b*** ? then do you hit enter?

the word only once EnJoy then hit enter :)

Oh I got it. Must have been putting it in wrong

level 4 clever

Now plz gimme a light on 5! I've no idea! Googled over and over and found nothing usefull

still staring at 5 - nothing hitting me.

no idea on 5.

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5 has to do with a movie i think. googled the names on the page along with 2012 and got a movie

Source says something about fight among brothers. That happened w/ Loki and Thor...
No answer yet tho

aha on the same track nini

stuck on 4 as well

got it

Level 5 is the name of the movie

well its not l...

oops, posted late. nvm. got it

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thanks enjoy. I was trying to find a last name.

Lvl 6 hehe I'm overthinking :)

for 6 is it just a caesar cipher? not working for me

6 obviously rot cypher

can not get t.. a....... to work

well, I tried that and I got nothing...

for 5 it is plural and not with the

Cypher not working!

just use the second of the words you have bigtank. It's just one word.

T** A******* isn't working for number 5... so now i'm confused.

i keep posting late hahaha. sorry guys!

Guys gtg! Dinner time. Be back soon.

nini i think your 1.52 post needs removing . it gives the answer

Ok.. I have decoded the cipher. Now I am kind of stuck looking at cicero

how did you decode it? rot cipher isn't working for me..

I'm in the same place Enjoy, but I can't figure out what to put in as the answer.

i got the cipher too enjoy now to find what we need. its not the translation

This comment has been removed by the author.

what does the source clue mean

got it!!!

google the source code clue with cicero

This comment has been removed by the author.


OMG I had the answer all the time lol! Thx jbg!

I don't even know how to start on 7 yet.

ok. I got it too. saw it awhile back but wasn't sure what to put in.

ty nini for removing your posts. i am not a kill joy or anything, but this is a riddle not an escape game, posting direct answers/clues is not how it works. this is why we get banned from playing riddles at eg24 .
sorry if i sound like a pain in the ass, but those are the riddle rules.

bigtank np! I really didn't know my post would turn out as the answer. Glad u reminded me bout that :)

sooo.. we have a rocket, capone, and ???

lol even if you gave the direct answer tonight i would still not get it , bed time for me too much vino


I'm using TinEye to look for the pics

missle, capone and drake then the source??

got to a hotel history on wiki

Me too.

Got a list of books! :)

Dang! Can't find it.

what books?

The book series Horribly Famous. They are not 24 tho. :(

any luck on 7?

Not yet :(

Gotta go. Good luck EnJoy and further players :)

@ Nini. I am reading the riddle blog and it has lots of hints but they are not making any sense to me


clues from riddle blog:

Clue @lvl7 – What are the characters known for? Where do we find such characters?

i got it with a big hint from one of the clue…the answer is a famous character who loves adventure & has appeared in previous editions of game as well..

These have all figured in the answer you have cracked at one point of time. Though I couldn’t connect bottom right person still.

his might help : 24 books only of
whom? alternately google for 3 images together….

Not a book but a series…rather a character…
where will you find these characters?
a drug lord, a sailor etc?

another level 7 clue:

Level 7 hint:
Forget about the missile and people for now
Just concentrate on the page source hint. Which person or fictional character has traveled around the world in 24 titles? And titles has it conventional meaning, not like a honorary name or a WWF winning belt or salutation etc. You may have to browse through Apple Movie Trailers to get the answer.

Stuck on 9 need some more brain power lol

@ clee. I have been stuck on 7 for hours. How about a hint or better yet, a spoiler! Please I am desperate !

Oh level 7 created by Belgian artist Georges Rémi tou need the character name :)

Hi guys I'm here but have very little time to play.
Clee! Our savior.. give us a BIG hint!

Clee thank you! I would have NEVER gotten that .. never even came up on my google searches.

OMG!! So simple! Thx Clee

for 8 look at all the underlined words they all have a common then what latter does the common look like , then spell the riddle game with the look alike lol hope you get that

The letter in common is "L" I guess.

Or maybe the L's are uppercase i's!

LVL 9!

lvl 9 could be the Therianthropy Symbol

it says not a harry potter level but for X I get his last book y I get levi's not helping me

I'm on 9 now too. this is too hard for me! Level 7 did me in!

This comment has been removed by the author.

did you get names of books with that?

noope Clee o.O

I have Harry potter and the deathly hallows?

so harry book ISBN: 0545139708 so the X could mean 8

"not a harry potter lvl" says the URL :(


found this clue on blog:

level 9 x=7 from google and found out sum is 3+4=7, similarly the y =1 . what to do now

lvl 10 !

book is 7 so x seven adding up all digit it leads to 34 so seven. and the y similar is 19 total so 10 then comes to 1. i tried isbn of harryporter 1 but no luck. stuck any hit. src hint was to find y now i have y now what to do

ok Nini.. help!

lvl 9 is sooooo simple!
We don't need to find X just Y!
We found it already.. that's the answer :)

that was crazy!

Use this:

(will remove the link after)

I can't believe you got it.. thanks

Level 10 is not sirius :)

wait I'm missing what you did hehe

Is not Canopus either or Sun

OMG X marks the spot I didn't like that one at all

Clee use the link I posted and write the first nine digits then check what the 10th should be.

The constellation in 10 is called (not sure) Big Dipper.

got 10 look for the stars in the big dipper

lvl 11 ty Clee!

I just got it too... before reading your post. Patting self on back :0)

lvl 12!

How so fast Nini? I am googling the train now

EnJoy google the book + 11th of the 11th..
u'll get a number :)

Gtg now. See u. Leave HUGE hints heehee

Have to eat some dinner , leave clues please lol

Well the express ended on 12/12?? don't know if it is correct or how to put it in

where did she get the 11's I have 12 12 09 not working of course

Oh the title is the 11th of the 11th lol


Level 2 red.asp is not working

Level 2
it's not the answer you want The other end of the spectrum

it's not xray try that way

Level 8

look at the underlined words they all have something in common the answer is the name of this game but spelled different

stuck on 13 I need help lol

on to L9

9 was misleading to me it's a one letter answer lol

@Clee, for 13. Something's missing, that's what you need. Then look for the common thing between all those in pic. In the common thing, pick one and apply whatever is missing.

I don't know how to post anymore. If you don't understand my clueless clue, let me know. I'll email you.

help on lvl12

lol Ruff I think the numbers are FIB. I see the irc pic name but I have no idea to make that source work help please send an email to kick me lol

@jugs321, lvl 12: google what you see then use title to get answer.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Clee, pls check your inbox. Come and help me with 14. I don't even know where to enter the answer.

Jugs321 not navy who circumvented the world check out his ships ;)

thanks cle got it. Now stuck at 5 - Is this a movie or character name

@ Clee already tried the Ferdinand_Magellan route as well..hopelessly stuck drop a note jugs321@gmail.com

@jugs321, you're on the right track. Use title to find your answer.

damn pissed at myself. was focusing on people.

Ruff I must be to stupid I found opt in Romanian do I need the name of this language that is missing?

The misssing one is what you need to use on the think you pick. Not the name of it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Clee, it's 1 am and I have to go to bed, so I sent you another email. Hope it'll help.

Thanks Ruff I was getting close now on 14 :-) and happy

good night everyone!

hey nt getting 10

DDT on 10 use that last pic on the bottom right look at the star names one will work

thanks Clee got it :)

On 14 got to 14a and going blind with it lol

still stuck on 13. I have the numbers and get FIB, but I don't get what to do next.

This comment has been removed by the author.

well I am quitting for tonight. If anyone has any hints for 13 I would appreciate it.

@jbg - s p f i r c - Romance languages go from here. Very obvious now.

Nudge on 14 would help

I thought level 8 is related to the letter 'l'. So removed l from klueless, also tried clueless. Is it the right direction?

This comment has been removed by the author.

any clues for lvl 11

im stuck on lvl 9 - got 7 got 10..now what to do?

got it thanks

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Somebody help me on level 9! Got Aristotle is it the right track?

@Deepak, for lvl 9, think ISBN...

anybody go thru 14b, I am stuck there...

Stuck at 11 :( :( Christie is killing me..

yes, i need a hint for 11 too
do i need coordinates?

workin on level 5 for last 6 hrs ....need some serious help coz i never used 2 watch movies

never mind, at 12 now

mishuAnubis ....help me on level 5

@ ravi lots of hints for five above just google some names

Stuck on 13... Got all numbers and I know what they represent. Stuck

5: a movie with superheros from 2012, don't put "the" in the answer

help at 14

13: the next number in spanish

lol I was trying the name of the language not the number lol

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