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Reincarnation - TFHH: The Final Happy Hour Walkthrough

Reincarnation - TFHH: The Final Happy Hour

Reincarnation: The Final Happy Hour is another sequel of Reincarnation point and click adventure games series. Help the demon find the escaped soul and send him back to hell after making sure that soul has converted back to his old ways. Good luck and have fun!

Play Reincarnation TFHH
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OMG a Reincarnation! Love these!

Hi Nini, I love these too but always need help:)

got clip, sponge and chalk

Hi Kimbo! Got dart as well

Glass and patty

Combine dart and clip and open trunk to get medicine

Got phone from drunk guy

morning all.. going in.. :)

I'm stuck at pool game scene! Opened refrigerator while things were melting inside and clicked right and now I can't move.

Oh yay! I thought for sure there would be a Reincarnation for Halloween... better late then never!


Womenpower again - hi, ladies!

Tell me I won't have to restart plz!

Hard day at work. Brain dead. A reincarnation game and a glass... A Big glass of wine is just what I need. :D

Hi Jo-Ann and premiere!
Restarted and stuck w/ chalk, sponge and dead phone

lol used sponge and chalk to change price of the drink

got the bartender to go into the freezer and fix it, but when I go back to the bar, he is there again!

have also dart from pool table room, burned patty from fridge room, glass from bar
gave dude in toilet patty & glass filled with water, but forget, what he needs more...

is it a bug? or am I just doing it wrong, after he goes in, I thought I could lock him in with the mop, but it doesn't work and when I open the door again, it is frozen, and no bartender!

maybe he has a secret door he is escaping out of!

Ha! Now I have a reason to send the guy back to hell! To the freezer I go!

use dart on bell thingy left of pool table to make a lockpick

@Premiere, he needs medicine from the trunk of the car

Jo-Ann call the woman w/ number in bathroom and then u'll have a reason to trap him in the freezer

premiere..he needs something for his headache
I can't get the phone nor clean the mess,, stuck..

And I'm out!
Gtg guys! See u.

there is a hotspot on the chalk board above the bar tender, but nothing happens...maybe later?

ah, open back of car with dart/lockpick for medicine for guy in toilet - got phone now...

used sponge to wipe 'drink specials' board, used chalk on same.

@Nini how? the phone battery is dead?

whoohoo, got the phone

Bye, Nini!

sponge first! of course!

and out! lol

missed using the sponge on the chalk board Thank you @Kalidark!

after ice melt in fridge, bartender comes to clean up the mess, when he enters fridge, quickly go to bar, now reincarny is away & you can take his phone...

@Premiere, for me it was after I changed the cost of drinks. The guy runs out of money and leaves the bar. Then I took the phone.

call number from toilet & go back in bar to watch, what's going on...

Out. Great Game!!!

lol, Jo-Ann,
maybe I didn't wait long enough in bar...

What is all this medal on the hose things that pop up?

ooops, I meant the pilgarlic in bar is the reincarny...
go back to fridge, let it melt, bartender/reincarny comes, goes in, close door & put mob at door.
& out!

lol, moP!

don't know, Kimbo,
maybe you can gain points to get a reward,if you are a singed member of hell workers...!

LoL, premiere!

This is buggy if you don't do things in the correct order

The pop-ups are achievements from Newgrounds. They're only relevant if you're playing this on Newgrounds and have an account there.

-You start just outside the bar where the game takes place. There's a car with a locked trunk and a piece of paper on the ground. Pick up the paper and double-click when it's in your inventory to get a paper clip from it. Click the up arrow to go inside the bar.

-Now you're inside. You can go three ways from here: back outside through the exit door, into the restroom, or further into the bar via the right arrow. For now, go into the restroom.

-In the restroom, check the cupboards under the sink to find a sponge. Take note of the phone number over the urinal and the sink that you can turn on or off. Talk to the drunk: he says he needs some food, water and medicine. You don't have any of those, so for now just leave the restroom and go further into the bar.

-Now you're in the rec room. If you're on Newgrounds, click the jukebox for a medal. Grab some chalk off the wall next to the exit door and the dart off the dartboard. Combine the dart with the paper clip to make a crude lockpick. Head back outside.

-Use the lockpick on the trunk of the car. When it's open, click the trunk to get a bottle of medicine. Go back to the rec room, then click the down arrow to go to the barroom.

-The barkeep is the Reincarny: for those who haven't played the previous games, your task is first to catch him doing something evil, then to kill him. Listen to what the drunk says: He'll keep drinking until he's out of money, eh? Click the "Open 24 Hours" sign for another Newgrounds medal. You need the broken phone, but you can't take it while the drunk is there. Use the sponge to erase the drink price from the chalkboard, then use the chalk to write an exorbitant new price so the barkeep takes all the money. The drunk won't leave while you're there for some reason, so go back to the rec room and then return. He'll be gone and you can take the broken phone. Take the empty glass from the booth on the right, then go back to the rec room and use the right arrow to go to the kitchen.

-Now that you're in the kitchen, take the burnt patty from the grill. If you open the freezer and mess with the thermostat, it'll make a mess and the Reincarny will come in to clean it, walking inside as he does so. Evil thoughts are arising...but you haven't proven he's evil yet. Go back to the restroom for now.

-In the restroom, fill the glass with water from the sink. Give the drunk the patty, the water and the medicine--in that order. He'll pass out and you can take his phone. The battery is dead, so use the battery from the broken phone to charge it. Call the phone number on the wall, then go back to the barroom.

-In the barroom, a cutscene will demonstrate that this Reincarny is well and truly evil. Time to get to work. Back to the kitchen.

-Turn down the thermostat and open the freezer. When the Reincarny steps inside, shut the door behind him and use the mop to bar the door, then click the thermostat. Mission accomplished.

Drunk won't leave bar, he must have had a win at the casino as the inflated drinks price has not put him off.

Give up - he's still there!

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