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Obama and Pigsaw's Gift Walkthrough

Obama and Pigsaw's Gift

Obama and Pigsaw's Gift is another point and click adventure game developed by Inka Games. Pigsaw has kidnapped Obama's family to force him to play his twisted game on Christmas. Good luck and have fun!

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oooh i love these lets hope it in english

not even one item and allready killed by the snowman.......

haha...playing on the economy issues now

ok put the ladder up to the roof tried to put the candy cane down but says are you forgetting something

Have ladder (used but got back), candy cane (used), shrinking pill, flask of pink liquid (used and now empty) ... now stuck

there is a broom (halloween town, somewhere bottom left)

where is flask? Also filled fountain (use one of the skeletons)

turn off the light in the house through the window

then hit the gremlin over the head with the broom

@yvon flask behind far left house well hidden in same seen as fountain

ok got loaded blow pipe, killed the snowman candle dynamite and broom

thanks, totally missed that spot.

you can also get a candle from that scene
, can not get passed the grinch

filled watergun with green liquid from fountain.

Games a-gogo - Phew!
Merry Xmas, L&G! (again & again, for each game, LOL)

trampoline from gremlin house gets you the key.

what to do with the key


bigtank use fire cracker on the kids,light it with the candle, and the key goes to the door

rebenesque85, you need ladder, candy, pink bottle. Use pink bottle on candy. Climbe to the roof and use candy.

to get grinch climb tree then use combo of items to hit him

@ruben ty

ycon the candy is for the gremlins at macaulay's house. the grinch has the presents of santas

@ Magikcatuk what combo of ites? I think i've tried everthing except the right combo of items

floaty thing & stone

well i climbed the tree and set the floating stone, nothing i have works

have you put stone on top & pushed it

To the right of the rainbow. Use shrinking pil and blowpipe.

where is the stone

where you got pot of gold

@yvon what is to the right of the rainbow

hmmm for some reason it's not letting me throw anything at this guy

need to get to end of rainbow before attacking grinch

we need the stone ruben but i do not know where it is

lol omg that ottk me forever to figure out!!! thank you guys so much i was getting frustrated lol

ok how do you get to the end of the rainbow then

for gremlin (?) in cat scene: scene left of that, use ladder. Go in to the tree. Use floating stone. Put other stone on the floating one and give it a push.

bigtank ... use floaty thing

bigtank, use floating stone (where Jack was sitting on, after you give him the dog)

ahh of course ty i left it behind

and I saved christmas. I'm happy.

me too lol

Tried to catch up, but no chance with such a game...
although it's another ROFLMAO Inkagames one!
Btw: Where's the dog?

dog is behind the door. You need a key. You find the door behind the bathtub. Scare the kids with the dinamyte.

POP (ah, just love that, esp. on Xmas, LOL!)
Dog is behind padlocked little door behind kid's bathtub.

thx, anyway, Yvon!

POP is always better.

OK, out, too!
I saved Xmas together with the Prez, yeah!
Thx, saviours above, for the hints!

I keep giving the dog to the guy but he won't take it....

And can't find a spot to the right of the rainbow to use my blowpipe...Is someone still here?

never mind got it

where is the ladder?

nvm got it

where is the stone?

a bunch of useless comments. Still stuck with rainbow and blowpipe and missing regular stone (got floating one)

seriously, why even bother comment just to say you are out?!?!?!?

this games sucks big time and nobody to help, I am out of here, 1 star for horrible game!

Hey jocker, I've just got stuck and couldn't find help here,
we will have to wait for the Youtube walkthrough :(

stone behind dwarf on the right side of rainbow (to reach with floating stone). Use blowpipe, loaded with sleeping pill on him, then get the stone.

where are you stuck?

can i post a walktrough already or do i have to wait till tomorrow?

just go on & post your WT, for many pple, it would be a nice & helpful Xmas present & would surely make them happy...!
Thx in advance for it!

talk to pigsaw, 2nd option
talk to santa about his problems
go forward then go left
talk to reindeer
use the transporter got to halloween town get ladder go left
collect candy (next/behind the right house), candle (from back pumpkin), pink flask (left of most left house) and broom (before left house)
talk to jack about his stone (3rd option, learn you need a dog)
use the third skeleton (from left) to turn on the fountain
go to macaulays house (transporter)
use the ladder on the chimney
use flask on candy, you have a somniferious candy use it on the chimney
go down and take the ladder again, go to left window, turn on the fan
go to right window, slap the gremlin with the broom
go in, untie the guy talk to him
take the trampoline (table like thing on the right)
use teleporter go to halloween town
use trampoline to get key, fill the water gun with green acid
go back to the scene with the kids
place the dynamite and lite it up,
use the key on the padlock
get the dog, get shrinking pil behind house to the right
give dog to jack
grab floating stone
go with teleporter to rainbow forest
use floating stone to get across,
use blowpipe + shrinking pill on gremlin
grab cauldron and round stone
go with teleporter to the north pole, go right
use the watergun on snowman
use ladder on tree, place floating stone + round stone
push it, go down and grab presents
go back and to the left (reindeers)
pay reindeers
give santa his reindeers and presents
merry christmas!

This comment has been removed by the author.

hope you like the WT first i ever made if i forgot something or u need some more help just post it, maybe i will stay around a while
merry christmas

use ladder on tree, place floating stone + round stone

What do you mean place floating stone. Where?

Congrats, chikreeft,
to your first WT ever & welcome then to the Writers-Club!

- Halloween town: Jack talk, first option for more information about dog...
- Macaulay's house: you obtain EXPLOSIVE, WATER GUN & BLOWPIPE
- kids: you may talk to them just for fun... ;-D
- put explosive left of bathtub & light it with candle
- rainbow: take floating stone back
- tree: climb up ladder & on branch
- put reindeers on sled

BTW: In Inka games, it's always great fun to flatline...!

- being right of rainbow, take floating stone back
- tree: put ladder, climb up & on branch
- put floating stone right of branch & the other (normal) stone on it & push

Merry Christmas everyone

We never used the snowman's hat did we?

nope, HopeGrace,
merry Xmas!

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