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Small Tool Riddle

Small Tool Riddle is a new, free, online riddle game by Small Tool for EscapeGames24. 50 levels of brain twisting torture. No source clues, everything you need will be on the screen in front of you, that and lots of patience! To progress, you will change the URL. For more help on how to play, ask questions in EG24. Good luck and have fun! [Created and Subbed by Small Tool]

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Hi Guys,
I hope you will have lots of fun with this riddle.
It's an EG24 riddle, so hints, big hints, huge hints and even, when necessary, answers are allowed.
But don't forget, that's only with EG24 riddles. Don't do that on other riddles.
Anyway have fun and it will be a great help for others if you start a comment (asking or answering) with LEVEL **
In that way it's easier for others to search for the help they need.

Ok LOL first was easy...

COOL!!!!! I'm going in!!!!
TY Small-tool!!!

Thanks Small-tool and Jon for the riddle.

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 5:28 AM  

OK.. where do I put the answer? Trying to change the URL just got me into a loop of 'get a free iPhone' ads

HIIII nokra, leroy, faltu... first time that i catch a riddle game live... so cute...

Well, Eve didn't work for me.....so the question is....adam who? LOL

Hi!!! sabine, mary, leroy, faltu....

thanks small-tool for a new job for my brain... i hope, it doesn't sleep... knock knock... phew... no answer...

Hi all,

Thanks for the riddle small-tool and Jon

nokra... there ist written "first" wife of adam ;o)

Hi all!
Stuck in lvl 2.lol
Thanks for the game st and jon.

@MaryD, did you click the "mega tarts" to get to first lvl?
Then click "start".
You should have this url:
Change "answerhere" to your answer.

@nokra, you might need to google "wife of adam" lol.

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 5:34 AM  

Ooops found out how to do it but stuck already lvl 2

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 5:35 AM  

Thanks, incognito - I was doing something wrong but now I've got it. But stuck still LOL

Oh no brain twisting torture doesn't sound good lol. Hi everyone!

Thank you in advance small-tool and Jon, going in...

10 min. looking to yellow yellow and no ideas.

For lvl 2 I'm thinking of a flag, but not sure how to do it. Colombia didnt work.

Bloody rebus I dont get it LOL
Gidday all youse strangers some longtime no see LOL

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 5:38 AM  

helpppp yellow yellow..... I am seeing rainbows

i'm mixing colors with no result :( the 2 in the right corner means mix only two? or not mixing? lol...

Not yellowstone.

Hi all!!

I thought it should be greenorange but not..lol.

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 5:40 AM  

I think the 2 is the level number!

They are primary colors. Red, yellow and blue should be black, but nope.

Help from s-t, take the first letters of the two colours.

Well, I'm looking at a RYB color model, but you mean something with only RB?

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 5:44 AM  

Y oh Y? LOL

if lvl 2 is this hard, I can imagine what´s waiting for us.

Look at my previous post, the first two letters of each colour will give you a word.

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 5:47 AM  

Nope. Still don;t get it. Having a blonde (yellow?) half hour.

i don't get a word with blre or blreye....

green orange.. the first two letters

Hmmm on to 4 LOL



I got brylee... and other anagrams, but none works.

Congrats Small!!! you did it!! Goed gedaan manneke ;-)
Okay..I have a 10 minutes break..let's see if I can do the first level...pfff.. ( first let me download the game)

i am totally lost,new to this

I dont get any word using green and orange neither, wirh or without the other colors.

AAAALLLKKKKK.... ,3 ,3 ,3 help meeeeeee please... i get strange words...

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 5:53 AM  

Hmmm stomping off to add small-tool AND jon the watch to my Sadists Wall of Shame...

I am definately far too stupid for this.
Lilith / lilith / Lillith / lillith don't work and I'm not re-starting every time I get a level wrong!

Luv the colour blind help on 5 LOL

green..first letter=g

still can´t get pass lvl 2.

Sabberlientjeeee!!!,3,3,3 ...I have also strange things here..cant make the first url...aarghh...I only see hair/color/waves/faces....I do think my mind is not in the good mood for this,yet =) So...I have to leave :( and concentrate to my customers..

Good luck to allll of you =))

@rsa...veel succes ;-)

Hugggsss <3

Blue and yellow make green
Red and yellow make orange
And then basic riddling (take the first letters) and you get 'go'

RSA Momma Cyndi,
should work. Look at Jon's video posted on 12/15/11 5:49 AM

Sorry, faltu... when you said the first two letters of each color I thought of gr and or etc. I misunderstood. Thanks for the help.

I have to go now, just one thing.
I think its unfair to play the riddle in c-box together with small-tool. Why dont you play here and ask for help here? That way people coming after will have the same hints and same chance to play without feeling stuped. Just a thought and a wish.

Thanks for the game small-tool, I'll come back later.

pffffft.... i always used the wrong letters to anagram... no anagram needed... now lvl3

Thanks for your help @small-tool. I misunderstood the help from faltu before. I'm finally on lvl3 but leaving for now.

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:00 AM  

OK.. got past 2 with that help and now stuck on 3. I have been playing for over half an hour LOL.

5b has me wondering....

the webpage color is so black that's make me scare because i just open the house by accident and it's scare me

MaryD I'm stuck with you on level 3...

can´t translate SIURKT KIUT

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:05 AM  

baffled.. I am finding it irritating that a wrong guess sends you back to the start again :o(

ok..didn leave before...just wanted to do some levels. So did the first 2 levels..now on 3..but work is calling :))

Oh Ah I have now hit 7 apparently more difficult....

Icognito...you are quite right. Sorry. I was trying to pretend i knew what i was doing by asking for help in cbox.

Fact is, im stuck on level 3. Do i take the two us's out of the word Augustus? It leaves me with the word augt..and i get nothing.

Roberto look at the letters in turkish and english and note the letters in that phrase

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:08 AM  

I'm never going to make it to 7 ...

@clio... don't we need the father?

LOL Maryd I will keep an eye out to help

Sabine the thinker google it LOL

but gaioctavi is wrong too... :P:P:P darn romans...

@ Sabine, do we? The father of whom, Augustus Caesar?

Leroy... I'm all time in google... it doesn't talk to me... only romans... darn romans...

oh... you mean I have to google "the thinker"... lol... wait

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:13 AM  

clio rose - just take out one 'us' and think of 'thinker' (a statue) - the sculptor's surname is the answer

Help with level 4?



trying to catch up - stuck on level 3 too

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:13 AM  

And as for my comment about going back to the start ... how could I forget the back button ??? See what this game is doing to my brain...

Thanks Leroy.

Sabine LOL sleepyhead...

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:14 AM  

Ahh stuck on 5...

Donas what was 4?

lvl3: google augustus+thinker

Donas LOL see me earlier comment to roberto

LOL... yes Leroy... very sleepy...

forget the ant... :D but now I have ants again... in my brain...with that turkish...

I did give a clue to 4 Sabine LOL it is actually very simple

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:19 AM  

I need help for the feeble on level 5 ...

thanks Leroy, but still need help

dont get 4 either

ok! in lvl5 a clue for colour blind was given.
Any clue for a brain blind?

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:21 AM  

for level 4 write down the words Turkish and English and compare letters...


Just replace the letters.

Thank you MaryD. After (not reading your hint properly..grr) I was trying to put in the sculptor's fathers first name. Thanks again..on to the lvl 4.....

LOL roberto first letter of those colours spell?

sorry - dont get the turkish bit at all

roberto - How replace the letters

lol... blond... very blond... I'm laughing about myself... turklish? ROFL... engkish? kishon? yeah... I'm stupid... fine...




Got it, thanks MaryD and roberto

kiut sounds like cute... but it's not cute... its crazzzzzy

roberto - pls a solution - I am very blond here

s=s does not make sense

Tried "row" but not?


e replaces t, n replaces u, etc Swiss LOL

Sabine lol - it seems the swiss mind doesn't go beyond level 4

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:28 AM  

Oh dear.. 5b - 5b or not 5b .. up, side down ... sea sick as well as stumped AGAIN.

Roberto how many rows are there?

Haha 4 was fun!

Compare the letters positions in ENGLISH and TURKISH

Maryd google the rest of the song

thank you leroy - that finally did it :)

swiss, read the phrase below... take the letters from there and translate it like turkish and english:
T=E / U=N... and so on

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:31 AM  

I think I've tried every line in the song. The whole office is fed up with me humming LOL

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:32 AM  

Just give me a hint - a whole line or a word?

How many rows?

mmh its row,row,row your boat but not working

Thank you for the hints on lvl 4. Finally understood that i was lining up the word TURKISH above the word ENGLISH, and interchanging each letter in the clue. That was fun, but without the clues.. i wouldnt have had a clue!!! lol

lvl 5: I don't get tim allen out of my head... thinking about home improvement... rowrowrowrow... but i don't get the solution

lol clio - I am so clueless that I need clues as well

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:37 AM  

swiss miss, the rowrowrow is already there for you - you just have to finish the line

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:38 AM  

Still can't get 5b.

lol thanks MaryD - overthinking again

ops... down upside down? is it me or the riddle?

want help in 5b,please

My mom said to me: Don´t play this game.
I should have listened her.

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:40 AM  

welcome to my world swiss miss. Now join me on 5b LOL

also on 5b - down is mirrored

LOL look up the whole song. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Row,_Row,_Row_Your_Boat

Still stuck in lvl 5.
Nothing works

LOL 5b is the name of a puddin guy LOL

OMG...i was just about to have a tantrum.. I was thinking you were all meanies..till i realised ROW meant read orange white...!! LOL. Now ive got that song in my head..hehe

On 5b 'down' is upside down, so it's 'up' (and the stream on the pic goes up as well).
So you have;

Gently Up The Stream.

Well, just very basic riddling with that.

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:44 AM  

I've tried up, over, under...

roberto go that link I just posted LOL Those on 5b replace down with up and look at first letters LOLOL

ummm. maybe i had a small tantrum..lol I mean red, orange, white.

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:45 AM  

I've tried gently up the stream several times! Curses

clio - just "finish" the first line
row,row,row is there already

Clio was that the colour of your face while tantrumming LOL

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:47 AM  

oooooh thank you thank you leroy LOL was about to come indignantly back saying it didn't work...

geez, never heard this song.

MaryD- right track - shorten it

lol level 6 is this small when he was young lol

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:51 AM  

And now I made it to level 7. I think I will stay here for a while somehow...

lol Mary any hint on 6 - still looking at this photo

with you on 7 maryD

up the stream is not working for me

Level 7 seems hard...

Why lvl7 opens a new page?

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 6:59 AM  

A pic of Frank Sinatra - Who sang 'two tribes'? Frankie goes to...

ontherocks, small-tool referenced his earlier comment.. basic riddling.. just use the first letters

any help on 6 please

the line is "GentlyUpTheStream"

shorten it

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 7:00 AM  

OK I have to go now.. still staring blankly at level 7. I think braille may be involved but my monitor is smooth LOL. Good luck, will return later and try to get further!

stuck on level 7, too

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 7:01 AM  

Swiss Miss see my comment re Frankie.. for No.6

thanks MaryD - did not recognise Frank Sinatra

LOL Swiss exactly what you just said try first letters

Puddin boys father LOL

Every 7th level is a difficult one.

For level 7: You can't see, so you use Braille.
But the letters are turned, so turn the braille in the same way.
The pic name is, but you can hear, so you use Morse.
On the right side on the pic is 0 = -
So a not filled 0 in the braille is a dash.
And the filled 0 in the braille is a dot.


The video now has music! It won't help you play the game though! :D

My page adress in lvl7 changed to "lootmallsriddle.webs.com"

Do I have to add "/answer.htm" after that?

so you are way ahead... and i still have a phonecall... :(

Yep Roberto,
That's the way to do it.
FreeWebs only allows ten pages on the same URL, so then Jon had to use the trick to make another url.

The name of the image in lvl 7 is butyoucanhear.jpg
any clues?

ok thanks.

stuck on 8

Google it all together.

thank you st

and on to 8 finally !

do exactly as small said and it works :)

tilting letters I get senseless dots.

On to lvl 7, which i will attempt tomorrow. (looks like a whirling dervish on top of a potentially rude word if you tip your head to the right..hehe). Thank you all for the help to get this far. Night.

hahaha 8 is very funny - look at a youtube

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 7:28 AM  

Roberto, you need your dots in a grid, then exchange blanks for morse dashes.

level 9 - I have no idea who the chap in the middle is

●○ =K

turning it I get

so what?

Well. lunch time.
Maybe I need to eat something to bring me up.

roberto your first one is the F
the F is tilted so it becomes
then you turn this into morse
the top row makes a word and the bottom row makes a word
the top turns into -.. in morse = D

small - thank you for level 9

the chap in the mittle is Greenaway
so I take the green away from those flags which gives me
Japan and Indonesia - but taking the letters I get
pandonesia which is clearly wrong :(

Greenaway is his name swiss LOL

lol I know leroy - but you have to take the "green away" and change the flags

Swiss, only take the 3rd and 9th letter from Indonesia.

ahh small - it says 3-9 not 3,9

I think level 10 refers to the song from bob dylan "blowing in the wind" but no luck yet

got it - the spelling is not quite like the orignal

Thanks SM.

have you got it roberto - or do you need the solution?

yeah swiss, thanks for the tips... 11 now

Hi Gradow - also on 11 -
small said it refers to first Name, 2nd letter

but I am puzzled with the NAME

the picture's name is night... and I'm guessing that's a reindeer?

yep - and THEY have names lol - just got it

google is your friend

I think I got it's name but I can't figure out the code...

Title is; Silent.
Pic name is Night.
So it's about Christmas.
Pic is about a reindeer.
So find the 9 reindeers names from Santa and pick letters.
Not sure anymore if you had to anagram the result.

gradow did you google the 9 names?

you have to anagram the solution - it starts with V

Yeah! got it. but stuck on 10 now. thanks

Im still stuck on these dots... Theyre not even making real words...

roberto - google the date - it is a birthdate of a famous (dead) singer

DonneyD - did you do as small-tool instructed?
have you read all the hints?

do you want a spoiler?


Yes please... I feel so stupid right now.




hmmm stuck on level 12

Gradow how are you doing?

Please and thank you.

got it... now, 12!

not too good, sm... trying to figure out what is the trick to this one

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