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Adventures of Veronica Wright - Escape From The Present Walkthrough

Adventures of Veronica Wright - Escape From The Present

Adventures Of Veronica Wright - Escape From The Present is another point and click room escape game developed by Abroy. 21st Nov 2034 ... What are these things attacking the world? Veronica has been warned! She must escape! Guided by her great great grandfather she may succeed. But... is that all? Does Fate have a larger plan for Veronica? Have fun and enjoy!

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ooh i caught a live one

got a key in flour bag.

Don´t you get tired? lol

found a shovel in coservatory

Now onto this one!

got torn card and matches in game room. placed 8 ball. need order for balls.

played this in another site,quite confusing but good

Got a sword, getting tired of the Use menu coming up whenever i click on something.

use logs in fireplace
matches on logs
parchment on fire

Wierd game lol

ok brass key. got a hammer, the amulet sword torn card ,shovel placed the black pool ball but not sure what the order is. used the door knob upstairs for a clue

got weights in library using clue from note on fridge

hacksaw behind one of the bricks behind door upstairs

Cool...joining in.

where is the librabry

got machine part one from weights machine. where to use key??

nvm found it now

got a machine part from scale

use hacksaw on picture in hall

Got a film reel

used hacksaw on picture to get a hammer

Kinda boring uh?

got hammer behind picture with hacksaw

ok got two machine parts 1 and 5. cut down the curtains to make a rope

secret passage in garden with hammer

Where´s conservatory? Piano room? Can´t find the shovel

use shovel on plants in library

got a copper key and a film reel in the library

copper key is used in the conservatory for another machine part.

grrr colors on wine bottles do not match balls.

mrtelcom, i clicked on the blue flowers then the hammer but nothing happens

my key wont work in conservatory

it should work big tank. You should get a zoomed view of the floor first, try using shovel maybe.

got a rope from curtains in library.

somehow got pool balls, transformed into jewel

Colors of bottles in cellar DO match pool balls. Got jewel.

made a queen/king card in basement.

got a copper key in plant in library.

for weights in kitchen, put 425 and 175 on scale.
600 is code for machine

the hammer is used on the floor just to the right of the blue flowers.

OK, COPPER key is used in conservatory for machine part 5.

ty that helped got down the cellar, fitted film reel but i think it needs something else

the king of diamonds and one of the queen of hearts match up to make a wierd card.

Where to use brass key?

Found parchment on piano, put in fire for music. I hope I dont have to play it.

Would someone please tell me where the shovel is located in the conservatory.

the wine bottle colors do work on the pool balls.

on the right had side in the flowers somewhere lamb 777

where is film reel?

lamb, click in plants on right side I think.

Somehow I lost my copper key? I don´t remember having used it.

@lamb777n not really sure. Maybe behind a plant pot. I just clicked, clicked...

film reel under mat in library

i think the shovel was somewhere on the right side of the conservatory.

got into attic from door in basement.. plus sign and 5 petaled flower, insert card.

mrtelcom - film reel under rug in library

Thanks jbg for the post. Found the shovel.

robot played music and scared cat in attic. Used rope, heading down to garage.

I GOT A SD! Nanana na booboo

got garden shears too, heading to blue flowers.

got blue flowers, heading to nursery with SD.

mrtelcom did you just guess that thanks anyway.use the card in the slot

Scared the cat lol

SD in garage

got machine part two from jack in the box.

In garage now!

also battery in garage

Yupiiii!!! Found SD lol

got car key from vase, off to the garage.

machine part two

got doll from car. Solven code using graph in basement, got a code and heard something open.

pu the animals heads in order for another part of the machine

fired up projector with battery

got grammaphone needle from using doll.

Would like to know where the clue for shapes is.

How did you brake the vase?

got part 6 from grammaphone.

Where to use shears?

edgar it is the movie. how do you mess with animals?

This comment has been removed by the author.

ah, glovebox was opened for part 7 when I did dials in car.

grr - trying to work the dials in the car

opened the machine with code from car. Hint : backwards.

is there a clue somewhere and how did you break the vase

Used directions and steps from poster in cellar inside the car.

got the dials finally

sorry you do not break the vase cut the blue flowers with the sheers and put in vase

Hi everybody,

A detail that might be useful - this game is auto-saving and you can manually save as well clicking the menu button.

Good luck escaping!

Machine door opened here too.

ok, cant mess with animals, have brass key, 9 colored jewel, and amulet. what next? Also have a lot of machine parts, missing a few.

brass key goes in teh chest in the bedroom

found silver key where cat was.

So I put the film reel but didn't have any film. Did I miss an item? It seems it still needs one.

I can't figure out the dials in the car. Is there a clue for it?

still have my brass key also.

@jbg - the clue is on the wall in the basement

got part 4 from sliders in bedroom, off with animal head.

i put my film reel in and got a projection of shapes on the wall

are the shapes the clue for the keypad in the basement?

got part 3 from animals, off to machine.

ok i have the amulet and missing piece 7. got the order from putting the battery on for the film

shears on blue flowers in conservatory

can't place any chips.

finally got the dials in the car.

ok i have placed all the machine parts i have , still space for another

missing machine part 4

Missing part 7 only...

What did we got from slide puzzle?

mrtelcom they go in order of 123 etc, just follow the lines from the dials. i am stuck now

aha placed 1!


wow, to be continued.

ok did you have all 7 pieces

@roberto, slide puzzle gave the part 4.

click the dials in order of the movie, place amulet and you are out.

what do I need for the animals? Missing something ...

and out. Nice game but a little confusing at times.

Out too!!!

annaby, you need to get in trunk in bedroom.

LOL. My missing part 7 was in waiting for me inside the car all this time. Silly me!!

for the animals you have to place them on the correct date. The clue is in the chest in the bedroom.

annaby, open chest in the bedroom.

Yep Edgar. I missed the spot to use the jewel in slide puzzle. That was my machine piece 4. Thanks.

@Edgar: I did the exact same thing. I was looking all over for that last piece and it was right in front of me. Lol.

Out now.

I had to go back into car a 2nd time too.

Where was the clue to open the attic door? I did it by try and error.

AH - I missed the stuffed head!!

Anyone still here? I can't find the library, the weights for the kitchen, what to use on any of the toys in the nursery. only have 2 machine parts. Have no clue what to do with the diagram in the basement or the phonograph in the attic.

Please help!

@Lamb, enter the library through an open door by the left in the corridor. Be careful not to click the navigational arrow by mistake. They are very close.

ack - I'm missing piece 3?

I guess the weights you get by solving the books puzzle in library. Read the note in fridge.

Nevermind!! had it all along, lol

I brute forced attic door.

Does anybody knows where was the clue to open the attic door (those 2 disks??

hmm! I will play again to check! lol

Hi! Out w/ help of the attic code spoiler :)

Thanks Edgar! found the library.

@mrtelcom, those are exactly the shapes I was asking you about a while back when you replied something about the film. LOL.

Found it! The clue is the back of the playing cards.

I don't think there was a clue to open the attic door. I couldn't find anything for it.

oops nevermind I guess edgar found it. I should have refreshed before posting. Lol

Nice going @Edgar - and very nice to see you here again:)

Ok! I know where garages usually are, but can't find this one. So sad, I know. But I'm begging. I will not let this game defeat me!! (maybe?)

Right @jbg, that's why we could still zoom in them after taking the king torn card.

Nice Edgar! Now I can R.I.P.!

Use the rope in attic window to go down to garage.

LOL @roberto... en el buen sentido, eh?

So very nice to play live with you @annaby. Missed you all, and you too absolutely :)

haha! Of course!


have tried several order,..just not working:(

Parecio, muchas gracias, Roberto!

try with white ball on top

Spoiler for car dials:
(since it's a bit cumbersome to suss them out)


from top to bottom:
brown, red
yellow, black

Additional hint: think of ordinary cartesian coordinates in your maths class. That is, if you go from 15 to 55 (length units), the actual distance you've traveled is 40.

I just found out there is a video walkthrough for this game. Just click the ? at the bottom left of the game screen.

Wow, match now, thanks for the order=]

And where's the bedroom

lol! cartesian coordinates took me 20 years ago.

I have put my film reel in...well, more like it disappeared when I used in on the projector...the girl didn't say anything about it. There are no shapes on the wall. I don't want to cheat and open the door in the cellar without seeing the clue first! Help anyone?

Have you got the silver key yet? You got it where the cat was.
It opens the locked door in corridor (all the way right). There you´ll find the bedroom.

You don´t need the clue from projector to open that door. The clue you need is on the back of your playing card. Projector only works after you conect the battery on.

Just seen your post about the back of the playing cards Edgar...but I can no longer look at them :( This game seemed relatively logical until now!

oh more random clicking does the trick, thanks

But I can no longer look at the cards, Roberto...

Yes!!! I am out! Thanks for all the help!

BTW - if your not that good with math or you've been away from it for many, many moons (I can claim both) you can also count the blocks on the grid, each one is worth 5.

Do you mean you cannot longer look at the ones on the table where you took the king one from?

Divinyl - pick a character on the left side of the wheel. Click the right side of the wheel until it goes around one complete time. If you don't find the code that time, click the left side to the next character and repeat. I did that until I got the match required.

Yes Edgar...she just says 'I have already looked at that stuff', or whatever it is she says each time...no picture of the cards any more.

lamb777...that is *exactly* how I have just done it, out of sheer frustration! Ha ha...the whole 'sod it' effect!


Divinyl - "Great minds think alike" or "Desperate times require desperate measures", however I fall more into the category of "desperate minds require great measures.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the game.

film wheel and then car battery

Ha ha. Thanks lamb777 :) I'm actually rapidly growing bored of it, despite my progression. It's running reaaaaaally slowly (in Chrome), so taking ages to move between rooms...which is a pain indeed when having to go right from one end to the other!

Thank you nice people for helping btw...much appreciated :)

@Divinyl I think the slowness is also due to the ads using 1786136 billion colors. Sometimes it helped on my (likewise slower) machine to right-click the ad and set Quality to Low.

(Unless you already use AdBlock Plus, but not everyone does)

@Abroy: If ever there is a further episode planned, please let Veronica find a "room transmitting device" or something of that sort so we do not have to take the long route via "kitchen-conservatory-cellar-attic-garage" each time!

Since you have to visit many rooms several times (e. g. attic once for cat/robot and later for gramophone) this would be a huge improvement! Thanks!

That game was different...but I liked it. The going from room to room wasn't bad except waiting for the steps etc...I'm looking forward to the next one!

good game. I enjoyed this one a lot.

Yea Looser, carry over our "room transmitting device"
from a Selfdefiant Asylum, nice thought !

Ya never know ;p

man - 2 things really hung me up - the access to the library was not obvious, and the key in the attic was covered by the "?" icon - otherwise, nice game


I'll try to make this as easy as possible but the game is quite long and detailed. Here we go!

KITCHEN: Take logs, take strainer. Use strainer on flour for brass key. Note the numbers on the fridge.
Go right to ...

NURSERY: Take the black pool ball.
Go right to ...

GAME ROOM: Take the matches. Take a torn card from the cards on the back table and note the pattern on the back of the cards. Take the door knob. Note the pool balls - we can't use those yet.
Go right to ...

DRAWING ROOM: Take a sword. Take the parchment (paper) from the piano. Put the logs in the fireplace and use the matches. Put the parchment onto the fire to see music notation.
Go right to ...

CORRIDOR: take the left door to ...

LIBRARY: Take the film reel from under the rug. Use the sword on the curtains for a rope. Zoom in on the books and click according to the numbers on the fridge for silver weights (solution below).
Return to the ...

CORRIDOR: Click on the middle door up the stairs. Use the door knob to open it. Read the message on the stones and remove the middle stone which is blank for a hacksaw blade. Return to the ...

CORRIDOR: Use the hacksaw blade on the painting. Read message on back of painting and take the hammer.
Go left to ...

KITCHEN: Use the weights on the scales. Switch around the weights until the arrow points straight up. Use the total weight as the code on the red box for Machine Part 1 (solution below).
Go left to the ...

CONSERVATORY (I've always wanted one of these): Take a shovel from the hanging plants. Use the hammer on the floor below the blue flowers to go down to the ...

CELLAR: Zoom in on the bottles and Note the pattern on the bottle tops. Take the torn cards and match a Queen with your torn King to create a weird card. Zoom in on the door enter the symbols as per the backs of the cards (solution below). When you've got it right a slot will appear. Put the weird King/Queen card into the slot to go down to the ...


ATTIC: Give the sheet music to the robot - he will scare the cat and you can take the silver key. Use the rope on the window to go down to the ...

GARAGE: Take the screwdriver and the garden shears (both on the cupboard). Open the hood of the car and take the battery. Go back up to the ...

CELLAR: Attach the battery to the projector and put in the film reel. Note the order of the shapes in the movie. Go back to the ...

CONSERVATORY: Use the shears on the blue flowers. Go left and right to the ...

NURSERY: Use the screwdriver on the drummer boy for a handle. Use the handle on the jack-in-the-box for Machine Part 2. Go right to the ...

GAMES ROOM: Use the black pool ball on the group of pool balls and arrange them as per the bottle tops in the cellar (solution below). Go right to the ...

DRAWING ROOM: Put the flowers in the vase for a car key. Go right to the ...

CORRIDOR: Take the left door to the ...

LIBRARY: Use the shovel on the pot plants for the bronze key. Go back to the ...

CORRIDOR: Open the right door with the silver key and go into the ...

BEDROOM: Open the chest with the brass key. Note the dates and the animals and take the bison head. Click on the picture and rearrange it. Add the jewel for Machine Part 4. Go out and left to the ...

DRAWING ROOM: Put the bison head with the other heads and organise them as per the dates in the chest (solution below). Go left to the ...

CONSERVATORY: Open the cupboard with the copper key for Machine Part 5. Go down to the ...

CELLAR: Go right and not the directions and measurements on the map. Go left and down to the ...

GARAGE: Open the car with the car key. Take the doll. Set the compass and speedometer according to the map for a code (solution below). Take Machine Part 7 from the glove box. Go up and across to the ...

NURSERY: Use the doll on the stand with the other doll for the gramophone needle. Go left and down to the ...

ATTIC: Put needle on gramophone for Machine Part 6. Go up to the ...

CELLAR: Go left to the machine. Enter the code on the speedometer to open the machine (solution below). Put the machine parts in (as far as I can tell there's no clue to the order so from left to right they are: 4, 7, 3, 1, 6, 5, 2.
Switch on the parts as per the shapes on the movie (solution below) and ... then it all goes horribly wrong. To be continued ...


Library books: The code is: SP27O5I29L62ER. In roman numerals that is spXXVIIoViXXIXlLXVIIer.

Kitchen weights: Use the following weights: SP175OIL425ER for a total of SPO600ILER.

Cellar door: The left symbol is a SPOdiamondILER and the right is SPOrisingsunILER or you could just click each side SPO6ILER times.

Pool balls:
Top row: SPOwhiteILER
Second row: SPmaroonOILredER
Third row: SPblueOorangeILgreenER
Fourth row: SPOyellowILblackER
Fifth row: SPOpurpleILER

Animal heads:
Deer: SPO1903ILER
Small horned antelope: SPO1911ILER
Bear: SPO1914ILER
Bison: SPO1917ILER

Map and speedometer code: On the map look at each direct the lines go and how long they are according to the scale. SPOeast20ILER, SPOsouth10ILER, SPOeast25ILER, SPOnorth25ILER, SPOwest40ILER, SPOsouth10ILER.

Machine code: The code on the speedometer is upside-down, therefore the code for the machine is: S9P8O0I1L5E7R.

Just played and really liked this one :)

@ Emily what a wicked walkthrough!! It really helped me at some points :)

LOL - what auto brand it's supposed to be?

Nice game & puzzles. Liked the graphics.
Lot of detective skills needed to find out, where to use what (not always logical...).
A bit tedious, scrolling thru the inventory (& even to reopen it several times) to find the right stuff to use...
Great WT job, Emily,
Had to peek from time to time...

How to arrange the pool balls:
(click right to open link in a new tab)


(with aid for colour challenged pple)

As I had another switch order (hint: from shapes in movie), here my solution:
(click right to open link in a new tab)


@your comment about putting the machineparts together in your walkthrough, there is some logic to it:
follow the lines from each switch. At the end of the line from the 1st (most left) switch comes part one etc.

Where in the world is Machine Part Two?!

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