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Find the Escape-Men 25: in Mr. EM's Room Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 25: in Mr. EM's Room

Find the Escape-Men 25: in Mr. EM's Room is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you are locked in Mr. EM's room. Find the 10 Escape-Men, and escape from there (or do something in there)! This game has 1 ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape-Men 25 in Mr. EM's Room Video Walkthrough
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Yay! I LOVE these games, so glad they're back!

I have complete the cheese 20 mins ago and
I just stuck wit the 4 buttons device (rolling)

This one remind me on tesshi-games!
Found one escape man in drawer and a chisel with key in it

Second man on table, little bottle and salt.

woohoo... they changed... looking like tesshi-e :D
great... good morning @ll

SD from behind picture (hint from shelf)

3. man from shelf (hint from behind picture)

4. man from plant, 5. man from using SD on window

6. man from traffic light

Woohoo sleepyant is happiest ive seen her in ages

Anyone know how to work with the green buttons device? I know the hint at the back of the recipe but it seems that I need to put something one it...

Used key on glass cupboard to get a bottle of wine and 3-digit number from another bottle

Leroy :D hope you and lump are fine ;o)
and I really don't know if I want to taste this cheese ... LOL

Number opens the right glass cupboard for a wine glass and maybe hint "rose tea"

oh - and a handle

open the rose tea with sd @Anja

Used handle on desk to get a wine opener. Used it on wine bottle for 7. man and put wine in glass

Filled salt and water in little spray bottle

Found 8. man in water

Thank you sabine - changed the SD and then it works - got another key.

Key opens fridge for freezed escape man, cheese and mold powder

everytime I want to write smth, Anja wrote it already... ROFL

Used chisel on ice for 9. man

anyone opened the green mold powder? I nearly finished this strange cheese, but don't get this darn thing open...

Put cheese and salted water in microwave, went around, put in whiskey too, went around, put in green mold powder too, went around and tadaaaa: 10. man

@Sabine, you don't have to open it to use it. Wondering if I should have used block of ice on green light puzzle...?

just highlight the mold and click on the cheese

oh... no one wrote smth about the escape man on the car?

Sorry Sabine LOL

Have now green cheese - iih

@ jillydoc
the ice block will be used with the ice pick

hehe... @Lottie... I've done that already but didn't noticed that that worked... heard no sound.. thanks.... cheese is ready

Did anyone get the lights to work as on note? Tried it both ways but nothing...:/

so there should be some thing on the green device to make it work?

I think too that we maybe something need to put it on the green light puzzle first.

Thanks Lottie, already did that, wondered if I should have used on green light thing first...

I put the glass of wine on the table... hmmm... nothing else to do? the device with the green buttons, do we have to put something on it?

Under picture it said one more push...tried it on light thingy but nothing.

Also I only have 8 men. Don't know what I've missed! LOL

@ jillydoc
one more push on the device in the 9 grid cb

@jillydoc: push again gives you a green escape man at the end.

Got 9th man on picture order clue with one more push! LOL

Aww, thanks guys! Now to just figure out where to put cheese (doesn't want to go on table or green light thingy) and open last puzzle.

out of ideas... my big escape man don't want to drink the wine... and I can't find smth with the shape the would fit in that device with green buttons...

I also tried to put the EM in the ager... lol...

hey... where are you? have you all eaten that cheese and now you feel sick?

No, I drank all the wine and feel nothing! LOL

Looking for 10th man, but cannot find him...

Ahh, put salt water under tap and got #10!

@jillydoc: you found the one on the car?

I'm now confirming the exact method for the green buttons...

Anja? Lottie? Droopy?
only me and jillydoc? where are the others?

I dunno, Lottie said she was confirming the green buttons...

ah... Lottie is still here... I tried so much with the green buttons... we sure have to put smth on it... but...WHAT???

steps for green device:
1-press the buttons(white~green) according to the hint paper (from top to bottom)
2-press the buttons (green~white) from bottom to top
3-repeat step 1, click the lid,open

Self Defiant didn't release a new game did he? LOL

I'm still here. Tried to find other hotspots maybe for a knife cutting the cheese but nothing

I only had to unpress the third button and it opened!

My cheese is in the microwave oven, but I have nothing to carry water, and I don't know where to place the ice block with an escape man inside...

Did the steps down and clicked third button.


I wonder if we're to find a happy coin...?

so are there any HC?

Thanks @Lottie for rescue :D

@Pascale, there's a spray bottle over sink. put in salt then water.

@Pascale, you will find an ice pick somewhere...

WOW - thank you Lottie!!!!
Got a blue plate

@Lottie THANKS!!!

And out!

Thank you all

YES... I have a happycoin... after the conversation in the end you got another little escape man... and its written: happy coin will bring happiness to you :D

I feel incomplete! LOL I'm gonna see if there is a happy coin.

Shortcut to Lottie's solution: (great job Lottie btw!)

after first run, CLEAR ALL buttons so that all four show white.
(so either 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st or vice-versa, this might matter)

Then repeat step 1.

So no need to reverse steps from bottom to top.

good job Sabine!!!

thank you, but I can't find any bottle near the sink (or anywhere else).
I have : a recipe, 2 bottles of wine, a screwdriver (both flat and philips), a cork, an icepick (there was a key inside), a block of ice, salt, some green mould, a corkscrew and 6 escapemen. The cheese is in the oven, the wine in the glass, on the table.

@Pascale: but you have the little bottle from the lower right drawer below the sink?

POP, I missed the second drawer on the right side !

Aww, I didn't get happy coin first time, but I'm glad I went back! YAY!

@ Pascale, sorry I forgot it was in the drawer!

@Pascale, one of the bottles is whiskey...

any HINT where to look for the happy coin?

(just hint at it, but don't give it all away please)

@arbeitslooser, just wait until dialogue is finished and click screen.

(Speaking of which, funny enough that you needed a corkscrew to get the wine bottle opened, but the (likewise closed) whisky bottle opened for you automagically lol...)

don't be sorry, I should have searched more carefully !
Now my cheese is ready (don't tell me I have to eat this thing !), but I can't put it on the plate.
I have 7 escapemen. There is another one in the iceblock, I don't know how to melt it. I don't know where the other two are (I have found those who are outside, by the window).

@jillydoc thank you

Use the icepick on the ice, where you got the key from, and push on the clue for the picture again and watch the colors all the way.

Arbeitslooser, you are welcome!

And one in water, after some time letting water run. 8 escapemen, now.

Another opportunity for me to feel stupid : I don't have to melt ice, because I have been carrying an icepick since the beginning of the game...

@Pascale I did the same thing, thought it was a screwdriver! LOL

LOL this made me laugh...that little escape-man was perched on the big one's shoulders like a bird - rofl

Thank you Lottie for the green buttons device !

Now the cheese is in the plate on the table, I have 9 escapemen. Where is the 10th one ?

@Pascale did you push the button again?

@jillydoc, my only excuse for the icepick is that we don't use icepicks in France (-:

Which button, jillydoc ?

On the shelf that lights up colorful escapemen for picture clue. Watch it all the way through again.

Once again, thank you, jillydoc ! I hope that the big escapeman ate this weird meal, because I don't want to<! lol

the button to push twice - the one for the light box (which gives the order of the corners to push on the picture)

Yay Pascale!

See you later!

the button to push twice - the one for the light box (which gives the order of the corners to push on the picture)

Is it just me or it's almost exactly like the Tesshi-e game design?

That was brilliant, a Tesshi design with Escape-Men,
looking forward to the next one.

Missed the Happy Coin !

You get the happy coin in the end.
When you the text is over you get congratulations.
Then a green man pops up on the top left side on the table (maybe click the screen first). Take that green man and you have the happy coin.

OMG small Hi,

I was only joking, wow you really get a coin ? !!!

Have to go back now, TY

It's loading forever even after refreshing a few times. Tried id with or without AdBlock and in FF and IE.
Too bad I can't play it. :(

Had the same problem Catqueen.
It finally worked in IE without AdBlock, just keep refreshing.

Great game, but had to quit because I couldn't get that box open (with the green buttons). Even after reading above comments and seeing the hint, it just made no sense to me what so ever lol.

Oh I didn't realise people were still playing! Hello :)

For the green buttons, it's like Lottie posted;
First from top to bottom, then from bottom to top and then from top to bottom again.
Anyway click these buttons;
2, 4, 2, 1, 2, 3 (all should be green now)
3, 2, 1, 2, 4, 2 (all should be white now)
2, 4, 2, 1, 2, 3 (all should be green now)
and then click the middle part of the wooden device/box to open it.

what is the number for opening the right cupboard?

and why?

The number for the right cupboard is on the whiskey bottle from the left cupboard.

thank you small tool but how do i open the left cupboard? :-)

ok; i found the key in the icepick!

Having problems with opening the game again.
But I think the key for the left cupboard was inside the chisel you found in one of the drawers below the sink.

Oops too late.

Can anyone get the game to load? I am stuck on the "now loading" screen.

Oh just noticed your comment small-tool, thanks for giving the answer! I am not in the game now though but thank you anyway :)

Keep refreshing Chris.
When stuck "now loading" then in won't keep loading (the same when it's stuck in Swf laoding). So refresh. For me it worked in Internet Explorer after many times refreshing.

My game loaded after a couple of refreshes and waiting a bit Chris, hopefully it will work for you soon :)

I love these games but I've never gotten to do a walkthrough - here it is with thanks to the guys above (previous posters, not Gods) who helped.


Change language to English before starting (if you require English).

Open top left drawer in kitchen for escape man 1/10
Zoom in on high shelf and take salt.
Zoom in on tap and let it run for escape man 2/10
Open top right drawer for chisel. Open chisel for spade key.
Open bottom right drawer for spray.
Go right.

Zoom in on table and take escape man 3/10
Go right.

Click button on tv in middle of bookshelf and note code.
Open psychedelic picture with bookshelf code (solution below).
Take screwdriver and note hint.
Go back to bookshelf and hit button again for escape man 4/10
Zoom in on plant and take escape man 5/10
Go right.

Use the spade key on left cupboard.
Take wine. Take whiskey and note code.
Zoom in on red microwave-type thing. Open for a clue and recipe.
Zoom in on orange box next to microwave/ager and use clue from recipe card to open it (solution below) and take plate.
Zoom in on right cupboard and use whiskey code to open (solution below).
Take Rose Tea. Change over screwdriver in 'about item' to open and take club key.
Take handle and wine glass.
Go right.

Put handle on bottom right drawer, change over screwdriver again and screw it in.
Take the bottle opener.
Open freezer with club key.
Take ice-block and use chisel on it for escape man 6/10
Hit button on bottom of freezer.
Open fridge and take cheese and Green mold powder.
Open spray in 'about items' add salt then put it under the tap for saltwater spray.
Go right.

Use screwdriver to open left window.
Take escape man 7/10 from car.
When green man pops up on crossing light take it for escape man 8/10

Put cheese in microwave/ager and add saltwater.
Hit button then do a trip around the room.
Open ager again, add whiskey and do another trip around the room.
Repeat using Green mold powder.
Take out cheese and get escape man 9/10
Go right twice.

Look at wine in 'about item' and open with bottle opener.
Open cork in 'about item' for escape man 10/10
Open wine glass in 'about item' and pour in the wine.
Open the plate in 'about item' and put the cheese on it.
Put the meal down on the table and the big escape man in the chair.
After the outro and chimes another escape man will appear next to the fruit. Take it for the happy coin!


Psychedelic picture: Match the colours to the peoples' positions on the shelves so that Purple is bottom right, yellow is bottom left and hit the corners of the picture in that order. The order is (where BR is bottom right, TL top left): spoBR>BL>TR>TL>BL>TL>TRiler
Whiskey code: sp8oi1le6r
Orange box with green buttons: As per the card hit buttons in this order S2P4O2I1L2E3R1.

Escape men with a Tesshi-e game screen & graphics & even same keys...!?
Needed to desactivate adblock for this site (FF)...
Anyway, great game!

Therefore, in the spirit of EGDALTWT:
(at least two...!)

1) in drawer
2) in sink (turn water on & wait)
3) in fruit plate
4) in plant
5) from car
6) from signal light («catch me, if you can!» ;-D)
7) from cork (use corkscrew on wine bottle)
8) in ice-block from freezer (use ice pick)
9) from coloured men display (after solving pic frame)
10) from green cheese
--> gives BIG GREEN MAN
11) = HAPPY COIN in end screen (left of fruit plate) 8-)

- ICE PICK in drawer
- heart KEY in ice pick
- SPRAY in drawer
- SALT on shelf
- RECIPE & HINT paper in red AGER
- wine & whisky BOTTLES from wine CB
- SD behind pic (solution below)
- PLATE from green button box (solution below)
- WINE GLASS & HANDLE from CB (solution below)
- CORKSCREW from repaired drawer
- club KEY from rose TEA BOX (change SD)
- green mold POWDER & CHEESE from fridge
- GREEN cheese from ager

- open wine CB with heart key
- unscrew BAR on window
- put handle on drawer & screw it with SD
- open wine bottle with corkcrew
- pour wine in glass
- put ful wine glass on table
- pull button in freezer (opens fridge)
- put salt in spray & add water
- make green cheese according recipe
(close door, push button & make a round in the room in between)
- put green cheese on plate
- put plate on table
- put big green man on chair


- T->B & B->T & T->B
Click (L->R):
2-4-2-1-2-3 (all buttons G)
3-2-1-2-4-2 (all buttons W)
2-4-2-1-2-3 (all buttons G)
- click box lid

- shelf:
- colours from display:
- pic frame corners:

- on whisky bottle:

This comment has been removed by the author.

ST you are great with your hints for lesser mortals like me, i was struggling with the box when i saw ur post, thanx again, may your trbe increase!!!

Hey, aren't there any volunteers to try out my shortcut for the box? (I'm almost sure it works anyway)

as follows:

Click (L->R):
2-4-2-1-2-3 (all buttons G)
1-2-3-4 __or__ 4-3-2-1 (all buttons W)
2-4-2-1-2-3 (all buttons G)

In words, you do NOT need to strictly obey to a 6-way combination in the second "round" - just get them all white.

I know this is not live anymore, but this game was EXCELLENT!! Love the Tesshi-e graphics! And all the puzzles, etc. Very fun. MORE....MORE!!!!!

Out with no help! Took me a while to figure out how to open the tea!

Still cannot get this game to load....bummer!!!!

I just disabled my antivirus program...and it loaded immediately....Did you try that, @catqueen???

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