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The Ocean Around Me - Week Two Walkthrough

The Ocean Around Me - Week Two

The Ocean Around Me - Week 2 is another new point and click adventure game developed by Moshdef. Continue your adventure and your descent into madness as you explore new areas of the island in Week Two. Good luck and have fun! [Created and Subbed by Moshdef]

Play The Ocean Around Me - Week Two

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Remember the first one... giving this one a go :)

Ewww raw fish lol.

So far, gone through door and collected fire...

finally got the door open.

apparently I saved the island from evil storm clouds too.

This guy east so many coconuts! I just had to catch 100 (annoying lol)

Hi jbg! :)

Hi Jo.C. Lol, I don't know what he does with all of those coconuts.

To be continued....* SPOILER- At least it looks like I am on a bigger island -SPOLIER* LOL

Just went through another door and got to a different island and I'm out now. To be continued.

I know! And the raw fish Lol

So he somehow eats 100 coconuts and 25 raw fish in a day. I would feel sick too.

You can't really do any helps for this as it flows from one thing to the other. I would like to know what the game creator was smoking though

Week 1 and 2 are very nice to play BUT I had issues during the coconut game and moving around the chambers; the controls often got stuck causing me to catch spiders. Either the man moved without me touching anything or he didn't move at all.

such an odd game. The character seriously eats a LOT! And I had to check -- taking the entire bottle of pills isn't a good thing. ;)

I had a look, what I posted for week 1:
«Nice little game!» (ditto for week 2)
& «I wondered, if the guy is really mad...»
Nope, he's an experiment... (but I'd better not experience eating 100 coconuts or 25 raw fish a day, LOL)
Minigames were a bit more challenging than the last time & as a lousy Jump&Run player I even could pass that (easy one) here...!
☺ ☻ ☺
At least, that sequel has 13 comments (last one only had 7...)

LOL@kkf for taking all the pills :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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