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Without Warning Escape

[REPLAY] Gotmail - Without Warning Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to search the room for items and some clues to find the way of escape. Good luck and have fun!

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I get stuck early and easily in gotmail games, but going to try...

       Anonymous  2/23/12, 10:07 PM  

ok, you are not alone, I will help

       Anonymous  2/23/12, 10:08 PM  

is this game loading super slow, or is it just me?

Took a while. I have tape, a blade or something grey, another grey thing and opened the box by brute force. Leave the plant in to open things.

Yes, also language barrier..

Guess we make origami but I can't take the paper. Stuck after retrieving the book

stuch with ducktape, plant, sharp blade and somethink i think is a door holder...

With you Marko. Have all the numbers from the computer written down but can't figure out the lock password. Getting a cramp from clicking. Good luck .. bedtime. Checking back tomorrow :)

OH OH...Got a red wire from the dorrknob

       Anonymous  2/23/12, 10:21 PM  

if you click behind TV, a new website opens. It contains a hint.

Well shorted the electricity

moving along now :)

Dont forget to keep the door open with the stop before you take back the plant

       Anonymous  2/23/12, 10:31 PM  

ok, language barrier, I am going to bed

Closed the door now and got the key after seeing plane that I can't reach yet :)

Have cord hooked up to computer in 2nd room but nothing to plug into it. How to reach the plane?

ahaaaa. a wall thing under the black cubes

Anyone here? Don't know what to plug into the wall and cord.

Cant figure out the 4 digit lock code. Going to bed :(

still stuck at computer code..

Tried 4x453 .. # of sides to shapes in the book, but not correct

have no clue :( need it to open the bottom drawer I think...or the other door. I'm bummed.

Calendar must mean something but beats me. I'm bad at the math stuff

Maybe the number is what months 10 and 6 should be but I'm bad with sequences.

i think i have to sleep.. after 24 hours my brain simply isnt functionig..

Well goodnight. I'll wait for Small-Tool tomorrow lol.

Darn....just when I'm about to leave I find something else. There is a camera above the silver door that does not open. Fyi. Bye

Got the paper from in front of it.

Barcode does not work on top drawer. Going to try where the cord is??? Where is everyoooonnneee??

hope it's still live! hi all!

taking a long time to loooooooooooooooad....

Day-+ star ???

not going to sleep
got someking of meter behind big round metal...

Looks like the barcode did something to the outlet to the left of the desk in 2nd room. (sorry I said it was under the black cubes before)

cant get the little airplane..

took red wire from door and used blade on it, then put it in the elec. socket on the right of the three drawer chest. I think I may have electrocuted myself!

Well...does not open anything and I am at a loss. I'm not even going to look around this time lol. Beeeeddd. GL

LOL @MUSE I seem to be where you were quite a while ago. In 2nd room now.

OK I follow in your footsteps LOL

hello everyone

if you click the big sticker at back of the tv, it takes you to a url site -- lightning flashes and letters A, D on

LOL, hi leroy

...and also star on the hexagons.

anyone figured password on the computer yet?

Hmmm i hope you all noticed the blue glow around day- and red around +star.... Also the 5 blue red columns on the blackboard

The website (without warning) must be a hint for reading the calender: DAY - + star?

and the star beside the box in drawer two - I brute forced that as 11.

@Leroy, mine looks more like a white glow around D, A, and Y, blue around -, red around +, and nothing around star. Jeez, I hate Gotmail games!

_ _ D A _ Y - _ + _ star _ _ _

This comment has been removed by the author.

opened hexagoons with qr reader and paper with code
got little frog in one of them..

why/how JOL?

ok, if you add all the red circled dates and subtract all the blue circled dates, you get 11, which is what worked for the star 2 digit code.
@JOL, where did you get 0802?

got key wit frog

after moving frog/snake/fly to the lower drawer outside (this is like food chain game, and the mission is to avoid one eating another)

then, you will get a playing card
add duck tape and knife to it and throw to the airplane

observe the plane and plug that into 2nd computer to get a fax, from the fax, you will find the last code to 1st computer

i'll play this tomorrow as i don't have patience for this game now,to much of a language barrier for me

@MUSE -- your comments have been most helpful!
(I think I'm about an hour behind.)
I'm always missing important scenes.

The calendar is the clue to the box that you forced.
The clue behind the TV (opens in a separate window) gives you DAY with a star. The minus sign is blue, the plus sign is red (background light). You add up the red days and subtract the blue days.

and out
i think you need to throw the card for the first time without nife.. then pick it up again and then it worked for me..

how do you get the card in front of the camera above the door?

will play again tomorrow, cant finish this. language problem.

@JOL, thanks for the explanation on the frog/fly/snake.

Now, I have the card, but I can't combine it with the tape.

What to do with the L-shaped ruler from behind the big safe?

PuzzledinCA: use the L-shaped ruler to get a photo above the exit at first scene

I don't think I've found the knife.
I have the L-shaped ruler and a metal bar (that I used to strip the tape, but still have in inventory)

@zoz, I just clicked the camera, and suddenly had the card.

yes! the L-shape from the safe lets you get the card in front of the camera!

@jol, well I had the photo, didn't realized I used the L ruler to get it. Ruler is still active.

then use the barcode on the back of the photo on the QR reader (on the wall beside the hexagons in room 2)

Oh, @zoz, I just noticed that your raccoon is studying Japanese! Bravo!!

From the camera, you get the photo that you turn over to give you (presumably) the rules to the frog-snake-fly puzzle. Rather annoying carrying those animals back and forth (and I kept turning the wrong direction).

I don't think it lets you do it in the wrong order, but apparently you can only carry one animal at a time. I think it was.
-frog from office to drawer
-fly from offie to drawer
-frog back to office
-snake from office to drawer
-frog from office to drawer

lol, @PuzzledinCA, only my raccoon is actually studying Japanese; I'm the slacker.
I think for the food chain drawer, I placed snake first, then fly, then frog.
Now I can't get the playing card + knife + tape. @JOL or Marko, are you still here???

Arrrrrgh, it's 3:25 am and I'm stuck so close to the end! Halp!

Well, I can't seem to do anything with the card.
Giving up for the night.
(have metal stick, L-ruler, tape roll, hint book, and playing card).

Hi all!
Stuck with: knife, ruler, tape, note and playing card. Can't combine anything.

Please help . . . I can't find the camera

I'm in the same spot as you @PuzzledinCA. I hate being so close, and yet not quite there.
Oh, well, tomorrow (today?) is another day.

@zoz, same place as you. I was hoping you would have some brilliant insight! everyone else seems to have gone.

Hi! where is sharp blade please?

to first throw empty card on the plain
then pick it up
and then combine it with knife and tape..

@Patch, click on the door, then click above it. You should be able to zoom on the camera then. (Not the door by the cubbies, the other one)
Hi @Anja! Good luck, I think I'm done in.

@Marko, thank you! I did try that based on your previous comment, but I'll try it again (Hope springs eternal...)

Seb. The blade is under the computer desk in room one. You have to click on chair to move it forward and then click under the desk on right side.

Can't even cut off a piece of tape.
@seb -
Move the red chair forward, zoom twice under desk
(click white disk)
I'm not sure how sharp it is, but it stripped my wire.

Hi zoz!

Can't throw the empty card on plain!

tape was in one of the blue cubbies,
door stop was maybe to right of computer

Nope. tried throwing the playing card, the origami card, the tape, the knife, nothing. But at least I've made a real mess in the room.

Thanks Patch :)

I have to wonder if this is one of those GotMail tricks where some things must be done in a very specific order or they won't work. That has defeated me more than once in past GotMail games.

English version is probably yet to come, JUST LIKE IN THE LAST GAMES. (Impatient people.)

@Marko -- My card won't fly at the plane. Must have to do something else first that we haven't done.
The only other undone thing is that odd thing in the safe that just pops out in red and black.

Thanks zoz : )

Going to play "Finding Escape-Men 28"

hey, wait, where was the 0802 code used? and I still haven't solved the computer code.

@zoz, that's almost certainly it.
The electric shock thing may have unlocked the safe? (I think I couldn't get it open early, but that may have been after I picked up the plant and before I put it back).

Thanks too Puzzledin

@zoz, I thought the code came from getting the plane and I don't want to brute-force. Did you get a code from somewhere else?

@PuzzledinCA, @JOL had posted something about 0802 being used as a code earlier, but the comment has been deleted, so I don't know. I think I may finally have to go to bed (it's almost 4 am here). Good luck, everyone!

Have to do some work and will look later again.

Good luck!

I opened the 2 digits box with the hints (calendar and other site), but I have only some tape, a ruler (from under the desk) and an origami (?) book. I can take a plant.

For the 2 digits box, note the numbers with a red and a blue circle on the calendar. Go to the other site (back of another computer screen). As the hint says, add "red" numbers and remove "blue" numbers, it gives the value of the star number.

I'm totally stuck anyway with my tape, my ruler and my japanese book...

at the entrance to the second room the ceiling is click on the card there and then you can throw playing cards on a plane ...... find her a seat then you can add the yellow tape and a knife

sorry for my English :)

I can't access any other room, everything is locked.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Pascale on the door handle is a red wire Take it and use a knife on him .. insert the cable to contact the right of the cabinet of the fax (it gets a short circuit), you can open the door to another room ....

to pick up the red wire from the door handle flower must be in place on the floor

after using the plane (USB)on the computer, it will activate the FAX.
take the paper from the fax and fold it a few times, you will then see 0802.
Can someone tell me where to use this number?

oh duh, use it on the other computer..

thank you @Muse for all your helpful comments, I missed many hotspots/items myself

Can't throw my card in any way - so I give up - that's not fun anymore.

Anja, don't give up!! Maybe you have to do something else first, did you flip over the card to notice the back side? Maybe that's it, idk

Hi Truus!
Yes - I've done that!

Wait Truus - there are two notes/cards. Found one on ceiling in second room.

And there is the describtion to throw the card.

So I got it - yepeeh!

I just reloaded my game, took the card and tried throwing it without flipping it first, and it worked. so that can't be it, darn!

all right @Anja!! Almost there now..

And now I know where the number comes from ;)

And out

Thank you all for helping me!!!

Congrats @Anja :)

Thank you Truus :)

after throwing the original card to the plane
I lost it and can't find a spot to get it back...

Click the blue seats

       Anonymous  2/24/12, 4:37 AM  

can somebody please get me starting
all i can find is the ruler and the plant

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you. Yes, there is a round thingy around the door handle, but I can't pick it up.

This comment has been removed by the author.

TY, @seb...was wondering how to keep that door open.....maybe I won't give up afterall...lol

but...how do I use it...and why do people keep erasing their comments.....lolol

well, it is tricky...but finally found the spot to put the doorstop

nokra, I thought of having written an error but not, lol

i think i will wait for the English version

That was it! The card on the ceiling in the second room lets you put tape and the knife blade on the playing card, then throw that at the plane. Take the plane and plug it into the USB cord you attached to the second room computer. Click on "fax", go back to room one and take the fax. Click a few times to fold it, see 0802, enter that into the first computer, and out!

Thanks to all of you intrepid players who stayed up to figure all of this out!

where's the usb cord please?

is there anybody here? Ican't find the usb cord...

Just going in...

Slowly going in anyway lol

Usb is in cyan cb, opened with key where plant was (catch it with ruler)

which is the card we need to throw at the plane? I have two cards and a photo but cannot do anything with them. Only have the frog, also

@marijo, read Puzzledin com 12:16 about frog, when 3 animals on 1 st drawer, you can open 3 rd drawer and inside the card for plane

Anyone still around? Can't find the knife.

what's the email and password?

@missbrasil, the knife is under the computer desk in first room. Zoom on the computer, click to move the chair to the left, click to zoom on empty desk space right of the CPU, click under the desk to get the knife.


E-mail: gotmail_game@operamail.com
Password: letmein

thanks maia.

@p try aaa for email then aaa for pw

Many, many thanks to you, @tygrys (2/24/12 2:06 AM posting)!!!!!
Before you, no one mentioned the card-throwing instructions!!!!

Finaly out. Thanks for the helpful comments!

Oh, heck! I forgot to save it.....so, is anyone doing a walkthrough?...since I am starting over...lol

Thank you so much for the kudos Puzzled. It was so frustrating being alone in there. I am starting where I left off and look forward to your help as well :)

Thank you Truus...glad I could help. I'm dizzy trying to finish this lol.

I have scoured the comments 2 or 3 times....where is the playing card...is it the photo of the safe with the barcode on the back?

Muse....your comments got me well along in the game...can you help me finish? lol

Of course...the comments do not really help when many references are given to a *deleted* post as one that got them unstuck!!!!!!!!!

hi there, can I help at all?
give me a sec to start the game

OK!!! Now I understand that the card unlocked the doors in second room...I had tried them so many times in vain that I forgot about them....lolol
was wondering where you get the snake,frog and fly!!!!

nokra, you have to use the pic with the barcode on the back in the second room on the wall behind the desk (right side of the cubes).this will unlock the cubes and in one you'll find the 3 animals you'll need to unlock the drawer in room 1. there you will find your play card

oops, I see I'm too late now, lol

Muse, do you (still) need help or are you out yet?

Por fin!!! I got the playing card from the bottom drawer...I kept getting the impression it was in the ceiling...lol

TY anyway, @truus!!!!
Wait a tiny bit...I may still need you....lolol

ok I'm still here if you need help

oh, are you kidding me?????? I threw the card and I cannot find it again!!!!!!!!

I think one of the comments said to click the blue seats.

@truus...do you remember where to find the card so I can attach the knife to get the plane...I assume that is my next step....lol


Got it!

Follow instructions in Note above to log in to the game.

As with other Getmail games, there are many things you cannot do until you've done certain other things first.
If you get stuck and can't do something, check the earlier steps to see what you've missed.
I will point out the dependencies that I know, but may not know all of them.
If don't know Japanese, none of the comments are going to help.

Zooming in and out may be more than one click in and out.

Many thanks @MUSE for her helpful comments as she played the game. This is a model for all of us of the types of comments that are useful.
She found many scenes and spots that I overlooked.

First scene:
-Zoom on door handle and take red WIRE
-Zoom on red chair and click to move it left
-Zoom to right of CPU to take DOOR STOP
-Zoom under desk and take BLADE TOOL (aka knife)
Go right to safe scene
-Zoom on the blue cubbies One of them contains a roll of TAPE (UL)
-You can take the plant and see there's a key underneath, but put it back.
(It sits on a switch that enables you to open drawers and cubby holes in this room.)
Go right
-Zoom on green cubbies -- one of them is locked (LL)
Go right
-Zoom drawers under fax
--Top drawer has a the fly-snake-frog lock for opening the bottom drawer
--Middle drawer has a 2-digit box with a star cue
-Zoom on the right side of the screen/TV
-Click the the gray line/black square
--a new window opens
--hover over the hexagons to see a STAR BOX CLUE
Go right to first scene
-Zoom on computer
-Hit power switch
-Look at computer screen
--The key icon wants you to enter a 4-character password
--The other icon opens a calendar with some days circled (some in red, some in blue)
Go back to the star box and open it using the clue and the calendar
(You must have paged through the months of the calendar first).
You now have an origami book
-Zoom to right of fax stand to find an outlet
-Look at your wire and use the blade tool to strip the ends
-Stick the wire in the socket to create a short circuit
-Zoom on safe to take L-shaped RULER
-You can now open door to inner office
-Click on bottom right of open door and place door stop
-Go back and get the plant (there's a key, but you can't take it yet)
Enter inner office.
-Place plant in stand. (This turns on the power in this room.)
-Go back to plant stand and take the KEY
-Remove door stop
-Use key to open the locked green cubby; take USB CORD
-Go to first computer and enter code to open exit door
-In office,
-Open the four files on the computer -- see where the airplane is.
-Note second shows the plant still in front of the safe!
-Go out to first door and zoom above.
-See camera with picture in front
-Throw ruler to get picture
-On back of the picture are instructions about the snake/frog/fly puzzle and also a QR code
-In office, click wall between black cubbies and desk to see a QR reader
-Hold picture up to QR reader to unlock black cubbies
-Find frog/snake/fly figures
-Move frog/snake/fly figures (one at a time) to fax drawer) to get PLAYING CARD
-Go to inner office and click once on computer, then above the screen
-Throw ruler again to get card throwing instructions
-Throw card at plane
-Pick card up from floor (click about top center of table)
(you can repeat the above 2 steps)
-Look at card and add tape, then blade tool
-Throw card at plane again and pick it up
-Look at plane and see it has a USB Port
-In inner office, to left of computer is a round disk
-Attach USB cord and plane
-Click fax icon on screen
-Go to fax machine and see paper covered with squares
-Fold paper to get a 4-number code
-Return to first computer
-Enter 4-number code to unlock exit door

I remember there was something in room #2. open the door, go in and look up. But I'm not sure if that was the card you're looking for

And...Success!!! Thanks again for your help, @truus!!!
LOL I did try the code when I saw it in comments...of course, it will not work if you don't have the paper....great game !!!!!

Great WT @puzzled!!!!
I got out just as you were posting it...lol

How to solve
Star code is "DAY - + (star)"
Minus has blue background, Plus has red background
Add the red circled days (7,14,30,1,27), subtract the blue circled days (4,11,19,31,3)

Frog eats fly and snake eats frog
You can only move one at a time
Don't leave the frog alone with either of the others

You're most welcome @nokra! I'm glad I could help
And thank you @PuzzledInca for the Walkthrough


Sorry Nokra...I had left at that point. Got burned out after finding the ceiling card - duh. I couldn't throw it and so I threw my mouse instead lol. I never finished but I keep coming back..eeeehhhh. I'm going to finish it now thanks to all of YOUR help :) Thank you CA -I'm from Socal by the way..YAY..for the walkthrough!!

PS Puzzled...I was born in San Luis Obispo and still have family in Avila Beach :)

PSS...Last comment lol...THANK YOU TRUUS. MuuuuuWAGH

11 doesnt work for me.

OK!!! 11 worked after seeing the calendar. I restarted the game and didnt look at it a second time.

s-l-o-o-w loading

Excellent WT @PuzzledinCA! I know that was a hard one to write. And @MUSE, I want to add my thanks for all of your helpful comments early on in the game. It's so nice to have someone post something useful, rather than "oh, nvm, found it" or "out!". I mean, does either of those comments really contribute anything???
Anyway, great game, even better players!

HELP - Great WT Puzzle but ....you say "-Use key to open the locked green cubby; take USB CORD
-Go to first computer and enter code to open exit door"

Enter what code?ß where do I find it, its not mentioned in WT :((

@sue, i think you should ignore the -Go to first computer and enter code to open exit door".
It's not supposed to happen until at the end, probably a typo.

Haha, just the same line that confused the hell out of me as well!
But thanks to the comments far above (especially MUSE's) I could surmount that obstacle! ;)

Why do people keep calling it a card when it's a book? It's an instruction book on how to throw a card. I got it by selecting the square ruler and clicking the corner of the ceiling while in the entrance to the second room.

PuzzledinCA, thank you for the great walkthrough! Unfortunatelly, for me there's no way to find the final computer code. My dot paper doesn't want to get folded, and no matter what I tried to find out of the dots, didn't help. I enjoyed the game though, but just can't escape!

dang that was hard, even with all the clues

For those who are stuck on folding the fax paper, there is an origami book in the starred safe. Open the origami book, and the game will let you fold the paper.

Wow, that was a frustrating escape...

I'm glued to my laptop :(

thanks to Peke for suggesting this game

Thanks @eric911, I'm an idiot... wrote down the wrong answer for one of them

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