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Jupiter Escape

[REPLAY] TerminalHouse - Jupiter Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Gump for Terminal House. In this game, you try to search around the room to find items, clues, hints and solve puzzles in order to escape the jupiter room. Good luck and have fun!

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Jupiter Walkthrough
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hi, after first round:

blue key (used), found 2 number and position clues, and a triangle clue / hint

absolutely stuck

oh missed a view,

keycard with clue and another number clue

i am stuck with you Sue.lol i feel like i am missing a view

where is keycard?

well, got the shapes and the triangle clue, should be easy but i dont get it

scene right from the 2 monitors

click on lower grey wall square...new view with keycard and hint

Trying to help you. Did you look on the back of the keycard there's a code. Have 4 red square codes and a sort of triangle code. also saw camera.

@April left side of door with red handle

use keycard in scene right from green machine
now combine shapes from keycard with triangle clue,
but its not working for me

same here jacueline
i started from the black circle and followed the shapes like on keycard...but nothing happens

Also not working for me. Maybe backwords, going to try that, because it was written on the back?

The last one on the keycard is a hole, but also not working backwards.

Tryed also backwards but didn't work. Also stuck

YES it works but the zoom out, zoom on little box above it and pull handle!!!

omg, more codes..lol help

follow the triangle clue start bottom rt go uo and around ends in middle then u can turn off power

Thanks @sue; now ooutside

red keycard for left of green machine,

now need brains to help out :)

Lol, it worked after all, I was waiting for a sound.

Don't get the numbers clue.

I've stuck with the second code. My numbers are 24 17 19 but I don't get the idea

puu i dont understand 1 single clue

i thought the numbers behind red keycard panel could be 82 and 72

but again nothing happens..

the clues outside? stuck

Must be some math thing.

and what about circular safe outside?

i am missing a number clue i have 6 0 2 0

the clue outside says

1 and 2 will be 6 maybe (1+2)*2 = 6

works also with other numbers

2+ 3 = 10 (2+3) *2 = 10

Got the number code.
Now moved the thing with the goose in to the water outside

Must be 82 and 72, but not working.

you mis 3 hbear its in the white box where you pulled handle to go outside

Sue, I thougth abot it, too. But nope!

How April??

the hint was 1 /2 = 6 2 / 3 = 10 3 / 4 = 14
1+2 x2 = 6 2+3 x2=6

therefore 24 + 17 = 41x2 82 and
17 + 19 = 36 x 2 = 72 but nothing happens

April? what goose?

Wait -- what? So what is the answer for 24 17 19?

we are all on that Col

       Anonymous  3/20/12, 5:36 AM  

Hi all! Joining you but stuck at the same place.
I did the same thing as SwissMiss but nothing happened.

thanks sue

       Anonymous  3/20/12, 5:38 AM  

@hbear Where did you get the number 2?

I also don't get the lower code ouside. I have 5 codes but dont know how to let them work. April, we are all waiting for youre answer.

       Anonymous  3/20/12, 5:39 AM  

April can you please explain the number code?

hey Hbear where did you find the number 2 from 6020??? I have found 6030...

mabe april is in another game...

I was able to use the right computer monitor, clicked on the "goose" (the lamp looking thing outside) and it lowers into the water

Jacqueline I thing you aline the number with the symbole which gives you a number in the red square

did you get that!!!!

still dont understand the other clues outside,

cannot input 5 numbers on big kettle...

bet its related to the 2. clue outside (dial)

and what about the shape clue ON red keycard????

My numbers, if I am not wrong are 26300.
For red key safe, also 82 72 not working

       Anonymous  3/20/12, 5:42 AM  

with goose means april that thing outside above the water ; look at the second computer screen and click on it

sorry 2 om back of blue card do we all have different numbers

thanks Irisheyes!

once the "goose" is lowered, the 5 number code on the cylinder in the corner can be entered...I am still missing the first number.

@irish, thanks for that! So 82 and 72 are working!

OK the maybe 82 and 72 ARE right...because the right monitor works

omg, after inputting codes you must check somewhere else

I like the lake scene. Shocking, almost, to see a serene nature environment in one of these futuristic, almost airless games!

oh yeah forgot about that one!!! thanx
number 3 is inside the panel with the red lever to outside door

       Anonymous  3/20/12, 5:44 AM  

@urban: where did you get your number 2?

code spoiler for boiler thing


@blom: 2 is on blue card, and 6 is on shelf where the blue card was. But my numbers are not working again

Ooooh, LOVE this developer! Gonna try not to look at any hints.

thanks A N K

What is that "goose" ?

got water pumped into boiler after solving lines and dot clue

oh no, after opening kettle again a puzzle with the remaining shape clues....

Soaking the water...

Number 2 is at the back of the purple key card. Dont get the number code, thouht it was 26300, going to check the numbers again.

Question about shapes in boiler:
lines which are common to both shapes and dots which are not common for both shapes?

pls help ank :)

this is not for my brain :))

wow the games are hard today and i have so much to do lol i shoulndt be playing at all

got the camera to work..... freaky

POP, use computer again.

Another puzzle panel open - next to the screens

       Anonymous  3/20/12, 5:53 AM  

Giving this one up. Way too hard for my brains.
Have fun you all!

What should I do before to pull my "goose" down?

and out!!! really liked it!!! thanx for your help!!

No clue how to handle that...

Pls Urban... hint or help for lines/dots

antonia, look at computer screen 2 and click on the greyish machine part on the screen

Oh, POP got it :)

are you playing?or am I late?

Go from 1 to 20. The dots mean how many field you have to move to get to the next number.

april, start at number 1 and move arrow in direction of number 2 and push the number of move you need to do to go to the number.... if I remember it was down arrow and 3 blue dots.... keep going until you reach number 20. good luck!

Ank and Urban?? Pls help for /lines/dots in kettle :)

@sue: look at both shapes: for outer line, highlight the ones that both shapes have in common; for the dots, highlight the ones that are not in comon.
Lines: upper left, left, lower right
dots: upper right, right, lower left.
Then go to the computer.


Thanks, a n k adventures

And out !

and finally out last puzzle was easy

creepy camera

For arrow puzzle: is it one dot if the fields are near eachother or zero?

@sue go in from 1-3-3 ect turn arrow toward the next number and click dots to match number of spaces ie one space one dot

wow out:) cool game, thx for teamwork

tricky, when you have to check somewhere else if the codes are right

       Anonymous  3/20/12, 6:11 AM  

out and very good game

Urban 1

Hm, rechecked everything but still nothing happens. What should actually happen?

red handle door opens i forgot sorry... and game is over

no sorry you can now pull the handle in first scene in white box..to open red handle door

Was away for a little while, I'm out, still don't understand number code on kettle, it has to be something to do with the lower codepanel but I dont get it. Last two puzzles were not that difficult.

I just saved the game and will try to finish it later.

lower code panel:

f.e. the clue says 3 white diamond, 3. position

so turn the dial in lower code pane lthat the white diamond is on 3.
Then check the red square its on Number 1

so the third number of kettle 1

next clue: 2, white pentagon, 1. position

put white pentagon on 2 and the red square is on 6

so the 1. position of kettle is 6

sorry just seen my typo strange number arrow dot puzzle goes from 1-2-3-4 ect
@ urban if it is next to the other it is 1 dot

Lol, played again and all forgot that I did the codepanel outside. Played two very difficult games so my brains are not working anymore.

I LOVE this series!!!

the game is great, I really have fun playing

i don´t get the arrow dot puzzle, any help?

pop :-)

I haven't seen one of these for a while...love them!
I am unfortunately STUCK with the first puzzle....the shapes are not working!!!!

anyone able to do a screenshot? TY!

@premiere to the rescue!!!
Did not refresh before my post!

and...of course, I was going the wrong way...some posts said to go right first, not up!

Wow, out with no help! :)

Beautiful game as always.

WOW Finally! The long wait for the continuation of this awesome series is over!

Game made absolutely no sense to me at all - especially the arrow puzzle. Read the explanation, copied the picture posted, finished the game, went back and read arrow puzzle explanation, still makes no sense to me. Thanks for all your help though, everyone.


- SAVE option available
- DRAG the items
- after solving a puzzle, you have to check somewhere else in the room, what it caused...!
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom


WHITE DOOR LEFT (start screen)
- note: red light PANEL with HANDLE, you can't move (yet)...
- look up (no zoom) to note: CAMERA with 1 blue DOT under it on wall...
(click top of screen above red light panel)
- go left

- note: red-framed 5-square-DISPLAY on boiler
- note left behind boiler: HINT (triangle)
- open PANEL left in wall & take KEY
- note: NUMBER O, white DIAMOND, same display like on boiler with 4th SQUARE RED...
- go left

- open locked upper BOX in wall with key
- note: HANDLE, you can't move (yet)...
- note: NUMBER 3, white DIAMOND, same display like on boiler with 3th SQUARE RED...
- note: PANEL under box needs a KEYCARD...
- go left

- note: PANEL left of machine needs a KEYCARD, too...
- go left

- zoom on PEDESTAL left of door & take BLUE KEYCARD
- note on keycard: NUMBER 2, white PENTAGON, same display like on boiler with 1st SQUARE RED...
- turn keycard to note: HINT (shapes)
- note on pedestal: NUMBER 6, black 4 SQUARES, same display like on boiler with 2nd SQUARE RED...
- go left

- click on left SCREEN with 1 blue DOT above it = connected to camera...
- click on right SCREEN with 2 blue DOTS above it = connection to CIRCUIT (boiler, camera, machine)
- note left of screens: locked wall BOX with RED light above = connected to red light handle panel...
- go 3x left or right

- unlock panel with blue keycard & open it for TRIANGLE PUZZLE
(click on rectangle on top)
- puzzle solved: now you can pull the handle in box above puzzle
- watch CUT-SCENE

- turn left
- note: kinda HOSE, hanging ABOVE the water...
- note: HINT (lines)
- turn 2x left
- note: NUMBER O, black 4 CIRCLE pieces, same display like on boiler with 5th/last SQUARE RED...
- open upper PANEL left of hint & take RED KEYCARD
- note on keycard: HINT (order)
- turn keycard to note: HINT (dots)
- note inside niche: HINT (numbers)
- open lower panel & find out 5-DIGIT-CODE for boiler
(turn shape wheel by clicking in center)
- turn right & click door to go back in room

- unlock panel with red keycard & open it for NUMBER PUZZLE with 2 blue DOTS above it = connection to right TV screen (circuit)
(click on rectangle on top)
- puzzle solved: go back to

- right screen (2 blue dots): click on MACHINE to bring down hose & activate boiler display
- go to
(you also may go to have a look outside, to see hose in water)

- put in code, you found out from outside (lower niche)
- click HANDLE to open door for SHAPE PUZZLE
- solve shape puzzle & go back to

- right screen: click on BOILER & watch water filling boiler
- boiler filled: click on CAMERA to activate it
- watch very nice CUT-SCENE ☺
- open wall box (red light off now) for ARROW/DOT PUZZLE
- puzzle solved: hear BEEP SOUND & go to

WHITE DOOR LEFT (start screen)
- open panel (red light off now) & click handle for
- END CUT-SCENE & nice music


(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)

- HINTS: triangle behind boiler & shapes backside of blue keycard
- start at darker circle & set shapes by following triangle lines

- HINT outside in upper niche
- do the math

- 5 number/shape hints in the room & outside
- turn shape wheel, till shape matches number above
- note red-framed (other) number for code
- order hint on red keycard (arrows)

- on puzzle, click to highlight lines & dots according hints (backside red keycard & outside)
- in examples:
--> both lines are dark = highlight line in puzzle shape
(i.e. if only one line in example is dark = do nothing ☺)
--> both dots are dark = do nothing
(i.e. if only one dot in example is dark = highlight dot in puzzle shape)

- go from 1-20: 1->2, 2->3, 3->4, 4->5, 5->6, 6->7 etc.
- DOTS: how many steps (squares) from one to other number = number of blue lightened DOTS
- ARROWS: adjust directions going from one number to the next one


I had actually solved everything on my own, but I was on the big 1->20 thing and couldn't get the handle to work after setting it all up. Came here to see if I'd done it wrong, found I hadn't, and then went back through and realized I hadn't set one of the circle settings yet.

Love getting these things right without help, but I hate getting it right but not knowing because I accidentally missed something.

I see premiere has got her walkthrough finished already, but seeing as I took so long to wtire it, and had such trouble trying to post it, I'll include my effort [very long!]

I had to play in a rush [no I didn't, but I love these and tried to fit it into being busy]. Anyway, I tried to use comments to help when I got stuck, for speed, and with the translation anomalies found only confusion, so I suppose this needs a walkthrough.
Several walkthroughs, probably, because of individual comprehension differences... =)

There seems to be a small child with mauve hair in a spaceship, on jupiter [which is actually a gas planet, with bone-crushing gravity, but one has to allow Gump [the author] complete artistic licence or it spoils his story.

Walkthrough number 2, part one
Click 'new game' and see the child and what looks like her imaginary friend go in through a door.
The first scene shows a box with a red light above it.
You can open the box, but not pull the switch right down.
This switch will be to power the exit door at the end of the escape.

Go left [moving one-eighth of the way round the 'room' and see a cylindrical tank with a locked door needing a five-something code. This will need power too. Pipes lead into and out of this tank, but click on the thing which looks like a match peeping out behind it.
You will zoom in on a diagram.
Note this down or memorise it. It shows a path around a triangle which you will need soon. It ends in a grey blob.

Just beside the tank is another little door on the wall. Zoom in and click on the handle.
Collect a blue key with lots of teeth and notice the zero above a white diamond inside. Also note the five-space line under it with the fourth position in red.
Memorise or note this down.

Turn left from this view and see a large white door [closed], a box with a keyhole to it's left, and a panel with a sliding door underneath. This last thing will need a swipe card to open it.
Zoom in on the box and use the blue key. Click the handle.
Inside is another switch which won't pull down and a clue inside the door. A three, a white diamond and position three in red on the five-space bar.

Left from this view is a green device with a tube leading out of the wall.
The pipes in the floor lead from the motor inside this device [a pump], to the tank behind you. Knowing this will help you understand what is required a little faster.
To the left of the pump is another card slot to open a door.

Go left.
This is the door we used to enter the game. It has a red wheel handle.

Click the bottom left corner of the lower grey rectangle on the wall. You will zoom in to a corner,
Here is a number six over four little grey filled squares and the second position in red on the five-space bar. In the far corner is a blue swipe card. Yours.
Examining it shows a figure two, a white pentagon and the first position in red on the bar.
Click to turn the card over - you see a sequence of ten shapes, ending in a grey circle.

Go left.
There are two green computers on the right side.
Click on the right screen.
Click it again to fire it up and see an image of the pump [plus a part of it outside the wall], the tank, and what looks like a camera wih a pale circle around it [reflection of this room's light].
When power is restored to these objects, you will be able to click these shapes on this screen to activate them and get them running.
Nothing happens yet, so have a look at the left screen.
This octagon represents the room you are in, with one side dimly highlighted.
Zoom in on the box on the left of this scene and click the handle.
This will need power.

Hi Rookwings,
just go on & post it - I like your WT novels...!
(always very funny to read)

Walkthrough number 2, part two

Left again brings you back to the first view. Click the small arc in your view at the top of the game window to see a camera.

Turn left twice and zoom in on the swipe card door.
Use the card in the slot.
Click the top of the door to open it.

If you remember the triangle shape on the wall, showing the path, you can assign the shapes on the swipe card reading left-to-right.
You should have a circle in the centre [start position] and three triangles horizontally across the centre.
Nothing will seem to happen, but back out and click the switch door just above. Pull the 'three' switch and watch the child and its imaginary friend venture outside via the large white door in this view.

In Gump's version of Jupiter, there is a distant forest and mountains behind them [never seen gas act like that!] and a lake of some kind of liquid in the foreground.
[Commenters here assume it is water, but - on Jupiter? I wouldn't drink it. Wouldn't even dip my toe in.]

Turn left and see the outside end of the pump with a filter head.
Just left of this is a hint on the wall.

Working out the sequence is easy.
Compare the two top part-octagons and see why the lowest part octagon is the result.
Just break the shapes down; call the top side of each octagon side one, and note whether it is visible or invisible, so on or off, say.
Position one is off in the top octagon and on in the centre one.
It is off in the lowest.
Going clockwise, the side in position two is on - off - off, so it looks like you need both corresponding sides ON to make one on in the lowest octagon.
Position three confirms this. On - on - on.
Look at all the sides and see the same rule apply.

Turn left or right twice to find a zero, grey-filled quarter-circles with fifth position in red and two little doors.
Zoom in on the top one.
A red swipe card to take and examine.
This hint was obvious, sort of, showing you a normal numerical sequence to five. You have collected five coded numbers, and the order will be the five positions on the bar, in a normal direction.
Turn the card. You see three hexagons.
Combining the left two will produce the third, like the octagon hint, but the rule is different.
In this case, the dots [representing on and off] cancel each other out, so on - on equals off. Check them out all the way round and see this.

In the box is a hint about another puzzle.
Look at the top four circles and work out how you get each of the three lower circles by combining pairs of top circles.
How to get 6 from 1 and 2, or 14 from 3 and 4?
It isn't too hard if you add the top row numbers together.
1 and 2 become 3, which doubled, make 6.
This rule works with all of them.
Add the pairs in the top row, then double the result to get the numbers in the bottom circles.

Remember this and have a look at the lower box on this wall.

LOL, ok,
you're on the way already...!

Dammit! I posted part two twice, haha, look what you made me do, premiere, in my rush to get to chatbox =D

Walkthrough number 2, part three

Inside is a decoding device.
You can get five numbers to enter for the tank's five-something code bar with it.
The darker grey circle moves when you click on it.
Recall the five number-shape-bar position clues which you've collected.
Turn it until one of your numbers is lined up with its shape, for example, the four tiny squares goes with the 6.
The red outline will display a number. This is a 3.
The bar on your 6/little squares clue was above the second bar position in red, so the second number for your code is a "3".
I won't spoil it, because there's really no need, butt I can recap the cluse you have in the right order.
Bar position one, 2 - white pentagon
Bar position two, 6 - little filled squares.
Bar position three, 3 - white diamond.
Bar position 4, 0 - white diamond.
Bar position 5, 0 - little filled quarter-circles.
Note down your answer.

Go back into the craft by clicking the large white door.
Turn right twice and use the red swipe card.
Open the door by clicking the top and apply what you found out to these numbers.
24 plus 17, doubled, and 17 plus 19, doubled.
Enter the results and back out.

Turn left twice and look at the right screen. Click to spark it up and see the pump is dimly highlighted.
Click the little picture of the pump and hear a couple of beeps.
This gets the tube winding downwards and the bar on the tank highlighted.
Back out and turn left twice.
Zoom in on the bar and enter your five results from the decoding ring.

Octagon/hexagon puzzle.
Use the rules you've deduced from the two hints and click the lowest octagon/hexagon combination.
Remember octagon is on - on - on and hexagon is on - on - off.
Back out and go back to the right screen. Click to see the schematic.
The tank is highlighted, so click this image to start it up.
When it is full of blue liquid from outside, the camera lights up, so click it and watch the story develop.
The craft's two occupants see a shot of a redhead - possibly outside the exit door?
The imaginary friend goes all "rainbow", then turns into a wormy thing and does the Father Christmas-up-the-chimney-[or-through-the-keyhole-if-you-haven't-got-a-chimney] trick, up a tube with a tiny door.
He seems to say "Whoops, it's her; I'm outa here", and is gone.

Back out from the screen and see the door to the left has a blue light now.
Open it and see a four by five grid of numbers, arrows and circles.
Clicking arrows changes their direction. Clicking circles turns them blue.
Look at the numbers and find the natural 1-2-3-4 etc. sequence to 20.
The task is to point each arrow to the next number and to indicate how many moves needed to get to that next number by blueing-up the dots.
So 1 would be arrow south [so no change] and three blue dots [three moves to get to number two.
2 is arrow north [so, no need to click this one] and one dot [one move].
3 is arrow west and two dots.
Continue for the whole grid until number 20 and you should hear a couple of beeps. Back out.

Go left once. Open the box and pull down the switch.
Watch the ending.

To premiere:
It doesn't tickle my funny bone quite the way that Detarou games do, but it still made me giggle a couple of times ;D

Thank you to Premier and Rookwings for your WT! Always appreciated and very much needed!


What about the 1 - 20 number puzzle is confusing to you?

The Dots indicate how many squares you move and the Arrow indicates which direction you're moving.

There was a clue on the Red Card that depicted 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 (basically saying "... move in numerical order").

When you got to that puzzle, that's all you needed to do. Your goal was reach 20. Point the arrow in the direction of the next number, and highlight the dots (1 to 3) to indicate how many squares you had to move in order to reach the next number.

Wow! What a quality game that was.

Terminal House popped my Escape cherry

ah sweet memories!

I'm guessing that there was intended to be one more chapter, but it never got made.

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