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Tony Crazy Escape

Tony Crazy Escape is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. Tony Toon is sent accidentally to another world, and will have to defeat an evil wizard in order to come back. Good luck and have fun!

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Tony Crazy Escape Walkthrough
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I'm stuck at rabbit...

where are you Jecko?

Got through... now on hand

trying to play this

Im at the final boss, very good this new Inka game

And out...

Merrily growing carnivorus plants and shelling crabs LOL

I`m stuck with box, sword, paper, boomerang, hammer, bucket and feather.

Stuck with you Roberto.

How to reach the button?
How to find gold coin?
Where is the suit of armor?

Oh! I guessed the armor was with slaesman.

fill the bucket roberto and pour to the plant

POP - Gustavo's armor was in the gold box.

Give box to the boy.

where is the gold coin?

Ple bomb at base of pilar and explode it.
Use hammer go right and use boomerand and hammer again.

Can´t pass the starving boss.

LOL coin from box after exploding pillar..


found it

How to get the bomb from blacksmith?

How did you explode the Pillar? I can't get the blacksmith to give me the bomb.

I exploded the 1st pilar with a button on top but not the second with a question mark on top.

its not that bomb,think it was in the bag you get from gustavo

I need to find a way to explode the pilar made of blocks now.

How do you get the gold coin from the box

That talisman brought me bad luck. Can´t do anything else.

Stuck where you are Roberto. Can't seem to get the blacksmith to take anything. Big marshmallow monster keeps eating me.
Have a mirror, a talisman, 2 papers, prop sword, bucket of water and feather.

That´s where I am too Sunshine.

Marshmallow monster: use the boots you get from the little ghost-man with the coin from the bricks.

**Make sure you smash everything that needs smashing before chucking your hammer off a cliff...***

Any idea about the blacksmith's bomb?

boots used for monster sunshine (use em quickly though)

I don´t have my hammer anymore!

Hmmm. I am very sad Kate. I threw my hammer off the cliff already. (sigh) And I don't have boots yet. :(

how do i cross the bridge with flying box?

for the yellow boxes use "axe-hammer" and boomerang

I'm beginning to think that Roberto and I are twins.

Do I have to restart? Guess Inkagames wouldn´t make a game with a glitch like that! If so I quit.

boomerang and hammer are gone after the boxes

I think I'm giving up roberto. I'd hope there is another way - but my pillow is calling me. Hope someone leaves good clues for me to find in the morning! :)

Very good comment Peterson_costa 3/17/12 7:15 PM

And out...

It really helped us all :)

Sunshine, let´s search for a ladder to go down the cliff and get the hammer back. lol

@small-tool comment:


Roberto, I was hoping that ugly monster would be scared off by his own reflection. No such luck!

Tried everything but I think we get nowhere without that hammer.

use the fixed thing on the opposite side on a target on atree,Leroy found

Well, I give up. Don´t feel like to start it over.
Good Luck and Good night you all.

You may not need your hammer back. Find the screen that has the target on the left, a canyon in the middle and the yellow button on the right. Midway up the screen above the yellow button there is another hidden target. Aim your tool that the blacksmith fixed at that second target and you fly across the canyon. Press the yellow button and the flying bridge is lowered.

Unknown: but how do you press the button? It says I'm not heavy enough and it's rusty.

Stand on the button and put your boots on.

What tool fixed by blacksmith? Tried all inventory. Nothing works.

But to get the boots you need the coin and the coin is on top of pilar and to get that you need the hammer. Is it?

GREAT!!!! Thanks Unknown. i'd tried putting them on before stepping on it. DUH.

Roberto: yes, use the hammer on the bricks.

The problem is I don´t have the hammer anymore.

Roberto, the tool is the thing that looks like an arrow with a handle. I am not sure how you can get the boots if you cannot get first coin.

theres a glitch? my tool says msg_english, cant use at he target site

yes you can. find the OTHER target, jecko.

I can´t understand why I still have a useless feather in inventory and not the hammer. I`m not the only one who thrown the hammer down the cliff before brake the blocks and if you do that you cannot finish the game.
Bye all!

Jecko, 1. Did you have the blacksmith fix the tool? and 2. Are you using the target on the right side of the canyon above the yellow button?

These are getting better and better! Love inkagames.

How to remove box (in the castle), that blocks target??

Gorby: go to the room above, pull both chains, and figure it out.

yes i got it fix and no im using it at the left side lol

Gorby, that is where I am stuck now too. I am thinking it might have something to do with the huge block and two chains with the blue button in the room below it, but as of yet I cannot figure it out.

Roberto: the hammer won't help on the second button. you need boots.

Stuck on the hand. Anyone?

At hand: blank paper can be "revealed..."

Kate I don't know what it was about your clue to pull the chains and "figure it out" but I think I did. Thanks.

Unknown: i try to be vague so you still have fun trying different things. i think that's the best kind of clue.

Or so I thought. I cannot figure out how to use and wear the boots at the same time. I know I am overthinking this! (more than likely I just need to think) >.<

Unknown: what about tying them to something?

Anyone at the gargoyles?

Geez, now I feel pretty dumb. I finally figured out the 2 chain thing.

Yes! Got it. Hint: That shooting tool is VERY handy.

What other item do you need to fix the broken hookshot?

About chains: yes, I also tried them all the ways imaginable, tried to use all objects from inventory, no luck...

@Gorby :see my hint above.

Anyone at final guy?

@Riove: you'll find it on the ground.

final hint: the floor

Damn! Not all objects, thank you Kate!

Riove, you need the handle. But sadly, I cannot remember where I found it.
Once you have the handle you have to combine it with the hookshot piece in order for the blacksmith to fix it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

and i'm out!!! awesome game. and one of the first, leaving clues instead of one of the last. yay!

ugh...how do i get the bomb from the blacksmith? going crazy here haha

thank you.

LOL kate im out too need help anybody?

jess coin from bridge... use hook to get it when bridge is down

yes leroy about the bunny??

Jessna, you need the second gold coin that is above the floating bridge to pay for the bomb.

Starting to feel like Monty Python trying to get around this rabbit. Do I need a holy hand grenade or something?!

Unknown--try revealing something about the bunny

wabbit? LOL you need revealing dust...

Unknown: you need revealing powder

thank you everyone!

still can't work out what to do with those chains! :S

and out...

stuck at gargoyles, but already placed items. Now what?

how do i get the revealing powder? got the chest...

lempedimenta, you need to attach something heavy you have to one chain, and pull other

prufrock shoot web with hook thingie

Jecko use the key

need help with the gargoyles please.. stuck!

jecko you got key yet? behind sheild in previous room use hook thingie on the hole

I knew it had to be the web. I think that was the only thing in my inventory I didn't try. Thx!

gorby thankyou so much!

got it thanks

Jeri you used prism and mirror? then shoot the web...

@jessna you need to use the fixed hookshot in the screen with the cliff, target and button on the other side.

Ok that is where I am stuck with the rabbit then. I do not have the powder yet...

thanks Leroy.. I had them all set but did not think of using that hook again :)

LOL unknown just trying to think where I got it....

Hmm. Now how do I weaken the wizard? The golem and I keep getting killed!

Can someone give me a hint about how to get the key out of the green block.

now im stuck at the hand LOL

use hanging stone with chains...

unknown crash it with the block with chain

Unknown--is there something that could crush the block?

Smash it unknown LOL

Prufrock use the talisman first LOL see floor design?

Unknown - use big rock on chain
Jecko - use your magic

Thanks for the hints all. I would NEVER have figured that out on my own. I was trying to figure out a way to melt it or something, since nothing in tmy inventory could break it.

Thanks, Leroy. Could have sworn I tried that several times. Maybe I was putting it in the wrong place or something.

how to weaken the wizard?

LOL Riove use the talisman...

I've been trying that. I'm missing something.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ha - I was just missing the mark so to speak.

how do i pass the mysterious painting

Fun game!!

nevermind i got it

Riove.. how did you pass that? once I put the talisman down I cannot figure out what to use next.. I have tried everything

regenerate golem stone Jeri...

thank you !!

LOL should be enough comments here for people to escape now

Thanks for the hints everyone, I needed a push a couple of times. The giant hands thumb wrestling made me laugh!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Was stuck on the chains (use boots on right chain) and the hand (use revealing powder on the blank paper then use the wand on the hand). It took me a while to figure out how to explode the bomb (accidently placed in the right place) under the podium - then I remembered that the flowers explode if you pick them.

Other than that, it was one of the less complicated Inka games.

Thanks Inka - always great games from you :)

Where is the boomerang and what about the arrows to get the gem? Help, please!

Hi, help me please, I'm stuck with giant jelly...

Can someone just make a complete walkthrough? Thank you! I can't even get the gem

When you have got the plant to eat the skeleton, look at the chest. On it is the code for the arrows on the blocks under the gem.

You have to buy the wind up bomb from the blacksmith to kill the jelly

The boomarang is in one of the bags you get. I think it was from the guy who gets his armour back but I might be mistaken

Someone still ? I need help too find out where chest's key is in castle ... Leroy said near shield but I don't find any hole where to use hook ?? Thanks for your help

Thanks! @RSA Momma Cyndi :D

talk to wizard frog
take feather
take bag (open for fertilizer)
right to

go south-east to

use feather on its nose
take shell
notice buried box
go back to

go north to

talk to snail
give snail shell
take bucket
go to

fill bucket with water from the pond
go south east to

put water on the buried box
pull buried box out
go to

go south-west to

talk to gustavo
give gustavo the gold box
take note with candle combination
take bag (opens to give talisman, bomb and mirror)
go back to

refill bucket with water
go north to

give plant the fertilizer and the water
plant eats skeleton warrior
take hammer
take note of the arrow code on the chest
go back to

go south to

set arrows according to the clue on the chest
podium will go down
take the gem
go back to

go north to

use gem to open chest
get prop sword, blank paper and boomerang
go back to

go east to

put bomb on the red part of the podium
pull on the exploding flowers
podium will go down
use hammer to push button
floor and blocks appear
use hammer again to break blocks
'take' the gold block and receive a coin
go back to

go north

go east to

speak to salesman
give salesman gold coin
get carpet, gravity boots and broken hookshot
go back to

go east twice

use boomarang to open box
use hammer to push button
(both now lost out of inventory)
floor appears
go east to

go east. when timer starts on the top of the screen, use the gravity boots.
Marshmellow man blows himself out
go east to

take hangrip of hookshot
go back to

go south to

talk to blacksmith
combine broken hookshot with hookshot handle and give it to the blacksmith for mending
note the wind up bomb in a cage
go back to

go west then south to

use hookshot on the right hand side target board (above and a bit right of the yellow button)
stand on the yellow button then use the gravity boots
(flying bridge comes down)
use the hookshot on the left side targe
go back to

FLYING BRIDGE (no longer flying)
use hookshot on coin
go back to

buy the bomb
look at the sign to see how bomb works
go back to

FLYING BRIDGE (now grounded)
go east to

wind up bomb (select 'use') and blow up jellly
go east to

use hookshot on golem then quickly put gravity boots on
take the golem stone
go east to

go east to

get wand
go through portal to

use clue paper to set torches to open the door
go north to

in a hurry attempt to help:

take bag,open,fertilizer
talk to wizzard
take feather
talk to crab
lake scene:
down laft: talk to gustavo
down right:use feather take shell
back to the crab,take bucket
fill bucket with water
middle up:fertlizer and water on plant and take hammer and see arrows clue on chest
down middle:
spin the rocks as the clue,differant in "every" game ,(could be :1st once,2nd twice,3rd 3 times
and 4th once)and gem
back to chest,place gem and take sword,boomerang and paper
right from plants scene: talk to salesman
back to lake,fill the bucket
down right:water on the soil and take gold box-armor
down left: gove gustavo the armor and take paper hint and bag
open bag and have bomb,mirror,talisman
from lakes view go right:place bomb,pick a flower and use hammer on yellow button
then hammer on the blocks and gold coin
back to salesman:give coin and take rug,hootshot and boots
lake scene right:and right and use boomerang and hammer on yellow box
continue straight and down: talk to blacksmith
white fantom scene:try to pass and quicly use boots and then continue and take handgrip and combine with hook
back to blacksmith:fix the hook shot
beware scene,back and down:aim target (with hookshot)on tree over yellow button,get on the button and use boots
aim the opposite target and go back to bridge scene(after beware scene): aim the coin with hookshot and back to blacksmith ,bye the bomb

sorry,i ll try to continue later

go east to

use the carpet to cover the painting
go east to

go north to

use prop sword on middle shield
look into hole behind shield
use hookshot to get brick with key
go back to

go south to

place brick with key under the block and pull left chain
take freed key
put gravity boots on right chain to open the button then pull left chain to push the button (box on shelf disappears)
take boots and go back to

use the hookshot to go to shelf
use the key on chest
get prism and revealing dust
use hookshelf to go back
go north to

go east to

use revealing dust on bunny
bunny turns into giant hand (of course)
use revealing dust on blank paper (in inventory)
'use' the once blank paper to learn a spell
use the magic wand on the giant hand
(thumbwars !)
go south to

push the coloured buttons on the floor so that the ball is blown onto the yellow button on the wall
regenerator dust falls from ceiling
use regenerator dust on golem stone
go west then east to

use hookshot on spider web to make a hole
put prism in gargoyle's hand
go east to

put mirror by right hand gargoyle
skull door opens
go north to

grab talisman and place on floor (the floor has the same symbol)
use resurrected stone golem to bash wizard

That should be the end

Oh,didnt see your WT RSA ,sorry,its all yours
and forgive me all for the appearance of the text ,its written in big hurry

Thanks RSA ,great job !!


The more the merrier, New :)
Two walkthroughs make sure that everyone understands and nothing gets left out. Always a good thing to have an alternative

Okay, just noticed that I got a few of my norths and souths muddled so please forgive me. Its a girl thing.

Thanks a lot RSA Momma Cindy you saved my game ;b !! So stupid I didn't get the sword thing, bet that sometimes I get tired of thinking ;b ! ... Good game anyway

Thanks for the walkthrough RSA!! Great game, I do enjoy these ones :)

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