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Castle Escape

EG24 - Castle Escape is another point and click room escape game sponsored by EscapeGames24. In this game, you are locked in a castle and you try to escape the castle by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you able to escape from the castle? Good luck and have fun!

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Castle Escape Walkthrough
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Let's see what this one is...

       Anonymous  4/24/12, 6:36 AM  


Joining you :)

I have a metal bar from under the rug. Looks like this is only one scene. I put the dials like the code on the steps, but nothing...

       Anonymous  4/24/12, 6:39 AM  

got a board from the clock dials, put it on the stairs...

Zoe dials from last to first hint.

put hot metal bar into barrell and get a "tool"

       Anonymous  4/24/12, 6:40 AM  

make the metal bar hot

Used the signs on the stairs, set as clocks for a bit of wood (wow)

Use tool on brick on wall and get a key for teh chest = hammer

i put the code but nothing happen..

got a board from clock hints. is this really only one room?

Heat metalbar on torch and use it on barrel.

       Anonymous  4/24/12, 6:41 AM  

use tool on brick get key for trunk

upstairs now...

       Anonymous  4/24/12, 6:41 AM  

hammer in board, new scene upstairs

Tool get you a key from behind brick

Put wood in stairs and use hammer for another room

Have a part from shield now stuck

wood piece on staires with the help of hammer ..now in 2nd scene

Lever code is from spots on stairs

can't read numbers on stairs. got only piece of shield in 2nd room so far

(really want to pick up that piece of paper by the stairs lol, just looks untidy)

       Anonymous  4/24/12, 6:46 AM  

stuck with everyone else, half a shield

Philomena - I don't understand the numbers on the stairs either.

Same here! :(

stuck with you
for the ones who cant read the numbers

1 - S. IXX (19)
3 - S. XIII (13)
8 - S. X (10)
2 - S. XV (15)
brackets are translation from me

I take it the numbers on the stairs are probably to do with the clock, seeing as the time doesn't work there lol

clicked the numbers 8 3 2 1 in every possible sequel, but nothing so far

I am stuck there as well.

tried every combo time on that bloomin clock.. ?

       Anonymous  4/24/12, 6:56 AM  

maybe its a bug that we can't pick up the paper? might be a clue?

On a clock: 19 would be 7; 13 would be 1; 10 would be 10 and 15 would be 3. So the code might be 7, 1, ___, 3???

what the heck does the S mean??? I even went back to see if it corresponded to the numbers on basement stairs, but no...

Nothing, though.

The middle window seems different, but to no avail.

Zoe - we took that piece of shield aut of that window

we need guru to hack the number
there are no hotspots we can do anything with

.....and time is ticking away

tried adding numbers like 1 + 19 = 20 = 8
not working
we cant deduct because 13-3 = 10

       Anonymous  4/24/12, 7:02 AM  

sigh. this one was fun but now its just annoying

Have tried to hit everything with my half a sheild lol... annoying when this happens!! (Especially if the answer seems not as hard when we do find it)

we could all take a thousend to bruteforce

tick tick tick...

stuck with y'all...and half shield won't go in the hole

can click on round shield and blade, but not sure why

is it a mathematical equation I'm just not seeing here?

I think the half shield goes into wall when we have the rest
but clueless about that number

Well...7 people have given this 3-1/2 stars so far. Interesting!

LOL I thought that as well Zoe!!

I even tried to count stones and rows lol

I'm done. Maybe some genius will come along and make us all look silly, but for now, I'm moving on...

9999 possibilities.

Fingers crossed we have our savior! Lol ;)

IXX is no number 19 is XIX.....what is IXX

Right above the clock, there are 2 rows of Roman Numbers consisting of Is, IIs and IIIs. First row is:
II, I, II, I, III, I, I, I, II, I, II, I, III, I, I, I, II, II, II

Second row is:
I, II, II, I, I, I, III, I, II, I, II, I, I, III, I, II, I, II, I

Don't know if this means anything, but there it is anyways :)

I even translated AM and PM in numbers, but nope lol.

Scylla84 - yes of course you are right!

sorry to have confused everybody

supposing we have two sets of clue here? the S one has a full stop after it? But then, logically S would be ! and we would have 1720 which doesn't work!!!
And Scylla you're right, but it could be an error! so, no further then !

IXX is nothing.

well, we can't continue without the clock numbers, so....

Maybe IXX is 21 or 19....or nothing :)

Hang on - supposing 1XX is 9. 10, that is the time on the clock - could that help?

and to think I made it through the teapot escape without once looking at any hints!

good call beggarsrun... missed that...ponders

looked hard at those lines early on, but there's no 8 and too many numbers

...and for what it's worth, there are 19 numbers in each row. hmmm


Found the Solution in a Video....don't no why but here it is...

I can't see the numbers which Beggersrun is talking about above that clock.

Thanks, Scylla84

Now have second piece of shield but can't put them together

LOL oh great! Thanks Scylla84, annoying when you don't know why though...

got it ... 1 19= 119, 3-13 = 313 and so on. add these and you get 1457

They go together in the empty space :)

Ohhhh Thank you soo much....i am in sleeping room now.

nevermind, just a little pixally. in third room now

Well done oma! :D

Colour code is from towels !

thanks Scylla84

on now

I am in room with spinning wheel

wow, this is a long game. lots of rooms

So use clues above bed on the stairwell for a bit of paper :)

I can't find the 1st piece of the shield and the code to the levers. Can you help me?

Now another key and a paper for the book hints.

and out - that was not easy with those stairs

The dots on the stairs Ricardo

pfffff finally out.

Ohhh and another room after door with 4#

Out how??? I have paper with months on and 7586 from wall on stairs but nothing opens top door??

Thank you very much, Jo.C! I was stucked... :)

And out...what about the hotspot at the shield left of the door??? Never used it.

sfaj means september, february, april, july

evens april = 4, September = 9
use the paperhint for order

       Anonymous  4/24/12, 7:41 AM  

number for box in spinning wheel room is on the wall in the stairwell

Oh...I guess I mean June...

Well, my brain is fried, can't figure out the colors and numbers for box

Why the levers won´t move ?

stuck with levers

Zazie - there is a ball on the floor - have you got that

POP got it !

I can't grab the paperhint... :S What's happen'?

levers for spinning wheel will work after you got the spinning wheel fixed properly

       Anonymous  4/24/12, 7:43 AM  

zazie, they will after you put the thread from the box on the spinning wheel, nit that i know what to set them too...

any help with levers solution plz

THX SM i am out too, i have to hurry now !!

Ricardo - you dont need the paper - do the clock number - hint above

my stick won't go in the slot by the door.

room 2 levers plz

Philomena - you need to combine the stick with the ball (floor where spinning wheel is)

@rabeea look at the coloured rings

Rabeea - look at stains on carpet

I think all the hints are above if anyone is getting stuck :)

@swiss miss, thanks but two stains on same stair, thats whats confusing me

I'm stucked at bedroom... What's the colour code? I opened wardrobe, but i can't uncode the colours.

- towel colours:

- click
R - 0x/4x (start)
Y - 1x
G - 2x
B - 3x

Ricardo - count the colors of towels - lowest first

rabeea - then the levels are at the same hight

put thecombined stick with the ball (lever)in the room where staircase beside clock and out



- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

- metal BAR under rag
- heat bar on torch
- use hot bar on barrel for TOOL
- use tool on odd brick (under rope) for KEY
- open chest with key for HAMMER
- set round dials for piece of WOOD (HINT: roman numerals on stairs)
- put wood as missing step in stairs
- use hammer on new step to put it in
- go upstairs

- note: slot left of big door
- set levers for piece of SHIELD (HINT: dirty spots on stairs)
- open clock for clock HAND (HINT: numbers on stairs)
- open chest with clock hand for the other piece of SHIELD
- put shield pieces in slot for KEY
(top piece first)
- open door in front (upstairs) with key
- go to

- open right side of wardrobe for HINT (colours)
- solve colour puzzle (bedframe) for MEDAL
- put medal in drawer (night table) for KEY
- note: flag icons & books for HINTS
- back in

- open left door (upstairs) with key
- go to

- note: number (bottom left)
- solve icon puzzle for PAPER with HINT (letters)
- go upstairs
- open door with hints (book & paper)
- go thru to

(is this the castle of the Sleeping Beauty? ;-D)
- metal BALL on floor (left of wheel frame)
- open crate with staircase code for STRING roll
- put roll on top of pole (left of wheel) to activate levers
- set levers (HINT: shelf) to put string on wheel
- take STICK from top of pole
- put metal ball on stick for LEVER
- go to

- put lever in slot & pull to open big door
- go thru to get


☺ ☻ ☺


- roman numerals DOWNstairs:


- on stairs (bottom to top):
1 - S. IXX (19, should be XIX...!)
3 - S. XIII (13)
8 - S. X (10)
2 - S. XV (15)
- put numbers together & add them:

- towels (increasing number):

- click
R - 0x/4x (start)
Y - 1x
G - 2x
B - 3x

- from top to bottom (on flags: L->R):

- months on books (bedroom):
apr-sep-feb-jui :-o
4th-9th-2nd-6th/7th moth of the year
- on paper:
9-2-4-6 (ah, June...!)


- coloured strings on shelf:


weeeee out at last knew a solution would be found ..thanks Scylla84 and thanks for the brilliant walkthrough premiere xx

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