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Escape from the Red Creature Walkthrough

Escape from the Red Creature

Escape from the Red Creature is another Japanese point and click type room escape games by Gatamari. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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first in jap game...

Wow, am I realy first?
First time :)
Lets see what we've got.

Second is good as well :)
Got my clothes stolen :O

used can in red room the red devil comes ..get the clothes off from the man & gone

hav log,green onion (i think),book ,lock jar

key now infront of red room ..used it on bedroom ..

might be a language problem
got a piece of wood, a locked pot, a meet-book and a key
lost my cloth in redroom lol
better save often

and when in bathroom on mirror there is hint for door pass ..which offcourse i dont understand

raasti - where did you find the bedroom?

pop found it

there is also hint on grey book ..how to open the box which you got from bedroom .....but idk the neaning of hint

Hi all, i have lots of stuff and finally opened the box with 4 "buttons" as the black book says and got a spray.

The opened box also has a double bottom, something goes there.

Raasti, all eyes should be in the middle and all hats up.

oh ok ..& the book is black ( im doing laundry also so i mix up the color of book )

Now i opened the box and got the knight.

Use the hint from skull paper.

Oh and now the red man broke my weapon (umbrella like)

Inside broken weapon is another key.

Key opens cb under books for another box and tape.

And in the glassbox where knight was is also a star with number but it won´t go into the box with double bottom.

Am i all alone ?

zazie - how did you get the code for knight
there are 4 sculls times 3???

Now i made a bruning torch

4 X 777 (look at the shapes of the 3 men on paper)

finally i can open that box with eyes ...

Zazie your doing great ...but dont get knight code...

I have now light in the storage room and got a frog costume and some soap.

lol the power of POP..:)

SPOI3108LER for knight code.

I cant go into redroom - everything turns funny and then I am out again - even with highlighted knight

Put soap in tub for another star with number, need one more i guess.

@ zazzie how your red man broke the umbrella /there is also a n0# 3 in the knightman glass cb

SM it happened to me too but then it worked again, no idea what i did.

I have put the knight´s dress and fighted with the red man.

nope does not work - I think I have to give up on that one

i also cannot fight with redman ...im keep getting out of that room ....

finally that redman broke my umbrella ....again stole the clothes .....he kept stealing the clothes & wearing nothing strange ..

And stuck, i don´t understand this mini game, nor what all the book titles mean.

Maybe the umbrella must be highlighted.

i put cloth or tape on wood ..but how do i lit it ?

raasti there where matches on the table. (in the books view is a down arrow)

And before lightning put some fuel on torch.

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 7:52 AM  

Hi All!

Found a circle under potted plant.
Could be a number 11, or a place
to plug into something.

I found this too Jonesy, but it does not help.

You also can turn around the blue box and make the buttons orange.

But how, maybe the hint is MEET ?

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 8:00 AM  

Awesome game!, but too bad we can't copy
the text to use in a translator!

The tic tac toe hint must have to do with the calendar because if the 3x3 number grid and the black arrow above.

this game is making my brain too sore ... im off good luck everyone x

Hello all!

When you press start on the video game, the little men draws letters for the 6-letter code on drawer.


However, it doesn't work... I may have misread it, or perhaps its an anagram.

There is a 4x4 grid on the back of the meet book

Hmmm i don´t see any letters lool, too many guys at once.

Yes, I misread... It's SKPNOIIVLEESR

Ok opened drawer and got... 36 knives!

Fought the red creature with my knives and my frog costume on... He won again, of course.

I'm left with a shield and a new hint behind that shield.

OMG i just clicked the edge of the axe and something happened, have a new paper now.

I have lots of green things now and my paper hint is greyed out, but i could not note the hint on it ...

Thx Valérie for the knives lol.

Got the blue box puzzle, the MEET puzzle!

The black and white boxes on the backside are a crossword puzzle! You have to fill in the words on the red books (SON, ZONE etc.) and then press the letters M, E and T in every word. Gives another number...

Can someone spoil what the paper from storage room says ?

Yes those green things are green onion slices by the axe in the store room. Got a paper hint from it but doesn't get it yet.

I'm working on the tic-tac-toe clue... Obviously, it has something to do with the calendar, but I can't find how. I tried to convert the circled numbers on calendar (5, 13, 14, 20) onto letters to open the purple box but it doesn't work.

Oh wow, good find escapism!

escapism, i cannot enter any words in the meet box.

Green onions by axe ?? don't get it :(
By the way, paper behind shield is kitchen card

Good find with the minigame, Valerie, I still can't read what the little men are 'writing'... ;-) But it works.

I don´t get the MEET box open :(((

Zazie click O's

@zazie: you don't have to enter the words. Try it on a piece of paper. Or see my


Now mark the MEET in the crossword above with the orange color.

Are green onions things in bucket ? If so, i used it but don't know where... in kitchen maybe, but no paper hint from axe in storage room !

POP got it finally open.

Drisana: have you found the green onion in the pig's mouth? Go into the store room, highlight the onions and click on the axe. It will be chopped. Then zoom on the chopped onions and you will find a new paper hint.

For the MEET book, here is the answer (press on the buttons I mark by an X).



lol sorry, I came late with my spoiler!

Drisana, highlight the onions and click on the edge of axe somewhere to the right.

Did someone note what the paper said ? Mine is gone.

Onions are grey so i assume i used it... but i see no chopped ones, and only got paper from shield (card for kitchen ) and paper with skull and zombie hint (also used)

In the kitchen now.

Found another paper with code on kitchen near the red button (bit pixelly)

Ohh the tic tac toe thing is in the fridge

Went into the kitchen, got many things but now I have to go... Good luck with the rest of the game!

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 8:35 AM  

You can retrieve the pass card
from the kitchen door in order
to see the hints again.

The money hint from fan opens cb outside.

Opened the locker with the three pairs of numbers with hint from the kitchen, inside the ventilator. It is a body measure 88-58-90 (the game inventor is surely male!!)

Got a princess dress now, but the devil refuses to fight me. :-(

And left inside door is the code for purple box, but i don´t get it.

There is a paper hint on this cupboard door

In your inventory, do you have something between video game and knives ? mine is grey but empty ?! (maybe paper from chopped onions ??)

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 8:47 AM  

Purple box opened with "here"'
got a bag of seeds?

Use dart on entrance cupboard got sake (with diamond and 135) and logs

Thx for the box hint, i was overthinking :)

Take dart back, click the brown part you removed got another star with number.

now you can light fire !

And got number 7 from under dart.

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 8:51 AM  

Click arrow on kitchen pass card
for more hints to BBQ the kabobs.

still need sugar to cook it

And the math comes arggg

Anybody opened the two dots cb in kitchen, where is the hint ?

@Jonesy: great find, but why 'here'?

escapism, look at the open door in big cb outside kitchen.

Zazie the hint is on the kitchen card look at the colors of the 3 three kabobs

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 8:58 AM  

@escapism, I simply tried the
word as it was, in the upper
left corner of the cabinet
door clue.

Oh, only because of the 'Here' on the hint? I was overthinking too, thought we need the 5241 hint. Ok, so we need that later...

thanks Dayhead, now we have sugar and another numberstar :)

THX Dayhead !!! got suggar now and number 6.

too bad i have to go :( good luck all, i will catch later ;)

GL Drisana, cu !

You can also take back the arrow after you use it on the entrance cupboard

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 9:07 AM  

Take note of the blue "6" on the
salt pack, I think its used in the
equation for the kitchen cabinet.

Jonesy I think your right

Soy has a star
sake has a diamond
mirin has a square
sugar has a circle

Yes Jonesy, diveded by 6.

On sake bottle is number 132

I meant 135 !

Sugar box in inventory can be opened, but I can't do anything with it. Maybe it is just for later when we need to mix it.

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 9:15 AM  

Zazie, you can view the bottom of the
sake bottle, it shows 135.

We need the values for star and square,

Circle is on the plant pot (11?).

In suggar box is the yellow dot for the equation, but the only numbers i have is 135 and the 6.

In salt box with the star on it in kitchen is another one of the numbered stars, if you open it...

I've got 5 stars now, I think we need 8 for teh dragon picture. So 3 are missing...

Tried counting the letters in soy sauce, mirin, and sugar but didn't work

I also have 5 stars....and what about the blue thing in the fridge ?
Must have to do with the tic tac toe...

I have a theory for the circle: There are three hints for the numbers on the calendar, the calendar itself, the tictactoe and the icecubes. One number has the circle on all three of them, the 14. Might be the circle though, but I'm still missing the blue square and the red star, like all of you...

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 9:29 AM  

Tic tac toe hint from bedroom,
combined with ice cube tray gives
6,12,14 when used on bathroom

But don't know how to use it.

And what about the panel between the two bathroom doors ?
I forgot about it lol.

Guys, the : means ratio ;)

ie. u only need 1 number to calc. the rest

Ohh hello Guru, HELP !!
Please give me a spoiler...my brain is already smoking.

@GuruOne: And what does that mean? ;-)

I don´t understand it either lol..

135 is your one #

5: = 5x 135, etc, etc

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 9:38 AM  

Right On, Guru!

Opening my calculator!

Woah, thanx GuruOne!!!!

I was so sure that the 5: 3: 1: 1 is the mixture ratio for the cooking, but now stuck again with teh pot. Can't mix. I think I'm just burned out with that game.

POP! The pot mixes itself if you click on the black square top left...

cb is open pffftt

I made the cooking and have a plate full of food now.

Of course, got undressed again by the red devil after giving him some delicious roasted stuff... Gosh!

I gave the plate to the red man and i can pick up the redroom panel from door. On the back is :

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 9:47 AM  

lol, now what? heh,heh!

Star with 8 is on the pig now.

I have 5 empty spaces in my inventory...

Correction: 6, but one is dark grey, so I don't need it anymore.

And I am missing star no. 2 and 4

Got nr 2 from toilet

By solving the panel between the doors.

How did you solve it, Zazie?

Can someone give me the cupboard answer. I am just not getting the hints

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 9:58 AM  

Need keys for purse, and drawer of

Still have 12 knives, the pointy
cross. and a bag of seeds, among
a few other items.


escapism, look the man´s positions in the black book. He is UP MIDDLE DOWN etc....

I mean it starts with MDM...

Hi Dayhead. Do you mean the answer of the math in the kitchen? If yes, it is


       Anonymous  4/27/12, 10:00 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

Ah, thanx Zazie! I wrote it down on my piece of paper here, but didn't realise! *facepalm*

Meanwhile i have 4 pieces of paper for this game and starting to get an headache :(

@Zazie: Me too!! Two papers and a double headache! ;-)

LOL but i hate it to give up !
What a hard game, and i am very hungry now !

Yes, dinnertime over here too, but I think we are very close to the solution, but I have no idea anymore what to do. I think I tried to spray anything and tried to set everything on fire and stabbed everything with my twelve knifes. ;-)

I have this idea that we need to separate the 'cross' and insert the two pieces in the bottom of the flower pot. But I have no idea how.

Same here, i really need a pause !
Obviously the 1<8 hint on the back of redroom sign will say that we can leave by there whan we have all 8 stars or so...missing nr 4 still.

Ok i will go to eat....
Hopefully someone can solve it for us lol.
Have all a nice eve.

I'm stumped also have 7 stars and there looks like the last one is in the liner of a box in my inventory but i don't know. This game is tough.

I think so too, we only need star no. 4. I also have a theory that the order for the stars in the dragon picture has to do with the stalagmites on top of the picture, they are all abit different, and that the 1>8 hint says that you have to put them in in that order.

I think I have to quit, too bad...

Bye all, have fun with the game! ;-)

We have 12 knives still we have to cut the box with the axe....... LOL

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 10:33 AM  

Another awesome find, GuruOne! Thanks.

Now, to install the disks correctly!

GuruOne to the rescue again!! Thanx for the hint with the axe, got the last star now. Dinner has to wait!! In a new room now.

Got the stars installed

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 10:47 AM  

In new room now too, got the flower dancing, but having trouble following the pattern to use on safe.

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 10:48 AM  

By the way, the stalactites are the
clue for the order for the disks.

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 10:50 AM  

The squirrel finally stopped to
eat the seeds I placed on the dish.

Got a key.

I thought the flower pattern was


But no go

Oh and the light is another clue to the tic tac toe puzzle

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 10:55 AM  

Key gives crossbow, but it won't
take the bolt.

Lamp in squirrel room has more
tic-tac-toe clues.

       Anonymous  4/27/12, 11:02 AM  

Dang!!, Brother in law just arrived with
car trouble, gotta divert the brain cells
for a while!

See y'all later.

I didn't realize this was still live, but I am stuck way back... :(

can't get my 'umbrella' broken...everytime I enter the red room, I get booted out

opened the knife drawer but can't take any?

POP finally worked! What worked for me (or what seemed to work for me) was looking at the knight in about item, clicking the upper left box and there was a strange sound

then, I could use that to go into the redroom

now have a broken josting stick

now have a torch and am in store room

will try to catch up

I think the button on the suits in the top left corner asks if you want to wear it

now I can take the knives

I cant get the star number order right...help....

Back again, and I've opened the flowers safe. Unfortunately I did it somehow by chance. I thought that it is just the direction that the flower looks, and then every two nods make one click, so I tried something like L R R L L L... and then somehow the safe opened. Got a thing where you can insert the knifes in different colored slots. Will this game never end?

Back again, had to leave.
Have read all hints, but I still can't get the red man to break my spear.
Have been inside the redroom, clicked on the save and he stole my clothes. But now, no matter what I have selected in inventory, nothing happens when I enter redroom again....
Already went back to Entrance, reading the note, since that's about the save in redroom. Also restarted, in case it was just a bug, but second time it still doesn't work.
So stuck..

I'm back and stuck wih the squirrel ...

what is the orer for the 8 stars please....!!!

Anne do you wear the good costume ? first the one you wear at the beginning, second armor from box, fro suit, then princess suit ? to "wear" a costume, in about item view, click the black square/writings.
You will see bottom screen what you're wearing (costume or underwear;))

ank just look at the "stones " above the dragon in pict the little is one, the big is 8

DOn't get the safe with red quares...

You saved my day, Drisana :D
Or at least this game, LOL
Never thought about clicking on the black boxes.
Wearing the knights costume now.

Aaahhhh I can't get the safe code

Opened the barrel with the knifes, the tictactoe-hints is the order for the knifes! Green: tictactoe, red: calendar, yellow: lamp and blue: icecubes. Gives you key for the locked sack in inventory and then a pink ball with 'gas' on it and a manual how to use it. Stuck again.

How to make squirrel eat the seeds?

almost caught up... can't get that squirrel to find the nuts

still don't get safe but it's seems that left button is when " plant's mouth" is right side

For the squirrel, i just went down and up again

waiting for you for the safe solution :)

go downstairs and back up to make squirrel find the nuts.

was just about to post how to get the squirrels key! lol

k, now having a tough time with the plant's safe code


got the safe code

naming the buttons 1 (on the left side but right mouth) and 2 (on the right side but the left mouth) here is the code


I don't think you need the last few 2's, if it works it just says open

let me know if that is right (opened for me)

hope that makes sense

@escapism, do you use the circles or the squares for the green spots for knives?

what to do with the crossbow?

Your code doesn´t work Jo-Ann.

can't figure out the knives in the barrel. thought I had them all, but nothing happens

Oh no Roberto! I swear that is what I wrote down and then used to open it!

2 more posts and we have to turn the page

just doubled checked and it is what I wrote down... I am sorry :(

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