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Waiting for the Sun

[REPLAY] TomaTea - Waiting for the Sun Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Toma Tea. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Waiting for the Sun Escape Walkthrough

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Live Tomatea!!! This made my day!

Got 9 flowers (nothing to do wth them yet), 4/9 signs and opened upper cb with letters clue

Trying to figure out which color order to use, placed jar under pipe, missing valva for pipe

Anybody playing the game? Need help!

Hi Urban, I'm going in...

colour order - look at the shapes in the cupboard

Found color order; it's first line sorted by side quantity. Got tile 5/9, film and SD


Used SD for 4 screws and console

use the film as a clue to open 2 button drawer. I have 2 screws from the big lamp, where are the other 2 please?

Used the film for clock clue, but can't figure out the numbers

hmmmm... 3/9 circle? ..

@LNS: click the left side of opened cb, where the stick comes to wall

TY Urban - missed that view!

the films says 180o... so, just see the clock up side down

Hi everyone, just going in now :)

combined scres with handles, but they won't go on the holes in the wall.

Yes they will - Hooray!

That was beautiful but too damn quick!

Spoiler for clock...


@troullinos: 12:22 or 00:22 doesn't work?
Opened right bottom drawer, follow the clue b->r->or, make every flower white. Now made a stand for flowers.

nice game... thanks for the hint with the color order.


Great game as usual! I was overthinking the clock, thanks @kateskat

If anyone is puzzled over the clock 180 clue - hold the film up against the window - no one mentioned that bit. Pretty game.

Anyone solved the flowers puzzle?

Am confused about the two buttons?...

Nevermind- missed the clue about using film....

Hello everyone,
Thanks for playing our game, we will have new challenge for you soon.
Have great day,
TomaTea team :)

Kiki - look closely at the piece of film in inventory.
Jelena - see Urban's comment at 2.24

Jelena, find a path through the flower box,
start with Blue then Red then Orange and repeat
until every flower is white and you finish at the bottom left
Hope this helps.

* bottom right

got it

thanks :)

Thanx LNS

trailing behind and snooping behind (sometimes)

great game as always TomaTea lets keep them coming :) thank you

Great game TomaTea :) looking forward for the next!

Thanks TomaTea for absolute top quality games.

anyone playing ? im just compeletly lost ..i saw the 2 screws on the cabinet but now i cant find that viem im just clicking & clicking on the cb ...

I love TomaTea....

cant do the flowers..

I have 7 of 9 buttons and a film (used). What do I have to do? How do you get water? The pot is placed under the tap.

Having trouble with the flower puzzle...help?

Got the puzzle. Now where are the second set of screws? I got the ones from the lamp.

Second 2 screws are right from the big cupboard

i feel like an idiot...cannot get flowers puzzle even with blue-red-orange clue.

the tip of flower puzzle is in the board,
Click 2x L, 2x R and 2xL

reached for the faucet is in the CB number code: 2581

finally got it - you can only move horizontally and vertically, not diagonally...

Pres Blue red yellow, than b.r.y and b.r.y and so on. start at the left withe arrow and end at the button withe arrow.

Great game!

Great game as always !! Thanks Toma Tea!!!
I ll try a WT (If anyone else isnt making one) that cant be done without your helpful comments above fellow escapers!Thank you !

As always a very nice game, TomaTea games with joy to play, thank you!

Beautiful game. Thank you again TomaTea.

my English is not so good for a good WT :-(

hi, need help with 4 digit
I see the solution but cant type the numbers

what to do with film ?... have 7/9 tiles and film left??

I'm still not finding the second set of screws. Someone said

"click the left side of opened cb, where the stick comes to wall"

and someone else said:

"Second 2 screws are right from the big cupboard"

Neither of these clues make any sense to me....

Thank you Sylli.

Zoe open cb... then look in upper part - theres a stick on left inner side of cb where the shapes are hanging

click where the stick meets the cb top left inside

sorry for my english

some1 posted "film says 180o" but my film shows only the left/right button clue?

how to activate the 4 digit drawer??

Zoe, when Cb opened (BOHO)clic IN cb top left

sue - no your English is perfectly fine! I got it thanks to you!!!

sue: highlight the film, and then use it where all the windows are.

but help me plkease with number drawer...what do i have to do withe film and clock?

clock has no hotspot

TY Zoe...swear I tried taht - but now it workes

Sue, put the film on window to see hint clock

cool - and out:)

I'm out too!!! YAY!!

Thanks for all your help. Love these games!!!

wow, out with no help!!!

I think this was the easiest TomaTea I've ever played.

P.S. However, I walked around for nearly 8 minutes until I learned about the "second use" for the film/stencil kind of thing.

That's because I'm on Linux and not on ...

Whoops, one word more and I would have spoilt it all ;-P

       Anonymous  4/16/12, 5:28 AM  

Thank you troullinos for the explanation about the clock !
I have only 1 brace (but 4 screws), and I don't find the hint for the left-right buttons.

       Anonymous  4/16/12, 5:29 AM  

POP, the left right hint is also on the film !

       Anonymous  4/16/12, 5:33 AM  

Those Tomatea games are great !

"SPOILER" for flower puzzle:
(numbers indicate the x-th move, so "24" is the last)

01 02 15 16 17 18
04 03 14 13 20 19
05 08 09 12 21 22
06 07 10 11 24 23

Sofa screen:

under sofa take the box with flower pots

left up shelf: take green disc and in that view notice half letters on statue

right shelves:notice the clock, the hole on the other "thing' and take yellow disc

Door screen:

bottom of the lamp: take disc and notice you need a SD

Cb-drawers screen:

zoom on statue,notice half letters and take disc

zoom on the cb:letters code(combine the half letters from statues)
open cb ,take the jar and notice the hanging shapes,the paper clue(sun+water=flower) and click left up to see you need a SD.
Place the jar right of cb and notice you need a valve.

zoom out and then in on wooden box, notice 3x3 places that is for flower pots you have but not yet

zoom on left top drawer and put colour code (1st row of hanging shapes but in order of their angles from smaller to biger)
take disc,SD and piece of film
on the film see the cuttings on left and right sides

left down drawer: click the buttons in that order you saw on the film and take disc and flower clue

zoom on right down drawer and make all flowers white using the clue start with one finish to the bottom arrow (solution below)
and take disc and metal bar

notice that the top right drawer needs a code

open the cb again, use SD sand take 2 screws and another metal bar

Windows screen:
notice you have to place smt under the window and take the film from iventory in front of the windows (without zoom)to see a clue for the clock

Sofa screen again:

check the hour and use the clue (180) from the film to get numbers code (upsidedown)

Cb-drawers screen,top right drawer :put the code and take disc and valve

up where you ve placed the jar ,put the valve and click it , now jar is filled so take it

Door screen: take the 2 screws(with SD) from the bottom of the lamp

Windows screen: in your iventory open the bars and place the screws , and place the bars on the wall(holes) and use SD on the screws

zoom out and then on top of the bars and put the flower pots
use the jar with water on the pots and take disc(last)and notice the colours of the flowers

Cb-drawers screen: zoom on wooden box, put the discs and click them to change their colours as the colours of the flowers, so take the little key

Sofa screen:zoom on the right shelves and put the key in the hole of the "thing' and door key is revealed on top of it , so take it ,go to the door, use it and OUT!!!

letters code:BOHO
colours code(drawer):RYBG
flowers (drawer): if you see iy as 6 rows and 4 columns numbered :1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9
19 20 21 22 23 24
click then in that order 1,2,8,7,13,19,20,14,15,21,22,16,10,9,3,4,5,6,12,11,17,18,24,23.
Nunbers : 2581
flower pots(colours) YRB

I hope i didnt forget anything
and sorry for the "thing" dont know what its called and for my english.

Oh ,the columns arent well when i posted, sorry about that ,i hope its clear.

I just saw that I have "seven of nine" discs....lol
a little trekkie humor.....

The WT is super, @new...Thanks!

       Anonymous  4/16/12, 6:16 AM  


- click on buttons:

Thx, @new, for the WT!
(have more spare time for myself now, LOL!)

Great explanation premiere for the colours (image) Thank you

played first time on time , nice game

nayana, India, 04/16/12 19.14 ist

sorry, but I still cant get the flowers, I did it exactly like it saids, at the end I click the 24 23 nothing happens.

NVM got it i was doing it wrong

Sherry, give them numbers 1st row 1-6,2nd row 7-12 etc (from left to right ) and then click in the order i posted above in solutions

sorry,hadnt refreshed LOl

Hah, that's interesting!

premiere's solution for the shapes-colors code says 'YRBG' but new's solution says 'RYBG'!

maybe both combinations will work? I first did it much too simple, and it even worked! (lol) (so I simply regarded the first row only, and the number of edges)

POP, ah got it. It was the LEGEND for color-challenged folks =)) premiere wrote the actual solution on TOP. (above the metal bar)

Ok, so here again my "solution" (NOTE: it only works accidentally)

On the topmost row, you can see

blue pentagon (5) - red triangle (3) - yellow square (4) - green hexagon (6)

Now just sort the shapes by their edges, least to most, and you get the VERY same solution without thinking much about shapes in the rows below!! =D =D

love these games, first time ive done most of the puzzles myself wish we could have one tomatea game a day.....

Thats what I also did arbeitslooser !!! LOL

You're telling me =D I think the author didn't intend it to "solve" it that way...if he had known about it, he would have shut down this "backdoor" LOL

Im sure of it ,arbeitslooser LOL but then again nvm cause Toma Tea makes great games and premiere gave the solution !!

Great game - thanks tomatea!

So much fun thank you!

LOL -- got almost to end, but didn't see the token in the flower pots!

if you saw the clock upside down it would be 5281

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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