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Find the Escape Men 32: In the Office Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 32: In the Office

Find the Escape Men 32: in the Office is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you are locked in the bathroom. Find the 10 Escape-Men, and escape from there (or do something in there)! This game has 1 ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape-Men 32 in the Office Video Walkthrough
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Yeah, I'd like this game a lot more if it actually loaded.. heh... I'll come back later...

nearly out
stuck with the door code~

In now... Five men and a stamped document...

Document in in-box coughed up another...

üout 1 man on copy machine and make a copy. 6 men and stuck

Coin in the vending machine and another next to laptop...

Thanks Katrin... Can't believe I didn't think of that =) All men now... Hmmm... Exit code...

9 men now, one missing

And out... Sweet little game as always...

I got the cup with one man but there is still one in machine? Where is the last one?

@Katrin... Did you get the secon one on the laptop?

can't read the exit code ....

@werner..pls help :D

water in glass and use it on plant

@Jelena... Just combine the two rows of men to give you five letters...

stuck with stamped document??? please

and out! thank you!

@seb... Stick it in the in-box =)

one under coin (in green machine)

9 men, hmm... Can't find the last one...

thanks Werner :)

Thanks Seb! That was my last one :)

@werner,what 2 rows of men, i have only 8

@ontherocks... When you get all ten men, look at them... Patience =)

have only 9 men, found all in comments *sigh*

missed 1 too...

but i have only 9, i thought the code gives you the last one!!

@Jax... Did you get the one under the floor tile?

Yes i did ta

There's also one you get after spinning the chair a few times...

floor tile, 1 on chair, 2 on computer, 1 on plant, 1 with paper in tray, 1 on copier

@werner can you give a WT? dont know where i missed

yea got that1 werner,ta its prolly staring me in face

water on plant, glass/green machine, under tile, under coin, on wall near door, print one to get another, green paper on laptop, stamped document in box on desk,on chair...

missed 1...

see the 10 men, but can't fix it into a word. Help please...

Obvious one on the green tiles to the right of the door...

oh i had missed one from the comp!!thanx Jax

I have 10 men and there is still one in the vending machine. Can't make out the code too.
Does it start with YC?

One on the change after buying the drink...

Werner, 2 on laptop? found only one, help please

OHHH got it, thanks a lot!

@seb...Top left and on the right margin...

Green Men spoiler:
#1 First scen on the squares on right wall.
#2 Put green man in copy machine, copy and open
#3 use screwdriver on floortile.
#4 Put Document with stamp on it in box on desk,
big green man goes too the chair, take it.
#5 Spin chair three(?) times
Soon comes the rest if it's necessary :)

It does, catqueen =)

YC.XH ....?

Thx Werner!

I brute forced the middle letter... Think it was an E...

YC.XH ....?

May I go now? =)

Thanks Werner :)

Take note out of door
take document from table
take screwdriver out of red box on desk
take coin out of machine
take coin next to laptop
1. on green plates on the wall (next to door)
2. in office, turn left chair 3 times
3. copy 1 green man (don't forget to take it back)
4. remove tile with screwdriver (in front of door)
5. put stamp on document and put in into red box
6. put coins into machine and take cup with green man
7. take change (green man on it)
8. use cup under watermachine, give plant in office water
9 and 10. click on laptop and again, then use paper out of door in laptop, 2 escape men there

click on escape men and form a word


#6 In vending machine, one coin is to the right
in computer scen, hard to see.
#7 In computer to the right
#8 In computer top left, Green man "icon"(?)
#9 Fill cup with water and give flower by the
desk, green man on leaf.
#10 Open slot in vending machine, take new coin,
flip it, green man! :)

Thanks to everybody!

I've got the 10 escapemen, but I don't understand how to make a word with them.

POP, I tried again and it worked (I don't understand the letters, though).

The letters are : SPOIYCFXHLER.

Thank you for the video walkthrough Celine Bes! Even with everyone's hints I somehow missed the paper in the door until I saw it in your video.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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