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The Happy Escape 2 Walkthrough

The Happy Escape 2

[REPLAY] [WEB/MOBILE: Android] The Happy Escape 2 is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Tesshi-e for MildEscape. In this classical game, you are trapped in a room, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this room. Collect 10 Happy Coins as well. Guess which drink is Tesshi-e's most favourite one...?! Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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OH, great!
found coin on plant
opened pic with "coffee", got paper hint for triangle box
clic 2x in box to find key

another key in SD, and another coins

coin under bottle (when empty)

key open piano, another coin and hint diamond

stick on piano (when opened) to catch coin under piano

Where's the screwdriver?

put stick on hole table to read heart number

SD is in right cB (key is in triangle box)

Ah ok, thanks. That was tricky. Click a second time in triangle box for the key.

found sort of candle, matches

SD on hippo gives sort of happy coin (already ??)

Can't find candle? Or do you mean the thing that looks like a glass?

Got a lot of coins.
Use screwdriver also on little pic for a coin and to see the spade number.

No Small tool, sort of candle is in middle cb

I can't understand code for birds and hint 1445

Lol, ok just found that by doing the math with hearts and spades.

this sort of candle goes under glass(filled with bottle) on the right of cb

       Anonymous  5/29/12, 2:34 AM  

put coin from matches 2x in pink zodiac device for another coin to collect.

Hi, guys!

Use the special coin 2x in the little pink machine to get another coin.
Have 7 coins now in the machine behind the coffee pic.

       Anonymous  5/29/12, 2:36 AM  

another coin from bottom of plant (again), after activating ceiling vent.

Hi Premiere, idea for code birds?

birds 1445 are the 1st 4th and so on letters from the birds first 1 is f...

Hi Premiere :)
And thanks, did do the fan, but didn't go looking after that.

4 is second 4th letter = o

Thanks Isacus,
Have coffee now.

Thanks Isacus :)

so code is

Put coffee in coffee grinder to get another coin.

Why won't the glass like thing go on the other glass with candle below it?
That's how it looks like on the pic.

take coffe with glass

Ok, you have to fill that glass with coffee from the grinder first and then it goes on.

glass with coffeee goes to water/canle thing, light it with matches for clubs number...gives cake and coin

Then use matches on it and you get the clubs number.

Put coffee in glass first

put 10 coins under pic ;)

Ten coins behind pic gives a new key.

and out
cake on plate, coffee in cup, coins in machine under pic...key

Out too.
And going back in to find the happy coin.

end with happy coin but not sure how, before i put the 10coins in the machine under pic there was written happy coin on them in green...put them in pushed button and got key and was out with happy coin

Hm. I wonder if there's an extra happy coin. We already have 10 of them and when you use the key on the door it's not just open, but you go out.

       Anonymous  5/29/12, 2:55 AM  

Usually, if you got the happy coin, outro is showing a happy coin & telling «happy coin will bring hapiness to you»
(or similar - e.g. don't worry, be happy!)

the coin on the shelf behind the glass you unscrew has happy coin written on it....

Can't find anything changed in the room after gettting the last key and no way to use the key without going out. So I guess this time it's 10 happy coins and coffee and cake.
Anyway, have to go. Good luck with finding a different ending :)

       Anonymous  5/29/12, 3:00 AM  

Ditto here (again!), LOL - CU!

Anyone there? Don't understand triangle box :(

Lok at paper hint (under pic)
arrow gives hint from up to down and lok at place of triangle

So kind, seb! Many thanks!!

Where are the 10 coins? I have 9 and am racking my brain...
2nd one by plant after fan starts moving
Picture frame on bookshelf
Coffee bean canister
Zodiac machine
Hippo panel
Piano keyboard (once you unlock it)
Under the piano
Behind the "coffee" picture
Triangle box...
and what else?

Also -- I cannot set the cake & coffee on the table, even after removing the sundial rod. Any advice? thanks!

And half my inventory is still empty... ?!!?

Under bottle

Thank you, Seb!

I find that one a bit of an eye-roller, since it IS a clear glass bottle ; ]

Just sayin'...

Great fun - thanks Tesshi-e!

If anyone happens to be around, where's the dang heart number? I've inserted the metal rod into the table but still don't see anything?

Or just tell me the code for the middle cb.. please!!

       Anonymous  5/29/12, 12:02 PM  

put stick in hole of little table with heart at window (=sun clock) & look at what number (roman numeral) the shadow is = heart number.

Anyone still playing?? How to get picture to fall?

Ah got it! Spell out COFFEE! Clever!

There are letters behind the picture.
So click the corners in the order of the word; COFFEE.

Complete side note: I SERIOUSLY want a Mr. Birdy toy of my very own! Has anyone ever seen them for sale? I once left a message on Tesshi-e's blog but got a message back saying you can't post in English. If anyone could translate such a post to Japanese for me that'd be awesome (and such good karma)!

Ah, thank you so much premiere!! Feeling a little stupid now but, couldn't have done it without your help! :)

In the not to distant future, we will have,

SSSG - Mugs.
Tesshi - Birdies.
TomaTea - Mouse Mats.
robamimi - Pens and Note Paper.
Kotorinosu - Coffee makers.
Dghgbakufu - Ash Trays.

And EG24!

Wait, we already have the Mugs...
so give it time.

It's interesting that the Far East haven't realised
that there is a profit to be made out of flash game

(Thanks Selfdefiant!)

Once you put all coins in the machine, click it again and another coin drops. This is your happy coin.

Totally stuck... until I happened upon the fact that coffee is spelled with two ee's. Um, yeah, I live in English Canada and drink it every day...

LOL. Well, that was quite an easy one.

Except for the following...
So thanks seb for the hint with the empty (!) bottle! It was the only hint I needed.


I strongly doubt it. You just take your Happy Coin back to your inventory that way. There is no second ending. Deffo not this time...

* Alternative puzzle solution for hackers and/or math freaks only *

The middle cupboard with the Spade -:- Heart puzzle can even be solved if you don't know the value of the heart at all, just by trial and error *BUT* a kind of trial and error that makes some sense! (I'm not talking about trying out random numbers, mind you...)

Split up SPADE (5712) into its prime factors:

5712 = 2^4 * 3 * 7 * 17

- First, it is known that the number is 3-digit, so greater than 000 and less or equal than 1000.

- Second, it is known that the resulting number ( = code) is created from a division

- Third, so if we "build" factors from prime numbers, there is just a limited set of possibilities for the heart:

5712 / 48 = 017 { very unlikely }
5712 / 24 = 238
5712 / 16 = 357
5712 / 8 = 714
5712 / 7 = 816

... until we arrive at the correct result :)
This is what sometimes helps if you want to get further in the game but don't want to peek in the solution...

Thanks Tesshi-e, great game as always !!
Thanks friends for the comments!!

Lol Arbeitslooser,
The bruteforcing is even easier than you described. If you look at the table with a 'heart' on it, then not only 48 (with result 017) is very unlikely, but most of the others too. There's a sun dial on the table so hearts can only be 1-12. So all you have to try is 8 or 7 for hearts.

Oops, and of course 6 for hearts too (gives 952), but that's all, lower numbers give 4 digits.

No, no, hold on.;) Heh, I'm not that dumb. This was for the case that you OVERLOOKED the heart on the table and just thought it was some decoration or so.

It was just a more general solution for cases when the item is well hidden and you for the life of yourself can't find it.
I just pretended that the heart be hidden much better in the game (because Tesshi doesn't make it that easy for us normally).

This situation usually happens to me if I checked out an item at the very beginning and then totally forgot about what I checked 15 minutes ago. Then I'm going to need the hard way. :)

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  12/7/18, 5:24 AM  

greetings Love & Gunardi

interesting stuff you provided...

but as we don't allow spam on EG24, we deleted your comments

plz stop spamming on our site - thx

AlphaOmega AΩ
EG24 admin
& staff

       Anonymous  12/7/18, 12:39 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

caught this one from the comment notifications (spammers)& decided to post it as a replay
a Tesshi-e is always worth a replay - enjoy!

btw, Tesshi-e is creating games since 2008, i.e. MildEscape has its 10 year anniversary – CONGRATS! ♥

ありがとう for all your creations, XXX ☺
& thx Blue Fire for your VWT

Thanks for the Replay, and Happy 10th Anniversary to Tesshi-e! Love your mildescape games!

THANKS to small-tool & premiere & seb & all players who posted their comments in 2012, couldn't have done it without your help! :)

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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