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In The Footsteps Of Bigfoot Walkthrough

In The Footsteps Of Bigfoot

In The Footsteps Of Bigfoot is another point and click room escape game developed by Abroy. Not a very comfy atmosphere when you know that Bigfoot is somewhere close. Have fun and good luck!

Play In The Footsteps Of Bigfoot

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For four color puzzle, use pencils and number on table

I'm assuming that teh clue for the other color puzzle is the teeth on the bigfoot dude, but I can't get them to work

Also, can't get the cm puzzle. 24" would be 61cm but that doesn't work. Anyone else playing?

HEY DAVID ..game loading

its 60 .96 david

cool thanks raasti

just realized that the outside teeth are yellow.

the hint for 4 colour pentagons are by pencils with no# on table

for teeth its

yellow ,purple ,green .pink .pink ,green ,purple ,yellow

I can't get the ken ken to work, even though I know it's right

for ken -ken
4 2 1 3
3 1 4 2
1 3 2 4
2 4 3 1

Well, that was quick too. Keep em coming!

Nice and easy one... The last piece to find was the one


I have all the pcs except for the one I assume one gets by breaking the black handle on the white cabinet... I can't break it. I do have the crowbar, but it's not working. Is there another tool?

pincers for black handle

@ blooby, thanks, where does one get the pincers? I solved all the puzzles in the cabinet with the key holes...

@fed up: you get the pincers in the middle drawer on the left side, the one with the 4 black pentagons that you have to change in colors.

@ escapism: Thank you, I forgot to finish solving that puzzle. (blushing) Out now.

what are the 4 colors?

@ Helen: combine two clues... the colored pencils and the 4 digit number on the table to solve the pentagon problem

thanks fed up. had not combined with the numbers

Had trouble finding the hotspot to use the crowbar. Other than that, pretty easy one.

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Can't find the top middle puzzle piece for the door. Any help? I've solved all puzzles and used all my tools but I can't find it :(

I got one round piece from using the chisel on table...does anyone know where the other one is?
missing the top left one!

Jennifer...I think it is behind the picture on the wall...the top of the three....?

10:10 or 22:10 not working for clock??


POP...I finally found the woodpile hotspot....out now!

Huh...nevermind. I must have already s olved that one because I have all the pieces...

Hey Holly...22:10 worked for me...try it again?
You aren't putting it in the wrong place are you?

LOLOL...good for you, Holly...done that before, myself...lol

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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