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Mystery Escape Walkthrough

Mystery Escape

Mystery Escape is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Yizzim.com and Melting-Mindz.com. You are in a mysterious place, you got yourself here, now can you escape? Search around to collect items and search for clues to escape! Good luck and have fun playing!

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wow, this looks like a new type of game - I can't believe I logged in just as it was posted!

use colors flashing thru pipes to open door

YAY!! was waiting for this!!!

for the next door--- use color order and count sides of the shapes to open

Yeah SD! And I had combination locks, I never figure them out!

wrench from shape box

I'm just going to patiently wait for everyone!

Have to FIND the PLAY button LOL!

Ha! SD is having fun today - "NOTICE: it has been noted that you noticed this sign"

I'm stuck on the white/black buttons.

green gem after power on (use wrench on sign, get screw, use screw on cable, push button)

woohoo, got combination! No idea why though!

ah, thank you for reminding me on the white/black buttons forgot about them!

got the wrench. now need a 4 digit code

white/black buttons clue inside locker with combination lock.

use numbers from calendar on locker- get key, key gives fuse, put fuse in fuse box.. go back to 1st screen to get blue gem

second door code: use the same order of colors as the first and put the number of sides for each shape (e.g., yellow hexagon = 6)

anyone found a screw?

woohoo out! although had to brute force a few items.


Thank you, you're right ! I was only looking at the message "The panel is missing a handle, find a way to remove it" (-:

take the screw off the sign with the wrench.

Ooooookay..........? Have the first dialog...

pdgph, you're welcome! I had forgotten about those buttons, so you led me to it by asking that question!

It was a very nice game.

Thank you SD!!!! :) Hmmmm....*sometimes we make decisions...and we wonder how we get into these situations*....ROFL!!!! This is a recurring theme in EG24 ;) Okay...opened color-coded door and now exploring the other side....

@Zoz....are we actually in a live game...together :D Sooo good to see you!!!! What a frabjous day :)

Thanx for the screw clue! Safe clue anyone?


That's very cool, such a different game! However, I'm stuck with the code for the locker. Tried many combinations of the calendar numbers but nothing works...

hiya Irish! It's been ages since we were in a live game at the same time!

And Zoz!!

Finally, it worked!

For the locker, use the 3 numbers from calendar, using the order of the first color-code (1st room) and starting counterclockwise.

I'm still muddling through with the combination code for the locker as well. Pretty easy up til now.
Hey Rachel!

jeez, @Valerie, I swear that was the first thing I tried! Thank you for the solution!

Now, where to use screwdriver... I tried to unscrew everything already!!

Yesssssssssssssss !
Thanks SD

that was fun - thanks SD!

Pop! The hint in the locker is not only a hint...

That was short but sweet. Thank you @SD!

Shouldn't the locker code be
9 Right
27 Left
30 Right

??? Doesn't work. :-(

Hi Rachel :) Great to see you and in a live game too ;)

Pfffftttt....I am not peeking...I am not peeking...I am not peeking...I am no....blah :P Somehow the calendar code has to be the safe combination but I think I need to brush up on my *combination-opening* skills...lol! Did I leave my magic *safe* wand in Sneaky's Asylum..... @.@ Back to work....I LOVE SD games....!!!!!

Just saw color + combination hint ... but ...

That doesn't work either:

Blue 27 Right
Green 9 Left
Red 30 Right

Or am I getting Left and Right backwards?

what is the black and white code????

I am stuck trying to open the locker. The calendar hint doesn't seem to work

My Left and Right were backwards. :)

I liked the trick with "find the play button"... He 's always very creative!

Stuck. Can't seem to find these black/white buttons and have clicked everywhere trying to find some way to get the panel off from the inside of the locker. :/


@bee - the black and white buttons are from the handle in the locker

Locker combo help, please.

If the color order is blue green red then it should be 27 9 30. That's not working for me. Can someone just spoil the correct combo?

i am stuck can anyone help me with the black and white code?????

@unknown - the black/white buttons are in the box on the left in the green room

locker combo: 27,9,30. Start with the left button

Well that way easy. Thanks for the help. :D

im out tyvm annaby for the help

Hi @everyone still around! lol

I am stuck with a screwdriver and the blue and green gems....anyone?

Will have to play this tomorrow now! Thanks anyway Selfdefiant :D

And I have escaped...I looked at the tiles and all available possibilities *well obviously I missed something*, but *guessed* my way through the 9-button box...lol! Now I am going to read the comments so I know where that elusive clue was!

@zoz & Rachel...let's meet back at the swimming pool in SD's Expedition 4...drinks all around ;)

LOL...now my SD disappeared as I frantically tried it on everything!!!!!

HI @nokra - use the SD on the handle in the locker

NOKRA!!!!! Have you opened the safe yet? The handle needs to be removed with something :) That will give you the final gem...I actually made it to a live game....lol!!!

LOL nokra - how did you manage that?

Hey @irish - can I join you at the pool? It really looked inviting lol

Apparently, I clicked the locker w/the sd....but did not see I had done it....went back and found my red gem...lol

TY @Irish!!!! And I'm coming too...with frozen mangoritas!!!!

Yay nokra!!

Hi Nokra, I have blue and green gems. Where did you get a screwdriver?

And the hints here say that the clue for the black / white buttons are in the locker (that I finally opened). I tried the "shape" of where the handle is supposed to go - a capital I or sideways H. Nope.

Or is there a handle that opens something that has the real clue??

Of course Annaby :) You too, Nokra! A relaxing afternoon/evening with great friends :) Oh...don't forget to bring your goggles...lol!!!!

hi @4red3's....the black dots make a capital I....

@4red - I think it was a black capital I

I had to do the dots a couple of times before it worked...and the sd????
God help me...I can't remember where I got it! LMAO!!!!!

lol irish - I'll bring my goggles - and a lighter and corkscrew in case SD left us anything good

Yay and out! Finally! Got my goggles, got my mojito mix, toolbelt with everything, now off to the Self-Defiant pool with Irish, Zoz, Nokra and Anaby! And anyone else who wants to join!

I'm definitely joining this party! An early Cinco de Mayo celebration? Then again, who needs an excuse for a party, anyway?
I'll bring ice and a blender!

the locker doesn't work, no matter what I tried...

how do I get into the game? I have a black page with 6 sentences in white .. where is the game?

I finally got the black / white button thing. I took several times. The first I clicked the "I" shape one click to make them black. That did not work. Then I clicked each one twice and that didn't work. Then I clicked them each one time again and that time it worked.

So if you are stuck on the black / white buttons. Click the shape by clicking to make them black once. Click the green button. Then you have to make them all white again. Then do the same shape but click twice to make each button black. Click green. Then make them all white again. Then make them black again by clicking once. Then click green. It opened for me after I did all that.

@ Enjoy, I clicked on the letter "p" in the word escape and up popped the play button. Some of the other letters had different buttons that popped up.

thank you.. I will try

That was a short and sweet little game. Thank you SD!

Nope still can't get into the game. the first scene has black/white color blocks with Mystery escape.. then I click a few times until the "play" button appears, then I get a dialog, but nothing else.

What to do?

Nice game. I don't remember seeing a clue for the black and white button box, Made a capital I with black buttons and got screwdriver.

hover under the 4 sentences with your mouse bottom middle to reveal escape button.

hint is the slot for handle.

thanks got it now :)

- Lights: Y-B-G-R
0x-1-2-3-4x click

- boxes: R-Y-B-G (order like colour door code)
- stars: G9-B27-R30 (order like colour door code without Y)
- gems: order like colour door code without Y, from top to bottom

Hi Premiere thanks :)

How to make my VERY boring Friday fun?? A SD game, of course!!!!

Thanks SD!!!!!

WOOT....party party!!!! Shots of Patron for everyone...Zoz is making the margatokillyas ;P Nokra is bringing extra frozen mongo's...I found some rare vintage wine hidden in SD's hidden wine cellar so it is a good thing you are bringing the corkscrew Annaby :D Oh and a lighter for the candles...we do not need an excuse to party, especially in SD's beach condos,but celebrating early Cinco de Mayo and because it is Friday, cheers to you, my friends :)

Oh, EnJoy, Premiere, Zoe....join the party :) All are welcome!!!!!

btw SD - you're welcome to come join the party (it is, after all, your house!) And thanks for the wine - irish must have broken the code to your secret cellar.

This comment has been removed by the author.

No logic at all. I don't like this game. Sorry.

I hate games with such safes!

good game =) better then most but not the best by far lol

Kind of easy for a Self-Defiant game, but really fun! :D

Where are these black dots? stuck with H in locker and blue and green gems.

The black and white dot puzzle is behind the poster you took off in the first room. the sideways H is the clue

This comment has been removed by the author.

i hav green ,blue gem ..have to remove pannel but nothing im inventry completely stuck ..

ok found the screwdriver :)there was puzzle at the place of notice board ..

why doesnt start?

why doesn't anybody post walkthroughs no more? there used to be one for each game at this site!

Can anyone tell me where's the red gem?? plz plz plz

That was fun! Thanks SD

First door,
(Colour strips on walls)

Second room,
Boxes with Y,B,G,R. Sides =

Third room
Locker and calendar combination

Thats enough.....

It's all in the comments GL.

Just in casey, the SD was used inside locker
with the the sideways H for Red Gem..........

ok 9, 27, 30 doesn't work?!

wheres the red diamond

safe for me was 9 27 30. hit 27 twice before stopping and turning.

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