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🖳 The Trader of Stories: A Grain of Truth Walkthrough

🖳 The Trader of Stories: A Grain of Truth

[REPLAY] The Trader of Stories: A Grain of Truth is another new released point and click type adventure game by Rudowski Brothers. Search for items and clues to finish this game. Good luck and have fun!

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i don't have much time, but it seems like a very great game !

wow this looks like a beautiful , shame i only have ten minutes

I'm with the chief of cloud catchers, and stuck with the sentence ...

awww wont let me play ...

btw, in options, you can put the music on

ooooh what is this??

i went to the ship , got the net and am now trying to sort the clouds i got mahjong style

made a map looking in telescope upstairs

beautiful music :)

What a delightful story this is turning into :)

Up the top of the cloud catcher. There are 6 things to find when looking through the telescope in order to find your way to the floating rocks

grrr these clouds are driving me nuts. lol

did you sort the clouds rsa momma

Same here Bigtank !

finally got it, but can't explain how...

After a simple puzzle, i made a pillow

Got new words for the sentence, and now it's ok ;)

Na. Still fiddling with the clouds between silly people who think I should actually do WORK whilst at the office - how unreasonable some people are :-P

Its amazing what you can accomplish when the phone stops ringing

I must have missed speaking to someone as I still haven't got the right word for the second part of the captain's story (you get the words from speaking to people and you can only use those words to insert in the questions).

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 1:57 AM  

What a pretty game but sadly too slow for an 'office break' game LOL. Will come back to this later.

I can't get in. Boehoe!

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 2:10 AM  

I too am trying to get words for 2nd sentence of story, and failed to sort the clouds... utter fail.. but fun nonetheless .. oh dear, help though please .

In Mahjong, you can only take the tiles which are on the edge. Try to get as many of the bottom line uncovered and as many tiles on an edge as you can.

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 3:16 AM  

This game doesn't accept my browser (Opera) ! This is just ridiculous, Opera is compliant with all the web requirements !

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 3:31 AM  

I have IE, but rarely use it, it's so cumbersome.. Google Chrome is the browser that I find works just so fine for most things.. I love it .

How do you get to sorting the clouds??
I've done the first part of the story.

What's the second part of the 'story' the captain tells?? I got the first question and seem to have all the words (went through the entire thing twice) but can't work it out. :(

On first i used "family","bedding" and "tradition". don't remember the order.
Any1 to help with the second

Go off of the cloudeater and go to the rocks. Amble around and collect more words then go back to the captain

(the map works like a Selfdefiant crystal and will take you immediately to wherever you have been before)

All words are there, you must examine all things in the game, for example the crack between two rooms gave me one word if i remember correctly. The hardest was find word business. I stuck with he pillow and stethoscope, where to use them? Watched film and measured rocks. Help.

any hints on the majong? i just can't seem to solve it!


2. = connection + sleep

Hi all,

finally made the cloud-mahjong. It´s a bit tricky and i can´t play it again. But the solution is to start on the left side.

Still missing the second word for the second question for the captain... maybe 'stone'?
I haven´t found others to talk to...

pop. use them in the connecting point (in the secret room)

thanks trirepeate - will keep at it!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Can't find the word "connection" anywhere. Getting tired of clicking and going around in circles

@Duo 'sleep' is from touching the cloud on the head of the cloud-eater, the guy will warn you and you´ll get the word.

@RSA Momma
where was the word 'connection'? i spoke to all again but no sucess.

If you click on the map (symbol up right) you can travel much faster.

There's a secret room??

secret room is hidden in the room with buckets. You must add water and door opens.

There's a room with buckets?? Sheesh!! :(

word connection is in the entrance to the other chamber.


Get the map then leave the Cloudeater. Go on the journey to the rocks and look around there. I'm not sure where I say the word but it was in that area


Where did you find a hook or a weight to put on the rope to get across?

it is the head of the axe in you inventory

I can't seem to find the word 'connection' and have talked to everyone - any hints?

*sob* I can't even find the rocks :( All I've found is the Cloud Eater, the tree and something that looks like a wagon on the huge plain.

Thanks Ipi. I'll give it another try - it keeps telling me I'm bloodthirsty :)

Okay, You have to go into the inventory (not use item) and then select 'use item' on the axe head and put it on the rope. Got a grappling hook now :)

Hook... weight... axe??? Seriously? Where are you finding all this stuff?

I think I've clicked everything I can find to click and am getting nowhere. Might have to quit it if I don't find anything else. Finger is getting too sore.

Terry Jackson

Go right the way up to the top of the cloudeater. Look through the lense and find the 6 landmarks. That will allow you to travel to the rocks

Terry Jackson

On the top right of the screen there is an eye symbol. Click on that and white marks briefly appear which tells you what you can and cannot interact with

sorry - top LEFT
Girl directions where the "other right" is still on the right :)

Where did you find the order for the filters please?

Look at the pieces of the pages you have been collecting. They spell out the colours in order

E.g page 1 is Research Every Do = red

Christina: Look at the first letters of the notes in the inventory. I found out by showing one to the sowing man with the mask.

pop. sorry

spoiler alert


I am missing one piece of the cloth and am getting bored with going in circles looking for it!

Much progress! I filled in all the blanks in the bedding-related questions and am now grappling my way across the cleft =D

Finished, beautiful game

can't find the word sleep and how many pieces of cloth do I need? I have two

touch the cloud at the top of the head of the cloud eater for "sleep"
i think u need 8 pieces the last is in the secret room

still don´t know where to use the pillow and the stethoscope...

thank you Brogettenks!

@Michael, pillow and stetho are used at the very end of the game

Can I hell find that last piece of cloth !!!
The one that goes in the 9'oclock space.

Thanks Brogettenks - I was worry about that.
I think that I´m missing a word for the captain´s puzzle: "these plains are not the natural ... of the ...? I´m sure the second word must be CREW - have to search anouther round...

Found it - wasn´t the word CREW...

Do you want me to spoiler the words for the captain's questions?

I have all the cloth, the lamp is in place, the filters are in order (I think), but it's still telling me something is missing??

Order I have for filters: RPBGYO

I never got a paper for 'blue', but since I have papers for all the others, I inferred that the blue filter was to go in the 3rd slot...


Did you make the picture of the red cloth?
That is where I'm stuck as I can't find one of the pieces (I think that is what the problem is)

Is this still live?

My cloth wheel looks complete to me... I don't see any gaps, at least. Can't remember how many pieces I found, but the one in the secret room completed the wheel. Afraid I can't remember where all the others were, as I didn't keep track!

ok it is :)

RSA and I are still playing, so I assume so, haha xD Join us and help out? :)


Mine also looks complete but on the whirly ? mark type round thingy, I have one piece missing. The inner and middle are all done correctly. Just the outside isn't

@ RSA Momma Cyndi:
I would, but I didn´t made a note of the answers. Also, my english isn´t the best - but this part of the game wasn´t that hard...

Finished now - really really nice game :-)

Where's the room with buckets please?

Oh, strange. I removed a couple of filters and reinserted them and now it works.

What do I do after seeing the movie about the floating stones? Wiseman is still meditating. I have loads of words I didn't use back with the bedding manufacturer, but nobody new to talk to...

Oh you clever clever BlackFiresong :)
Also worked on mine now


Put all the "thoughts' into the right space (what I thought were blanket bits) and then you can go downstairs and meditate too

Room with buckets is across the cleft. You need to cut the rope from the top terrace using the axe. The axe will break (you'll be left with only the head) and the rope will fall down. You then have to go back down to where you placed the floating rocks to pick it up. Combine the rope with the axe head in your inventory to make a grappling hook, and use that to cross the cleft and enter the bucket room.

Cheers! :)

I'm missing two thoughts. Haven't used pillow and stethoscope (sp!?!?) yet. Do I need to use them to get the last two thoughts?

I'm missing the inner thought piece that goes left. Anyone remeber where they found it?


No. The 'thoughts' come from various places where you pick up knowledge. The book that you can turn pages in was one of them and the picture in the captain's cabin was another

OK, my bad, actually only missing 1 thought in the inner circle... might be the same one as you, Rob.

Oh bugger. Now I must ask Yoda stuff and there is no clues as to what I'm supposed to ask him !

last thought for me was from measuring the height of the big stone (1 of the 4) from the ground using the knotted rope.

Darn, now I have to go through every spot again looking for the very last thought xD

@RSA though i asked some stuff, i think you dont have to ask at all

Ooh, never did that, Brogettenks - thanks!!!


so how do you get out?
Seems like a waste to have the man who knows all stories at your disposal and not ask him anything :) I'd be yacking his ear off

clouds, past, future, connection, Great Oak, me, dreams, sleep

Are the words i had used (if im not forgetting any)

So i wont spoil i'll say it like this:
To get out try visiting the places from the very beginning like u did at the start

OK, have all thoughts - now need a communication point for talking to the Oak!? Erm...

@Black, excellent but uncomfortable it says at the map

or something like that :P

In the book I can only flip from the title page to the first page. Is there more?

Now searching for the tortoise :)

BlackFiresong - down the secret chamber

@Rob, i dont think there is

Brogettenks: Thanks, that was it! I totally overlooked I had the knotted rope!

@Rob, me too. I discovered i had it by accident

I'm so close! Where are the words for the final question/s??

blackfiresong, where do you mean when you say top terrace? which is where I will find the rope to chop with axe

That was a great game - no sword fights or silly, illogical minigames. Just a great story. I have no idea how I missed the first one of these but apparently this is the second episode. The first is called Bell's Heart. Going to give that one a try now :)

Hmmm okay... left on the Zephyr without asking the question. I really hope that's how it was supposed to end

Ooh, OK, connected and flipped through a load of intriguing story, and then Yoda came and saved me before I caused too much lightning around the Oak. Now I have to find him, but I don't know where he is, lol...

ok what are the six landmarks?

@Alice - climb up the floating rocks you've placed where the broken ladder is, then enter the room behind the yellow curtain, then climb to the upstairs room. Outside the window, there is a hanging rope. Look out at it, then climb upstairs to what I've uneloquently deemed the 'top terrace'.

Ooh, found Wiseman in the room with the treasure chest. Let's see what happens now...

@Blackfiresong: thank you! I never saw those stairs.

@rimic: Just keep moving the lever around and looking through the telescope and whenever you focus on something that isn't just grass, click and it'll be added to your sketch. It'll tell you when you have all the landmarks. Can't remember what they all are.


there was the tree, a set of rocks, a dead tree, the floating rocks, the wagon and I can't remember the last one

Why is my brain so lame today? I don't know what to ask the Wiseman :/

+++++ for this game

Brogettenks 5/31/12 6:02 AM gave some of the words to use as questions but you don't have to ask him anything

Argh, no! Mine has jammed DDDDD:

My brain is still dead from the mirage game :/

i have 5 landmarks

tree, dead tree, birds, rocks i thnk the ones at the back, a goup of brown stuff lol and with the wagon, i cant add it to my book?

OK, no, it saves, THANK GOODNESS D:

brown stuff are floating rocks lol oopps

Great game, I enjoyed playing it!

Loved "Yoda"... ;)

Thanks very much.

When the image is in the middle of the lens, either click on it or click on the pencil to the right of the lens

Okayyy, I did something wrong and now my game really has jammed. It doesn't sort itself out even upon refreshing. Was that it, then, or is there like an ending that I missed? Either way, loved it and will be playing Episode 1 as soon as I can!

oh nooo my picture went black :(

The game went all black on me trying to change scenes, and now getting a bandwidth limit exceeded message.

Hope it's fixed soon, this is an incredible game.

Bandwidth limit exceeded???

Oh, OK, I'm not the only one, then! Must be a bug on the site or something...

oh well lol hopefully it comes back very soon :(

Nooooo! I cant travel away! I lost internet connection, returned, and now the page says:

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.


oh noo.. i whats wrong here :(

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 6:39 AM  

Can someone please explain how to get the water from the "puddle to the "buckets"?

I've scoured the comments, and no one mentions where they found a transfer device.



There is a chemistry set type glass container on the floor in the room with the machine in it. Use that to get the water

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 6:46 AM  

Sunnavagun! right in the middle of the floor!

Thanks Momma Cyndi!

is it working for u jonesy?? O.o

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 6:52 AM  


My game went black too!, I was on my way
into the secret room for the last cloth!

This game is well worth restarting!

This looks like a great game... but can't get in!! :( What does Bandwidth Limit Exceeded mean??

the game saves your progress automatically :) i hope it does that as well after this problem here..

I want to play! Not fair lol :(

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 7:06 AM  

Looks like we all wait 'til their server comes

Hope we don't get a repeat of the crash when
everyone returns to play!

I'll be back too!

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 7:09 AM  

If the game is indeed "auto-saved", DO NOT
clear your cache!
Unless you don't mind restarting from scratch.

still not working!!?? :((((( thats just...just............poo

LOL agree @ rimic! So annoying reading everyone's comments saying how good it is LOL... FIX IT!!

"Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later. "

Dang sounds like a really great game, will check back later

I was so excited to see this game, I loved the first one...hoping they fix it soon!

Oh Jo-Ann theres a 1st!? :D

@rimic yes!

here is the link


This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh thank you Jo-Ann :D great going to play this right now!!

Bandwidth exeeded!!! Boo! I want to play!
Please band your width, gamemaker.
Thanks, @Jo-Ann, for the first game! I'm off to play it. :)

I played that one before, but it's lovely. Definitely worth a replay. Wishing for more games like this one!

Will play the first one when I get home later, thanks as well Jo-Ann :D

Bouhouhou 509 error... But from the facebook
"oh my my... we have almost the same problem as Diablo 3 ;-) We reach to our server transfer limit in one day :-) Be patient "young travelers" - we've just broke our pig bank and pay for next package of data. We won't stop it now :-)"

Wow the 1st is beautiful! TY Jo-Ann :) At least with the 2nd one now, you know where your coming from.

wait...wait..i think its working :DDDDD

Yes...I'm in!

Hey Nokra! :)

Anyone here?
I've been waiting for this one for quite a while.. let's see if it was worth the wait...

Hey Nini :) we were playing this awhile ago, then there was an error! But all is good now :D

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 9:59 AM  

I played before «Bandwidth Limit Exceeded» & already played the first part earlier - again a phat game!!!
☺ ☻ ☺
Love the Dalí-like animal & the Yoda-like meditation master!

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 10:01 AM  

How the finished thoughts-picture (at ? in top right corner) should look like :
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


ok just back from work started this morning. how do i save the games as i have had to restart

where is this head of the axe??

Oh yay! I stopped back in and the game is up!


can someone please tell me how to save the game

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 10:24 AM  

find whole AXE behind sticks left of camp (the canvas roof in floating rock scene).

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 10:25 AM  

it saves automatically. To go back in game, just click «continue».

@ bigtank i think you need to copy the text where it says export saved game and back it up somewhere...so when you go back, it will say import saved game the next time you go in and you can paste it there to continue :)

funny i had to restart the game again...i had no continue option just new game :(

sorry how to get to floating rocks scene?? all i can see are a huge plain and a wagon with a huge cloud lol am i at the right place?

Hm.. guess device will only work after I have all pages.. Missing 1 (got all rags, coloured stones and lit lamp)

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 10:36 AM  

Once I found my missing floating rock, ( got it with the butterfly net), was smooth sailing..
OMG.. about 2 years wait for the new one and boyo sure worth it.. such a great and gorgeous story and game. ty ever much ..

@rimic i went to the horse and cart thing and pressed walk to

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 10:40 AM  

you have to go to giant animal first & find 6 places with the telescope to get the rock scene & others on the map top right.

yeah it doesnt give me that option...am i missing something?

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 10:46 AM  

go back (by feet ;-D) to the plain with wagon & choose walk to create new areas on the map.

with the wagon it tells me that zephyr is a glutton lol but isnt recognised as the 6th landmark :( gosh my brain is fried, maybe i should lay off the games for abit LOL

the plain with the wagon doesnt give me that option only examine..i can walk to the plain that has the wagon but can not access the wagon :( but i need 6 landmarks on my notebook right?? only have five cant find the 6th one

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 10:56 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Out.. beautiful game!

ok yep LOL you cant even see the floating rocks in the corner...ok will not ask questions now my god hehe thanks premiere for that

help.. how much water to put into each cup?

Pop.. I got it! Water in cups


4 1 3 2 EnJoy

yay i am so glad you asked that enjoy. no comments here and i thought i was just being thick

now im finding everything lol

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 11:09 AM  

Cup explanation:
- you have 10 parts water = 1+2+3+4
- all cups must be filled at least with one part
- first cup = 2x last cup (2&1, 4&2 or 6&3)
-> 6&3 doesn't work (1 cup can't be filled, not enough parts)
- last cup more than second (can't be 1, so = 2)
-> first cup = 4 then
-> second cup = 1 then
-> remain in third cup =3



ok i seem to be missing two pieces of paper for the colour order

YAY! Nearly joining you all... have to download Google Chrome on this laptop at home :D

LOL apparently I already had it installed hahaha.... just loading now! :D

ok still missing i piece of paper , been all over now

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 11:25 AM  

- floating rocks (top left, NW)
- tree (bottom right, SE), go about NW for
- dead tree, go about SW for
- birds, go about N for
- buffaloes, go about NE for
- stonehenge rocks
(- from birds, go about SW for WAGON, doesn't appear on paper...!)

i am missing paper 3 , so i need to finish the story for it

@bigtank I never found paper 3 but was able to get the device to work by removing two filters and then placing them again

saw the movie but now what?

ahh ty jo ann that worked

I must be missing some words. Stuck on part 3 of the story

"So the _____ of the cloud filled bedding gave you the incentive to start your own ______ (business)

what is the first word? I can't find anymore!

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 11:43 AM  

@bigtank. I too was missing paper 3 (blue) but was able to put the filters in proper order without it.

The first word of question 3 is 'PRICE'

k, I think I need to find a bunch more thoughts....

what happened to my knotted rope? Or maybe I never had one? anyone remember where it is?

       Anonymous  5/31/12, 11:47 AM  


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