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After Forgotten Bicycles Escape Walkthrough

After Forgotten Bicycles Escape

After Forgotten Bicycles Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by TimeFall. Solve the puzzles of this room full of different bicycles in order to open the door and escape. Good luck and have fun!

Play After Forgotten Bicycles Escape

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Stuck on the colored green squares and where to use saw

i think i used the saw on red bike at foot of bed

Used the axe, but don't understand the numbers behind the painting. I assume the x2x3 under the cushion has something to do with it but don't know what.

dont get number code

oops, meant I used the saw but still have to find a place for the axe.

found the plant for the axe. Now just need to figure out to to work the number.

got it, look above tv for black and white clue

The numbers behind the painting are on striped wall paper.....*cough*

clue for green boxed is floor behind plant

grid colors are from the floor beside the plant

missing just yellow and orange bike now

oh! got orange one with axe. now just yellow

The axe doesn't seem complete ??? where did u all find the axe handle??? :D

@lojope did you get a second part to your axe?

missing yellow and orange as well

POP found the last two puzzles, missed them before!

out! use color code in top right drawer. I missed that spot before

lol jo-anne i missed those spots as well!

out :) missed the top two drawers as well at first

and out, will stick around to help for a few min

@Regina, there is a puzzle on the top left of the screen with the puzzles, use the clock clue for the handle

would someone explain the number puzzle? 2x 3x black and white, etc.

Thanks Jo-Ann XD I didn't notice the two drawers above XD Thanks

Alice....some of the numbers behind the painting are on red stripes. Multiply those ones by 2 and the others by 3

I get it the tv above shows black and white, the sofa shows black multiply by 2 and white multiply by 3, look at the painting shows this number 4213231,
So answer is 8629492 XD

I'm FREE!!! Weeeee!!!

number code please

thanx regina

number code
look under TV (use remote)

Hello!Missing blue bike:(

Oh-the scissors!!I find it:)

missing yellow bike?

nevermind, i'm not with it, i over looked the most obvious clue of all!

easy and out

number = 8629492

I can't find the scissors - what am I overlooking?

TY to Timefall for giving us the colors for the bikes...the hit or miss method is very tedious and somewhat annoying! lol ...although, I do enjoy the games either way!

@snoff...I was missing the scissors as well, and finally found them left of the mirror, zoomed!

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need blue bike and scissors anyone remember .Thanks to all for the hints, waa a big help.

I find the garden scissors, is that for the blue bike

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