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Unearthly Dungeon Escape Walkthrough

Unearthly Dungeon Escape

Unearthly Dungeon Escape aka Dusty Dungeon Escape is another free online point and click room escape game from Flash512. You're trapped in a castle dungeon and you must find some useful items to help you resolve some puzzles to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Unearthly Dungeon Escape Video Walkthrough
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going in :)

I've got a piece of paper with symbols,a long weapon and a crowbar(?).what's next?

I used the long weapon to get a hammer, but I can't figure out where to use that. Or the crowbar. The paper doesn't seem to relate to anything I can see except one symbol over the door, and there is a clue on the ceiling that seems to relate to the table, but I can't figure out how to use it.

Glad to see someone else here!!

You have to used the long weapon to get something from the ceiling. Which gives hammer.
After than I'm stuck.

Use the long weapon to pull down a safe from the cealing. 3 number code is on one of the walls.

Hmmm... Fiddled around with buttons on dog back and got a knob for vase on the side which gave me a cross.

i have symbols, a thing that looks like button, crowbar, long weapon and a something looking like a handle for a tap

oh!gotta drag it to use it.duh~ lol.okay.got the hammer.hmm..what do I smash now..

im using the long weapon on the ceiling and im not getting any hammer :(

Lin if you didnt mention the dragging of items, i would of been going round in circles! TY :)

I pressed something on the floor below the left lamp.It says something will happen but I'm not sure what..

Mimosa, TY!! That cross was a game-changer. Trying the code paper now. I was looking for a clue for the buttons on the dog.

no prob,Rimic.it happens :D.

Used the cross from vase in big cross and now stuck on that puzzle. Don't get clues.

For the dog, I managed to open the drawer by pressing down all buttons except 2nd from left

YW Mereilin! Now hoping I can get some help with this cross code! :D

MimosaStar, have you look at the clues on the ceiling.it's available when facing the main door.

Cross gave a key, got an oil can that I can't use on the rusty latches. Is it not open? hammer and crowbar have no effect. :(

Lin, I thought the ceiling clue was for the table. I matched the symbols to the corresponding numbers for the cross.

use the oil can on top of the latches then use the hammer on the sides to knock them out

Don't know what combo I used but got small key from cross.

i have put the sword in the slot but cant figure out the puzzle

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and out!!! pheewww

TY Rimic. I was trying to touch the tip of the oil can to the latches, not the base! Stuck at knife too.


You gotta drag the oil can to the area above the hole

Ok now have sword put in the slot on dog box.

I've put some oil on the left latch, but I don't know what to do, now.

Thank you : the hotspots for the oil are tiny. Anyway, I'm stuck again...

Rimic, any insight on the knife puzzle?

Look at the sword to get the 3 shapes..

I'm stuck at presumably the last puzzle - the one with the crystal ball

It's stuck in the slot. I can't take it out to look at it. Do I have to restart??

so obviously, you need to look at the sword first for shapes before you put it in the slot lol i guessed the shapes cause i didnt realise the shapes were on the sword

I've poured some oil into 2 holes, and I don't know what to do, now.

Not sure if it's different every game, but for me, the answer was:
top : circle (the one on the right)
middle : square (lower row, first on the left)
bottom : rhombus (middle)

Oh no I think I have to restart too! My sword is stuck in the stone!

mhtyhr the puzzle is on the ceiling :) its the view facing the big door, theres an arrow going up..

@odgph, use the hammer on both latches..

what a pain. I can't get the box to show more than one shape at a time, so "3 shapes" doesn't even make sense to me. How frustrating to get stuck by a code that you only have one chance to see. :(

I have the crowbar and the heavy stone still available. I am trying to pry out the stones to the left of the door, with no luck so far. Where did the sword come from?

I have opened the base of the cross, and put the button into the box beneath the dog.

I've seen the clue for the table with hexagons leading to the centre of a circle, but I haven't been able to do anything with it.

What should I do?

Thanks Rimic! I completely missed that view ^^
Out now

Where is sword? What to do with stone?

the heavy stone goes to the button on the floor.
(The one with the lantern view)

TY for that hint mhtyhr! Got crystal ball and out now!

Anita the heavy stone is for the button sticking out og the ground near the bricks, put the stone on top of the button and the bricks will come out then use the crowbar on the bricks...

Can someone please explain how to enter the code? I can only get six shapes to show on the middle row, one at a time. Clicking the other circles and the sword doesn't seem to have any effect. So bummed about the clue I can't see, but I really don't feel like restarting.

unless I restarted there's no chance to look at the clues on the sword.looks like it's stuck in there for good.oh dear..

mereilin do you have the other button from the lantern on the right?

Uh... no. I didn't get anything clicking either lantern. Do I need a tool, or did I just miss a hotspot?

nm, got it. Thanks for the hint, Rimic. I completely missed that!

I am success. Thanks everyone for the hints!

Thanks Rimic, out now.

if you click above the right lantern, you will get the button to complete the puzzle...you need that button to reveal the other shapes and for the puzzle to work...

top: circle

middle: square (second row first left)

bottom: diamond

ahhh ok looks like everyone escaped yay!! lol good game :D

please help, i'm missing something. have pry bar, hammer, and iron key thingie. have opened dog's back, 3 digit box. can't find stone, sword, where to put iron key...sigh

I Don't get the cross. I see the numbers mirrored but any way I match numbers and symbols does not give anything.

Alice iron key goes in the iron door :)

friwi have you used the paper with the symbols on it?

@rimic, maybe it's not the iron key. it looks like a tap or a key, but it won't go in the iron key door

alice try that on the vase :)

Alice, have you tried the vase on the floor? How shall I use the paper? I matched numbers and symbols according to the paper, but that does no avail.

thank you rimic! i tried that several times before but it didn't work--now it has.

friwi,try clicking on the outer circle 3 or 4 times, then the inner circle a few times then it should open...

I still don't get it. Do the symbols have to match the numbers? And if so, which one should be in the upper left quarter?

And please dont forget, to look at the sword first before using it..its important!

Where's the paper with symbols?

Actually I brute-forced the Cross puzzle, and the dog puzzle :D
Would be nice to know where the hint to the solutions are

At the foot of the big statue

Wow,clicking randomly did it. I got a key. Thank you Rimic. One and the symbol of V are in the upper left quarter (???).

friwi il play the game again and look into it

Thanks mhtyhr, POP strikes again!

Rimic, thank you. No need though, since random clicking helped.

yeah that cross puzzle is strange, the numbers and symbols are there but they dont match

I already tried this... Now I've succeeded, but the hotspots are definitely too small !

And where is the hint for the puzzle with the squares, the 3 buttons and the sword ?

pdgph the hint its on the sword....

Any clue for the final hexagon puzzle with the orb?

Thank you...
Too late ! Stupid game, I can't get my sword back !

you need to use lever to get sword

lol that stupid sword!

Ahh, as ever POP. Look above door for hint

Ahh, as ever POP. Look above door for hint

pollyid and pggph you have the same pic lol i thought it was one person :)

pdgph not pggph sorry

Great game except for not being able to get the sword out to look at it for the shapes.

great game, as always! I've played every Flash512 game and they're all fantastic!! Thanks for the fun!

Where is the crowbar?

This comment has been removed by the author.

POP - found the crowbar on the door

My oil only had enough for the left thing next to the round table, do I need to get more somewhere? I did whack the stick loose but can't do anything with the right one. :(

For the love of Anubis, where is the paper?

Power of posting. The paper was right behind the leg of Anubis. I guess he heard my prayer.

Can someone tell me where the magic pixel is for the right piece of wood by the round table is for the oil? I have restarted 3 times and emptied cookie on my computer and it still only will pour, the oil, on the left one. I'm giving up.

ARRRRG! Finally, go just above the stinkin' thing on the right one! The left one was a piece of cake. And out!


Note: Keep an eye on the in-game text messages because the descriptions can help you work out what to do.

You start facing an arch with a wooden post either side.
There are four hotspots: the table under the arch, the point above the arch and the two wooden posts.
Zooming in on the arch shows a clue. You see two white symbols: the astrological sign for leo over the number eight. The dark cross above them tells you where to use this clue.

Turn left to face a large cross like the symbol over the arch and a small iron door.
The cross has two hotspots, one at the base and one in the centre of the cross. There is a grey indentation to place a small cross shape.
[Those of us who have played Flash512 games before will recognise things like the greyed-out shape and certain inactive hotspots.]
There is another view, at the top right of this scene. The text ays "Too high can't reach".

Turn left to see a statue of Anubis the god and Anubis as a jackal seated on a large block of stone.
Click the statue's spear to take it ["long weapon", I think it said].
Zoom in on the god statue's ankle and get a piece of paper from under his right heel.
Other hotspots are the urn on the left and two on the stone block.
The block puzzle needs an object placing in the "deep slit", and a greyed-out area for something round.
I suspect a game glitch causes the centre panel of the block puzzle to show symbols when the greyed-out, non-existent button is clicked. Maybe not. It' a dream, isn't it.]
Back out and click the jackal statue on the block.
See a number on the wall above him. I'm replaying for this walkthrough, and this time my numbers were different, so note yours down.
There are buttons along the jackal's back. I'm sure there's a clue for this somewhere, but trying them out luckily gave me the correct arrangement, so I didn't bother looking. Press four, three and one, reading the positions from left to right, leaving the second button raised. A little drawer in his chest opens and you get a "turn knob".
Back out and zoom in on the urn, drag the urn knob to the hole in the top and click to turn it.
You get "an old cross", conveniently shaped like the dent in the large cross.
Back out, turn left and find more hotspots.

A large door. There is a view of the ceiling here, so click it and note the arrangment of pink spots around the circles.
A stone semicircle on the lower right has a hole in it.
The right lantern by the door has another hotspot on top of it, with a button like those on the stone block.
The large door has a keyhole and a crowbar called a "pry bar".
[Note again:
probably an english/american translation anomaly, but in england, to 'pry' is to do what stalkers and peeping toms do; being overly inquisitive, to snoop, and to 'prise' is what crowbars, or screwdrivers do on paint tins to lever off the lids.]


Where was I?
The hotspot above the left lantern shows an arrow pointing down on the lantern's side, so look on the floor and see a small square button in the floor. This seems to need a weight placed on it. Those bricks look a bit strange as well.

Go to the cross scene and drag the small cross to the dent.
Symbols and numerals appear.
You saw a Leo sign above an eight, so, although these are mirrored, click the circles, making sure the two signs you saw are in line with the top of the cross. Theywill be out of sight, behind the top part, but the Leo will be above the VIII.
All you need to do is see them in the north-west position then click once more.
The base on the cross opens and you have a "small metal key".
Zoom in on the little door in the same scene and use the key.
You get a "special oil can".
Zoom in on the top right of this scene and drag the spear to one of the grey switches on the coving.
A stone drops down, where you need to enter your three digits from the earlier clue. A stone hammer for you.

Back in the arch scene, zoom in on each of the wooden posts and drag the can to anywhere above the holes in the tops, just how you would in real life. Do both of them.
Use the hammer on them to knock them aside and "the latch is removed".
The base of th cross swivels round and you get a heavy stone.

Turn to the lanterns' scene and drag the stone to the button in the floor.
Then use your rusty cowbar on the bricks to get them removed and have access to your "long pole".
Install this long pole on the semicircular block on the right of the door and click it.
A dagger appears [called a "special round button"] =D [there's always one, haha.]
As I raced ahead to insert my dagger the first time I played I had to come here for help.
Make sure you examine the dagger before you put it into the block!
You will not see this clue after the dagger is in place.
Along the blade there is a circle, a square with shading along the southwest sides, and a filled diamond shape. [Spoilers above in comments if you don't want to restart.]

Daggers are good for deep slits, so go to the Anubis scene and drag the dagger to the slot.
Drag the button to the hole and enter the three shapes.
The door flies open and you get crystal ball.

Go to the arch scene and
zoom in on the table.
Drag the crystal ball to the centre and click the hexagons to match the pink spots on the ceiling clue.
Woah! Where are my shades!
Back out and see a key suspended in the beams of light from the crystal. Well, this is a dream, eh.
Get the key, use it on the door and escape.
Twice I played and found that clicking the exit door didn't end the game. I clicked the wall beside it and I was gone!

Lovely game, very logical and I solved it before the walkthrough with a little help.

I give up. How do you start the game? Thanks.

q, I can't find a start button either. I'm off to a very very bad start.

Pity I don't read Japanese. It would've saved me from clicking lots of links to find the one that played the game lol. Anyway, OK game but there didn't seem to be any clue for the buttons on dog/Anubis. I just clicked randomly and the key popped out. I don't like having to brute force games.

Getting the safe down did it for me. Great game!

can anyone pls tell which is the start button?

How to start a Flash512 game is regularly the first challenge, esp. for players, who didn't play one yet...
But be happy, 'cause it's only the first time you may go mad & afterwards you'll never forget the trick...!

Scroll a bit down & click on one of the three underlined bold Chinese words to choose a server - here also a visual aid:
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


Haha, typical, premiere.

As usual, after someone of us has complained, someone from the admin staff will change the link far above so we do no longer have to sift thru Chinese gobbledigook.
However, none of our trusty submitters (commonly Megi or Shuchun) ever thought about putting that link in the first place. I just don't understand that. Some do like it the complicated way, obviously.

I had a look at other sites where the game was released & there it's the same...

tyvm premiere :)

I have shared and posted the game to another forum not game related and I could do it straight to the game page. I wonder if the creator requests that it go to the site directly?

A both valid and interesting question to be asked.

Yikes, I didn't include a walkthrough for starting the game when I posted - so sorry, folks.
And it seems the only puzzle for which anyone has needed help anyway!

To arbeitslooser:
This may be déjà vu, but didn't we have a similar discussion after a recent Flash512 game, where it was established that it was indeed the request of the creators to lose many new western players by NOT giving a link to the game?

Here a visual aid for the cross code:
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


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