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Escape Tropical Island Walkthrough

Escape Tropical Island

Escape Tropical Island is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Yizzim and Melting-Mindz. Expect more puzzles and new twists in this escape! You were sent to this remote island to retrieve a stolen royal necklace, when you were ambushed! now you are locked in this beach house. Figure out a way to escape and don't forget to get the necklace! Good luck and have fun playing!

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yep good luck

Map in A

you too!

strange orange gemstone!

can click on phone in B but nothing happens. any hint for number pad for door?

see a clue from tv with remote, switch in bathroom

found remote....clue on TV

strange quarter!

look on map for clue to combine with TV clue...

SD in O

Color puzzle in D

Wow, Selfdefiant in my very early morning...!

SD in O, use it in G for white key.

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need arrow clue for box in P...

Black key in N.

sneaky coin...

Black Key in N

This time, there are 100 coins to collect...!

jet ski!

need goggles in V...

Hints in U (arrows & number).

On my way!

code found in U for arrow box in P to get blue key.

found arrow clue..

Silver medaillon III in S.

for blue key..

#3 coin in S

Blue key from arrow box in P (arrows don't move!).

Something is odd in C. Neither the code found in C nor the code found in the kitchen work in the box.

silver key in C...

Where did you find hint for color code for C?

I'm stuck right now. I have all these codes, and nothing is working anywhere...

2 color codes and one number code.

in C you have to anagram the code to get the order...

thought I pushed 6 switches, but only 4 lights are green? maybe two need to be unswitched...

Meryl I need a number code in E... where did you get a number code?

Ah, anagram it was! silver key and 6 in a purple square.

I found it on the same note as the arrow code, but it doesnt make any sense. I did the math and got a two digit number which doesnt seem to fit anywhere.

In B, the bathroom if you turn the sitch on the circles (the first one) turns green.

are symbols different in different games? I got a 7 (I think? with extra line?) in a purple circle with silver key...

matches in F for candle in L

Light Switch (forgot to say) the circles in the bedroom next door.

That "quarter" is a lighter, right?

Candle gives #1 Coin

Nope....guess not.....lol

Did anyone figure out the code in M? I think it has to do with the orange gemstone. But nothing I try has worked.

From colour box in C, I have a 3! in a purple CIRCLE! (seems to be different for each game...!)

I thought it was # of sides or # of corners but apparently not...

I thought quarter was a lighter, but it wouldn't light candle, and matches did, so not sure what it is!!

Switches driving me crazy! I've gone back and checked (and unswitched) all 6, but still can't get 4th button green...

Silver medaillon I from candle in L (use matches from F)

in O, it says that the statues are a clue to something. anyone have an idea?

Meryl you're on the right track... number of sides.. but count the green ones as points, with 2 sides each (I think that's what worked!)

8456 doesnt work...(is that it?)Neither does 8459 or 8457

statues in O are a clue that you use on drawer in D (I think?)

Meryl it's RBGY, isn't it? so switch your last two digits?

can't get past the beginning ... ? what am I missing - triangle x 27 = 81

That did it laura. got a green circle with a 14 in it and the #5 coin.

Silver medaillon V from safe in M (use SD on painting) & #14 in orange circle...!

Bah! I had two numbers reversed...:( Onto the other number one...

Linda, mine read triangle X 20.

I have an orange circle with a 5 in in for the M box. Seems to be different every game.

"Quarter" is a telescope. Took me ages to figure that out.

linda, there is a 4 inside the triangle...

Quarter? where did you find that?

I had a 9 in my triangle Linda. seems different for every game.

YAY - sneaky coin in P!

at least it was a 4 in my triangle...

thanks Seedbeads! hopefully it lets us see a color clue somewhere to order these numbers??

POP, or just a skull and crossbones with 4 digits...

Stuck needing gold key.

Same here Eclinton55. Think its in E, but i cant open the safe. Safes arent my friend tonight :(

'quarter' (telescope) was in D, in drawer using color code from O

Gold key is in F

Meryl, use telescope to look at smudge on window...

I'm out, BTW, but I'm sticking around (at least until my husband gets out too).

Smudge on window? *goes back to look*

where in F seedbeads? I only see two drawers with nothing in them...

Gold key in F (use SD on top drawer).

of course it is. I am colorblind and can't see the colors in O

Yeah Seedbeads!!! and what about green dots? did you get them all green?

I did get them all green; all the switches have to be down.

Goggles in X.

Silver medaillon II in V (use goggles).

yeah goggles finally! (forgot about that!)

I fixed the items that were miss-named. Sorry about that!

Also, I just found 100 coins, but my coin counter says X10.

and last switch! 7 switches for 6 dots?

7 Switches in A-C-D-F-M-R-S, but DON'T flip the one in S!
Gives safe with numbers in shapes (different for every game).

i cant open the box with arrows in P help!

wow, they actually remind you of your 3 numbers and colors!!

Cant find smudge, cant open safe in E and cant open box in Y :(

got nothing inside of triangle? can't move forward ... love SD games but totally stuck on this one :(

LOL, already have key for jet ski in Z (from safe in B), but didn't solve 4 digit code in E or colour code in D...!

:( i cant find the blue key :(

yes, I think all my switches were down too!

now stuck with where to put medallions? did I see that and forgot?

fezo, do you have the clue from room U on paper? Just click on arrows in that order... they don't move...

Blue key is in P.

Clue for E is in... E.

smudge in E: right of palm tree, right above left green pillow on bench (at least in my game!)

Goggles anyone?

but to look through smudge you need telescope (which was known as 'quarter'... thanks for fixing SD!

Thanks! Finally got that one open, now onto the word code...

laura no i dont have the clue from U all i found in U is a plate that says in the memory of

linda sorry you're stuck! are you looking on your map, at the triangle to the left of 'Map'?

fezo, doesn't that plate also say NEWNESS?

Got the necklace, but that didnt end the game?

Meryl - you need to get away on the jet ski now.

clue for box in Y is on paper next to box...

where to put medallions???

yea it does
what does that mean anyway

(just got last 2 coins while rechecking box in Y :-)

fezo those are compass directions, telling you order to push arrows on box

Out! Finally only took a half hour!

POP never mind, found it in Q

great game!! thanks SD and thanks everyone!

Oh oh....I just went back to my safe and got the key....but I hadn't gotten the third clue....but all three clues were there when I zoomed the safe the second time!

maybe it is supposed to be that way...lol...I still need to get the necklace...lol

Help I cannot find any keys. What is the first one I need to find please

Did anyone say where the smudge is that you use the telescope on??? What room, please?

thanx alot laura got it :D

The smudge is in E, on the window to the left.

I think the white one is the first one I found....I don't remember where.....

from @premiere.....SD in O, use it in G for white key.

You can search particular stuff in comments with Ctrl+F...!

TY @seedbeads!

Getting too tired to search comments....please...where do I put the medallions....lol ?

Hehe, medallions go in Q. For some reason it doesn't stick in memory no matter how many times you go in that room.

TY again, @seedbeads!!!! You're a gem!!!!

Haha, happy to help - I don't often catch a live game and I'm rarely one of the first out!

Hey!!! I'm #2...LOLOL...didn't anyone post their scores?

Thanks, Selfdefiant for another great game!

I didn't; mine was 100400 or something like that. I guess I should start. :P

Me too Seedbeads, I've never caught a live SD! and you were the 1st out! congrats and thanks for help...

nokra, I posted score and when I did there was only one other...

stuck again! -_-

Well, dang @seedbeads...you would be #1!
Mine was 101,296...#1 was 100,708...and laura you were #4 already! I am sure it is all changed by now...lol

Where are you stuck, @fezo?

i have one silver med. and i cant open the safe in M or the one in E color thingy in D and just about to give up

Should better not play (SD-)games after pulling an all-nighter LOL - finally out, but with a lousy time (at least for me ;-P), which I lost a lot e.g. to solve colour puzzle in D or to find the last coin (by the pool)...!

Thx, @Selfdefiant,
that one was quite a hard nut to crack for me...!

Now I can go & enjoy my hard earned beauty sleep!

Clue for the color thingy in D was in... O I think, it was a thing above the fridge.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Y wasn't an anagram; it was a riddle.

whats the solution for the anagram on y?

I'm sorry!
whats the solution for the riddle on y?

I'm needing help with color code in room D. Trying to use hint in room 0 but it's not working

nokra I was last when I looked LOL, must have been too slow...

fezo I'm afraid I didn't write down where silver medallions came from though I know one was in S... for safe in M you use clue from paper in J...

for safe in D you need color code from statues in O...

for safe in E you use telescope to look out window...

sleep well premiere, though some folks might be hoping for a walkthrough!
can give spoilers if you want...

for room Y riddle:


fpr colors for safe in D:



Medallions were in E, L, M, S, V, and Y.

Glad I took a screenshot of my map before I escaped... I'd share it if I knew how, and if my markups would mean anything to anyone else.

Thank you Laura. I had a tough time seeing the order of colors.

thanks laura! and i'm out!

yw... I had to try a couple times on the colors too, order wasn't clear for some...

lol Seedbeads, I don't even know how to take screenshots, let alone share them.... passing along your hints is probably good enough!

What are the colors for the box in C? And what is the anagram in C? Having trouble with both.

Nevermind I got it thanks to Andy's anagram solver.



Thank you all for your help, I must be thick today, was having a hard time with it. :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

For anyone who is confused (as I was until I figured it out), the switches in D and S BOTH control the fifth light in B. Flipping one changes the position of the other. So if you flip them both, the light goes back off again. Just flip one but not the other, but it doesn't matter which. If you flipped them both, just flip either one of them again. Very Sneaky, SD.

Still not asleep, LOL!
(Business before pleasure...!)

(Where Is What or What Is Where, according to your brain hemisphere preference...!)

- game is AUTOSAVED
- some numbers & shapes change each new game...!
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

- go left & take MAP in lower drawer

100! COINS
4 coins in B-C-D-E-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-R-S-T-V-W-X-Y-Z
3 coins in A-F-Q-U
- SNEAKY coin in P (far sunbed left of bridge)

B - with keypad UP (code from triangle on map & number from TV)
G - silver LEFT
I - black UP
J - blue DOWN
K - gold UP
L - white RIGHT

C - SILVER: from colour box (hint in C)
F - GOLD: in top drawer (use SD from O inside bottom right)
G - WHITE: in counter CB (use SD on hole in pillar)
N - BLACK: from towel (above wooden seat)
S - BLUE: from arrow box (hint in U)

E - #IV from CB under TV (number hint in E)
L - #I from candle (use matches from F)
M - #V from keypad safe (number hint on paper from J)
S - #III in turtle (about bottom right above water)
V - #II in pool (use goggles from X)
Y - #VI from letter box (hint in Y)
- SAFE in Q (behind painting above bed, after flipping 6 switches)

A - above toilet
C - above night table left of bed
D - left of painting (makes same red light green in B as the one in S...!)
F - left of painting
M - left of passage
R - left of painting
S - bottom left (makes same red light green in B as the one in D...!)
-> switches in D & S: flip only ONE of them, if flipping both, green light turns red again...!
(thx, @beavinator! ☺)


- MAP (lower drawer)
- triangle HINT on map

- REMOTE (under bed pillow)
- HINT on TV (use remote)
- 6 red LIGHTS (turn green after flipping all 7 switches but 1...!)
- KEYPAD SAFE (behind painting, after flipping 6 switches)
- JET SKI KEY from keypad safe (hints in C-D-M)

- COLOUR HINT (above bed)
- COLOUR BOX (on night table shelf)
- NUMBER in purple SHAPE (random, from colour box)

- COLOUR PUZZLE (drawer, hint in O)
- TELESCOPE (from colour puzzle)
- NUMBER in pink SHAPE (random, from colour puzzle)

- NUMBER CODE (pirate flag at left far mountain border, use telescope from D)
- CB under TV (use number code from pirate flag)

- MATCHES (on night table)

- HOLE (bottom of counter pillar, use SD from O)

- HINT PAPER (on couch table)

- CANDLE (use matches from F)

- KEYPAD SAFE (use SD on painting)
- NUMBER in orange SHAPE (random, in keypad safe)

- SCREWDRIVER (on tray)
- COLOUR HINT (above fridge)

- ARROW BOX (on table, hint in U)

- MEDALLION SAFE (flip 6 switches of 7)
- NECKLAGE from medallion safe

- DIRECTION HINT on panel on ground

- GOGGLES (on right pillar bottom middle)

- HINT PAPER (on table)
- LETTER BOX (on table, hint on paper)

- JET SKI (use key from B)



*different for every game...!

- triangle number on map x number on TV

- hint in O:
- click:
G - 0x/6x (start)
B - 1x
Pu - 2x
Y - 3x
R - 4x
O - 5x

- on pirate flag (use telescope from D)

- hint on paper from J: count points/lines
- RED = 8 (octagon)
- BLUE = 4 (door)
- GREEN = 6 (only count right & left line from each triangle)
- YELLOW = 5 (house)
- on safe:

- hint in U:
N-E-W-N-E-S-S (compass points)
- click arrows on box:
Up-Right-Left-Up-Right-Down-Down or

- hint above bed:
- anagram for colour order:
- means:
- click:
Pu - 0x/6x (start)
G - 1x
O - 2x
Y - 3x
R - 4x
B - 5x

- a helpful tool: e.g. http://anagram-solver.net/

- hint on paper:
«Sneaky always finds them because people aren't good at keeping them!»

- number & coloured shape hints in C-D-M
- on safe:


Great game as always SD, one 'bug' on melting-mindz.com though: if you click the pic instead of the 'Play Tropical Island Here!' link, you end up in Mystery Escape 2.

pirateflag in E

As always SD another one of the best. Can't wait for the next one. The highlight of my week always. Thanx

thanx everyone for the help just started commenting so will try and help on the next one

Good one, SD! Sneaky twists and turns! This one was more of a challenge!

ALWAYS a five-star game!!!!!

I put the code in for the safe in E, but it doesn't work. Yes, it's the one from the pirate flag.

       Anonymous  6/25/12, 2:40 AM  

The first (white) key was too hidden for me ! I was totally stuck without any key (thank you Premiere for the WT !).

I think it's one of the most interesting games, just because it is a logical (bat not impossible) game, also it takes a lot of time, not 5 minutes like others...

SD, I love your games!

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