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Find the Escape Men 33 : Cherry Blossom Viewing Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 33 : Cherry Blossom Viewing

Find the Escape Men 33 : Cherry Blossom Viewing is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you must find 10 Escape-Men to escape there. Let's find all the Escape-Men, solve some puzzles, and escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape-Men 33 Cherry-blossom Viewing Video Walkthrough
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This one seems different - I have a man from a wine bottle, another from shaking the tree, and also a ball which has sent a doggy floating away. Can't get the man on the kite, and I also have a 'complaint' which I don;t know what to do with. Need a 3 letter clue...

Ah - the doggy retrieved and brought another man!

Oh.. get some action from the fierce man, and use his binocs on the airship! Have 5 men now but am stuck.

going in!! i love escape men games! making the start of my day great!!

OK - you can take the stereo now the noisy man has gone, and give it to the couple. Get a sword..

And we are getting clues for the picnic box code by clicking on the dog, the couple..

Maybe I didn;t give the couple the stereo, just engaged in convesation - I still have it. Can't find anything else to do. Anyone else playing?

Well I had two of the clues for the picnic box so it was openable - got some cherry extract and another man from the lid.

I have 9 but don't find a place for the cherry extract

I only have 6 - and have a stereo, a toy sword and the cherry extract (opened). I need help!

the clues for the box are from the dog, couple and the boy, after you cut the kite

with the stereo you scare away the sleeping guy for another man and some are under the blankets

Oh - my sword finally worked on the kite string, tried it there a few times before. And I woke the slepper with the stereo.

10th man under corner of big mat? then when he merges into one, give the extract to him and then click the cherry tree.

So now I have 9 men - found the 9th under the blanket - and the cherry juice stuff.

the kite is beside the couple after you cut it... with a man... using binoculars at airship gives another

Thanks, Sabine. I am still missing one man - will look under all the blankets!

And there he was!

i need one more

found it in the tree =)

nice :) out now

Escape Men:
-ball (shake tree)
-cherry tree (right)
-blanket (LR)
-ball (after dog fetches it)
-dirigible (use binoculars)
-from guy quieted down
-from loud stereo on sleeping guy
-from kite (after cutting cord with sword)
-from basket after opening
-from fierce guy's blanket

(color letters from dog, couple, and boy)

Give cherry extract to combined man to turn him cherry pink!

There's one on the back of the beer bottle

I had to re-start... I used the stereo on the sleeping man first and then couldn't use it again on the couple!

Pink guy goes to cherry tree for ending...

Love these! Great start for a Friday!! Thanks!

Coloured letters
B - dog's Arf!
R - lover Clap clap
Y - boy's Boohoo!
- box:

I can't get it to load.

Yippeee! I've been waiting for this!
@Lizard: I had to pause Adblock and refresh. Hope it works for you, too.

Sweet, first time I did this without help! Nice change of graphics.

That was very nice! It took me ages to figure out I could "slide" the volume control...lol silly me!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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