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Find the Escape Men 35: In the Ninja House Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 35: In the Ninja House

Find the Escape Men 35 : in the Ninja House is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you must find 10 Escape-Men to escape there. Let's find all the Escape-Men, solve some puzzles, and escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape Men 35 - in the Ninja House Video Walkthrough
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green man...watch out..here we come =)

lol..okay..if the screen stays black...we cant find you

hi alkmar! how are you?
I'm in the game, but spotted a few I can't get.

ok, used the cleaning paper from the drawer to get the one in the corner near the ceiling

Truus!! great to see you! dikke pakkerd lieverd X

Clue for the 4 digits is behind the white box ( white box with 4 digits)

number for ninja box is on the back, use tranquilizer for the green man laying on the ground outside

aww, dank je!! een dikke zoen en knuffel terug!

funny looking manipulator from the tree,
wondering what it does, lol

opened the drawer with the stars (red =1 ...etc. )

aha, funny manipulator is used on the one under the floor (clung to the tatami) near the red sign on the wall.

Alk, where did you find the blue sign?

gras gemaaid (truus help je me voor de vertaling) with the thing from the drawer with stars

OK in I go....

that's a sickle Alk
btw are you playing the Japanese version?
It's also in English (and yes I'm playing that one, lol)

found the blue sign btw, forgot to mention
it is outside on the tap (missed that view)

i found the dusty one when i went round 1st.. now that i've found the cleaning paper i cant find him anymore... cant find the hotspot lol... any help pls?

used the flints (I think I found them in the shed?)on the candle, then use the lit candle on the rolled paper thingy

       Anonymous  6/15/12, 1:17 AM  

I've got 8 escape men. I haven't used the lit candle, yet.

and how do we catch the one that keeps running away?

radhu, it's in the scene with the eye. click top left corner

radhu: roach motel

       Anonymous  6/15/12, 1:18 AM  

POP, the candle is used on the scroll for another escapeman. 9 now, but I've no idea for the last one.

oh caught him with that tent like paper

i have 8. Dont know what the hammer is for. And no batteries.

I have 8 now, still have hammer, rope and remote unused in inventory

I dont have rope. I used a hose though.

ty truus & chris.. found him now.. need only 1 more.. guess we have to use hammer for that one... but where is he?

use the hose to get the one in the pond.. attach it to the tap & the other end to the thing that sticks out of the water

haha, rope? hose!!
use it outside on the tap, very funny way of catching the one in the water

       Anonymous  6/15/12, 1:22 AM  

Going in also. Let's be better here then on the soccer field. :(

Anyone have the battery for the remote?
I have 9.

oh got the 10th one from tv.. use remote & hammer..

When I picked English, I got Japanese, so I switched to Japanese and got English! lol

radhu i am still stuck with 8. I got pond, grass, wall, floor (stuck), roach motel, but still need 2.

battery under table

batteries under the table with 1st aid box.. view from the back where u see the code

radhu: where are the batteries for the remote?

found batteries, look under the table but this time from the back

Great game.... hint... look under from both directions :P

did u get the dusty one chris?

lol radhu

whats code for the box/... 2153 dont go

chris i answered ur q b4 u asked , lol...

Thanks @Truus and @GuruOne for the "Buttery"!

use the hammer on the tv after switching it on

This comment has been removed by the author.

got it all. Thanks for the help.

Ha! Wondered why I had those 4 items left in inventory!

use the remaining items on the big ninja dude.
"to be continued"

no 2513...

spoiler for box


hi, where is the hammer?stuck with 8 men

hammer is in the garden, somewhere right of the open doors

same here ontherocks.... also confused because I have 8 but see 4 more (TV, in sugar, under eye poster, and outside on the ground)

       Anonymous  6/15/12, 1:42 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

thanks Truus... now just need to get one from sugar or from under poster...

       Anonymous  6/15/12, 1:47 AM  

Can't find the one Truus is talking about: the on in the corner where I have to use the claening paper. Hoping for KVP/POP.

sorry I left @Truus..but work was and is again calling =)

thanx truus, got the hammer and a man, didnt get the flinters to light the candle

no sorry laura, there a few you can't get at all.
not sure which one you are missing though. what items do you have unused?

laura we both are on the same track:)

I still have the grabbing hand (though used once I think), the hammer (used once) the sickle (used once) and syringe (also used once)

@catqueen, it's near the ceiling.
zoom in on the eye-poster, then click top left corner of it. now click in the corner of the ceiling, hope it helps!

       Anonymous  6/15/12, 1:51 AM  

Hoi Alkmar and Truus!! Alles goed?
The sugar man, graffity man and the grass man outside are fake ones. I have 9 men and searching for the one in a corner.

Hi ! thanks fo your help but I can't fint hotspot for clue white box please

yes we are ontherocks, though I did light candle... don't remember where flints were... looked like 2 small stones...

Ninja Escape Men
1 poster
2 dusty guy with cleaning paper
3 Close doors to outside
4 hose to breathing tube in pond, turn on water
5 roach motel under table
6 cut grass
7 light candle and use on scroll
8 manipulator on guy under tatami
9 tranquilizer on guy outside
10 Remote and hammer on TV

Other items:
-scroll on floor by table
-cleaning paper in drawer
-candle in grass
-hammer outside, around corner from man on ground
-calculator under hanging
-batteries and white safe hint from table facing window
-roach-ninja under table facing TV
-tranquilizer from white box
-manipulator from shaking tree
-hose and flints from shed
-Esc-Men Motel right of water tap
-Sickle from colored number drawer

colored number hints:
by poster, under hanging, in shed, by water

Fake escape men:
-sugar bowl
-behind hanging
-cut grass by shed

Catqueen, click on upper right corner of eye poster... then you can click on crack between wall and ceiling to find dusty one...

Dusty guy was top right of hanging

flinters please, still candle and scroll unused

Thanks @Laura for a more specific description

       Anonymous  6/15/12, 1:54 AM  

Aha!! Bedankt Truus. Got the last one and out :)

seb you have to go around the room and approach table from the other side..

Puzzled thanks for list! I thought I had all 10 of those men but only 9 are in inventory... wasn't sure I got the one from roach motel... placed it on the floor but then couldn't move it or look inside... assumed he'd just gone in inventory...

@ontherocks -- look in box in shed

no problem @alkmar, werkse meid!

Aah @puzzledinCa to the rescue!
I couldn't remember where I found them, was just restarting :)

       Anonymous  6/15/12, 1:55 AM  

ontherocks: Flinters are in the shed in the garden. Look in the box.

Ok thanks Laura :)

POP I didn't have little running dude.... he was still on other side ...

       Anonymous  6/15/12, 1:56 AM  

LOL I'm echoing Puzzled....

YW @Laura -- I had to play twice because I forgot to list the one in the TV!

finally out! thanx all

@catqueen, graag gedaan and yes, we did better here than our team did on the soccer field..

       Anonymous  6/15/12, 1:58 AM  

@Truus LOL. Maybe Bert v M should play Eg24 games. We listen to eachother and give tips to win....

yep, scoring some goals would be a good tip to win.

I placed that paper house for the running guy. But nothing happends. zoomed out..went back again to see the house. Guess what!!! house is gone and guy still runns :/

ok..I did a round and came back under the table. there is the house again :)) but now what?

lol..anybody here?

alkmar, try picking up the house, I think it should be inside

Alkmar, he should be into house...

yeah!! got him..I forgot to let him run in to the house =))

oh! sorry Truus, no refresh !

Thanks @truus and seb anyway ;-) I like you both come here to save me !

oh don't worry about that @seb, that happens to me all the time too :)

       Anonymous  6/15/12, 2:37 AM  

I don't see the escapeman where I must use the cleaning paper. Where is it, please ?

@pdgph, the poster with the eye. click on the right up corner.

       Anonymous  6/15/12, 2:39 AM  

Thank you Alkmar, I missed this hotspot !

Green men locations:

1.On poster
2.In pond (use hose attached to faucet)
3.Corner of ceiling (zoom on eye scroll, click upper left)
4.On scroll found on floor (use candle)
5.Under table (use roach motel)
6.Under mat (use manipulator)
7.From grass clump (use sickle)
8.Drunk guy outside (use tranquilizer)
9.In tv (use hammer)
10.On wall next to sliding doors

Ho-ho!this game is just as funny as it is enjoyable.love escapemen!^_^

These games are great - different each time! Love the challenges!

whoa! whats with the fu*king hit me?!?

What am I doing wrong? I can't get that guy from under the table. I've put the roach motel under the table, but nothing happens...

can't get the one in the sticky house under the table! help?

POP lol didn't see that I could go other direction on that scene :D


Hehe np. Nice to see that my post managed to help someone :D

Under the table (facing TV) -- there are two scenes. (He runs to fast to just click.) Place motel on right, then go left to chase him to the right, then go right and pick up the trap -- the man is inside.

Out with no help!

great game!

I only missed...

- the batteries (you need to know that they can only be seen from REAR side of table (crawl under it))

- knowledge about the possibility to get an special LEFT-RIGHT view under the table to catch the cockroach! First I could place the "motel" but there was never anything in! If you zoom in & out, you will never catch the cockroach! You must be crawling UNDER the table and use left/right arrows to look left/right. Nifty!

everything else worked without hints. Whohoo!

Lin: speaking of funny, seeing the escape men in ninja suits was the best! =D

To be continued:
Great & funny introducery chapter for the future sequels with camouflaged & red herring men LOL!
Also missed other table view, but had no prob to catch the cockroach ninja...!

@arbeitslooser.I know, right?lol

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