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Pattsun March Escape Walkthrough

Pattsun March Escape

Pattsun March Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Detarou. Gather items, solve some puzzles to escape this room. There are three possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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Pattsun March Escape Walkthrough

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I'm in

don't turn on the light in the dark room

I could use a wrench

opened color drawer and thought I'd turned on the water, but no...

Detarou has outdone himself on this one!

going to have to wait for brighter minds...

guy in tutu has electric wire tied behind his back... take it and plug it into wall mounted face with nose.. its an electrical outlet...
The screen with three stancions has a guy with a toupee in the one on the right... click his toupee and get a map of the code to the color puzzle in the middle drawer of the bookshelf... the color code corresponds to the colors of the costumed guy and animals...

now stuck with cup of water...

For alt. ending, check yer key closely ;) GREAT GAME

Opened Spade door. There are two dancing men and something on floor that I can´t get.

blue triangle buttons on stancion/ post must have something to do with code of numbers on wall in diamond room... can't figure out the correspondence though...

Found a number. 7547374. Don´t know whre to use it.

Foun d lever. Where is the wrench?

where is the wrench?

There´s a navigation bug in this game. When you click the man inside the box you go to the door scene.

       Anonymous  6/2/12, 9:04 PM  

Find all the clues and solve for A,B,C. On the wall (I think it's the spade room) there is a japanese symbol with BCA written next to it. Use that next to the big garage door. You'll find the wrench in there.

Found only 3 clues. But cannot solve it.
Spade + heart = C
Club = B
Spade - Club = A

Got it.

Out. Thanks for help!


I'm sure Huffster is gone by now and I sure could use some more clues! Haven't got water on yet.

Things not above:
Use clothespin to take glass
Back of doors have numbers

I tried cord on outlet right of machine, but it only works when you put it on the man! (click to get him to wiggle his nose - lol!)

If you remove the plug from the man's nose,
you can see a diagram on the screen

Or, at least after you put the wire there (plugged or not)

HELP please ! I can't find where to use the last code(7547374).
Is it something to do with de crying guy ?
Glass is always usaable and there are 2 empty place in inventory.


@Gazoline, maybe you could give some clues of what to do after plugging in the cord...

I've only used 5 positions of inventory (glass still unused because I haven't figured out how to get the water past the lock!

The last code is used in a box that becomes available which has card suits on it.

Puzzle, glass go betwwen dancers in spade room.
Moogle, can you say more please ? wher is card, wherre is box ???

@PuzzledinCA, I think the water flows from the tap after you attach the wheel that turns the water on, solve the blue triangles puzzle and then turn the orange dial on the bog machine in the main room. Make sure after filling your glass and using the water once you refill the glass again as you need th water later and can get stuck without it. Hope this helps.

Box is in Diamond room. For most of the game it is hidden behind a door to the right of a generator.

The "Card" I referred to are the card suits, Heart, Diamond, etc. You work out values for them and those values give you the order to press the buttons on the machine.

Oh, I find it !

The box gives you a key. Check the key for another code for alternative end.

Sad! Key is in outdoor. I'm not out because there is an empty case. It seems that to late for the other code then ...

Any where, thanks Moogle !

       Anonymous  6/3/12, 5:07 AM  

Although I'm not a technical dork at all, I had a tough time of it with that darn switch/lever machine...!
(not to mention my - unusual! - desorientation with all those doors LOL)...!
Anyway, I managed to find all 3 endings & had again lot of ROFLMAOs about Detarou's surrealistic conceptions!
Thx, posters above, for your hints!

I am having trouble with the blue triangle puzzle. I have 18144 and I tried different angles for the middle 0 but nothing works.

       Anonymous  6/3/12, 6:07 AM  

- numbers on wall:
- number: 018144
- click triangles (order 1-6):
- 3 -
- 1 -

Thanks premiere. For some reason I thought the zero was in the center.

I fully agree with you, GuruOne. "Detarou" (or taro who's the actual author) has REALLY outdone himself with this one. Or better, he's now back to his former perfection as he was in last summer.

The ones in between were rather boring and uninspired...but this is back to its notorious level of weirdness and surrealist scenes.

       Anonymous  6/3/12, 12:01 PM  

Colours on animals:
- paper hint:
- click on drawer:
G-Y-B- R(=enter)

I have a glass of water and have not yet figured out what to do with it or how to open the spade room. Anyone still here?

Help! I can't get the water to the last room and I've got the "7547374" code from the panda room!!!!!


Okay, after you have the glass of water, return to the machine that you use to get the water to flow. You have to switch the controls around so water is going to the heart room, the guy in the water will push a button which will change the display on the water system screen giving you a series of "<" and ">". Use that in the club room to get the spade key.

OMG! I got the water going to the diamond room!!! O_O
...Having trouble with the panda room clue from the second code off of key >_<

Pattsun March Escape (PART 1)
Note: Save game did not work for me
Note 2: This walkthrough will probably be longer than all the previous comments combined

First scene, Main Room

You see exit door and 2 cabinets in front of you
Turning around, you find four doors with card suits on them and a central control
The spade door needs a key

The control center has several spots
left to right:
-a place for a tap wheel
-a screen (blank for now)
-a slot and an orange dial
-a bolted panel
-an outlet and a panel with a man's face
On floor is a diagram

The little left cabinet can't be zoomed
The main cabinet has
- 2 clues for the machinery (top)
- a SPADE clue
- a drawer with 3 color buttons and a red button
- a drawer with a CLOTHESPIN (CLOTHES PEG)

left wall:
- door to dark room
--pull light switch once to see panda head
--pull light switch again for PANDA END

center wall:
-Engine and closed panel

right wall:
-a garage door with Japanese writing
男 = "man"
ガレージ = "garage"
-a 3-number panel

Back of door has a 7 (DIAMOND = 7)

left wall:
- male ballerina
-remove the ELECTRIC CORD so he can dance
center wall:
-glass box containing man with life ring
-man is looking anxiously at red star button above
-equation behind that we can't read yet
-man at counter with drawing
-use clothespin to take GLASS

left wall:
-2-button box
-triangle buttons box
-handle box
--pull handle to open
--lift toupee
center wall:
-hipster man snapping his fingers under tap (no water)
right wall:
CLUB = 4

Pattsun March Escape (PART 2)
In main room, open color button drawer
Attach valve handle to left of control center
Plug in electric cord on right (into man's nose)
Look at control screen to see water flowing to lock, and a 6-digit #
Return to diamond room and study numbers on wall
Note that the 4 digits of the new code form a triangular pattern, with 0 at the bottom
Use these two clues to on the blue triangle buttons
Return to control panel and see LR clues
(hint red line below is an arrow from right to left)
Go into heart room to see
(man is now floated up and is pressing star button)
Go to control panel and turn orange knob vertical
(on screen, see changed water flow)

Enter club room and take GLASS OF WATER
Enter button code to get SPADE KEY

Left wall is door
-See 4x4 panel
-Enter pattern (from floor in main room) for WATER CODE #1
-(Peep at Panda and man scene)
Center are 2 dancing flowers
-In center is bald head sticking out of dirt
-Pour water and Man-plant pops up
Right wall see
-男 = BCA

Return to diamond room
Open garage door using the card suit hints
Take a WRENCH (SPANNER) from the man-mechanic
Use wrench on bolted panel on control center
Plug cord into socket
Turn orange switch to horizontal
Flip lever down
Turn orange switch back to vertical

Return to diamond room
The electric machine is now working
Pour a glass of water into the panel on the left
Using the suit values, enter the number code

(exit down for BALLERINA MAN ENDING)

Look at back of exit key
Close panel and enter new code
Get a diagram

Enter new code on panel in spade room for a STAMP
Exit with the stamp for the BOUNCY PEGS ENDING

For the green buttons machine: the black squares in both clues are left blank, the white/empty squares are where you enter the green circles.

Thanks especially @Premiere for explaining the blue triangle buttons and @Guruone for the last ending (although I spent some time wandering around trying to find someone or something to stamp! lol)

If you didn't refill your glass after getting the lever, you can reset the control machine to re-route the water.

Yup, this author's logical thinking skills are big enough to not create us awkward dead-end situations. Thank goodness.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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