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Kate Perry Rescue Walkthrough

Kate Perry Rescue

Kate Perry Rescue is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. The famous singer Katy Perry has been kidnapped by an evil mummy. Help Cody Jones rescue her! Good luck and have fun!

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Kate Perry Rescue Video Walkthrough
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Saw yesterday a trailer and now a live one!

Very long intro

Hm, there's no play button after the intro

how to kill Anubis?

How did you start the game? I tried twice but it is only an intro.

urban try to refresh a few times

How to get the key from the fishbowl?

anyone know how to kill anubis??

@Alex: well, all I know is that we have to put the cat under the oil tap, but when I do so it says I have to do something first. No idea what that is though..

@ sarah higgins: Guess we've 2 give him an army. Stuck @ Mummy...

use camera repeatedly on mummy

@ sarah higgins: Thanx...

@avatar no probs still stuck with cat and tap tried everything!

       Anonymous  7/10/12, 1:53 AM  

I can't beat the scorpion king. Have camel, book and stuff from tourist.

You have to make the cat alive. Where is the oil lamp?

@cat queen spray him with insecticide when he gets close enough

Still stuck on Anubis..

@ sarah higgins: We need 2 find the magical symbol 1st...

@april how do you make him alive?? tried oil tap but it says i need to do something else first

Finally kiled Anubis!

       Anonymous  7/10/12, 1:57 AM  

thx sara, will try that

@ sarah higgins: Guess we've 2 give him an army. Stuck @ Mummy...

You have to put it on the symbol of life - the room behind the mummy.

@ April: That gets me 2 my 2nd question lol...

how to make cat alive?
apriiiil? :D

Guess we need to touch all 3 red spots @ once in order to open the door?

Now trying to handle Yeti...

@avatar use camera on mummy as he steps on each button which reveals secret holes in wall must keep using camera everytime he moves and collect objects from secret holes @april where do i find the symbol?

Blind the mummy with the camera and then pull the strip on her back.

@ sarah higgins: Yes, I already did that, but the door has to open somehow...

@ April: Thanx...

Thanks April

Stonify Anubis with your new 'black cat'...

Hello everybody. So far I managed only top open the pyramid. Can't take coconut and can win over the scorpion.

BFF with Yeti :)

Scared of black cats?
Anubis is a Pussy! :D

...now killed a crocodile or what...

Got a red key. Have to find some gems.

I see, throwing the stone at the camel brings progress.

Refild my spiderman glove.

How to get the key for Yeti?
I also want to be BBF with him!

the statue where u got dagger also has glove on 2 hand use it to get key look at key press button use key on yeti take yeti


anyone want help?


dont forget to put water on dagger before taking poster with spider man glove and stabbing it with dagger

Katy Perry looks more like Lady Gaga.

I made my key longer but cant stand on the ice to use it on Yeti :(

@ Delight: Use the salt on the ice 1st (put it on the ice when ur in another room)...

And out...

Any questions?

Walkthrough Katy Perry Rescue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biUqgjDwOoU&feature=youtu.be

       Anonymous  7/10/12, 2:27 AM  

I've a red key and can see 4 warriors through a window. Need a hint. ;)

stuck with chest after killing croc

thanks avatar :)

       Anonymous  7/10/12, 2:29 AM  

Forgot to take chest from water after piranhas. Have the gems now.

how to open chest??

@ Catqueen: Use the red key on the chest you got from the pond with the 'alligator'...

@ Delight: You're welcome...

@ sarah higgins: Did you get the red key from the female statue? Also, there's a cryptic paper in that statue...

I put the blue gem in the scepter but ask me something else to move to the warriors

got it thanks avatar

@ Lost Akira: Did you get the red balls (gems?)?

@ sarah higgins: No problem...

       Anonymous  7/10/12, 2:41 AM  

Out too with some help. Use book with symbols to place the warriors according to their battles.

Thanks for the help.

stuck at osiris. ugghh help me please?

thanks :)

@ eCa Birgita VenessA: Do you have the 'black cat' already?

@ Lost Akira: You're welcome...

@avatar yep i have it

oh okay i finished it :D

I took a long time for me to imagine that I have to take back the pearls from the eyes and put it in the scepter too... finally I'm out... =)

Phew... also out with help! So thanks for the clues everyone and thanks @ alex garcia for the video walkthrough (used it at the end lol) :D

@ Jo.C: No problem...

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This comment has been removed by the author.

how do i get the hey of the chest out??

sorry not hey the key

Well, it was an easy one...


Pick up mouse behind upper cat statue (hard to see). Go out, pickup metal spear pick on the right, grab stone below camel, use stone on camel, pickup coconut, use pick on coconut.

Go left, talk to sad old man, give him the mouse. Talk to tourist (question one), give coconut, return to first room. Read book, write down number on page three (in the report of Zahi Hawass). Page four shows egyptian numbers, press stones according to the number from the book. Secret door opens.

Wait a while and when the big scorpion is near, use insecticide on him. Go down. The trick is to use the camera while the mummy stands on a plate. Best way is to walk to the first plate, use camera when mummy is on the 2nd plate, walk to the door right, use camera when on 3rd plate and then walk back for 1st plate. At the end pull the bandage of the mummy at his back to open the door. You should have a sack, a fishbowl, a statue of cat.

Go right. Press knob on wall, put statue of a cat on the symbol, pick white living cat. Go back outside of the pyramid. Use cat on tap, use tap, pick black cat, walk back to scorpion room and go up. Use cat on anubis. Go right. Use camel on skeleton warrior, use stone on camel. Go right.

Pickup dagger from the one hand of the golden statue then the metal glove from the other hand. Use metal glove to pull out the key from the fishbowl. Go down, pick up a couple of pearls from the floor, touch white statue, use sack on salt. Return to the golden statue, go right. Use sack of salt on window, return to the room with the ex- white statue, go right. Look at golden key in your inventory, press the red button. Use long key on yeti, talk to yeti. Go right.

Use two perls on statue, pickup red key and papyrus from the bottom of the statue, click on the statue again to retrieve the two red perls again. Go down.

Use fish bowl on crocodile, pickup chest from the water (left side), open chest with red key, look into chest, grab gems. Go up, read the papyrus, wait until the text translates. Solve the riddle (red/green/yellow), put the gems into the holes. Door opens, go up.

Press knob on upper left wall, use dagger on water (statue), pickup spider web, use web on spiderman glove. Put yeti on the red place in the lower left. Go up. Grab scepter from statue. Place blue gem and the two perls into scepter. Go down twice to the room with the golden statue.

Look through the sqare hole on the right. Use your book and write down the color and the number of battles of each statue. Then use the egyptian number page to find out which plate has which number. Use the scepter on the statues in the room and move them to their right plate. Go right.

Show down: use spider glove on the picture of Imhotep (above him), use watered dagger on picture (parchment). You did it!

Sheesh, game stuck on Yeti level, some weird bug.

Oh well, it was fun...

only the way to kill anubis is a black cat you idiots... (first go to the white mummy...)

only the way to kill anubis is a black cat you idiots... (first go to the white mummy...)

the doors in osiris wont open plss! help!

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